Top 20: The Best Convertible Car Seats (Make Your Kids Comfy and Safe)


Car accidents are the leading cause of injury and death in children, and for that reason, car seats are one of the most crucial purchases you will need to make as a parent. But how do you choose the right car seat? Where do you even start?

To save you the trouble of looking through hundreds of different car seats, I’ve come up with a detailed list of the best convertible car seat models on the market. You can now use this list to select the seat that will protect your child for the next few years of his/her life.

The 5 Best Convertible Car Seats
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1.Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car SeatCheck Price
2.Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car SeatCheck Price
3.Safety 1st Grow & Go 3-In-1Check Price
4.Evenflo Tribute LXCheck Price
5.Britax Marathon ClickTightCheck Price

What Is A Convertible Car Seat?

A convertible seat is simply a car seat that changes from a rear-facing seat to a forward-facing seat as your child grows. This car seat can carry your child from infancy (5 lbs) until they are old enough to use a booster seat or a seat belt.

When choosing the best convertible car seat, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Side impact protection
  • 5-point harness
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of adjustments
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Comfort

The Best Convertible Car Seats

1. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat – Best Convertible Car Seat

Price: Average |    Our Rating: 9.8

Graco’s 65-pound convertible car seat is one of the highest recommended and most popular car seats available. Which is why it has topped our list at #1 Best Convertible Car Seat, with exceptional value, comfort, and safety, the Extend2Fit is perfect for your growing infant to toddler. The overall weight recommendation is 4-50 pounds for rear-facing infants and 22-65 pounds for forward-facing toddlers.

It comes with four position leg extension adding 5″ of additional leg room as your child develops and grows. I’ve found this to be one of the best features for the Graco for my own children. As your child grows you can simply extend the leg extension allowing for more leg room. Another great feature is the 10-position headrest that allows for a safe and comfortable ride for your growing toddler. It’s as simple as clicking a button and sliding the headrest. No tools or disassembly required.

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The Graco Extend2Fit is one of the most versatile and durable car seats for the price and value you receive. However, the overall advantage of the car seat is that it’s equipped with numerous adjustments and features that allow you provide a safe and comfortable place for your child as they grow. From a Simply Safe Adjust Harness that provides your child with the proper headrest position. To a 6-position recline adjustment that allows your child to ride in comfort for their specific weight and height. Did we mention that it’s compact size and light weight makes it easy to carry from one vehicle to another? Plus the convertible car seat has a 10-year lifespan and is FAA approved for your child to travel with.

With features like the Fuss Free Harness storage that prevents the buckles from falling underneath your child as you put them in the car seat. The Graco car seat really has all the features that a parent wants for the best convertible car seat. Graco’s Extend2Fit even has two removable cupholders for juice, milk, and toys as your infant become a toddler to help themselves stay entertained in a vehicle. No need to worry about spills or accidents, as the Graco car seat is machine washable and a fabric that can be wiped clean.


With all things there are can be a few disadvantages to consider. For the Graco Extend2Fit, there are a couple that we found upon our testing. First, the seat is a little wider than most, so if you have a small car it may not be possible to get three of these across the back seat. However, we were able to get two of these comfortable in our SUV and with room for an adult to sit in the middle on our long rides. The second thing to consider is that the car seat does have the LATCH system to make it easy to install. However, the strap to adjust it can be quite difficult to adjust. This is especially frustrating if you have to adjust it from one vehicle to another. Which is why owning two car seats one for each vehicle is recommended.

The final thing that we saw when we first used it was that the strap was hard to tighten for the chest harness. However, as we continued to use the straps they became much easier, and if you place your hand behind to tighten the strap it made it quite easy to secure your child quickly.

Overall Customer Reviews –

With nearly a 5 star rating, this car seat was much appreciated for the extra leg room and overall adjustments to provide a custom fit for growing infants and toddlers.

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2. Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat – Best Convertible Car Seat

Price: Low |    Our Rating: 9.7

Graco’s Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat is hands down one of the most affordable car seats on the market today. Designed to carry your infant of 5-40 pounds in a rear-facing fashion. It also can be converted to transport your toddler of weights between 20-65 in a forward facing position. As a result, you get a car seat that can be used as your child grows through their early childhood. For a parent having anything that can be used for more than a year is unheard off. Therefore, the Graco Contender is one of the best investments you’ll make the first year of your child’s life.

