Top 11: Best Backup Cameras Reviews (Safety Visual Aid)


Have you ever backed up into another car or into a trash can? I have. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been driving for, reversing into something or someone can happen to anyone at any time.

Luckily for all of us, technology in the form of backup cameras gives us a clear view of our surroundings, so that we can safely reverse.

To save you the time and energy of looking for the best backup camera, we have compiled the top 11 options on the market right now.

Top 11 Best Backup Cameras

1. Esky EC135-05 Waterproof Car Rear View Camera


Are you in search of a well designed and well constructed backup camera? Then the Esky EC135-05 should be right up your alley. This impressive camera is designed with a viewing angle of 135 degrees, which is more than sufficient when reversing.

And if you worry about driving at night (or in dim areas), then the 7 infrared LED that is found on the Esky will make your life easier. This LED enhances driving performance while guaranteeing safety, so that you can have confidence on the road.

Furthermore, the 420 TV lines and 628 x 586 pixels of the EC135-05 produce a high quality image, for a rich view of your surroundings.

When it comes to installation, simply mount the camera to your license plate, and then adjust the lens accordingly before connecting the power wire and video output. If you have any issues regarding the camera, the speedy and friendly customer service will help you out.

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2. PowerLead Puda D003 Dash Cam Dual Camera


The highly rated PowerLead Puda D003 dash cam is a dual camera you definitely need to be paying close attention to.

This dash cam comes with a front camera with a 170 degree wide angle as well as a back camera with a 120 degree wide angle. The 2.7-inch screen displays HD video at 1920 x 1080 pixels, giving you a clear and vivid view of your surroundings.

This intuitive camera has also been designed with multiple functions that make your driving more convenient, such as night vision, mobile vibration monitoring, file compression, and an accelerometer.

You can also record and playback a video.

Giving you the chance to monitor your car when you are not in it.

This well designed and constructed camera can also withstand extreme weather and high and low temperatures, allowing you to use it in different environments.

The easy to mount camera also boasts of 6 glass lenses and 1 infrared filter lens, which will stop fogging caused by heat produced during long recording sessions.

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3. Pyle PLCM7500 Backup Camera


The PLCM7500 from Pyle works well as a video monitor and a backup camera. You can mount the waterproof, fog resistant, and low-light capable rear view camera to your license plate using the mount screen and suction cup provided to you.

This incredible camera also has a 7-inch LCD widescreen monitor, which displays high resolution images that make driving simple and safe. Even when driving in low light conditions, you can be assured of clear images that make it easier for you to navigate the road.

Camera operation is exceptionally simple, with the monitor activating when it detects you reversing. The distance-line mode displays the distance between your car and other objects visible in the viewfinder, making it easier for you to maneuver in tight spots.

Additionally, Pyle has designed the PLCM7500 with 2 video inputs, meaning that you can use the monitor to watch videos and DVDs from secondary sources. This simple and affordable backup camera is therefore a good choice for first time buyers.

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4. Chuanganzhuo Backup Camera and Monitor Kit For Car


Chuanganzhuo brings to us the backup camera and monitor kit, which is designed to give you an easy and enjoyable reversing experience.

This kit is equipped with a license mount backup camera that has waterproof capabilities, as well as a TFT LCD rear view monitor with two video inputs.

When you start reversing your car, the monitor will automatically display video coming from your rearview camera.

However, when you are not in reverse mode, the monitor can support VCDs, DVDs, cameras, STBs, and satellite receivers, to name a few.

The wide viewing macro lens will easily capture video from your surroundings, while the 4.3-inch monitor with distance lines will clearly display images from the 648 x 488 pixel color backup camera.

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5. Amotus Waterproof High Definition 


Many backup cameras on the market come with a wide array of features. But what if you just want a basic setup (due to personal preference or budget constraints)? That’s where the Amotus waterproof HD car rear view camera comes in.

This basic backup camera is designed with a 120-170 degree wide viewing angle, which comes in handy when backing up into tight areas and blind spots.

The reversing reference line also allows you to gauge the distance between your car and an obstacle, so that you can avoid bumping into obstacles.

HD color images are displayed during the day, and at night you can rely on the digital photographic processing chip and 7 Infrared LED light to deliver good night vision.

Lastly, the waterproof design of the camera allows it to stand up to rain and high pressure washing.

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6. Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera


Blind zone accidents are common during reversing, luckily, the Garmin BC 30 wireless backup camera works to minimize the number of these incidents. This backup camera picks up video footage of pedestrian, pets, vehicles, and obstacles behind your car when you are backing up.

However, unlike most of the cameras above which come with monitors, this camera requires you to purchase a GPS navigator display.

