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If you’re looking for the best come along winch that money can buy, you’ve come to the right place. We have a deep wealth of experience regarding uses, brands, and ratings for come along winches across the market. In this article, we’ll rank the most dependable, heavy-duty and high-quality come along options available anywhere. But first we’ll take a look at exactly what goes into the best come along winch, its uses, strength needs, and safety factors when using one. At the end of it all, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list to help you choose the best come along winch for your unique needs.

But first, let’s find out a little bit about this versatile and highly useful winch style.

The Best Come Along For The Money (Full Come Along Reviews Below)

1.Tekton 4 TonCheck Price
2.Maasdam Pow’R Pull ¾ TonCheck Price
3.Tekton 2 TonCheck Price
4.Maasdam Pow’R Pull 1 Ton Check Price
5.Neiko Power Cable Puller 5 TonCheck Price
6.ABN Hand Puller 2 TonCheck Price
7.Torin Big Red 2 TonCheck Price

What is a come along?

A come along, also known as a comealong, come-a-long, or power puller, is a winch that uses a ratchet design to pull loads manually. Usually complemented by metal wire rope, the best come along has a wide range of applications in a wide variety of industries. They can also work to an extent in recreational situations, though their uses here are a bit more limited. Overall, even the best come along is a generally inexpensive and heavy-duty tool that should join any adventurer’s arsenal. But before you can begin to enjoy their benefits, it’s important to understand a bit about how they actually work.

How does a come along winch work?

The beauty of this device is in its simplicity. The best come along winches use nothing but the principles of simple machines to move loads reaching several thousand pounds. It all comes down to a combination of levers, pulleys, and cables. These all work in combination to distribute a load evenly across the winch and provide impressive pulling power. All you have to do as a user is crank the lever, and the winch will pull your load little by little. It’s that simple. And the best come along has some distinct advantages over traditional winches that make it its own separate tool.

How is a come along different from a standard winch?

Most standard winches offer plenty of power, but what they don’t offer is flexibility or versatility. Most winches must mount solidly, whether to a vehicle or stable surface. Traditional winches also require a power source. whether it’s a battery or a motor, to work properly. The best come along doesn’t require any power at all—just the manual power of a single person cranking the lever. This makes them extremely versatile, while their smaller size makes them portable as well. Overall, it’s a tool that can get the job done no matter where you might be.

What are the uses for a come along?

There are several uses for a come along, each one more helpful and dependable than the last. They’re often used to easily remove natural obstacles like tree stumps from the terrain. Users simply attach one end of the cable to a stationary object and the other to the stump. Then they tighten the crank, and the stump comes right out at the roots.

Another common use is for the installation of poles, including fence posts and flagpoles. It can be a much less expensive option than using large vehicles like a backhoe or crane. Even the military uses the best come along winches to secure tools, ammunition and other vital mission supplies when out in the field. That’s how you know just how dependable they can be.

How strong does my come along need to be?

Come along winches come in a wide range of strengths, ranging from under a ton to as much as four tons. This means that which winch you choose will depend on your individual needs and the applications you plan to use your winch for pulling. Generally, you want to opt for a higher load limit than you think you’ll ever need. That way you’ll be all set even if your needs expand and you have to pull more than you originally expected.

Caring for your come along winch.

Because the best come along winches are so straightforward in their design, care is fairly easy. Still, it’s important that you keep the gear mechanism free from grit, pebbles and other materials that can jam or damage the mechanics. The condition of the rope is also very important. A frayed or damaged rope can cause a dangerous situation. Winch ropes that break or snap can flay wildly and even cause serious injuries to those around them. Always keep your come along in excellent condition to ensure that you and anyone else around during a job is safe.

Come along winch safety

Many users mistakenly believe that because the best come along isn’t a powered tool, it doesn’t pose any danger risk. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s extremely important to use proper safety when operating a come along in any situation.

First of all, it’s vital that you only use even the best come along for its intended purpose. They’re generally not designed for pulling vehicles out of mud, or towing vehicles behind you.

It’s also important to always inspect your come along before each use to ensure its in working condition. Even a tool that’s been in storage for some time should be inspected, as it might corrode in storage conditions.

Finally, always keep the area as clear as possible when winching. That includes bystanders, debris, and other materials that could be a safety hazard. Remember to stay focused throughout your winching job to ensure that everyone is safe.

How do you choose the best come along? 

Now it’s time to get to our definitive rankings of the best come along winches available on the market. Below are the factors that went into choosing the seven best options available on the market. While no single element was the deciding factor, the best come along winches combined all of these elements into a single, powerful package. Remember—your choice of winch is specific to your needs. But these features will help you choose a great all-around option for a wide range of applications.


It’s always the question on everyone’s mind—how much is it going to cost me? But it’s worth considering how price factors into the overall value of the best come along winches on our ranking. You might be willing to pay a slightly higher premium for a higher-quality tool. That said, sticking to a budget is just as important. So don’t worry—we’ll help you choose a come along that’s both wallet-friendly and built to get the job done. That way you’ll be able to enjoy your new do-everything tool without the spending guilt that sometimes comes along with it. 

-Pulling Power

Of course this is one of the most important considerations with a tool designed for pulling. Just how much weight will you be able to pull with the options on our ranking? We’ll be sure to let you know. We also built our ratings partially around how much load each winch can handle. Whether it comes to pulling up huge trunks or building fencing on your property, strength matters. So when you choose the come along for you, be sure to choose one that factors for the maximum power needs possible. 