As the Graco is a little less expensive than other models, that doesn’t mean it’s any less safe. The contender meets or exceeds all federal regulations including any side impact testing. It even has some of the same adjustments and options as the Extend2Fit series. However, it may not have as many settings when adjusting. Nonetheless, the car seat provides a comfortable and safe place for your infant or toddler to ride in. Plus it has three optional colors to fit your style; sapphire, glacier (shown), and chili red.

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The Graco Contender is one of the best convertible car seats for the low-cost advantage. However, what really surprised our team was that it still has the Simply Safe Adjust Harness System which is a safe and simple one-handed none re-thread harness that can automatically adjust. This way you can position your child correctly without issues. With 8 different positions for the adjustable headrest, you’ll be sure to find a setting that provides your child with proper support from infant to toddler. Similar to the Extend2Fit model this can be adjusted with a simple click of a button and it slides into place.

The material selected for the Graco Contender is breathable and very easy to clean. Which we found out the hard way when my two-year-old spilt on the seat. However, it was very easy to clean up and didn’t result in any stains. This car seat even had a cup holder that was removable and could be washed out for any spills or accidents. Another nice advantage was the easy to read level bubble that helps to ensure your child is properly positioned. Sometimes convertible car seat models can be very bulky and the level readout is hard to see. Not the Contender as the installation for leveling was quite easy.


Overall the car seat was very durable and high quality for the low-cost price. However, we did find one disadvantage which was upon installing the car seat and using the LATCH system the strap to tighten the car seat to the car was difficult. Instead, it was easier to adjust the strap as desired and firmly press down on the car seat to ensure that the LATCH system “clicked” into place. The second thing we found was that the car seat had a small base plate form to keep it slim, however, the upper part was a bit bulky. As a result, it was a little cramp in the back seat of a small car or SUV when two seats.

Overall Customer Reviews –

The Contender has nearly a 5 star rating, making this convertible car seat highly desirable by parents and families. Numerous reviews appreciated the low cost and recommended it as a great seat in the event you need tow car seats. The car seat is affordable to give to a grandparent, friend, or nanny watching your kids.

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3. Safety 1st Grow & Go 3-In-1 – Best Convertible Car Seat

Price: Average |    Our Rating: 9.5

With how fast kids grow it’s hard to find something that children need that can last for more than a month. However, Safety 1st may have flipped that around with their 3-In-1 Grow and Go convertible car seat. As this car seat has the ability to meet the needs of your child throughout their early childhood and then some. When your infant is at least 5 pounds they can use this as a rear-facing car seat until they reach 40 pounds. Then they will be ready to utilize the Safety 1st Grow & Go as a forward facing car seat from 22-65 pounds. This is where most convertible car seats stop. However, not with Safety 1st, they have created their car seat to be used as a belt-positioning booster from 40-100 pounds.

As you can see this car seat truly can be used for your child as they grow while still providing a safe place to ride. We originally thought with a car seat that can do so many things that it would be quite bulky and hard to use. Nevertheless, the car seat was easy to use and still actually provided extra leg room for the driver and passenger in the front seat. Simply because the car seat is designed to not extend forward too far.

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The Grow & Go is one of the most affordable car seats considering you’re getting three seats for the price of one. Usually, if you bought a rear facing, forward facing, and a booster they could reach near $500 dollars. However, with the Safety 1st you get all of that for less than a couple hundred dollars. Although the features don’t stop there, the car seat is equipped with a removable infant pad that helps provide support for young children. The harness even has two soft padded sleeves that prevent any rubbing or irritation that can occur on your child’s neck from seat belts.

Safety 1st pays attention to detail in every material selected to make this car seat. The fabric we found to be our favorite as it was very breathable and prevented out infant from getting too sweaty on warm days or while they slept. It even was completely removable and could be machine washed and dried making it really easy to clean spit-up and spilled milk stains. Lastly, the car seat looks wide, but with the slim design it’s actually very lean and can fit multiple car seats alongside of it. Therefore, if you have multiple kids and require a couple convertible car seats, this is a great option.


