Best Chassis Frame Paint for Truck

Whether you have a fleet of work trucks regularly out on the road or just have your own personal truck that only goes out a few times a day, the condition of a truck’s chassis frame is important to consider.

Painting something on the underside of a vehicle might seem unnecessary, but painting the chassis frame can protect your truck as well as make it look better. If your truck is a long-haul vehicle and used for professional haulage then painting the chassis frame will give it a more professional and cleaner appearance.

Painting the chassis frame can cover up any nicks and scratches caused by driving over uneven ground or from stones and debris kicked up while driving. Good quality chassis paint can also protect against rusting, UV light damage, water, and dust.

Painting the chassis frame of a truck will also keep it working for longer. Protecting a truck’s chassis frame will stop the spread of rust and save you money that you would otherwise use to fix or replace it.

In a hurry? No problem. If you don’t have the time to browse, here’s our top pick for the best chassis frame paint for trucks.


Specifications at a glance:

  • Available in 11 colors
  • Direct to metal - no need for undercoat or primer
  • Rust preventative
  • UV resistant
  • Overall dry time: 3 - 4 days

With 11 colors available the POR-15 45904 is a great choice truck chassis frame paint if you’re in need of a specific color, as a lot of paints are only available in a generic black or silver.

With 11 colors available the POR-15 45904 is a great choice truck chassis frame paint if you’re in need of a specific color, as a lot of paints are only available in a generic black or silver. 

Another great aspect of the POR-15 paint is there is no need for a primer or topcoat. This all in one feature is a great time-saver and also pretty unique. You can find other paints that don’t need a primer, but not needing a topcoat is one of the additional features of this paint that has gotten it the top spot.

In addition to a wide array of colors, this paint also has a large range of protective qualities.

The POR-15 protects against exposure to rust, UV light, dust, and water so no matter what terrain you’re driving over or what weather you’re driving through, the truck chassis frame will remain protected and looking professional. This is a great all-in-one chassis truck frame paint.


  • Good color range
  • UV resistant
  • Rust preventative 


  • This is a thick product that needs care when applying.


Specifications at a glance:

• Color: Metallic grey
• Available in 8 varying amounts
• Apply directly over rust
• Rust preventative
• UV resistant
• No need for a topcoat

The Rust Bullet Automotive Protective Coating is great if you’re looking to just touch up a few scratches on a truck’s chassis frame. This paint can be applied with a brush, roll, or spray which will make it quick and easy to use.

This might not seem like a huge plus, but it’s difficult to find chassis frame paint in sizes other than large quarts or a gallon, so being able to buy the Rust Bullet in a small size is surprisingly unique (and useful).

 This Rust Bullet paint protects chassis frames against rust and can also be applied directly onto any rust that has already appeared. This will save you time as you won’t have to remove the rust underneath and means the paint will also stop the rust spreading. 

 This paint also goes far and ¼ pint covers around 12 square feet with each coat. The paint is available in larger quantities, so can also be used if you’re going to paint the whole chassis frame, but as it’s only available in black it can’t be used for all vehicles.


  • UV resistant
  • No need for a topcoat
  • Apply directly over rusted metal


  • Only available in one color


Specifications at a glance:

• Spray paint
• Available in 6 colors
• Available in 2 finishes for black or white
• Dry time: 2 to 4 hours
• Volume: 12 ounces
• UV resistant
• Rust preventative

This Rust-Oleum paint is the only spray paint included on this list and there are good reasons why. Depending on the size of the truck you’re working with, spray paint likely won’t cover the whole chassis frame. If you’re planning on painting an entire chassis, then we recommend using one of the other paints listed here.

But if you are working with a smaller surface or are just looking to cover up a few imperfections or scratches then spray paint is just what you need.

Rust-Oleum is a well-known and reliable brand and has been selling products like this for almost one-hundred years. This is the perfect need-it-now option and doesn’t require any prep or topcoat. Available in a wide range of colors and finishes, this paint is great for a quick fix. 

But it’s not just for covering up scratches. As the name suggests, this Rust-Oleum spray will protect a truck chassis from rust which has already developed, as well as prevent it.

This spray might be designed for a wide range of metal objects, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be great for a quick fix-up.


  • Available wide range of colors
  • Easy to use
  • Prevents rust
  • No prep needed


  • Not specifically developed for truck chassis
  • Spray paint provides limited coverage


Specifications at a glance:

• Color: black
• 3 finishes available in black
• Paints directly onto the rusted metal
• Lead-free

One brand which is regularly touted as one of the best is the Magnet Chassis Saver. Specifically designed for painting the chassis frames of vintage cars and trucks, this paint can still be used for all kinds of vehicles.

