Best 6×8 Speakers

No matter how much you love your car, spending a lot of time driving back and forth can get tedious.

The simplest solution to this tedium is to put on some music, an audiobook, or the radio to see you through the traffic jams and long commutes. 

However, having poor-quality audio in your car can add to your frustrations: listening to your favorite song somewhat loses its appeal when the melody is muffled or distorted by cheap, ineffective speakers. 

But finding speakers that provide high-quality sound and also fit your car in terms of dimensions can be a challenge.

6 x 8-inches is just one of many common speaker sizes for cars. If you’re looking for affordable 6 x 8-inch speakers that fit your vehicle and provide amazing sound, you’ve come to the right place! 

We’ve put together a list of the 5 best 6 x 8-inch speakers on the market. To help you make the perfect choice for you and your vehicle, we’ve also included a buyers guide and FAQ section, so you don’t have to leave anything to chance when purchasing your new speakers.

This article should get you on the road to incredible sound in no time! 


Looking to replace your worn-out factory car speakers? Rockford’s R168X2 6 x 8-inch speakers are great for exactly this purpose. 

With a mounting depth of 2.54 inches and mounting hardware (screws, clips and speaker wire) included, these speakers are easy to install and come with the key items you need (with the exception of tools) to get the job done. If you need a little extra help along the way, these speakers also come with an instruction manual. 

The Rockford R168X2 speakers are designed to provide high-quality sound. Featuring an RMS Watt rating of 55 (with a peak power of 110 Watts), these 2-way, full-range speakers put out loud, clear sound with minimal distortion.

This is because the full-range feature, enhanced by the integrated tweeter crossover and vacuum polypropylene cones, allows the speaker to reproduce the full range of available audio frequency, so you won’t get that awful crackling sound when you turn your music up loud.

The 4-Ohm electrical resistance rating of the speakers also contributes to the high sound quality.

The rubber surround of these speakers, combined with the stamped steel basket, ensure that your Rockford R168X2 speakers are surdy, durable, and will last you a long time.


  • Full-range frequency for quality sound
  • 4-Ohm electrical resistance 
  • Durable rubber and steel materials 
  • Mounting hardware and manual included for easy installation


  • Bass is not particularly strong 


If you’re a music-lover who really can’t do without superior quality sound in your car, Rockford Fosgate’s P1683 Punch 3-Way Full Range Speakers are the perfect product for you. 

These 3-way speakers have 3 drivers, meaning they are able to divide frequencies more evenly than a 2-way speaker system. The improved sound quality of the Punch P1683 is further enhanced by its incorporation of the high-quality, mineral-filled polypropylene woofer and the frequency response of 65-24,000 Hz.

The integrated crossover divides the frequencies evenly between the drivers whilst the butyl rubber surround improves the accuracy of the frequency reproduction. 

This product includes mounting hardware for ease of installation, which is complemented by the Punch P1683’s slotted FlexFit basket design. 

These are powerful speakers with a power rating of 65 Watts RMS (peak of 130 Watts). 


  • 3-way speaker system for superior quality sound 
  • Integrated crossover for even frequency distribution 
  • Powerful (65 Watts RMS)
  • Slotted basket design makes installation easy 
  • Includes mounting software


  • Some customers report dullness of sound 


These 2-way wireless speakers from JBL are a great choice for lovers of great sound and sleek aesthetics.

Operating at an RMS rating of 120 Watts (peak of 360) per pair, these speakers are powerful despite their compact size. Moreover, the frequency seponse range of 20-20,000 Hz ensures tonal accuracy of sound.

The sound is further enhanced by the polypropylene woofer cone, which contibutes to the speakers’ sensitivity of 91 dB because of its rigidity and provides a fuller sound, particularly in the bass department.

The olyetherimide tweeters and coaxial design minimze sound distortion, ensuring a pleasant and evenly distributed audio experience. 

The speakers come with 8 mounting screws and an owners’ manual for ease of installation and include a pair of Alphasonik earbuds to sweeten the deal. 


  • Sound-enhancing polypropylene woofer cone 
  • Good frequency response range 
  • Includes mounting hardware 
  • Includes Alphasonik earbuds


  • Speaker grills not included 


Another aesthetically pleasing model, these Pyle speakers combine an eye-catching blue design with superior quality audio.

With power handling of 180 Watts RMS and a peak of 360, combined with a high-temperature ASV Voice Coil to minimize sound distortion, you can be sure that these 3-way speakers will provide rich and powerful sound.

This is also facilitated by the polypropylene woofer cone and high sensitivity of 91 dB. The magnet structure of the speakers, meahwile, enables a solid frequency range of 70-20,000 Hz. This means that you will experience nearly the full range of generally audible frequencies with these speakers.

In terms of durability, you can trust that the speakers will last you a long time thanks to the butyl rubber surround.  

These speakers come with grills, mounting hardware and wiring to give you the easiest possible installation experience.  


