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It’s summer time and that means you need to find the best car sun shade on the market! The weatherman says it’s going to be in the high 90s today, with a chance of a hot breeze. Driving in to work, you might think, which way should I park so that the sun won’t beat down on my seat and burn me when I get back inside at 5 o’clock? Maybe there aren’t any shaded or covered spots available. Or perhaps you’re at the grocery store or mall, and you’ll be gone a few hours. That’s enough time for the sun to increase the inside temperature of your car by a few critical degrees and turn your upholstery into hazardous material.

When you get back, all you can think about is flipping on the AC in your car and staying cool as you drive around town or back home. It’s great to feel that chilled breeze as you drive. Not so much the stagnant, hot air trapped inside the cabin. What if there was a way to keep the interior of your car cool, without having to invest in any sort of fancy equipment or in-depth processes each time you park?

If you’re looking for a simple solution to a cooler car cabin, keep reading. We’ll introduce you to 10 of the best car windshield sun shades out there. The best part of all? Many of the best car sun shade options are under $20. Let us show you how easy it is to stay cool in the summer heat without having to break out your checkbook. By the end of this article, you will have learned a lot more about the sun, the damage it can do to your car, and the best ways to protect yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle’s value.  Here’s a quick guide to our top 10 car sun shades:

1.EzyShade Windshield Sunshade + Bonus ProductCheck Price
2.Universal Luxurious-210T Car Sun ShadeCheck Price
3.Luxurious-210T Fabric Windshield Sun ShadeCheck Price
4.ShadeSox Universal Fit Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade (2 Pack)Check Price
5.EcoNour’s Car Windshield Sun ShadeCheck Price
6.Shade-It Car Windshield Sun ShadeCheck Price
7.TriNova Car Sun Shade for WindshieldCheck Price
8.Cosyzone Windshield 6 Piece Sun ShadeCheck Price
9.BDK Fold-Up Sun Shade for WindshieldsCheck Price
10.Benewell Windshield Universal Fit Sun ShadeCheck Price

But first, let’s talk a bit more about just how harmful the sun can be. We all know that staying out too long can cause serious burns, not to mention possible skin cancer. But what about those four-wheeled friends of ours? What damage can the sun do to your vehicle, and most importantly, how can you prevent further damage and maintain the value of your car?

The Damaging Effects of Sun Light

The sun is responsible for may beneficial, but sometimes harmful, processes. Although technological advances in painting have allowed car owners to retain the appearance of their automobiles for much longer than they would have in the past, the damage the sun’s rays can do in only a few hours is amazing. Cars that have sat outside in the sun for years have paint that becomes chalky and flakes off at the slightest touch. Clear coats seemingly disintegrate as the hours, days, and years pass.

Sun damage can occur to car interiors as well. Dashboard materials can fade and crack, leaving blemishes in what could otherwise be a well-maintained vehicle. Leather seats can become brittle and require replacement after only a few years. There are certainly products on the market that combat such harmful processes, but taking extra care to remove your car from the sun’s damaging rays can go a long way.

Protecting your Investment: Coverage Options

In order to protect the value of your car, there are a few options you can pursue. The most inexpensive option is to park your vehicle inside your garage or carport. If you own your home, this is space you should be using to remove your vehicle from the harmful elements outside, like heat and hail. While it might be more fun to use the garage space for other pastimes, it really does pay to keep your car sheltered from the natural elements.

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A pricier but more versatile option is to tint your car’s windows. Tint is a thin film that adheres to the interior side of your car’s windows and blocks harmful UV rays and heat. Tinting your car’s windows will require a one-time fee of a few hundred dollars, but you won’t have to fight for space in the garage or race back home to nab that carport parking spot.

Keep in mind that if you do tint your car, most states govern how dark the tint can be. Most SUVs and minivans will come from the factory with tinted, dyed glass. There is no film on these windows; the dye is mixed in with the glass-making materials so that the final product mimics a window that has been manually tinted. Seek out a window tinting shop near you and see what choices they offer in terms of percentages, price, and packages.

