Top 10: Best Car Covers (Snow, Indoor and Outdoor)


There are but a few things more disappointing than leaving your car outside for a lengthy period, only to find the paint has cracked from the hot sun; or pack it inside a garage for a long time, and find that some parts have been destroyed by moisture.

You can escape all that by buying the best outdoor car cover or the best indoor car cover to keep your car protected. I love using quality car covers since they save me constant car washes and scratch removals.

The Car covers market is vast and this may be overwhelming to first time buyers. There are covers designed to withstand all weather changes while others are customized for indoor, outdoor or snow protection.

Top Car Covers 

1.Classic Overdrive Poly Pro 1Check Price
2.Yitamotor Car CoverCheck Price
3.Leader Accessories Car CoverCheck Price
4.Carsun CAr CoverCheck Price
5.C5 Corvette Car CoverCheck Price
6.Motor Trend Car CoverCheck Price
7.Duck Cover Defender CoverCheck Price
8.XCACR Breathable Car CoverCheck Price
9.BDKUSA Car CoverCheck Price
10.Oxgord Signature Car CoverCheck Price

1. Classic Accessories Overdrive Poly Pro I: Best for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The OverDrive Poly Pro I is one of the most popular car covers in the market today. It is designed to keep your car protected from the sun, buildup of moisture when the car is stored indoors and rain; all factors that can cause problems to your car. It is able to protect your car’s paint and keep the interiors intact.

The cover, which is created for sedans only, comes in three size fittings to cover a wide range of car sizes. The smallest size is for sedans 175 inches or smaller, the middle is for those between 175 and 190 inches and the largest covers sedans between 191 and 210 inches.

Almost all sedans will fit in either one of the three size fittings. The Overdrive Polypro I is created with trademarked PolyPro material which is resistant to water and breathable.

The material is soft not to scratch your car but strong enough to protect your car from scratches. To make it stronger, the material sports a reinforced patch; this protects it from car antennae.

This cover is created with non-tie-down grommets and fits snugly without any need for strings. It is offered with a storage bag. At only 5 pounds, this cover is light and easy to use.

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2. Yitamotor 7-Layer Breathable Car Cover – Best Universal (Van, SUV, Truck Car) Cover

This is a universal cover created for SUV, trucks and vans. The cover works great in protecting your car from rain snow, sun, dirt and dust among other factors. It is created with an elastic hem for a snug fit.

You will find it easy to place over your car thanks to its light weight.The cover, which is made of a biodegradable fabric, is environmentally friendly and strong enough to last through harsh weather.

Fitted with tie-down grommets, the cover is able to withstand strong winds making it ideal as an outdoor cover. The cover is designed with a thick and soft cotton lining that protects your car’s paint.

The cotton lining is also strong and highly durable thereby giving the cover a long productive life. The breathable material protects your car against harmful UV rays and ensures that the car’s paint does not crack.

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3. Leader Accessories 5-Layer Breathable Car Cover – Best for Outdoor and Indoor Use

The design of this cover is sophisticated but stylish. It is created with a waterproof and breathable fabric that protects your car from elements such as rain, UV rays, dust, dirt, snow and buildup of moisture. It is designed to fit cars up to 228 inches.

These include cars like Mercedes Benz S-Class, Audi A8, BMW Alpina B7, Cadillac XTS, Lincoln MKS and Chevrolet Impala among others. In all these and other cars, the cover fits snug. Offered in custom sizes, the cover is sure to fit on your vehicle.

Its strong construction allows it to protect your car from bird droppings and industrial pollutants. The cover sports three distinct layers; spun-bond polypropylene keeps your car protected from scratches, waterproof layer keeps your car dry even after a heavy down pour and a layer of UV coating protects your car from harmful rays from the sun.

A blend of these three layers keeps your car protected from all elements. With the package, a free storage bag is offered.

This cover is created with an elastic hem that makes it fit on your car perfectly. Created with ultrasonic seams, the cover is able to protect your car from any form of water or moisture in any weather.

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4. CARSUN Waterproof, Breathable M L Car Cover – Best for Medium and Large Sized Sedans 

The CarSun M L car cover was designed for indoor and outdoor use. It is able to protect your car from elements that may cause damage to it including the sun, rain, dirt, pollutants, snow, dust, bird drops and heat or cold.

This cover is waterproof and it is created breathable to ensure that any trapped heat or moisture escapes to keep your car protect. The breathable fabric also protects your car from UV rays.

The cover, which is created for sedans, is offered in two colors; either black or silver. At the hem, the cover is elastic and this allows it to fit snug around your car and to grip it tightly.

Seeing that it is created for a wide range of sedan cars, it is designed with no mirror pockets. On purchase, the cover is offered with a storage bag.

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5. C5 Corvette Ultra Guard Indoor/Outdoor Car Cover – Multi-Layered and Durable Outdoor Cover

The C5 Corvette Ultra Guard is offered with a new and improved multi-layer fabric that gives it the ability to withstand different weather. It can be used as an indoor as well as an outdoor cover.

