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One of the most important stages of ensuring your car looks brilliant and brand new is buffing. It is a part of car detailing that restores the appearance of your vehicle and gives wonderful luster as a finishing.

The process is such that it removes minute layers of paint to ensure a fresh layer is coated underneath. If proper compounds are used, buffing is an important step towards removing scratches and minor scrapes from the car’s coating. If you feel that it is time to use a car buffer then you should understand its importance and working first.

Car detailing is very important so it is necessary to get the best car buffer. Constant bombardment of accessories for a vehicle can be a mind boggling process. The use of buffers and polishes has become popular because it maintains a chic look for the vehicle. Before we get into the best car buffer reviews, lets look at the type of buffers we have to choose from.

Types of Car Buffers

Auto buffers are used at car detail businesses and personal use. One of the most popular kinds is the orbital buffer. They provide a pleasing result and are relatively easy to use. Orbital buffers turn at a high rate of speed such that the wax can be applied in a systematic manner.

Despite hand waxing being a customary trend, it has become traditional. Orbital buffers remove distinct marks and hide damage imposed on the exteriors. Such a tool uses less quantity of compound but leaves behind a gleaming finish. They are technically very economical and easy to use.

High speed buffers are very powerful that polishes your car in a fraction of time. If such a buffer isn’t handled properly it can easily damage the car. Though difficult to use, it produces the best results. A high speed buffer should be used properly in order to prevent scratches or the paint from getting scraped off. High speed buffers are generally used by professional motor racers or individuals who have experience in auto care.

Today there are two main kinds of buffers based upon their fabrication.

  • The pneumatic buffer uses air as a key source of power.
  • The electrical model depends upon electricity where the buffer can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet.

Pneumatic buffers are light whereas electrical carry heavy weight. However, if you don’t possess a portable compressed air supply, this buffer can pose a nuisance. Electrical buffers are a good choice who want a portable device which is highly affordable. Of course to really know which the best auto polisher buffer for you, you should consider and know the benefits of using this auto tool.

Here we check out our car buffer reviews.

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Benefits of Using A Car Buffer Polisher

An electric buffer can save a majority of your time since it consists of a powered mechanism that can produce rotations per second at a faster pace. You won’t feel physically wired out if you use an electric buffer. Unlike hand waxing, electric buffers ensure that the car obtains a complete finish after the waxing. There are plenty of advantages of using a car buffer over manual waxing.

You should use a car buffer because it enables the individual to easily redesign the vehicle, remove scrapes and ensure an even coating that manual waxing cannot achieve. The product isn’t as costly as it sounds since it comes in varieties.

If you’re using the electrical buffer you obtain portability. A high speed buffer can potentially remove all damage whereas an orbital hardly uses much product. While the former suits large vehicles, the latter is excellent for novice mechanics.

If you’re using the pneumatic car buffer then enjoy polishing your car with a lightweight device that doesn’t even produce any noise. There are many car buffers that require least amount of maintenance since their configuration is excellent.

Plenty of mobile operators prefer to use the electric buffer since it is an economical choice. Though manual waxing is considered to be safe, a car buffer is managed saliently can offer best results.

10 Best Car Polisher Reviews

1. Torq TORQX Random Orbital Polisher Kit – Best Car Buffer Kit

The TORQX Random Orbital Polisher Kit is easily the best car buffer kit for the money today. It ranks right up there with the Porter Cable 7424X 6-Inch Variable Speed Polisher for the best car buffer polisher out there. Torq is a great brand (owned by top car detailing company Chemical Guys), so you know you are getting the best car polisher buffer on the market.

This car buffer kit comes with everything you need to give your car the professional detailing that you are looking for. You’ll get the TORQX car buffer in this car buffer kit, along with the V32, V34, V36, & V38 compounds and three polishing pads. This is clearly the best car buffer kit for the money, as referenced by the numerous reviews on all the platforms that it is sold on.

You can also buy the Torq TORQX separately if you’d like.

2. Porter Cable 7424XP 6-Inch Variable Speed Polisher – Best Car Buffer

The Porter Cable 7424XP 6-Inch Variable Speed Polisher has been the industry favorite and standard for years. Considered the best car buffer for beginners and professionals use the Porter Cable Variable Polisher for their detailing needs.

Its speed and power make it be the best car buffer in the car buffing game. There are some cons to the 7424XP but it still stands on the top of the list of buffers in the detailing supply industry.

You can read our full Porter Cable 7424XP reviews here.

3. Meguiars MT300 Pro Power DA Polisher 

The MT300 Pro Power by Meguiars is becoming a fan favorite amongst auto care pros. Easily on its way to being considered the best car buffer on the market today. The MT300 car buffer is powerful; it holds 500 watts power and large 8 mm throw. There is no question of its ability to remove swirls and brighten the shine of your ride.