Window Tinting Percentages

Window tint is measured in percentage; that is, what amount of light is able to come through said tint. Lower numbers represent a darker tint, which, as we mentioned, may or may not be legal. Check with your local law enforcement as to what percentage is allowed in your state. Some states have laws allowing incredibly dark tint on the back windows, requiring only that the front two windows—driver and passenger—are completely clear. Others are much stricter than that. While dark tint might not necessarily be an offense an officer can pull you over for, it does make it a bit harder for them to see in your vehicle, which could mean they’ll approach you with more caution—and perhaps more force—than normal.

Whenever you are modifying your vehicle in any way, consult the experts and do a quick Google search. It pays to be safe and legal rather than sorry. It takes only a few minutes, and you might learn a few things that will save you money, time, and a number of headaches.

Best Car Sun Shade: Cheap and Simple

Aside from parking indoors and investing in tint, most car owners settle for a bit of middle ground by purchasing a car sun shade. These reflective materials are light-weight and painted all sorts of shiny colors to direct the sun away from the interior of the car. There are a myriad of customizable sun shades out there, featuring popular designs and notable characters, but each one folds across the length of your car’s windshield to form a protective barrier against the sun.

While some might consider car sun shades to be a nuisance, they are a relatively cheap solution. Most sun shades cost less than $20 and fold up nicely to fit in the back seat of your car when not in use. They even make side window sun shades, so you can keep the sun out from all angles.

We’ve done some research on the various sun shades out there today, and have come up with a list of the top 10 best car products on the market. If you’re looking to save a bit of money and still keep your car’s interior looking like new, check out these sun shades before you make a purchase. There are a number of different types, made of various materials, and all costing under $20 each.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Car Sun Shade

Cost is probably the first characteristic you’ll want to consider when in the market for a sun shade. Each option out there is relatively affordable, but how can you be sure your money is well spent? The best thing to do in this case is to compare the sun shades you like and see what features distinguish one from the next. If you can justify spending a certain amount, then go for it!

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Another feature you’ll want to consider is size. Obviously, you’ll want to invest in a sun shade that is big enough to fit your car windshield, but not too big that it becomes too chaotic to handle. Most sun shade manufacturers will list the approximate size of each sun shade they sell, and will often designate whether the dimensions are for small, medium, large, or extra-large windshields.

Finally, you’ll want to consider materials and storage. Some material types can be folded and easily stored within your car, such as under the seat or in the door or seat pockets. Others are not as simple. Most sun shades are painted or dyed with a reflective color to transfer heat away from the interior of the car. If you prefer a pattern on your sun shade, consider checking out what designs are available and what best fits your style.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 sun shades available today. Which one do you like best?

The 10 Best Car Sun Shades 

1. EzyShade Windshield Sunshade + Bonus Product

EzyShade manufactures the first sun shade on our list, for about $13. In reality, there are 2 sun shades in this package, both of which measure 28 by 31 inches. These medium-sized car shades are made of high-quality silver-coated polyester. EzyShade also offers smaller and larger sun shades if you have tinier or bigger windshields, but the medium-size shades should fit most cars.

That’s also one of the greatest features of these sun shades: they’re practically universal! As long as you choose the proper size for your windshield, purchasing the correct sun shades is as simple as choosing small, medium, or large and ordering.

Installation of these sun shades is also a piece of cake. Instead of wrestling with one large shade that requires dexterity and finagling to properly place, you can simply fold out one shade, rest it against the inner side of your windshield, and then repeat the process for the other shade. These sun shades can be rotated horizontally or vertically to achieve the best fit.

Depending on the width of your vehicle’s windshield, these sun shades might overlap, but that’s okay! Each sun shade can provide 99% protection from harmful UV rays, so the more material there to reflect the sun, the better.

