AR Blue Clean Power Washer Review: Electric with Hose Reel

AR Blue Electric 1900 Power Washer Review
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The Best Power Washer For Cars

What to consider when purchasing a tool like this?

Cost: Moderate

Weight: 22 lbs

Power: 14 amp (What is amp?)

Pressure: 1,900 psi (What is psi?)

Hose Length: 20 ft

Foam soap dispenser: Yes

Power Type: Electric

Power Cord: 30 ft

Includes: hose, foam bottle, power washer gun

Warranty: 1 Year (See Here)

* CSA Approved

+ Manual (Click Here)

+ Assemble Sheet (Click Here)

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Pros & Cons: AR Blue Clean Power Washer Review


The AR Blue Clean Power Washer is very easy to use and makes for a spotless cleaning job. With great power behind it and simple instructions, you can’t go wrong with AR Blue. We all love suds, right? The AR Blue has a attachable foam/ soap bottle to help us in that area and an automatic safety valve with power shut-off at pumps head. You will find that all pieces (6) are easy to attach so you can move on quickly.

 Pro Highlights

  • Hose reel added with hand crank to help keep the hose out of your way
  • Total Stop System: Automatic off/on System
  • Easy to Use
  • Light Weight
  • Bonus turbo nozzle to double cleaning efficiency, granting you high impact and wide cleaning coverage


If you don’t want to use multiple pieces or have to attach pieces to your power washer, this isn’t for you. As mentioned above, the Power Washer 1900 come with 6 different pieces to add to your experience but for some, that may be a burden (see assembly manual here).

The spray-gun is attached to a plastic hose and can easily get tangled when moving around your ride (depending on size, of course). Also, the hose reel has been an issue, might as well not use it.

Con Highlights

  • Plastic material can make it hard to maneuver (stiff)
  • Faulty hose reel
  • Many pieces

+ Replacement Parts List (Click Here)

Overall, the AB Blue Cleaner Electric Power Washer is a great tool and is highly recommend for washing your car (and other house chores). 

If you are looking for the best power washer for cars, we believe this is it! It is easy to use, powerful and designed well- even with the stiffness in the hose. You will be satisfied with the outcome of your cars exterior, especially if its been a while since its had a good cleaning (remember to wax right after 😉 ).


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