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Slime 12 Volt Tire Inflator Reviews

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What to consider when purchasing a tool like this?

Cost: Low

Extension: 12 ft

Noise Level: Medium

Power source:  Cigarette Lighter

Connection: Twist-on

Tire Filling: 4 – 6 minutes (Auto Fill)

Pounds Per Inch: 300 PSI (Auto Fill)

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PROS & CONS: 12 Volt Tire Inflator Reviews


Simple, portable ( lightweight: 1.8 pound) and affordable. The Slime 12-Volt is an inexpensive tire inflator that comes with an automatic filler. What does that mean? All you need to do it set your tire pressure and let the 12-volt do its job. It will turn-off on its own so you if you need to run inside to do something or you’re on the road with your family- you can multi-task safely.

Speaking of travels, the slime 12 volt digital tire inflator has a LED flashlight attached for night time tire fixes. LED lights, if you don’t know by now, are the best lights out there. They a featured in the headlights of the best cars on the market, such as the Audi, Prius and more. We also talk about them in our best headlights section.

All in one compact, easy to use design and simple display screen. Its digital pressure gauge is on the screen and shows the your tires current pressure. Also, there is no kit bag needed- you can just place your cords and extra pieces inside of the inflator.


This little baby is loud and slow. Good thing you don’t have to stand next to it while the job gets done. If you have multiple flat tires you may have to do some maneuvering because of the average length cords (12’), as opposed to an Viair 88p which extends to 20”. You will spend some time connecting, disconnecting and relocating the inflator. Also, the manual could be clearer with instructions in labeling for 1st timer users, or 1st time digital tire inflator users.

Overall, after trial and error, and collecting customers reviews what did we learn when putting the  Slime 12 volt tire inflator reviews.

Slime 12- volt is perfect for emergency needs and when you are preparing for a road trip- the last thing you want is to be stuck on a dark road with a flat tire and no lights pointing at your tire. It gets the job done and seems but its pretty mediocre.

Customers that have had issues with Slime says contacting the company is easy and they are very responsive. We recommend this for travelers and car DIY novice who don’t want to spend too much upfront. You can check other tire inflators here.

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