Once you have installed the camera and the navigator, footage from the camera will be wirelessly transmitted to the navigator receiver, up to 45 ft away (you can use up to 4 cameras).

The sturdy build of this high quality camera allows it to stand up to harsh weather, so you don’t need to worry about using it in extreme conditions.

Garmin also gives you the option of hooking up the camera to your reverse lights or to constant power. If your camera is wired to the reverse lights, footage will automatically display on your navigator when you are backing up.

But if your camera is wired to constant power, you can switch between backup display modes and navigation display modes at your discretion.

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7. Tiker Car Rear View Backup Camera

Driving in low light conditions can be scary, and reversing in these conditions can be downright dangerous.

The silver lining is that brands like Tiker have designed backup cameras with night vision, to make it convenient and safe for you to reverse in dim conditions.

This affordable and well designed backup camera comes with 8 IR LEDs which are very bright, and when this is coupled with the Low Light Camera you have spectacular night vision.

You also have guidelines that help you determine the distance between your car and other obstacles, reducing the probability of an accident.

The durable glass lens of the Tiker backup camera provides a 170 degree adjustable viewing angle, for a full and vivid picture of your surroundings. This Hi-def camera is also waterproof, making it fine for use in varied weather conditions.

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8. Dinly Wide View Angle Color Car


While many backup cameras on the market are bulky and unsightly, Dinly has created the car rear view camera with a low-profile design that does not sacrifice on color or clarity.

This license plate backup camera uses high quality materials in its construction, ensuring structural integrity.

In addition, Dinly has used zinc alloy with non-corrosive and weatherproof properties, to protect the camera in harsh weather.

When it comes to visibility, you will be happy with the 170 degree wide angle rear view vision, with a 45 degree adjustable tilt. You therefore have the freedom to position your camera to your liking, so that you can have the best view possible.

Images will be displayed on your car’s monitor (to be purchased separately)in HD color, and the distance scale lines will make it safer for you to reverse.

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9. Zettaguard ZBC-100 Car Rear Vehicle Backup View Camera


The ZBC-100 backup camera from Zettaguard is a compact piece of hardware designed to aid you in reversing.

Unlike most of the cameras on this list, the ZBC-100 does not have any special features, instead choosing to focus on giving you a clear picture of what is behind your car.

This extremely inexpensive camera works well in well lit and dimly lit environments, making it safe to use at any time of the day.

The field of view of this backup camera is made up of a 170 degree lens angle, providing you with excellent visibility when reversing or parking your car. This range is even more impressive when you realize just how affordable the backup camera is.

You will also be satisfied with the Hi-def color of the camera, which guarantees a clear image of obstacles behind your car. In terms of construction, this simple to install rear view camera has waterproof properties, allowing it to withstand rain and washes.

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10. Esky EC170-09 Frame Mount Rear View Camera


If you are in the market for a backup camera with fantastic nighttime imaging, then you are in luck. Esky has designed the EC170-09 license plate frame mount rear view camera with you in mind.

This stylish backup camera is constructed with a sturdy metal frame and a beautiful chrome finish, and once mounted it will fit seamlessly with your car.

Esky has also integrated IP67-compliant weatherproofing, so that you can use the camera in different environments and conditions.

Now let’s talk about the night vision. Esky uses 8 IR red LEDs which provide excellent lighting in low light conditions, guaranteeing you a clear view of your surroundings even in pitch darkness.

This all-weather camera also boasts of a 170 degree viewing angle courtesy of its macro lens, and it offers mirror images for your convenience.

Lastly, if you would like to know the distance between your car and an obstacle, the inbuilt distance scale lines will assist you.

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11. GOGO ROADLESS Car Rear View Camera


Leaving a tech gadget outdoors is always a risk. After all, the elements can damage the mechanics that make it work. That’s why backup camera manufacturer’s aim to build their gadgets to withstand environmental factors.

But not all cameras are made equal, and this rear view camera from GOGO ROADLESS definitely stands out from the crowd.

The simple to install Car Rear View Camera has an IP68 waterproof rating, with a stainless steel exterior that will keep the camera working well even after remaining in heavy downpour for 3 hours.

This backup camera will therefore excel in extreme weather conditions, in which waterproof and shockproof features are crucial.

The camera also has a 170 degree viewing angle, and will capture high-def color images so that you have a vivid image of the obstacles out of your eyeline.

This is definitely a camera you can rely on.

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What did you think of the backup cameras above? Let us know in the comment section below.

Remember, car safety should always be a priority when you are on the road, and a quality backup camera goes a long way in making this happen.

Share this with your car loving friends, and don’t wait to make your purchase.

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