For a great way to protect your dash and your electronics, choose the EzyShade Windshield Sunshade. In fact, Amazon offers a bonus product with this particular item. When you purchase this pair of sun shades, you’ll also receive a non-slip sticky dashboard mat. The mat will keep all kinds of items from moving about as you drive, and can be placed wherever it is most convenient for you.

If you’re looking for a one-piece sun shade, check out the next contender on our list. We’ve got 9 more sun shades to look at, so keep reading! The best sun shade for you might be next on this list.

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2. Universal Luxurious-210T Car Sun Shade 

Coming in at just $14, this sun shade sports many of the same features all sun shades do. Keep out harmful UV rays and the sun’s intense heat with this universal sun shade. Made to fit a number of vehicles with a variety of windshield sizes, this sun shade will keep you and your electronics cool during the long, hot days of summer.

If you have a smaller windshield (think Volkswagen Beetle), then you’ll want to probably purchase the 59-inch by 20-inch windshield sun shade. Vehicles with a bit larger windshield should invest in the sun shades measuring 62 inches by 25 inches. Medium-sized windshields will benefit most from either the 64-inch by 28.5-inch sun shade, or one slightly larger at 64 inches by 31 inches. Bigger windshields than that require a sun shade measuring 69 by 33 inches, and for the most humongous windshields out there, purchase the 69-inch by 35.5-inch sun shade.

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Chances are no matter what the size of your windshield, there’s a sun shade at this price for you! Spend less than $20 and reap the benefits of a high-quality sun shade that will keep you cool and help extend the life of your car’s interior.  

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3. Luxurious-210T Fabric Windshield Sun Shade

Next on our list is another sun shade from the same company as our #2 contender. Kinder Fluff touts their 210T model as having higher density than most shades do, at 170T or 190T. This higher density translates to better heat protection, from the sun’s heat as well as harmful UV rays.

This car sun shade is rated at the large size, measuring 63 inches by 35 inches. Experts at Kinder Fluff rate it best for an SUV, truck, or minivan. This sun shade doesn’t require any suction cups or adhesive strips, so you won’t have to damage your windshield or dash to install it. Simply unfold the sun shade, arrange it in the windshield, and leave your car knowing you’ll come back to a cooler cabin and covered interior.

Best of all, this car sun shade comes with a compact casing that is perfect for traveling. Stow the sun shade when you don’t need it, but find it easily when you’re out in the heat. This sun shade costs only about $13, but will save you much more than that! Keep your interior plastics and leathers from fading and cracking. Invest in this sun shade from Kinder Fluff today.

Sun shades can also cover your side windows and protect your passengers. We’ll take a look at a few side window sun shades in this list, including this next one from ShadeSox. It’s entirely possible that you might want to invest in a windshield sun shade as well as side window shades, so check out this next product and see what you think.

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4. ShadeSox Universal Fit Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade (2 Pack) 

Keeping your car interior cool can also mean shading the side windows. Side window sun shades aren’t as cumbersome as some windshield sun shades can be, and offer protection from the sun’s harmful rays for those in the back seat. Protect your passengers from overheating by investing in a side window sun shade.

These side window shades from ShadeSox are just under $20 for a pair. So, for less than a typical tank of gas, you could be keeping your passengers cool and protecting them from the harmful UV rays that shine through your car’s glass. These sun shades adhere to the frame of your car door, so you can easily roll down the window while they are installed. Imagine being able to let the cool air from outside in even as you’re blocking the hot sun out!

Side window sun shades are a great alternative to tint for a variety of reasons. As we just mentioned, you can roll down your window and still have the sun shade in place. That’s not possible with tint! Side windows shades can also be removed whenever you don’t need them, just like windshield sun shades, without doing any damage to your car’s interior or windows.

These sun shades from ShadeSox can fit side windows up to 44.3 inches by 20 inches. Each sun shade is made from flexible, stretchy material that will withstand the hottest summer day’s heat. With a 100% money-back guarantee, these shades are a great no-brainer. As a bonus gift, these shades also come with a travel e-book that includes 10 ideas for occupying your passengers during long journeys.