  • Powerful RMS and peak Wattage 
  • High-temperature ASV Voice Coil to prevent distortion
  • Polypropylene woofer cone for superior sound
  • Attractive design 
  • Durable butyl rubber surround 
  • Includes mounting hardware, grills and wires


  • Reports of weak bass relative to treble 


If you’re looking for solid, reliable sound quality for an affordable price, the Skar Audio TX68 speakers could be the product for you. 

The glass fiber woofer cone and silk dome tweeter in these speakers combine to offer rich, wide-ranging frequencies with a frequency response of 60-20,000 Hz.

Both the power and sensitivity are good, with 100 RMS (200 peak) and 89 dB ratings respectively. The coaxial design ensures tonal accuracy. 

Moreover, these are durable speakers with a stainless steel basket which will be easy to install. 


  • Coaxial design for sound accuracy
  • Durable stainless steel basket 
  • Good frequency range


  • Mounting/connecting hardware not included 

Best 6x8 Speakers Buying Guide

Speakers can be a costly investment, so before you make your final purchase, you understandably want to be absolutely sure that you’re buying the best possible speakers for your car and your personal needs. 

Read on for some pointers on what you should consider whilst choosing your speakers. 

2-Way or 3-Way? 

Most widely available car speakers on the market are either 2-way or 3-way speakers. 

The difference between a 2-way and a 3-way speaker is that the 2-way speaker divides frequencies between 2 drivers (the woofer and the tweeter). Meanwhile, a 3-way speaker divides the frequencies between 3 drivers. 

3-way speakers have the advantage of producing more accurate and high-quality sound because of the more even frequency distribution. However, the sound quality produced by 2-way speakers is usually also more than satisfactory, and to most listeners, the difference sounds relatively minimal, so whether you choose to invest in a 2-way or 3-way speaker will ultimately come down to your preference. 

Woofer Cone Material

The material used in the woofer cone of your speakers can have a huge impact on both their sound and durability, so this is an important factor to bear in mind. 

Polypropylene material is considered one of the best materials for woofer cones because it is rigid, reducing sound distortion, and is resistant to external factors such as moisture which may compromise your speakers. 

Surround Material 

The surround material of your speakers is an important factor in terms of durability, so don’t overlook this feature!

Butyl rubber surrounds are great for speakers because, unlike foam surrounds, they do not disintegrate or absorb moisture over time. However, foam surrounds may have the advantage of facilitating superior sound quality (although this is debated) as it is more lightweight and will not interfere with frequencies.

Again, the choice is yours and will largely depend on your priorities and preferences.


Unless you enjoy an engineering challenge, you’ll probably want to make sure that the speakers you’re purchasing aren’t too difficult to install. 

Luckily, many 6x8 speakers include mounting hardware, meaning that all you need to have ready on your end are any additional tools or wiring required. Most speakers will also include a user manual to help you with the installation and set-up process. 

Where mounting hardware is not included, the incorporation of a slotted, steel basket can also make the installation process easier. 

Additional Features

Mounting hardware and instruction manuals aren’t the only additional features you can get included with your speakers. 

Some speakers include grills for protection (although some users may feel that these interfere with the sound quality) whilst some models go as far as to offer a set of earphones for the music-loving consumer.

The additional features included with your speakers can add both value and durability to your purchase, so be sure to find out what else your chosen set of speakers may have to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my car speaker sound?

Hopefully, once you’ve invested in your new speakers, you should find the audio quality in your car is greatly improved. However, it’s always good to know what you can do to improve the sound quality of your car speakers, should you ever feel the need. 

Ultimately, there are two ways to improve the sound quality inside your car: increase sound from the inside, or decrease sound from the outside. 

Increasing your speaker sound will involve adding extra components to the sound system itself. This could include installing amplifiers, a signal processor or an equalizer.

An amplifier, as the name suggests, amplifies the sound coming from your speakers. Signal processors or equalizers, meanwhile, allow you to fine-tune the quality of the sound as it relates to the frequency, minimizing frequency peaks, and improving the quality of your bass. 

If you don’t fancy tinkering with your sound system any more than you absolutely need to, the other option is to reduce sound interference from outside your car.

This essentially involves using sound-proofing material, which you can install on the inside of your door panels to minimize any external noise that may be interfering with your speaker sound quality. 

How do I know what size speakers to buy? 

All the speakers listed above are suited to 6 x 8-inch speaker openings, so if you know that those are the measurements you’re working with, you’re all set! 

However, you might not be entirely sure which size speaker is suitable for your vehicle. If that’s the case, you need to find this out before making your purchase. 

If you feel confident in doing so, you can determine your speaker dimensions by taking some measurements of your current speaker mounting holes. To do this, you’ll first need to measure across the widest point of the mounting hole to find the diameter. Then, you’ll also need to measure mounting depth.

Finally, it’s important to check the positioning of any screws that need to be put in place to make sure your news speakers match. 

If you’re not comfortable taking these measurements yourself, don’t worry! has a ‘Check Fit’ feature which allows you to enter the details of your vehicle and check that the product you are looking at is compatible.

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