Best Car Visor Extender

There is no denying that the sun can make driving particularly difficult. Strong rays that cause you to become blinded for some time can have dangerous consequences. To protect yourself, your passengers, and other road users it is important to utilize a sun visor. You may often find that your car’s built-in visor offers inadequate protection against the sun, hence why investing in a visor extender is beneficial.

Best Car Visor Extender

As the name suggests, this kind of visor provides more effective protection by covering a larger area of the window or windscreen.

It is important to select a good quality visor that is going to satisfy your needs. We have done the hard work for you and browsed the market selecting our top five picks of the best products that we would deem to be worthy of your purchase. 

If you are in a hurry, we have selected our top pick for you below. 


The Glare Guard polarized car visor extender utilizes polarizing technology to reduce the glare that can be felt by the sun and adjust the light waves to reduce the occurrence of any harmful consequences that are posed to you as a result. If you often find yourself traveling in brightly light conditions then this is going to be a valuable addition to your car journey. 

With anti-glare properties, this visor blocks out harmful rays. Measuring 14” x 3.25”, this visor is perfectly sized to ensure that you are provided with adequate protection as you embark on your car journey. 

Durably designed, this visor is impact, temperature, and scratch-resistant so you can be assured that this purchase will see you through a considerable number of uses. Installation is also a fairly straightforward process, simply requiring you to attach this visor extender to the built-in car visor using velcro straps. 


  • As a product that is made in the USA, you can be confident in the source and quality of your purchase.
  • Universal fitting, as well as cars this product is suitable for use on trucks, SUVs, and RVs.
  • The use of high-quality acrylic allows you to enjoy a clear view.
  • Equipped with velcro straps, the extender can be installed easily and safely.
  • Made using high-quality materials, this is a durable product that is going to withstand daily use very well.


  • This visor is a little expensive which may not be accommodating towards every individual's budget.


Designed to block out the sun and reduce the glare that can often cause eyestrain following intense exposure, the TuckVisor Blackout Windshield Extender, is a versatile product that is suitable for windshields and side windows. 

Made using specialized, thin opaque, this extender slides easily into place, slotting itself between the window and the trim, allowing you to allocate the best position that is going to be the most effective in protecting you from the sunlight.

As a removable and adjustable extender, you can alter the position as and when you require depending on the angle of the sun.

Measuring 18” x 8” x 0.01” with a patent-pending shape, impressively, this visor extender offers a universal fit that accommodates a range of vehicles and window sizes. Courtesy of the simple installation, it is an ideal choice for those looking for a fast and effective solution to protect themselves against the strong rays.


  • Available in a pack of 2 you can cover both the driver and passenger window for the maximum protection.
  • Durably designed, this product is going to see you through many uses.
  • Affordably priced, these extenders are ideal for individuals on a tighter budget. 
  • Made in the USA, you can be confident in the source of your purchase.
  • Installation is straightforward and the extenders remain in place very well.


  • Due to the design of these extenders, they are prone to falling when the window is opened, making them a little impractical in warmer conditions. 


The SAILEAD sun visor car extender is uniquely designed to offer maximum protection from all angles. With a universal fit, this product is compatible with cars with existing visors larger than 4.7” wide. 

Courtesy of the design, you can extend the visor sidewards or downwards depending on your needs. Installing the visor is also a straightforward process and can be done using the attachments included.

This visor can also be used to black the sun coming through passenger windows as well as the main windscreen.

Made using PU and PC material, this is a thick visor that has strong and shockproof qualities. Thanks to this durable construction, it is likely to see you through many uses without becoming easily damaged.


  • Compactly designed, this visor can easily be stored with the built-in visor inside your car. 
  • Courtesy of its versatile design, it offers maximum protection from the sun. 
  • Made using strong materials, this is a sturdy visor that is going to withstand frequent use well. 
  • Affordably priced, this visor is ideal for those on a budget.
  • Installing the visor is a straightforward, hassle-free process.


  • Some may find the velcro straps needed to attach the visor a little too small for their car. 


Available in a pack of 2, the WANPOOL Anti-glare and Anti-dazzle Car Visor Extenders can easily be attached to the built-in visors of cars, vans, and trucks, and measures 14.09” x 5.91” x 0.39”. 

These visors come in particularly handy when you find yourself faced with strong or low angle sunlight as they can be positioned, to the left, right, or center, essentially where you find them to be the most effective.

Installing these visors is also a fairly simple process as they can be attached to your built-in visor using the velcro strips.