ShadeSox is one of only a few side window sun shades that made it on our list. Not every side window sun shade is alike, so check out the other options on the market and decide for yourself. Is this 2-pack of shades a steal at $20? Or would you rather wedge a blanket into the window seals like in the old days?

Stay tuned! We’ve still got 6 more sun shades to discuss. Which one do you have your eye on?

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5. EcoNour’s Car Windshield Sun Shade

We’re back to windshield sun shades with this product from EcoNour. As number 5 on our list of the top 10 windshield sun shades, it’s still competitive in terms of features and benefits. Let’s take a closer look to see what EcoNour has to offer.

Using this sun shade is easy and convenient. Simply unfold it and place it against your windshield. The sun shade is easy to remove and folds back into a convenient shape in only a few seconds. Store it in the back of your car’s seats or in the pockets of the doors themselves. That way the next time you need it, it’s only a hand’s reach away.

This sun shade measures 59 inches by 31 inches, so it fits most windshields. EcoNour has designed the sun shade to be lightweight but durable. Made from high-quality nylon polyester, these sun shades help keep the interior of your car cooler and reduce the time necessary to decreasing the temperature in your vehicle’s interior.

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At just under $15, this sun shade from EcoNour is a great buy if you’re looking for a typical sun shade to keep the sun out and the cool temperatures in. Install the EcoNour sun shade and you won’t be greeted with a blast of hot air or burn your hands on the dash, seats, or steering wheel. The sun shade maintains the air temperature in your car and protects upholstery and accessories from sun damage, dryness, and cracking.

If you’re looking for a simple solution to your heating problem, check out this affordable sun shade from EcoNour. For the price of a fancy restaurant meal, you could be cooling down in an air-conditioned car, rather than wearing gloves to drive home from work on a sunny, hot day. Which would you choose?

Next up on our list is another great sun shade, this time from the experts at Shade-It. Don’t make any purchases yet! We’ve still got a few more to go after that.

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6. Shade-It Car Windshield Sun Shade

From Shade-It to Store-It, this windshield sun shade is as much a space saver as it is a heat shield. The shade itself will pop out into its natural shape with ease, allowing you to simply tug and then place against your windshield. After you’re done using this sun shade, simply remove it from the windshield and place both metal rings together. Allow the twisting motion of the shade to guide you in reducing it to its storage shape. Fasten the sun shade closed with the attached loop and then conveniently place inside the provided carrying case.

In addition to being a breeze to operate, Shade-It’s sun shade is manufactured from 100% nylon. Like other sun shades we’ve discussed, Shade-It uses 210T threading with double stitching to ensure durability and strength. While you may only operate your sun shade within the confines of your car, and it might never see more than the interior of your vehicle, it’s important that sun shades withstand the worst in terms of heat and wear. Shade-It ensures that the sun shade you purchase will last, keeping out the heat for years to come and earning its place among the many automotive accessories you treasure.

For only $20, you could be protecting yourself and your passengers from burning-hot seat belt buckles, sizzling steering wheels, and leather seats that feel more like the burners on your stove than a proper driving position. In fact, Shade-It has improved their offering, by including a stick-it dashboard pad, along with an e-book on proper protocol to protect the integrity of your car. The stick-it pad will keep your belongings safe and in one spot, so you don’t have to worry about your phone and other accessories flying around the car as you drive.

Protect yourself and your passengers for less than $20 by purchasing this sun shade from Shade-It. If you’re not convinced or simply don’t like what this brand has to offer, keep reading! There are 4 more sun shades we have yet to discuss, but we’re sure you’ll find the perfect shade for your vehicle.

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7. TriNova Car Sun Shade for Windshield

 If you’re looking for a compact design and quick installation, check out the sun shades from TriNova. Rather than fold like the previous sun shade product we talked about, TriNova’s sun shades are rectangular and overlap to provide seamless coverage. Block out the sun with double-duty sun shades from TriNova.