As it’s intended for vintage vehicles, this paint is great if rust prevention is a big factor in why you’re painting a truck chassis.

If you need to protect a chassis against rust, you will need to protect it against other corrosive substances, especially liquids such as fuel or gasoline. This paint protects against all these substances as well as road salt, oils, battery acid, hydraulic fluids, and more.

Driving long distances in a large vehicle can result in a chassis frame getting pretty damaged, so this paint is perfect for heavy-duty work vehicles.


  • Multiple finish options
  • Specifically designed for chassis frames
  • Rust preventative
  • Protects against corrosive fluids


  • Only available in black
  • Requires a primer


Specifications at a glance:

• Available in 8 colors
• 2 finishes available for black
• 5 sizes available
• Paint directly onto metal
• Paints over and seals rust
• Rust preventative
• Waterproof

The KBS Coatings RustSeal paint is a reliable but more affordable option than some of the other paints on this list.

Available in 9 colors and with several different finishes, the RustSeal is a great universal choice for a truck chassis. 

As the name suggests, this paint can be applied directly onto rust and will seal it in to stop its spread. It will also protect against acids, fuels, and is waterproof.

It can also withstand temperatures up to 600°F, so can be used on most kinds of trucks without reacting badly to heat caused by friction or being near the engine. 


  • Multiple colors available
  • Multiple finishes available
  • Rust preventative
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof


  • Can only be applied over treated rust.

Best Chassis Frame Paint for Truck Buying Guide

Painting a chassis isn’t like painting any regular metal tool and it’s not really like painting a car either. There are a few things to take into consideration.

The kind of paint you will need depends on the size of your truck, how far you travel in an average week, and what kind of terrain your truck usually goes over. 

Protective and Preventative Paint

You might not notice often, but a truck chassis can regularly get nicked and scratched throughout the day and can also rust often and easily. Rust not only looks bad but if it builds up, it can corrode the chassis frame and stop it functioning properly.

Even if you’re only looking to give a truck chassis a fresh coat of paint, it’s worth finding one which is rust preventative, and there are even some which can be used to paint directly over rust.

You can spend time working the rust off the chassis (and this would be a good idea if it’s getting into the mechanism), but this means if you spot a small area of rust, you can use a paint which will hide the rust and prevent it getting any worse. 

Defending Against Damage

As with painting anything, it’s important you use good quality paint. Poor quality won’t only be a waste of time and money if it doesn’t do the job, it can also cause damage to the metal itself.

Save time and money by looking for something which is exactly what you need. Don’t risk cutting corners as you may end up causing more damage than you were trying to avoid or fix in the first place.

Good quality also means longlasting. Rust can be a chronic issue and if you don’t use good quality paint that will stop rust in its tracks, then you will find yourself repainting the chassis over and over again. Of course, you won’t find a paint which will last forever, but choosing something that’s good quality will keep you from having to reapply.

This is especially important as drying time can vary a lot. Most paints will dry enough to apply another coating within a few hours, but they can also take several days to become fully dry. Choosing a paint that needs to be regularly reapplied will keep your truck out of use for days at a time, which you really don’t want or need.

Brush Vs Spray

Most of the paints on this list are applied with a brush and whilst some can be sprayed on, we have only included one spray paint. This isn’t because it’s a bad option, but it’s not necessarily the best. If you’re looking to do a few touch-ups to an already painted chassis frame, then a spray can be a great budget option.

But, if you want to paint the entire chassis or if a spray wasn’t used on the original coat, then painting with a brush is the way to go. Spray paints can cause a lot of wastage and it’s difficult to control exactly how much you use and where it will go. Using a brush and can of paint gives you more control.

Best Chassis Frame Paint for Truck - Frequently Asked Questions

I just want to improve the look of a chassis, do I need to consider damage prevention?

No matter how much a truck is on the road, rust will likely become an issue at some point so it’s best to think about avoiding rust before any even appears.

Many of the paints available on this list can paint directly over rust and are also preventative. When it comes to rust, prevention is better than reaction. Try and use a paint that will stop the chassis rusting before it even becomes a problem.

UV light damage is something that few people would consider a potential issue, especially for something usually hidden under a vehicle. It’s not essential but is worth considering as UV can be highly damaging.

How do I paint a truck chassis frame?

This depends on the type of truck you’re working on, if the chassis is damaged with rust, and what kind of paint you’re using. If you use an all-in-one paint that includes a primer, then the easiest thing to do is wipe down the metal to make sure there isn’t any dust or debris that might get stuck and ruin the finish, and apply directly onto the metal. Other paints will require the metal to be sanded down and treated first, especially if it’s rusted. 

Tools also vary depending on paint as some may have a better finish with a spray, brush, or roller. Always make sure to check the instructions before going straight in.

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