A Bit About Our Team Here At AutoDeets

As you’d imagine, we’re a huge fan of cars & trucks. We are also firm believers in preventative maintenance & taking care of your ride so that it lasts as long as possible. Whether that means holding onto the same car or truck for 25 years, or simply getting the most for it in a sale as you upgrade to a newer model is totally up to you!

The majority of our expertise comes in two areas – Auto Detailing & Cargo Management.

Taking Care Of Our Rides While Still Living Life

For us, detailing cars isn’t a chore by any stretch of the imagination. It’s actually how we relax! That isn’t to say that we’re the type of person to scold everyone that even hints at bringing food into their car or goes out of their way to avoid a puddle on the road. Our dogs ride in the care with us on our dog car seat covers, and we’re constantly hauling our kids around to doctor appointments, birthday parties & sporting events.

We’re realistic about what cars are going to encounter out there on the road, but we still make sure to take good care of our rides after we’re done. You won’t see our cars sitting in any showrooms any time soon, but we can guarantee you that it’s going to be one of the best-looking rides on the road.

How We Got Into Cargo Management

The cargo management side of things actually stems from a few close calls on the road from drivers being careless. Like many people, we used to not really think twice about throwing some gear in the back of our truck & hitting the road. That all changed when we saw the kind of damage that carelessness can cause though.

It’s only happened a handful of times, but it really hits home every time we see it. One time someone clearly didn’t know how to secure their kayak to their roof rack & it came flying off on the freeway, luckily falling to the side of the road. Another instance was when someone had a clearly overused rooftop cargo bag that ripped off their car & landed in the middle of the road. While no one hit the bag itself, it still caused an accident as people tried to avoid it.

A 2×4 falling out of the bed of your truck or tumbling off your trailer can literally kill someone, and you owe it to the people you share the road with to be responsible when hauling gear. Our goal is to educate you and everyone else on the road about the best products to use as well as how to properly use them. Just because a ratchet strap is tight when you leave doesn’t mean that it’s secured properly.