Weighing only a third of a pound, these sun shades are a great light-weight option for keeping your car interior cool and your expensive electronics from frying in the sun’s heat. A variety of windshield sizes sometimes means picking out the proper shade can be a pain, but not with TriNova! With the added benefits of 2 shades, windshields big and small will retain proper coverage.

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TriNova is serious about their customer satisfaction and it’s evident in the thought they’ve put into this product. Most of the benefits we’ve focused on thus far are in terms of heat protection, but did you know your car’s interior plastics and leather can be damaged by wintertime sunlight as well? Not too many people consider the intensity of the sun’s rays, but the experts at TriNova do!

These 2 sun shades from TriNova will only cost you a little over $10. For that price, you could easily buy a few and give them as gifts to your family and friends. Share the benefits of protecting your vehicle’s interior, increasing the longevity of your car’s value, and coming back to a cool vehicle that’s been sitting in the sun for a few hours. A cooler you is only about $10 away!

Do you like the thought of having multiple sun shades? We’ve got the product for you! Skip to the next contender on our list to find out how much you can cover for about the same price as this very sun shade here at the number 7 spot. 

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8. Cosyzone Windshield 6 Piece Sun Shade

 Yup, this product—or should we say, these products—from Cosyzone are the ultimate package if you’re looking to keep the interior of the car as cool as you’ll feel knowing you don’t have to crank the AC and sweat in your seat the minute you get back into your car. At a bargain pricing of $11, true heat protection is only a few bucks away.

The silver coating on this sun shade will reflect up to 99% of damaging UV rays. As a universal sun shade, you can cover windshields up to 59.5 inches by 28.5 inches, which covers most cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans. It’s a great idea to measure your windshield size before shopping for a sun shade, but as long as you’re near the specifications for the particular type of sun shade you’re looking for, you should have plenty of coverage still.

The best feature of this sun shade is that it is designed to pop out easily to be placed against your windshield, but also simple to fold up and store within your door pockets. You’ll love coming back to a cooler car where you don’t have to crank the air conditioning just to get some relief from the heat.

For only $11, customers will receive a front sun shade, a back sun shade, 4 side window sun shades, 12 suction cups, and 1 carry bag. If you park your vehicle for a long time, simply cover each window with a shade, make sure the entire window is covered so no light leaks through, and walk away! You can feel better knowing the interior of your car won’t heat up as much, and the materials like seats, center consoles, and door panels will stay in better shape for longer.

It’s hard to pass up a deal like this one, especially for 6 sun shades, a bunch of suction cups, and a carrying case. Check out what Cosyzone offers and if you’re not sold, that’s okay. We’ve got just 2 more sun shade products to check out. 

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9. BDK Fold-Up Sun Shade for Windshields

 If you’re into patterned and individually-styled products, BDK has the perfect sun shade for you. Blend in with the desert around you and show off some southwestern pride with this southern cactus car sun shade that promises to keep your interior as cool as a desert oasis.

Custom sun shades are a great way to personalize your vehicle and can be a great way to spot your vehicle in a crowded parking lot. There are a number of designs on the market, but if you’re into sewing, consider creating your own sun shade. With the right pattern and just a few stitches, you can have your very own, one-of-a-kind sun shade!

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Measuring 58 inches by 28 inches, this sun shade will fit most cars, trucks, and SUVs. BDK’s sun shade is made from high-quality reflective material that keeps all the heat waves out and the cool air in. The sun shade itself is double-layered insulated bubble foil, so you can be sure that you’re protecting all your interior components and electronics from damaging UV rays. The sun shade folds up like an accordion and has an attached Velcro strap that cinches it shut. Storage is as easy as placing the sun shade behind your seat or in a nearby door pocket.

If you’re looking for an affordable sun shade, check out this model from BDK, for the price of $16 or so. The desert scene will have you itching for your swimsuit and a beach chair. Add some color and personality to your windshield!

