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Top 3: Best Clay Bar For Cars

best clay bar kit for black cars

You’ve probably felt the surface of your car with the palm of your hand, and instead of feeling a smooth, glass-like surface; you felt rough little bumps. Sounds familiar? The truth is, if you feel little bumps on the finish, it probably means your car needs to be detailed and clayed. So, being as busy as I am, I barely washed my car, let alone clay it.

In the meantime, all of the environment’s debris basically bonded to the paint, almost ruining my sweet beautiful black Mustang! I went on a quest to find the best clay bar kit for black cars.

After trying dozens of different products, I noticed three brands that stood out that made the biggest difference, for a good price. I did the same for my other vehicles as well, and for general detailing. I also included the best clay bar kit for white cars and the best clay bar for detailing.

I received great feedback from my recommendations so I decided to make this list available for you, too.

1. Meguiar’s Smooth Surface™ Clay Kit

best clay bar kit for black cars

The best clay bar kit for black cars I discovered was the Meguiar’s Smooth Surface Clay Kit. Not only the most recommended, but cheap compared to competing brands and immediately effective.

The kit includes a full sized Supreme Shine microfiber towel, full sized bottle of Quick detailer, and 2 bars of clay in a convenient plastic storage container.

I am sure you’ve been scared to purchase something that will potentially damage the clear coat paint of your car. I must admit, I was terrified. The amazing thing is that clay is non-abrasive, meaning you can rub it in any direction and will NOT scratch the paint. (1)

The Smooth Surface™ Clay Kit is easy to use and ready to go. So easy you can apply it with your hand the moment you take it out of the package.

All you have to do is knead the clay with your palm, use your thumbs to shape it into a circle, or in the shape of a pancake, and begin claying your vehicle until it gives you that slick, glassy look.

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Product number: G1016 | SKU: 070382101169

2. Mothers® Clay Bar Kit – Value Pack

best clay bar kit for white carsAfter taking care of my black Mustang and feeling very satisfied with the results, I wanted to go the extra mile and find the most effective clay bar for my white car. Something with added smoothness that would give it that “Brand New” look.

After searching for the best clay bar kit for white cars, I stumbled upon the Mother’s Clay Bar Kit. Like the Meguiar’s Kit, it was instantly effective and ready to use. It can also be applied by hand.

The Value Pack includes two 100g clay bars, instant detailer and a microfiber towel.

The bars are designed to remove contaminants that regular washing won’t do (2). Once you get rid of the rough surface, it will be ready for a complete waxing. Created for continuous use.

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3. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Special

best clay bar for detailing

Now for my last recommendation, it’s going to be my “enthusiast-grade” choice. I want to show you a slightly more invested option that is the best clay bar for detailing any type of vehicle––including motorcycles.

How is this different from the others? This option is a type of elastic clay that is ultra fine, durable, and specifically designed for detailing that you can use as often as you wish. All you have to do is mist a small area with the Clay Lubricant and continue rubbing the clay gently until you feel a smooth and effortless glide.

It also offers a clean shine that doesn’t remove wax on well-maintained finishes. Over a period of time, your car will be less vulnerable to corrosion as well as rust spots.

The kit includes the Clay Plus, a 16 oz bottle of Pinnacle Lubricant and two premium Cobra microfiber towels.

The elastic clay bar is extremely durable and designed to withstand repeated and continuous use(3). You can smush it, roll it, stretch it, etc. Over and over again, as often as you want.

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Final Thoughts:

Did you enjoy these clay bar products? I hope you did. I hope you feel, as I do, that they restore a nice, smooth finish to your cars, and that continuing to care for them with high-quality products will benefit you and your vehicles in the long-term. Who knew combating airborne pollutants from your vehicle could save you money!

What is your take on these recommendations? I would love to hear yours.

Please let me know in the comments below!

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