Collectively the car seat holds our #3 spot for the best convertible car seat. However, we found a few things that are disadvantages to the car seat. First, was that the cupholders seem to stick out a bit and it would’ve been nicer if it was designed into the car seat with a simpler design. Unlike the Graco series in #2 & #1, the Safety 1st lacks the number of reclining positions that can be used. With only three it was tricky to find a comfortable position as our kids went through some growing phases.

The last drawback was that with most of the vehicles we tested it on it secured properly. However, with compact cars and backseats that weren’t as cupped, the car seat was very tough to get a tight connection. It sometimes required two people to secure. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend if you plan on removing this car seat daily.

Overall Customer Reviews –

The Safety 1st has an overall astounding popularity amongst parents when they go to move their child from an infant seat. The car seat is widely liked and was said by many to be very comfortable and secure for their child.

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4. Evenflo Tribute LX – Best Convertible Car Seat

Price: Low |    Our Rating: 9.3

Evenflo is headquartered in Ohio and they primarily create and design car seats, safety gates, high chairs, play yards, and infant carriers. Starting back in the early 1920’s the initial company made products for baby feeding. However, it wasn’t until 1995 when Evenflo Company was formed and the childcare product lines took off. Over the years the company has been acquired by various firms. However, what hasn’t changed is the quality and best infant car seat model that is very affordable.

With the introduction of the LX line, this is Evenflo’s more luxury and higher end value car seat product line. The surprising part is that even for their higher quality line, the price is still very inexpensive making it one of the best convertible car seat models from Evenflo. Designed as a rear-facing car seat for weights between 5 and 30 pounds. The car seat does have a rear recliner that makes easy to adjust and position for your child. As your child grows the car seat can be placed in a forward-facing position between the weights of 22-40 pounds.

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The Tribute LX is one of the cheapest convertible car seats available, and don’t let price let you think it’s not safe. The car seat meets or exceeds all applicable Federal Safety Standards. The Evenflo even tests the car seat for Side Impact Test standards for structural integrity. This test uses energy that is two times the Federal Crash Test Standards at various harness positions. Therefore, with 4 verticle harness positions to help accommodate your child’s shoulder height and two crotch buckle positions. Your child will have a very comfortable and custom fit for all growing sizes.

Another great benefit we found using the Tribute LX was that the position and location of the front harness adjustment were very convenient. Most of the car seats we’ve used tend to have the adjustment located right beneath your child making them hard to access. However, with the Tribute, we had easy access for tightening and loosening the harness. The last feature we really appreciated was that the car seat had a removable headrest pad that could be washed and cleaned. The entire pad was even removable and easy to toss in the washer machine and dry. This car seat for the price has so many nice features making it one of the best convertible car seat models available.


There were a few things that came to be a disadvantage as we used the Tribute LX car seat. The harness that is sold with this car seat doesn’t have any harness strap covers. Most of the models these days offer them to help prevent any irritation or rubbing on your child’s neck. However, with these, they aren’t offered. Instead, we found some aftermarket ones that seemed to work great, read more here if interested. Thankfully they were quite inexpensive, it’s just nice to know when your buying this model.

This particular model from Evenflo was a little wider than others, I wouldn’t recommend more than two of these car seats in your back seat. However, it still had plenty of leg room as an adult in the front seat, and for your child. Which was a bit surprising since it was wider than other car seats. Lastly, there are no cupholders that are built into this model, so be prepared to have a mess if you give your child a snack or drink. But for the cost, we can understand why they aren’t offered on this model.

Overall Customer Reviews –

The Tribute has an overall rating above 4 stars and many people found the lightweight design to be helpful when switching from one vehicle to another. I would even suggest this as a great model for a grandparent who needs an inexpensive car seat to haul the kids around in.

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5. Britax Marathon ClickTight – Best Convertible Car Seat

Price: High|    Our Rating: 9.2

Britax is a global manufacturer of childcare products that include strollers, high chairs, and car seats. For almost 100 years Britax has been in business, started in the automotive safety industry and wasn’t until the 1970’s that they took their superior safety to the childcare market. Britax has over 180 US patents one of their most recognizable is the LATCH system, and Britax actually forwent the rights of the patent so that it could dedicate the patent to the public good. Britax is one of the leading innovators in childcare safety.

