What’s The Best Backup Camera For Jeep Wrangler?


As a dedicated Jeep Wrangler driver, I know it’s incredibly capable and a ton of fun. Jeep Wrangler drivers love these unique vehicles, well-suited both for daily driving and for off-road adventure. When I’m driving on the trail or heading out for a camping trip, there’s nothing I love more than my sporty Wrangler. However, with the bulk of camping gear and my spare tire. I would struggle to safely backup, therefore, I asked myself what’s the best backup camera for Jeep Wrangler

1.Jeep Wrangler OEM Fit Backup Camera SystemCheck Price
2.Yada Black Back Up Camera with 4.3" Dash MonitorCheck Price
3.Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 3.5" Dash MonitorCheck Price

Knowing that many other Wrangler enthusiasts are in the same position, I’ve set out to find the best backup camera for Jeep Wrangler. It’s never easy finding the best one, however, after doing the research and having to take the troubles of returning the models that just weren’t adequate for my camping, kayaking, and backcountry adventures. I want to make sure you get the correct one you’re looking for. 

What’s the best backup camera for Jeep Wrangler?

1. Jeep Wrangler OEM Fit Backup Camera System for Factory Display Radios

Produced Brand Motion and sold by Camera Source. Makes rear vision possible in your Jeep Wrangler, as if it were built-in to the vehicle. The first jeep kit of its kind to come on the market, it’s OEM-validated. The waterproof high-mount camera that’s part of this kit is far superior to a license-plate-mounted alternative.

There’s a mounting bracket that connects directly to your Wrangler’s spare-tire hub. Centering the camera on the vehicle provides a far more useful and reliable image. Especially in a high vehicle like the Wrangler. With your Wrangler’s backup lights on, there is good night vision using the camera.

The camera, with Panasonic sensors, uses CCD technology for a great image all day long. The camera even has a crisp picture in the day and bright in the evening. To make this backup camera work, your Wrangler must have a factory display or factory navigation radio installed. It’s compatible with all 2007-current Wranglers. As long as they have a factory display or navigation radio installed. 

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This kit comes with a special programming model that plugs directly into the OBDII port to code the radio. As a result, it means you can do it yourself – no need to involve the dealer! Which for most of us out there that don’t have a friend or family member that works at a dealer, it’s going to save you the most expensive part, labor costs. I found it didn’t take that long to install and the directions were quite clear and with the help of a friend it was a pretty easy weekend project.

Included Hardware –

The full-length chassis wiring harness is included inside the kit to connect to your factory display radio terminals. The kit gets great reviews, with happy customers reporting an excellent experience. The other addition that was really nice about installing the OEM Backup camera was that you don’t need to have a dealer factory reset the radio. Instead, the kit comes with the programming module to reprogram your display radio. This alone can save you upwards of $200 dollars at the dealer. The Camera Source Backup camera is one of the best backup camera for Jeep Wrangler. 

2. Yada Black Back Up Camera with 4.3″ Dash Monitor

Unlike the Brand Motion camera, the Yada device is an aftermarket item that connects to a display screen that comes as part of this kit. The Yada device comes with all wiring, zip ties, and connectors necessary to install the camera. Hence the camera is a license-plate adhesive mount. This is not a Wrangler-specific backup camera; it’s suitable for a wide array of vehicle models. Installation is not dissimilar to a car stereo and takes 20-30 minutes.

Installation –

The wires come through the rear tailgate or trunk lid to a tail light and the camera is powered by the reverse light bulb once the car is put into reverse. The dash-mounted monitor should be powered on when your car starts and may be continually powered; when you slide your Wrangler into reverse, your backup camera will power on for parking assistance.

The large, 4.3-inch monitor allows you to connect to different cameras and display “Parking Aid” left and right lines to guide your parking. If you don’t have a second camera paired with the monitor. The screen will remain blank while driving forward. The weatherproof camera provides night-vision clarity and sends its image wirelessly with no interference. Thanks to the placement of the camera it offers a wide 110° picture of what is behind your Jeep.

The one huge benefit for a license plate mounted backup camera is if you pull a trailer or boat. As the camera is at the perfect height for backing your hitch up to the trailer. 

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3. Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 3.5″ Dash Monitor

It’s suitable for a wide range of vehicles and installs like an aftermarket radio. If you feel comfortable doing this kind of work on your own, it can be done on a DIY basis. If not, radio installation or similar shops will be happy to install your new camera. The camera itself installs over the license plate with adhesive. It includes a night-vision feature and is waterproof with a rating of IP67. So no need to worry about the camera coming in contact with rain, snow, or ice. 

