Bak Revolver X2 Review | An In-Depth Look At The Bak Industries Revolver X2


“Can you please create a Bak Revolver X2 review?” Here is our in-depth Bak Revolver X2 review because you asked for it!

We are excited to discuss the Bak Revolver tonneau cover because it has so much to offer. Such as flush fit, easy installation, and high quality materials. This review covers all these features and more in great detail. Our Bak Revolver X2 review will give you an in-depth look at this great tonneau cover while other reviews only touch on details in passing. We’ll give you all the information you need and we’ll also make it easy for you to make an informed purchase choice, because that’s what we do.

Bak Revolver X2 Review: Easy to Install

The Revolver X2 is extremely easy to install, as much as some competitors don’t want to admit it. There is nothing more upsetting than purchasing a product only to find out that installation is difficult or complicated. The Bak Revolver X2 does just the opposite rather than subject customers to this frustration. Imagine what seems like complete ease and freedom of installation when adding this tonneau cover to your truck. Most importantly, the tonneau cover will not hurt your expensive truck. You can install the cover with little fuss or hassle, rather than deal with special tools.

3 Easy Steps to Install the Bak Revolver X2

First, line up the rails.

While you may be tempted, don’t be worried about getting an exact fit. The cover is precision made of aluminum slats with protective vinyl covering. Therefore, it is a high-quality product. It seems like a lot of tonneau covers these days are cheap, poorly made, and machined with very little care toward details. This is especially relevant where our Bak X2 Revolver review is concerned. Why do you think we chose to write a Bak X2 Revolver review, after all? The most noteworthy feature of the tonneau cover (one we see mentioned in other Bak X2 Revolver reviews online) is its high quality. This includes, consequently, great fit and finish. 

Second, tighten down the clamps.

If that seems ridiculously simple, that’s because it is. You line up the cover and tighten down the clamps, while worrying about no other special tools or hardware. As a result, you don’t have to drill any holes, mess around with special factory gizmos, or do anything else you wouldn’t want to do. Installation of this tonneau cover is quick, easy, and simple. Stand back and really admire what you’ve done when you get the cover lined up and clamped down. Most significant of all, your truck bed and its contents are about to be protected!

Third, roll the cover out and latch it to the rear of the bed.

That’s it. It’s as simple as that.

People want covers for their trucks for many reasons. One, they want to keep what’s inside the bed in the truck and not on the road. Two, they want to protect the bed from weather. Three, they want to protect the cargo from theft. This product does all those things!

The Bak Revolver X2 is Easy to Use

Let’s review some especially relevant points. What do cover buyers look for in a cover? Again, let’s review only the most important things. There are several items. First, cover buyers want a cover that is easy to install. More importantly, the Bak Revolver X2 is very easy to install. Secondly, cover buyers want a cover that makes their truck look good. It seems to us that this cover is one of the most attractive on the market. That means it will be a great benefit to the look and presentation of your truck. Most importantly, your truck will look much slicker overall.

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Thirdly, when a cover buyer looks for a cover, that buyer has many standards. One of those standards, probably, is price. Perhaps another standard is looks. Most of all, though, is the standard of use. That means cover buyers want a cover that is extremely easy to use. You want a cover that is easy to operate each time. Therefore, we have taken the time to cover all this in our Bak Revolver X2 review.

Our Bak Revolver X2 review is not done yet because we have a lot more to cover. The cover features “automatic slam switches.” They are very easy to use. While it sounds complicated, it isn’t. Most importantly, the automatic slam switches lock the cover to the rear mounting rails on the sides of the bed.  Therefore, all you must do is pull the release cable from either side of the truck to make the cover unlatch. After it is unlatched, you can roll up the cover. The company says you’ll need only one hand to do this. This seems like it is super easy. It’s probably the thing we like most about this product.

Let’s review the steps for using the cover. First, you take the cover out of the box. The packaging seems pretty standard. Second, you take the cover and line it up on the sides of your truck bed. This seems like a pretty easy thing to do. Third, you use the automatic slam switches to lock the cover to the rails on the sides of the bed. This also seems like it’s pretty easy. Fourth, you roll the cover out and secure it. Fifth, you can use one hand to unlatch the cover from either side of the truck. Most importantly, you enjoy your classy, well made cover as it protects your cargo. Significantly, the cover also makes your truck look nice!