When not in use, these visors are compact enough to remain inside the built-in visor allowing you to open and close it with ease. 


  • As these visors come in a pack of two you have one available for the driver and passenger side of the car.
  • Affordably priced, these visors are great value for money. 
  • Courtesy of the versatile design, you can angle these visors where they are required to be the most effective.
  • Installation is easy thanks to their simple design.
  • The velcro is strong and holds the visors in place particularly well.


  • These visors are a little bulky which some may find unappealing.


Utilizing NASA polarizing technology, the SAILEAD Sun Visor Extender works by filtering the reflected light and eliminating the glare that can make driving in strong sunlight rather difficult. 

Designed with a Caden Shaft, you can easily alter the angle of the visor to the position that you find the most effective in absorbing the sun.

As a UV400 Visor, it offers maximum protection from the sunlight and is particularly useful for those who often find themselves driving in these harsh conditions or those that are sensitive to the sunlight.

Courtesy of the spring-loaded design, this visor is easy to install and can be done within minutes allowing you to set off on your journey with ease.

Made using polycarbonate material, this is a durable visor that is stronger than glass, TAC, and resin. It is also impact, temperature, and scratch-resistant so it is going to withstand long-term use well.


  • Thanks to its 360-degree rotatable design, you can alter it to the required angle and it is also compatible with use in a range of cars.
  • The spring loader makes it easier to clip on to the visor inside your car.
  • This visor works well in eliminating the glare from the sun.
  • Thanks to its durable construction, this visor is likely to see you through many uses.
  • The mounting mechanism is sturdy which ensures that the visor is going to remain in place for the duration of your journey.


  • This visor comes is quite expensive which may be unsuitable for those on a budget. 

Best Car Visor Extender Buying Guide

Driving in strong sunlight can be very difficult, presenting risks for yourself and other road users too. It is important to invest in a good quality sun visor extender that hasn't been poorly designed. 

Below, we have identified our top tips for choosing the best car visor extender. Adhering to these factors will ensure that the visor you select is going to satisfy your needs. 

The Fit

Of course, it is important to ensure that the product you choose is compatible with your car, otherwise, it is going to be a wasted purchase.

Opting for a universal fitting car visor is recommended as this will ensure that it fits the majority of cars, elsewise you may find yourself feeling disappointed on the arrival of an extending car visor that is incompatible with the size of your windscreen or window.

The Type of sun visor extender

Products of this kind can be identified in one of the two following categories. The first is a window-mounted visor extender and as the name suggests, this kind needs to be mounted to the passenger and driver windows inside of your car.

They are a super versatile option as you can choose whether you want them to cover the whole surface of the window or simply just block the sun that is at your eye level. They are also a very convenient option allowing for easy removal or adjustments when required. The second type of sun visor extender is one that is mounted to the built in visor inside your vehicle.

How it is mounted is going to depend on the type that you choose and the fastenings that it is designed with. This type of visor works effectively in many ways. It can either protect your eyes from the sun directly ahead or you can extend it to the side to offer more all-round protection.

UV Protection

Purchasing a sun visor that doesn't have the correct UV protection could be considered to be a pretty worthless purchase. The UV protection offered by your sun visor determines how effectively it is going to protect you from strong sunlight which can be difficult to drive in.

The Quality

When purchasing your car visor extender, regardless of its cost, you expect it to be made to good quality standards as this will ensure that it is going to protect you from the sunlight without breaking easily.

While the market offers many sun visors that are well made, others are made using flimsy and weaker materials that aren't as durable and are likely to break easily or fall off as you embark on your journey.

Installing the Visor

Preferably a car visor extender should be easy to install. It is important to ensure that your sun visor is secured safely in place as this will eliminate the risk of it falling as you drive.

There may also be times where you're in a hurry and don't have the time to fuss around with a complex mounting mechanism that is going to make the process much more difficult. 

The Cost

A product of this kind is pretty affordable but a purchase that is going to deliver many benefits in protecting you from the sun as you drive. It is important to ensure that you don't select a cheap visor that appears to be too good for its price as this could be a reflection of its quality.

Those that are more expensive are likely to offer more enhanced features while those that are cheaper are going to adhere to a more basic design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all car visors extend?

All cars have visors that can be lowered when needed to block out the strong sunlight that enters through the windshield. However, it isn't as common to find cars with extending visors hence why they require an additional purchase.

They can be particularly useful in blocking the sun that can enter through the side window allowing you to adjust the visor to the most effective angle.

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