The camera is powered by one of your Wrangler’s backup lights. As a result, it only transmits images when you’ve already put the Jeep in reverse. So unlike the cheaper versions, this backup camera will not be in use at all times, but rather only when you need it. 

Video Display –

The images themselves are transmitted wirelessly to the 3.5″ LCD monitor that you mount on your Wrangler’s dash. You’ll find included in the kit all of the necessary hardware to mount this to your windshield or dash. There’s no need to worry about wireless. The monitor presents a sharp, clear image that remains clear despite the wireless connection. With a 160-degree viewing angle and parking guidelines, the Yada camera provides a sharp range of vision.

The Yada 3.5″ kit comes with everything needed to install on your own. You’ll receive a 3.5″ Dash monitor, 12V/24V power adapter, Windshield Mount For Dash Monitor Only, Rearview Camera, hardwire power cable for Dash Monitor, Install kit, user manual, and a quick install guide. Nothing is missed with the Yada Matte Black digital backup camera. Hence, its the best backup camera for Jeep Wrangler for the price.

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Best Backup Camera For Jeep Wrangler – Under $100

1. LeeKooLuu Back Up Camera and Monitor Kit 

In the event, you aren’t looking to find the best backup camera for Jeep Wrangler on a budget. Then you need to take a look at the LeeKooLuu Backup cameras. It’s one of the least expensive with some great reviews. When you open the box you’ll be surprised to find everything you’ll need to install for such a low price. Inside you will have a license plate camera, 4.3″ dashboard display, included wire harness for power and video, plus the installation instructions. As a result, this is one of the easiest installations for a backup camera.

Installation –

The entire system can be powered by a reverse light if you prefer it to work only while backing up. However, if you install to the fuse box/running lights/radio/12V cigarette lighter it can be wired for full time viewing. Therefore, the installation is quite universal for your viewing preferences and vehicle type.

Details –

Included with the LeeKooLuu kit is a 4.3″ ultra-clear monitor to display the camera’s view. There is even the capabilities to wire a front and rear camera to one single monitor. Providing you with front and back clear day and night vision. The cameras are equipped with 7 LED infrared vision to provide clear evening images. No need to wonder about the camera being exposed to the snow, rain, or ice. As the camera is rated with an IP68 waterproof rating.

Lastly, the cameras provide 135° viewing angle for accurate and safe back up viewing. The camera will easily provide a wide view while you are backing into your garage or parking space. Even though this product has such a low cost it’s still backed by a 2-year tech support and replacement service warranty. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any issues when purchasing.

2. Coolwoo Backup Camera 175° Wide Angle

One of the least expensive options for a Jeep Wrangler backup camera is the Coolwoo camera. However, not only can it work for a Jeep, but any vehicle you have considering it mounts to the license plate. Designed to provide a wide-angle 175° view. This camera provides some of the clearest pictures of what is behind your vehicle. Thanks to the HD camera and it’s 7080HD sharpness you will get bright colorful images.

At night no need to work about low visibility as the Coolwoo has 12 ultra bright LED’s that provide night vision.

Quality –

I always get a bit nervous when things are low price, however, with the Coolwoo you receive a high quality and durable product. The camera is fully sealed and boasts an IP68 water rating. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the camera being damaged by rain, fog, ice, or snow.

Installation –

With a simple one-step instruction process, you’ll be sure to have this camera installed in no time. Included you’ll find a 30ft solid copper cable and screws to provide high-quality anti-interference video. The camera is even compatible with RCA connector and DVD navigation. The only thing not included is a monitor, therefore if you need one or your Jeep doesn’t have one check out the best Multimedia players. However, what you do receive is the power cable, video cable, backup camera, and manual.

3. Noauka Waterproof Night Vision Backup Camera

When you start looking for the best backup camera for Jeep Wrangler under $100. One of our favorites is the Noauka waterproof camera. This one is a little unique from the others on the way it mounts. We’ve found that it looks very similar to a factory mounted camera versus a licenses plate mount. Making for a much cleaner and sleeker finish. Therefore, giving you two options on how to mount the camera. You can either mount upside down or stealth mount.

Quality –

As for the picture and quality of the camera, the Noauka is equipped with a 170° angle wide view lens providing a 720×540 pixel image. On top of that, the backup camera is rated with an IP68 waterproof rating. In addition to the great contrast and image in the camera, it’s suitable for cold or warm weather without any issues. You also have the option of removing the backup lines in the camera and it can be used as a forward-facing camera as well.