Plus, it has Digital Torque Management (DTM): Digital circuit seamlessly delivers the necessary torque needed to maintain speed level and thumb adjustable speed setting: 3000 – 7500 OPM (Orbits Per Minute). What else do you need in a top-rated car buffer?

With all that comes with it, the Meguiars MT300 Pro Power DA Polisher is lightweight, has an ergonomic shape which makes it easier for any level of detailer can get used to this car buffer is their hands.

4. Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD 6″ Random Orbital Polisher with 10′ Cord

Another widely used car buffer is Griot’s 10’ cord orbital polisher that works excellently with wheels, windows, headlights, floor mats and seats. This versatile buffer is the easiest source of layering the paint all over the exteriors. It quickly applies the wax and is absolutely safe to use.

The ergonomics have been designed specially to offer 10,000 orbits per minute for an effective finishing touch. As per reviews, Griot’s orbital polisher is a bit heavier car buffer. However, that hasn’t prevented people from buying it.

You can read our full Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD 6″ Random Orbital Polisher reviews here.

5. DEWALT DWP849X 7-Inch/9-Inch Variable Speed Polisher with Soft Start

Ideally one of the best, the DeWalt Variable Speed Rotary Polisher is an excellent choice for professionals since it comes alongside a powerful, 12.0 Amp that ensures long-lasting performance. A great feature of the device is the non-marring rubber gear case cover which lessens surface imperfections.

The gripping surface is excellent due to the ergonomics that have been implemented with wool ingestion shields that reduce service costs and increases the durability of the model. To get the best car buffer, DeWalt is a wonderful choice especially since this electronic module has a controlled speed rate to deliver maximized finish.

You can read the full Dewalt DWP849 Variable Speed Polisher Reviews here.

6. Flex XC3401VRG Orbital Action Polisher

It is a fact that orbital polishers & car buffer are much in demand and Flex Dual Action (VRG 3401) is one of them!

Standing third on this list, this device is a professional buffer that offers a highly smooth running.

This ensures a precise finish that is hologram free due to the orbital rotation which simulates circular movements in the human hand. It delivers unmatched power with brilliant ergonomics. You’ll find the handle directly seated above the pad with variable speed triggers for enhanced control.

You can read our full Flex XC3401VRG Reviews here. . .

7. Bosch GP712VS 120-Volt Large Angle Polisher

Bosch is a respected brand. It is no surprise that it’s on the best car buffer list and deserves to be added to AutoDeets auto buffer reviews. The Bosch GP712VS 7-inch metal polisher with variable speed control packs power at a lightweight. This polisher is excellent at removing deep scratching, oxidation, and imperfections in addition to being a powerful polisher.

It has a 12 amp motor and weighing around 6-pounds. This metal polisher is ideal for professional and DIY auto detailers. For optimal results, the variable speed (variable speed control with a no-load rpm of 750 to 3,000 RPM) dial allows the user to match speed to the application. You can lock speed dial on and off with a lock-on switch for extended application usage.

8. Milwaukee 5540 11 Amp 7-Inch Polisher

The Milwaukee 5540 11 amp Polisher is at the right speed to stand out on the car buffer polisher reviews.

It’s also really good for sanding if you are into multitasking. Milwaukee Polishers are built with a powerful 11 amp motor that provides plenty of power to maintain the right speed. A trigger speed control switch allows speeds of 0 to 2800 rpm. A spindle lock for convenient, quick accessory changes is standard.

A Quik-Lok cord set allows quick detachment of the cord from the tool for tangle free carrying and storage. Built for a long life, this tool includes helical gearing, all ball and roller bearings, and an aluminum gear case with protective urethane bumpers. Includes one 7-inch rubber backing pad, disc nut, and nylon washer.

9. Neiko 10671A Pro Grade Variable Speed Polisher

The Neiko 10671A Pro Grade Variable Polisher has 6 variable speeds. It comes with a Velcro backing disc.  The motor is rated at 1300W, UL/CUL indexed. It’s at the right weight so you don’t have t push down on it hard- which of course, can leave room for a huge error. Variable Velocity settings among a thousand-3000 rpm. 6 variable speeds permits a preferred end on other fabrics and programs. Click the link above to see more reviews on Amazon!

10. WEN 10PMC 10-Inch Waxer/Polisher in Case with Extra Bonnets

The WEN 10-Inch Random Orbit Waxer is designed for polishing, waxing and buffing. It features dual handle grips for added control. The random orbit polishing movement provides a swirl free finish. This handy tool will tackle all your automotive finish applications with ease. See more

What has been the best car wax buffer in your experience? Let us know!

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