Here it is, the last sun shade on our list! Check out what Benewell has to offer and see if their sun shade meets your requirements. If not, we hope that one of our other 9 sun shades is the one you’re looking for.

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10. Benewell Windshield Universal Fit Sun Shade

For near the same amount of money most of our sun shades have cost, you can own Benewell’s universal fit sun shade, which is a one size nearly fits all product that’s easy to install and overlap if necessary.

The Benewell sun shade measures 32 inches by 28 inches and in fact, customers will receive 2 shades and a small carrying case. Each shade is made of high-quality silver-coated polyester that will reflect up to 99% of UV rays. Light-weight and simply to install, these sun shades from Benewell are a no-brainer if you’re trying to keep your car’s interior cool in the heat of summer.

Benewell’s sun shade is easily foldable to store in a door pocket or behind the front seats. Keep your car’s electronics and interior materials intact with these two affordable sun shades you’ll use day after day in the summer.

That’s our top 10 best sun shade list! There are a number of great products out there, it just depends on what you’re looking for and what your price range is. Really, keeping your interior cool and out of the damaging sun rays costs less than a dinner for 2 at a fancy restaurant, so if you’re going to invest in something that will uphold your car’s value, a sun shade is a great choice.

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Stay tuned! We’ve still got a few more tips on sun shades and taking care of your car.

Caring for Your Sun Shade

Most of the time your sun shade won’t be in any sort of situation where it needs to be cleaned. Theoretically, the shade should be taken out of its carrier or case and placed against the windshield. Removal is simply the reverse of that procedure.

However, depending on the type of material they’re made of, sun shades should be inspected every few months for damage. Metal frame parts that could be sticking out can scratch your windshield and/or your dash. Rips or tears will require replacement, as the sun will break through to shine on your interior surfaces.

If you take care of your sun shade, it will take care of you!

Sun Shade Safety: Children and Pets

You should always remember that sun shades are not a substitute for keeping the interior of your car at optimal temperature. Never leave your children and/or your pets in a sun-shaded car, or any parked car for that matter, for extended periods of time. The interior will still heat up as the temperature outside increases. Such intense heat can be an incredible health risk to your loved ones.

The best way to use a sun shade is to place it against the interior side of the windshield in a parked, unoccupied car. Side window sun shades can be used during driving when the sun shines directly upon your child, to protect them from sun burn, but should not be used as substitutes for cooling the interior of your vehicle.

Other Methods to Prolong the Life of Your Car

As we mentioned before, investing in a car sun shade is a great way to protect your vehicle’s value and prolong the life of your car. Sun shades can prevent your dashboards from fading and cracking, your electronics from malfunctioning, and your seats and door panels from wearing out prematurely. For under $20, it’s one of the best purchases you can make in car maintenance.

There are other ways you can maintain your car’s value. Protecting the interior and exterior of your car doesn’t take a lot of money or time, if you keep up on maintenance. Here are just a few things you can do year-round to make sure the money you invest in your ride builds the value.

Cover your Car

Beginning with the exterior, it’s best to keep your car out of the elements as much as you can. While most people consider hail damage to be the worst weather hazard, heat and snow are just as damaging—just in different ways. As you’ve probably learned from our discussions about sun shades, sun rays can decrease the life of your paint dramatically if it’s left out in the heat on a daily or even weekly basis. Now, most people live and/or work in places where covered parking isn’t always available, but doing what you can to keep your car covered can lengthen the life of the paint even a tiny bit.

Wax On, Wax Off

The next best thing to do if you’re going to be keeping your car outside is to wax it. Waxing your car on a regular basis will keep the paint protected and ensure that the clear coat stays intact, rather than dissolving away over time. Paint that is oxidized can only be truly fixed by removing whatever paint is left and repainting the entire vehicle. Paint jobs can range in the thousands, so spending a hundred dollars or so every 6 months will pay for itself in the long run.