Bak Revolver X2 Review: Security Features

One of the most important qualities of this cover is that it provides great security. Let’s look at a list of reasons this is true. Each item on our list within this Bak Revolver X2 Review contains a list of its own. We are devoted to providing you with as much detail as possible. Choosing a truck cover isn’t just a matter of preference. It is also a matter of customer satisfaction. The average truck owner will have the vehicle for a very long time. It seems to us that this makes choosing accessories that much more critical. Don’t choose an accessory that fills you with unhappiness. Maybe what you need is one of these covers!

First, the cover features patented rotational locking rails. The first thing you need to know about that is that it means quality. Second, understand that the manufacturer is committed to making your truck more secure. Third, when reading every Bak Revolver X2 review, consider the source. A trusted source like ours will not steer you wrong. We know the most important part of every review is whether the product will perform as advertised. Choose only quality products. The Bak Revolver X2 really seems to be a great addition to your truck.

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Second, the cover secures to the truck bed when closed. This is automatic. This means that operation is simple. Simple usually means durable. That’s because a cover with fewer moving parts is less likely to break. Most importantly, if it stays in good shape it will hold its value. This enhances the quality of your truck as a whole. Second, a cover that secures automatically is idiot proof. Maybe you think you’re never going to make a mistake. Perhaps you think you’ll never suffer a lapse of attention. People do this, though. They do it all the time. Why take the risk? It seems like the Bak Revolver X2 can help eliminate some of this risk.

Third, the truck bed is secure when your tailgate is locked. This turns your truck into a rolling lockbox. It seems like this really matters to lots of buyers. First, if you carry tools or other valuables, you must have a way to keep them secure. Second, if you are carrying any cargo that you don’t want to lose, your locked cover is the perfect way to guard it. Third, you definitely want a locking cover if you sometimes carry items that must be kept safe from the wrong hands. For example, if you had hunting rifles in the truck bed, you would want them to be locked up. The Bak Revolver X2 is proven to keep your stuff safer.

Bak Revolver X2 Offers Protection from the Weather

Damaged or missing cargo is absolutely the most annoying thing in the world. That cargo might be your clothes and personal items. That cargo also might be your groceries. Perhaps that cargo is building materials or other items used for your business. Perhaps the cargo is simply something you want to protect. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are. This Bak Revolver X2 review takes all these things into consideration and more. Let’s go through a very long list. Most significantly, our Bak Revolver X2 review will tell you everything you need to know.

First of all, the Revolver X2 has vinyl covering. The first thing this does is protect the aluminum slats. This is great for the cover’s durability, but it also protects whatever is in the truck bed. The slats form seals against the weather, while the weather resistant barrier protects your goods. Keeping the weather out and off your cargo seems like the best form of weather proofing there is. More importantly, if you don’t have a lot of water or other debris sloshing around the bed, you don’t have to worry about hurting anything inside the truck.

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Weather is the enemy for many reasons. After all, water can seep in to just about anything. Water may be harmful or it may be harmless, but it seems to do a lot of damage overall. Second, liquid water could freeze while the truck is outside in cold weather. That freezing seems like something that could cause a lot of damage. Freezing, while bad, isn’t always the worst problem your goods will face in a truck bed.  Sunlight and heat are probably just as bad. A good cover can help keep your goods cooler, while also protecting them from the sun’s harmful effects.

Third, cargo is more secure while traveling when you have a cover. A good cover keeps your goods inside, while keeping things from falling out. First, there is the danger of sharp turns. Second, there is the danger of sudden stops. Either of these could make your cargo fall out. Most importantly, loose cargo can form a very real traffic hazard. The danger from loose cargo seems like a minor problem, but it won’t seem that way when something is flying at your windshield. Don’t subject other drivers to that danger. A good, quality cover is simple and affordable insurance. Our Bak Revolver X2 review makes this obvious.

Bak Revolver X2 Provides Great Versatility

First, you can get inside the bed without removing the cover. This is a big part of our Bak Revolver X2 review. Buyers want a cover that is convenient to use. A cover that must be removed seems like a hindrance, not a help. You can get inside the truck bed without removing the Bak Revolver X2. Review the procedure for installing, using, and unrolling the cover. We think you will be very happy with it.

