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You’ve probably felt the surface of your car with the palm of your hand, and instead of feeling a smooth, glass-like surface; you felt rough little bumps. Sounds familiar? The truth is, if you feel little bumps on the finish, it probably means your car needs to be detailed and clayed. By using the best clay bar for cars you will remove an incredible amount of contaminants and microscopic debris from your vehicle’s finish.

So where does all these contaminants & debris come from? Well the simple answer would be normal, everyday life. The longer answer is that they can come from bird poop, brake dust, paint overspray, and simple everyday driving.

The environment around you can be quite harsh on your car’s paint surface, so you basically have two options. The first is to never drive your car, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a car in the first place.

The second option that you have is to simply remove the contaminants and debris from your vehicle’s finish with the best clay bar kit on the market today. After washing your car, simply use a clay bar on your car, followed by a coat of wax for cars. Following this process is going to drastically increase the lifespan of your car’s finish.

Top Rated Clay Bar Kits (Full Clay Bar Reviews Below)

1.Mothers® Clay Bar KitCheck Price
2.Chemical Guys Clay LuberCheck Price
3.Mother's Speed Clay 2.0Check Price
4.Meguiar’s Smooth Surface™ Clay KitCheck Price
5.Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning ClayCheck Price
6.Trinova Quick Cleaner Check Price
7.Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay SpecialCheck Price

After trying dozens of different products, I noticed a handful of brands that stood out and made the biggest difference, for a good price. I did the same for my other vehicles as well, and for general detailing. I also included the best clay bar kit for white cars and the best clay bar for detailing.

I received great feedback from my recommendations so I decided to make this list available for you, too.

Best Clay Bar For Cars

1. Mothers® Clay Bar Kit – Value Pack

After taking care of my black Mustang and feeling very satisfied with the results, I wanted to go the extra mile and find the most effective clay bar for my white car. Something with added smoothness that would give it that “Brand New” look.

After searching for the best clay bar kit for white cars, I stumbled upon the Mother’s Clay Bar Kit. Like the Meguiar’s Kit, it was instantly effective and ready to use. It can also be applied by hand.

The Value Pack includes two 100g clay bars, instant detailer and a microfiber towel.

The bars are designed to remove contaminants that regular washing won’t do (2). Once you get rid of the rough surface, it will be ready for a complete waxing. Created for continuous use.

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2. Chemical Guys Clay Luber – Clay Bar Kit

Once you’ve washed & shampooed your car surface, you’ll notice that there are still microscopic contaminants that remain on it. If you feel it, they feel rough on your fingers & can eventually lead to scratches as well as paintwork damage. With the Chemical Guys Clay Luber clay bar kit, you won’t have to worry about that any more! This clay bar kit from Chemical Guys uses some of the most innovative technology to remove bonded contaminants from your car’s paint surface. Go ahead and remove everything from bugs to dirt & other dulling pollutants from your windshield, paint, & even your car’s headlights!

The Chemical Guys Clay Luber clay bar kit is super simple to use due to it’s easy-glide application that allows for superior handling. We’ve noticed that this clay bar kit from Chemical Guys lasts quite a bit longer than your standard clay bar for cars, which is a definite bonus! This all adds up to incredibly smooth surfaces that are thoroughly prepared for your next coat of wax or paint renovations.

As mentioned above, the Chemical Guys Clay Luber clay bar kit comes with a lubricant. This allows you to glide over the surface of your car’s paint while picking up contaminants, all while prolonging the life of your clay bar.

Some of the benefits of using Chemical Guys Clay Luber clay bar kit include;

– You’ll save a tremendous amount of time. The size of the clay bar combined with the lubricant greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to clay bar your car.

– It’s proven. Chemical Guys is one of the leading brands in the car detailing industry, and the clay bar reviews speak for themselves on the Clay Luber clay bar kit you simply won’t be disappointed.

– It’s reasonably priced. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank just to clay bar your car. Combine that with the fact that you’ve got a clay bar that lasts longer than most standard clay bars, and you’ve got a product that will go toe-to-toe with even the best clay bar for cars.

To sum it all up, Chemical Guys Clay Luber is one of the best clay bar kits for the money & is a great contaminant remover for your car. The large number of reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with most customers posting pictures of their rides & gloating about its effectiveness.

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3. Mother’s Speed Clay 2.0 – Mother’s Clay Bar

Most of the clay bars for cars that you’ll see on the market today are about the same. They come with a clay bar, a lubricant, and not much else. There hasn’t been a whole lot of innovation among the clay bar industry for quite some time, and the newest Mother’s Clay Bar definitely changed that. With the Mother’s Speed Clay 2.0 clay bar for cars, the clay bar process in your car detailing has never been easier.