Most detail shops will offer a wax package that is relatively affordable. If you’re someone who likes to do things yourself, there are waxing supplies you can buy at your local auto parts store. Just keep in mind that you’ll want to remove as many contaminants from your car as you can before applying the wax. Sealing in dirt and debris is the opposite of what you should be aiming for in this case.

Removing Winter Chemicals

While a lot of people might make fun of those who wash their car often, removing harmful chemicals from your paint is key to maintaining a like-new paint job. If you park in an area where your car gets wet from sprinklers, rinse your vehicle off periodically to make sure the treatment chemicals don’t damage the paint. In the same manner, thoroughly wash your car after a big snow storm to ensure the chemicals sprayed on the roads to keep them free of ice don’t adhere to your paint and dissolve it away.

Chemicals in your car’s engine bay are also good to keep an eye on. It’s important to adhere to a maintenance schedule as strictly as you can, so that you prolong your engine life as well as the life of the entire car itself. Most people will pick out a trusted mechanic to bring their car to. Your mechanic will let you know at what mileage or time interval your next oil change is due, and your owner’s manual will list all kinds of service intervals as well.

Save Your Receipts

It’s important to keep record of all repairs made to your vehicle, and not just for personal accounting purposes. If you want to sell your car outright down the line, you’ll want to have proof certain service intervals were reached and the proper maintenance was done. You probably won’t always remember when you did what and how much it cost either, so records are a great way to reference back on how much you’ve spent and on what.

The most frequent service intervals are oil changes, brake pad and rotor replacements, and fluid top-offs. Again, find a trusted mechanic and discuss with them what your concerns are. Many mechanics offer specials for repeat customers, and if a certain shop works on your car for a number of years, they’ll have a better history of the car in mind to let you know what services are recommended and which ones can maybe wait until that rainy-day money makes its way into your piggy bank.

Maintaining Your Tires

One final exterior maintenance tip is to rotate and balance your tires regularly, as well as keep them properly aired up. Though the engine powers the vehicle, your tires are what keeps the vehicle on the road, in a safe manner. Keep an eye on your tire pressure, but know it will fluctuate with the temperature outside. Generally newer vehicles will have TPMS, or tire pressure monitoring systems that will tell you exactly what reading each tire has and alert you if a tire begins to lose air.

Rotating and balancing your tires ensures equal longevity. Front tires will wear out faster than rear tires, as a large portion of the car’s weight—i.e., the engine—sits in the front of the car. Most vehicles are also front-wheel drive, so having better traction up front is key to safe handling.

Keep it Clean

Interior maintenance is as simple as keeping all surfaces clean and free of dirt, grime, dust, food, liquids, and any other items that could stain or damage. This is sometimes a difficult task when you have kids. However, buying a car with darker upholstery is a great choice in this case. Dark fabrics and leathers will hide a lot of the damage simple wear and tear can inflict, and often look cleaner when clean than lighter fabrics do. Think of it this way: white materials only truly look clean when they are bright and completely free from stains or markings. Darker surfaces tend to hide such blemishes from the naked eye.

Again, taking your car to a detail shop every 4-6 months can do a lot to maintain the value of your car. Detail shops are equipped with the necessary tools to keep your car clean and looking great. Most shops will offer packages of varying rates, that will address your interior and exterior detailing needs. The biggest perk to taking your car to a detail shop is having your carpets and mats steamed. Much like a mobile washing machine, the steamer unit is designed to force hot water into the fibers of your carpet and suck up all contaminants with a built-in vacuum. This is a very similar process to carpet cleaning you might have done in your home.

No matter your budget, there are always ways to take care of your car. The above suggestions are just a few ways you can maintain the value of your vehicle so that if you choose to sell it someday, you can set your asking price higher. Driving a car you take pride in means a lot to some owners as well. Protect what you’ve got and invest in small accessories that are relatively affordable, like sun shades!

Think of your car sun shade as sun glasses for your car, and you’ll soon realize just how many benefits they offer. If you’re in the market for a sun shade, we hope you found the perfect option for your vehicle. Stay cool out there!

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