Here’s another important point we’d like to highlight: the stake pocket holes are always available. Some covers make these holes impossible to reach. This cover does not do that. As a result, the cover is more useful. A cover that is more useful is a cover that you will enjoy more. More enjoyment equals greater customer satisfaction.

Second, the cover doesn’t have to be closed when you drive. Maybe you want to have it open while traveling. This is easy to do. The cover can be rolled open and secured. Fourth, the cover has two buckle straps at the front of the bed. This is mentioned in more than one online Bak Revolver X2 review. Use those buckle straps to secure the cover in the open position. Nothing could be simpler.

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Third, your rear-view mirror can still be used. It is dangerous to drive without rear-view mirror visibility. We understand that you want a cover that lets you use your mirror even when it is open. This cover lets you do that.

Fourth, there are no snaps. Snaps often look tacky, but this is not the biggest problem. Covers with snaps often suffer from snap wear. The snaps can rip out of the cover. This makes the cover look like junk. A cover cannot have snaps if it is to have a truly flush fit.

Fifth, there is no Velcro. Velcro tends to rip and wear. Velcro also attracts debris. None of these things are desirable. A quality cover should not use Velcro. While Velcro can be used to secure a cover, this is not the best solution. Trust us, avoid Velcro to achieve a better quality look and feel.

Sixth, the fit is flush. This is another point mentioned in other online Bak Revolver X2 reviews. We have mentioned it several times. There is just something about a flush fit. The streamlined look is preferable to other types of covers.

What Do Other Bak Revolver X2 Reviews Have to Say?

People writing their own BAK Revolver X2 reviews online have a lot to say. First, they are very impressed with the versatility of this great cover. While there is little doubt that the Bak Revolver X2 looks good, exhibits great fit and finish, and is well made, it also offers fantastic function. While adding a cover to your truck is done for function, it is also done to enhance the truck’s looks. This cover does just that because it looks so good, and that’s something we really want to drive home!

Second, people writing Bak Revolver X2 reviews love how slick this tonneau cover looks when it is installed. Let’s run down a list of reasons this is so.

  • First, it makes the truck look more streamlined.
  • Second, it makes the truck look more modern.
  • Third, it makes the truck look neater and cleaner, which makes a difference to some owners.
  • Fourth, it makes the truck look better cared for, which increases pride of ownership.
  • Fifth, it makes the truck seem more squared away, which speaks to confidence.
  • Finally, it makes the truck look newer and more refined, which matters.

Many users rave about the one-hand operation of this cover.  Let’s go through another list to explain why this matters. The average author of a Bak Revolver X3 review knows that trucks are working vehicles. First, you may be loading the truck and need to operate the cover with one hand occupied. Second, you may must enjoy simplicity in your life. Third, simple operation guarantees a longer useful life for the cover. Fourth, premature wear and tear reduces value. Most importantly, your slick cover helps your vehicle look like it is retaining more of that value.

Fourth, buyers love this cover because it protects from weather and from theft. And, it looks like it’s time for another list. First, theft from a truck bed is a really big deal. It seems like every truck owner knows what it is to fear for the safety of items in the truck bed. The Bak Revolver X2 is secure enough to protect your goods. Fifth, theft is not the only problem you have to face when it comes to your truck. Most significantly, you’ll also have to deal with weather damaging whatever is in the truck bed. The cover prevents this and makes everything safer and more secure.

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Most importantly, other people who have taken the time to write a Bak Revolver X2 review love the easy installation. Let’s go through our last list: First, if you are a busy person, you don’t need to spend hours installing a cover on your truck. Second, if you are a thrifty person, you don’t want to pay someone else to install your cover. Third, easy installation means higher satisfaction. Fourth, higher satisfaction means a better customer experience overall. Fifth, easy installation might mean easier operation. The Bak Revolver X2 hits on all these points.

Shop carefully. Buy the cover that serves you best. First, find a cover that looks good. Second, find a cover that is well made. Third, find a cover that has the features you want. This cover will serve you well in all those categories and more.

Don’t rush to buy a cover. Shop with confidence and compare a variety of options before deciding. Adding an accessory to your truck can be a long-term commitment. It pays to do the right research and take time to make a good decision. We hope our Bak Revolver X2 review helps you do just that. While we love trucks and we love accessories, we love serving our readers even more.

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