Top 3 Best Aluminum Floor Jack Reviews


Recently, aluminum is increasingly being used to manufacture auto equipment and accessories including floor jacks. Aluminum’s popularity is attributed to its non-corrosive nature which makes it able to withstand use in extreme weather. It’s also strong and durable.

Many floor jacks models exist in the market but are not built the same. Every jack has its capacity, performance, weight, durability, and quality. But who has the time to go to every dealer’s website page looking for the ideal aluminum jack? We researched on your behalf and compiled a detailed list of the top three best aluminum floor jacks.

Top 3 Best Aluminum Jacks

1.Arcan Aluminum Jack Check Price
2.JEGS Performance JackCheck Price
3.Powerzone Aluminum JackCheck Price

3. Powerzone 380044 Aluminum Jack

The Powerzone 380044 is by far the best 3 ton aluminum floor jack. It weighs 59.2 pounds and has a minimum height of 4 inches. It’s probably not a good option if your vehicle has a lower ground clearance. Its maximum height is 18.75 inches

The Powerzone’s wheels swivel to enable better positioning of the jack on uneven terrain. Its long steel arm dramatically minimizes the number of pumps required to lift.

The jack is also equipped with a dual pump, hydraulic lift mechanism. Hydraulics is known to enable lifting of heavy loads without much effort input. Maximum height is achieved with only six pumps.

During lifting, the jack’s safety valve protects it from damage due to overloading. The Powerzone 38044 has a rubber foam layer on its saddle to protect the part of your chassis in contact with the jack. Besides, the foam improves grip, preventing the jack from being displaced by sideways movements.

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2. JEGS Performance Products 80006 Low-Profile Aluminum Jack

The JEGS 80006 is a lightweight aluminum floor jack explicitly meant for vehicles with low ground clearance. It weighs 49 pounds and has a lift capacity of 2 tons. The jack has a minimum height of 3 inches and a maximum of 19.25 inches.

The 80006 has a 50-inch-long, removable lever arm that minimizes the number of pumps required during a lift. The jack has large wheels that do not completely sink into gravel making the lift unstable.

The JEGS is also equipped with a hydraulic lift technology that ensures a fast and smooth lift. It will only require you to carry out six complete pumps to reach the maximum height.

The jack’s saddle rotates to 360 degrees making it very easy to change lifting positions. The saddle also has rubber foam layer that prevents chassis damage caused by pressure during lifting. Besides, the foam ensures your car is well held gripped, preventing it from being displaced by sideways movements.

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1. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

The Arcan ALJ3T is our best aluminum floor jack. The jack weighs 56 pounds and has a lift capacity of 3 tons. With a minimum height of 3.75 inches and a maximum of 19.4 inches, the Arcan is a low profile car jack.

The Arcan has a two-piece handle that eases its portability. Its arm is also long enough to ensure you do not bend excessively when operating it. The jack is also equipped with a dual piston hydraulic mechanism that enables a quick, smooth lift. You will be required to carry out 12 complete pumps for these model, to reach maximum height.

The ALJ3T has a 4.52-inch diameter saddle that minimizes pressure on your vehicle’s chassis. The jack also has a dust shield that prevents entry of dirt into the hydraulic system. It also has a safety valve that prevents it from damage due to excessive loading. The Arcan ALJ3T costs slightly over $ 200 and comes with a one year warranty.

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Whether you are a professional mechanic or just a regular car owner a floor jack is a must-have tool. While there are so many jack models out there, only the aluminum ones are unique. It’s important to determine your car weight before you make a purchase. Overloading your jack causes internal damage that eventually leads to failure.

I hope you enjoyed our top three best aluminum floor jack list. If you do, please share our article to enlighten other vehicle enthusiasts. What’s your opinion on aluminum floor jacks? Leave us your comments below.

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