The best tools in any arena are the ones built to last. It’s vital to choose a come along that can hold up to intense use, year after year, without falling apart. This is also important for the sake of safety. You want to feel secure in knowing that your winch isn’t going to break or snap in the middle of the job. This can leave you in harm’s way if the extended rope comes whipping in your direction with several tons of built-up energy. Overall, the best come along winches should get the job done, time after time. 


We also assessed quality of materials in determining our rankings, and you should too. Choosing a winch that’s built with only the highest-quality metals and gear components ensures that it will work when and where it needs to. Again, this also comes down to safety. Anything less than properly rated and manufactured materials will create an inferior product. And inferior products lead to frustration, failed jobs, and injuries on a regular basis. If you want to enjoy a come along that works right, choose one that’s built right. 

-Ease of Use

Even the best come along winch works entirely by hand. That makes ease of use an incredibly important factor when designing or selecting a winch of this type. We ranked our listings partially based on how straightforward they are to attach, set-up, and crank. While every come along requires a bit of elbow grease to operate, we believe it’s possible to make them as easy as possible for average users. We kept that in mind when rating our seven contenders for the crown. 


It might seem like a minor factor, but the potential length of your winch rope matters a great deal. It can determine what kinds of jobs you can handle, or whether that one annoying stump is just out of reach. Even replacing a stock cable with a longer one isn’t always an option if the original come along can’t fit the longer rope. So we made sure to keep rope length in mind when determining our rankings. 


Finally, come along winches with highly rated warranties or service guarantees received a bump up in our rankings. That’s because the peace of mind that comes from a quality warranty can make owning any tool more enjoyable. Dependable, proven companies believe in the quality of their designs and products. That makes them willing to stand by those products with robust and comprehensive warranties.

Our Best Come Along Winch Ranking 

Now that we’ve established the criteria behind our rankings, it’s time to compare the top seven best come along winches available on the market. As a reminder, make sure to keep in mind that what works best for one user may not work best for another. But if you choose any of these seven options on our list, you’ll be sure to have a dependable tool. With that said, let’s find out which brand reached the number-one spot on our definitive ranking.

1. Tekton 4 Ton 

With an impressive 8,000 pound pull weight and affordable price point at only $46.60, the Tekton 4 Ton earns the top spot on our list. Its dual gear design offers smooth and dependable operation, and the textured hand grip avoids slipping while cranking. The all-steel correction is finished with galvanization to avoid corrosion, too. That makes this is an affordable, long-lasting and durable option at the number-one spot on our ranking. Tekton is a highly respected brand that lives up to its name with this come along.

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2. Maasdam Pow’R Pull ¾ Ton 

Another respected name in the come along market is Maasdam, and they’ve made a real winner with this ¾ ton come along. While 1,500 pounds might not seem like much compared to the Tekton 4-Ton, the long reach of this tool earns it a spot on our list. It is a bit pricy, at $114.50, but its high control level and 100’ rope make it worth the investment. Still, you might find that the reduced pulling power is frustrating. If you need to pull larger, heavier loads, opt for the Tekton option above.

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3. Tekton 2 Ton 

Speaking of Tekton, here’s another option from the brand. Offering many of the same features as their number-one winner, the 2-ton provides a lower weight rating and lower price tag to match. At only $26 on Amazon, it’s an absolute steal. And 4,000 pounds of pulling weight is no slouch, either. If you want to combine a high-quality ratcheted pulley system with high-grade and corrosion-resistant steel design, look no further. This is the winch for you, available now in an affordable package. And if you need more pulling power than this, simply opt for the 4-Ton variation. You can even order both so that you have all your bases covered at all times.

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4. Maasdam Pow’R Pull 1 Ton 

Tekton isn’t the only brand with multiple quality options. Maasdam also offers a 1-ton capacity come along option for $32.23. It features all of the same ease of use benefits and durability of its partner. Plus you’ll get precision fit steel alloy design and a one-piece aluminum alloy ratchet wheel for durability and safety. Overall, it’s a high-quality tool that’s elegant in its simple design.

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5. Neiko Power Cable Puller 5 Ton 

With a list-leading 10,000 pounds of pulling capacity, the Neiko Power Cable Puller is an absolute beast. So why isn’t it higher on its list? Its overall design leaves you wanting more, and its overall reliability isn’t as high as other come along winches on our list. Still, at only $49.99 you’re getting a whole lot of pulling power for a fairly small price tag. The value here is off the charts.

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6. ABN Hand Puller 2 Ton 

ABN creates high-quality products built to last, and their 2-ton come along is no different. It’s well built, straightforward to use, and offers the ability to pull up to 4,000 pounds of load. If you’re looking for a no frills come along for under $27.99, look no further.

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7. Torin Big Red 2 Ton 

Filling out the final spot on our list is the Torin Big Red Come Along. It boasts a double gear design plus 4,000 pounds of pulling capacity at only $21.35. Overall, it might not be the best come along on the market—but it’s still an excellent value and will serve you well if you opt for this Torin creation.

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Finding the best come along winch for you is all about your own personal preferences. These rankings can help determine the best come along on the market based on overall factors. But the ultimate decision will have to depend entirely on you. Consider your budget, needs, and general situation that’s requiring you to purchase a come along. This will help ensure that you choose the correct one.

The freedom provided by a come along, unencumbered by the need for a battery or mechanical crank, make it a truly dependable item. It’s a product that can offer you peace of mind whether you’re using it for utility or recreational purposes. If you keep your come along in top-notch condition, use it safely, and buy wisely, it will serve you well. That’s the power of a dependable, well-constructed and highly rated come along winch.

Remember—if you ever feel that you don’t know how to use the best come along properly, ask an expert. That’s the only way you’ll ever have the opportunity to become an expert yourself. From there you’ll be able to use your come along like a pro, no matter the application or situation you find yourself facing.

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