Camera Contents –

Included with your purchase is the backup camera, power supply cable, video cable, hardware, and manual. Similar to the previous camera the multimedia display is not included. However, if you have a factory display it will be compatible.

What is a Backup Camera?

In the simplest form the backup camera is a wide-angle camera that is mounted to the back of a vehicle. Providing a clear and high-resolution image of what is behind the vehicle. The image is then screened on the dashboard info-monitor or a small dash monitor, in some factory models, it can be displayed on the rearview mirror.

Modern Day –

Nowadays most new vehicles are made with built-in backup camera. However, there are quite a few older models and many vehicles still without the backup camera assistance. It’s hard to believe that the idea or invention of the backup camera was first discovered back in the late 1950’s. Buick introduced their Centurion concept vehicle in Detroit. In the car was an actual television screen that was designed to replace the rearview mirror.

Unfortunately, the backup camera idea from buick never made it to production. Maybe it was a good thing considering the safety concerns with getting into an accident with a television screen inside the dash.

However, it wasn’t until the early 1990’s when Toyota decided to incorporate the backup camera into their Soarer Limited. The camera was activated as the driver would select the reverse on the gear shifter. However, it didn’t really take off until the early 2000’s when Infiniti innovated and designed the RearView Monitor technology that debuted.

Importance of Backup Cameras –

As cars, SUV’s, and Jeep Wranglers become longer and larger they become harder to see in the rearview mirror. Most car’s these days have started to become more aerodynamic and offer a much sleeker window style versus the old boxy styles. Therefore, inside the sightlines have become obstructed by headliners, headrests, and smaller rear windows. As a result, the modern day cars we drive have become increasingly unsafe to clearly see what’s behind our vehicles.

Annually thousands of people are injured due to drivers not seeing them as they back out. As a result, the backup camera addition has become somewhat of a necessity for safety and driving.

The most concerning aspect of the incidents that occur every year is that more often than not the people that are becoming injured are children, pets, and elderly people. Which is why the NHTSA issued a rule that requires all vehicles with a 10,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating to have a rear visibility technology installed by May of 2018. Studies have shown that vehicles in this category with a backup camera will reduce fatalities by 46%.

Mechanics and Function Of Backup Camera –

Most backup cameras whether installed from the factory or the ones on this list are designed to be small wide angle cameras. Mounted near the license plate or bumper to provide a view of the rear of your vehicle and beyond.

Most cameras are connected or harnessed to the gear shifter. Therefore, when you engage to go backwards the monitor and rearview camera turn on to show you the rear of your vehicle. As a result, the information screen will only show a picture of the camera’s view so as to not distract the driver. Once the drive then decides to go forward the camera will disconnect and the driver will have their monitor back.

Different Styles of Backup Cameras –

As the technology for backup cameras evolved so did the various styles. Each car manufacturer decided to put their spin or added technology to the idea. As a result, companies like Toyota created the blue backup lines that depict the outline of the vehicle as you back up. Some even like Ford has gone as far as embedding green, yellow, and red boxes as you back up to indicate the distance your bumper is from objects. Also adding in a warning beep indicator for the driver to estimate the distance to objects.

Some vehicles like the Volvo and Infinite have developed cameras that are mounted on the rear, front grill, and side handles. Therefore, providing a 360° camera view while backing up and going at low speeds. Other manufacturers have been able to provide guidelines that rotate with your steering wheel showing you the direction you’re going in reverse. As you can see the technology and added safety has evolved over time and across manufacturers.

Largest Issues With Backup Cameras –

Even though backup cameras provide so much safety and help. There are a few things to consider that can be concerning if you own a vehicle with a backup camera or are installing one. If you live in a place where there is snow, salt, mud, dirt, debris that can stick to your car. Then this can also stick to the lens of your backup camera. Therefore, you need to regularly wash the camera or your car with car soap or windshield cleaner. If you remember to clean the camera you won’t have any obstructions to your view while backing up.

Wrapping Up Best Backup Camera For Jeep Wrangler!

From the high-end to the budget-conscious, there’s a backup camera that’s suitable for every Jeep Wrangler driver. I hope that other Wrangler drivers enjoyed this list and found it useful; there are three great camera options to add a new level of safety, technology, and security to your beloved Wrangler.

When you come home from the trails or the dunes, you’ll be confident that you have the parking guidance to keep you and your neighbors safe and protect your vehicles.

Please share your own suggestions, comments, and reviews of Jeep Wrangler backup cameras in the comments, and share with others who may find this useful for their own vehicles!

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