It keeps the paint finish of your car intact – protects it from cracking and fading – while still protecting the interiors of your car from heat and moisture buildup. This cover was initially created for corvettes models 1997 through 2004 but has also been widely used on other sedans.

Created with 210 denier polyester that has been fitted with a water resistant coating, this cover is able to keep your car dry. The material further features soft cotton on the lower part which ensures that it does not scratch the paint off your car. Unfortunately, this cover cannot be used during heavy rainfall; it only prevents mold and mildew from forming.

Offered with heavy weaving and a strong fabric, this cover is highly durable. It reflects light away to protect your car from UV rays. On purchase, you get a free storage bag and a one-year warranty.

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6. Motor Trend TrueShield Car Cover – Ideal for Tough Outdoor Weather

This car cover is created to shield your car from the toughest weather outdoors and it also works well as an indoor cover; it might as well be the best car cover for snow. It protects your car from snow, rain, UV rays and wind. The cover is created with nylon fabric as an outer cover with reinforced sonic seams; this makes it 100 percent waterproof.

To ensure that the cover fits your car perfectly, it sports straps at its rear and at the front with which you can tie it for a snug fit. The straps have a secure lock which, besides ensuring that the cover is not blown away by strong winds, keeps your car secure from burglars who need quick access to your car.

The inner surface of the cover is fleece lined to keep your car free of debris, dust and scratches. It fits cars up to 210 inches long and 47 inches high. This cover is 14.4 pounds in weight, which makes it light for easy installation and storage.

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7. Duck Covers A1HB183 Defender Cover – Best for Hatchbacks

This cover is created specifically for hatchbacks up to 183 inches in length. It is created stylish in a light grey color with a blue strip and fits snug on your hatchback. The cover sports a soft interior that will not scratch the paint surface of your car. The Duck Cover Defender is semi-custom and not created for any specific car.

The one layer design makes the cover only ideal for indoor use. The fabric is breathable and protects your car from heat and moisture buildup, dust and debris. It has sewn seams making it withstand long periods of use. This fabric is also water resistant and keeps your car safe from mold and mildew.

The bottom hem is elastic to enhance a snug fit and keep the cover in place for long periods. The package is offered with a free storage bag and a 2-year limited warranty covers you. At only three pounds, this cover is light enough to ease use.

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8. XCAR Breathable Car Cover – Best for Indoor Use and Occasional Outdoor Use

The XCAR breathable car cover was designed for sedans and hatchbacks between 200 inches and 228 inches long. Given its one-layer design, the cover is only ideal for indoor use and when used outdoors, it should not be exposed to harsh weather.

It is offered with a free cable and lock that lets you lock the cover into position to protect your car from thieves that need easy and fast access.

The seams of the cover are double-stitched and strong; this makes the fabric breathable and long-lasting. It protects your car from dirt, dust, debris, heat and moisture buildup. The cover repels water and reflects away the UV rays from the sun.

The design of the fabric has room for antenna and it comes with a free storage bag. The fabric is 100 percent polypropylene and safe for your car. With the purchase of this cover, you get a one-year warranty.

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9. BDKUSA Multi-Layer Car Cover: Best For BMW SedanThis is a semi-customized car cover; it was created for a specific car but can still be used on other sedans that match the specific car. It fits only small, sized sedans, mostly coupes with a long of not more than 155 inches.

This is an all-weather proof cover protecting your car from snow, rain, UV rays, droppings, heat, moisture buildup, bird droppings, dust and dirt. Being multi-layered, the fabric that creates this cover is strong enough to last for a long period.

This cover is created to dry faster than woven covers; you will only need to shake it off any water that rests on it if the cover has been on the rain for a long period of time. The cover is breathable and lets heat and moisture escape. This cover is only four pounds in weight and easy to use.

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10. OxGord Signature Car Cover: Best for Coupes up to 168 Inches in Length

This cover is created ready to fit onto your coupe or sedan. It fits cars that are 168 inches in length or shorter. The cover is designed to offer a perfect fit thanks to its incremental sizing style. They are available in most retailers and have become popular with sedan owners.

The OxGord Signature is made tough to withstand tough weather. It has different layers; a soft cotton interior layer that ensures the cover does not scratch the paint off your vehicle, a waterproof layer that keeps rain snow and ice away and dual UV layers that reflect UV rays away.

The cover is created of a durable fabric. The fabric has reinforced seams that are breathable to protect your car from moisture and excess heat. Rear and front hems are elastic to ensure that the cover fits snug.

There are also draw strings and tie-down grommets to secure the cover to hold its position in strong winds. With the package, you are offered a storage pouch and an antenna patch. You can use this cover when it snows.

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Did you have fun reading our list post? We hope you did. Choosing the best car covers makes the difference between having your car destroyed by weather elements and having it safe with less cleaning and with no scratches.

It took me sometime to choose a good cover for my car but once I did, the feeling was great as I do not have to wash my car frequently or keep repairing scratches. You can avoid any damage on your car by a cover that will match your needs.

Are you looking for a car cover or do you already have a cover? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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