The reason this is so high in our competition for the best clay bar for cars is the combination of enhanced polymer technology and the incredibly convenient grip. If we’re being honest, we’re far more excited about the grip on this clay bar system than we are the polymer technology. It makes the Mother’s clay bar so much easier to hang on to, and you hands will be noticeably less sore by the time you’re done with this clay bar for cars.

With all that being said, this is definitely one of the best clay bar for cars. The ease of handling is what makes this such a great product, and the fact that it is patented by Mother’s means that you simply aren’t going to find it anywhere else.

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4. Meguiar’s Smooth Surface™ Clay Kit

The best clay bar kit for black cars I discovered was the Meguiar’s Smooth Surface Clay Kit. Not only the most recommended, but cheap compared to competing brands and immediately effective.

The kit includes a full sized Supreme Shine microfiber towel, full sized bottle of Quick detailer, and 2 bars of clay in a convenient plastic storage container.

I am sure you’ve been scared to purchase something that will potentially damage the clear coat paint of your car. I must admit, I was terrified. The amazing thing is that clay is non-abrasive, meaning you can rub it in any direction and will NOT scratch the paint. (1)

The Smooth Surface™ Clay Kit is easy to use and ready to go. So easy you can apply it with your hand the moment you take it out of the package.

All you have to do is knead the clay with your palm, use your thumbs to shape it into a circle, or in the shape of a pancake, and begin claying your vehicle until it gives you that slick, glassy look.

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5. Griot’s Garage Paint Cleaning Clay – Clay Bar For Cars

If you’re looking for a top rated clay bar that will allow you to be more effective with waxing & polishing your car, Griot’s Garage Paint Cleaning Clay is a great option. This clay bar for cars is a great product that is well known to effectively remove contaminants on your car’s paint surface. It is completely safe to use on different surfaces like chrome, aluminum, plastic, and of course paint. That is due to the non-abrasive nature of Griot’s Paint Cleaning Clay, and it even comes with a microfiber towel!

Aside from that, you can look to Griot’s Garage Paint Cleaning Clay to remove all sorts of contaminants. From bird droppings, sap, overspray, brake dust, and any other kind of contamination, you can depend on this clay bar kit to bring back your car’s smooth & shiny paint surface. A lesser known benefit of using a clay bar for cars is that by using a clay bar you actually increase the lifespan of both the paint & the wax on your car’s finish. By reducing the oxidation rate on your car, you extend the life of both of those – saving you a tremendous amount of money in the long run!

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6. Trinova Quick Cleaner – Clay Bar Kit

If you’ve spent any amount of time around the car detailing industry you’ve almost definitely heard of Trinova. Acquired a few years ago by Gold Eagle Brands, Trinova is becoming a household name for those looking to take great care of their cars. While they are a bit new to the clay bar industry, Trinova is known to continually improve on their products until they get it exactly right. The good news here – there isn’t really any more improving to do, because they pretty much nailed it!

Coming with two clay bars, a bottle of Trinova Quick Detailer lubricant, and a microfiber towel, this Trinova clay bar kit is one of the best you’re going to find. The only thing keeping them from moving further up in our rankings is simply time. This product hasn’t been out long enough for us to confidently say that it can take on proven clay bar kits from Chemical Guys, Meguiar’s, & Mother’s quite yet, but you can certainly expect it to move up in the rankings for our best clay bar kit competition as time goes on!

If you’re looking for a very reasonably priced clay bar kit, this is a great option for you!

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7. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Special

Now for my last recommendation, it’s going to be my “enthusiast-grade” choice. I want to show you a slightly more invested option that is the best clay bar for detailing any type of vehicle––including motorcycles.

How is this different from the others? This option is a type of elastic clay that is ultra fine, durable, and specifically designed for detailing that you can use as often as you wish. All you have to do is mist a small area with the Clay Lubricant and continue rubbing the clay gently until you feel a smooth and effortless glide.

It also offers a clean shine that doesn’t remove wax on well-maintained finishes. Over a period of time, your car will be less vulnerable to corrosion as well as rust spots.

The kit includes the Clay Plus, a 16 oz bottle of Pinnacle Lubricant and two premium Cobra microfiber towels.

The elastic clay bar is extremely durable and designed to withstand repeated and continuous use(3). You can smush it, roll it, stretch it, etc. Over and over again, as often as you want.

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Final Thoughts:

Did you enjoy these clay bar products? I hope you did. I hope you feel, as I do, that they restore a nice, smooth finish to your cars, and that continuing to care for them with high-quality products will benefit you and your vehicles in the long-term. Who knew combating airborne pollutants from your vehicle could save you money!

What is your take on these recommendations? I would love to hear yours.

Please let me know in the comments below!

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