Sticking with innovation and patented technology Britax designed the ClickTight model to improve car seat installation and make it as simple as possible. With no rethreading ever the car seat is one of the best convertible car seat models money can buy. With a simple lift of the car seat, the model can be positioned and secured with the vehicle’s seat belt in a forward or rear facing position. Therefore, when your child is 5-40 pounds they can ride rear-facing. As soon as they are between the weight of 20-65 pounds the seat can be used as a forward-facing car seat as well.

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The Britax ClickTight design has to be one of the best advantages when selecting this car seat. The installation when using the ClickTight design is effortless, no tight straps, or loose car seats once installed. Installation is as easy as 3 steps with the ClickTight technology.  The ClickTight installation system is worry free and takes just seconds. Just open the front of the car seat buckle the vehicle’s seat belt across the car seat and shut it. It’s as simple as that and will provide you with safety and security. The seat doesn’t even budge with this style of installation. As a result, you can have the confidence to travel where ever with your children.

With such a focus on safety, you’ll notice that the Britax model has superior protection that allows for energy absorption in the event of any side impacts. The car seat even has Safecell Impact Protection available only with Britax model car seats. This features a steel frame and energy absorbing base. As a result, you get a car seat that is beautifully designed around child safety. Some of the other features Britax carries is their close attention to quality and design. The car seat is very sleek looking and built with numerous adjustments from the harness to headrest height to help custom fit your child.


The largest disadvantage to the Britax Marathon is the price. As one of the highest priced convertible car seats, it can be harder to justify. However, when you begin to look at comfort, style, safety, and features. You begin to understand why Britax is a higher priced model than other convertible car seats. The other slight disadvantage if you’re into style and design appeal is that this model from Britax doesn’t have the same luxury appeal as other models. Now for us, we thought the model has great quality fabric and appeal, however, compared to other Britax models is does lack a little luster.

Overall Customer Reviews –

The Britax has one of the highest ratings for any convertible car seat.  The overall consensus when it comes to reviews is the easy ClickTight use and how much time and hassle it will save you as a parent when installing the car seat. Therefore, if you have to move a car seat from one vehicle to another ofter, this is the car seat for your family.

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6. Graco SlimFit All-In-One – Best Convertible Car Seat

Price: Average |    Our Rating: 9.0

Think about buying a car seat that can really grow with your child. From 5-100 pounds this model is one of the best convertible car seat models if you need a car seat that allows you to take your infant home from the hospital and in a few short years, you can use this same car seat to take your child to kindergarten. On top of that this convertible car seat is a space saver in your backseat. Still giving your child plenty of space for comfort and safety in the event of any collision. As this car seat is crash tested to meet or exceed US standards for testing. The Slimfit is side impact tested for occupant retention with the built-in 5 point harness.

As your family is ready to take your child home they can use this car seat from weight ranges between 5-40 pounds rear-facing. As they are ready to transition into forward-facing from weights between 22-65 pounds and even into a high back booster seat, with weight ranges between 30-100 pounds. This car seat will grow with your child and can truly do it all.

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The advantage of this car seat model lays in its name, “SlimFit”. Thankfully to Graco designing such a sleek look with dual integrated cup holders that can rotate out of the way. Therefore, making this seat 10% slimmer saving you extra space in your rear seat. If you have the need for multiple car seats in your back seat for more than one child this really makes a difference compared to other models. The second most important thing we discovered with the Graco SlimFit is the Simply Safe Adjust Harness System that allows you to adjust the height of the harness and headrest all in one swift motion. Once you start putting your child in a car seat over and over again. Having anything adjust with one-hand is a life saver.

That last advantage that we discovered with the SlimFit is that it had four total reclining positions that really helped position our child in a safe and comfortable position. Plus it didn’t matter whether you have the car seat in a forward or rear facing position the seat still reclines four different ways.


The disadvantage we saw with the Slimfit was that because it is an all in one model you may run into having to buy a second car seat sooner if you have more than one child. We had to use more than one because our kids where in between weights and couldn’t use their infant car seat and this car seat as a forward facing seat. As a result, sometimes having a seat that doesn’t have so many transition phases can be a positive. Lastly, the car seat doesn’t offer a lot of extended leg room for toddlers in a forward facing position. In addition to that, the LATCH straps can be a little hard to pull when you first use the straps. They do seem to get better as you use the car seat.

Overall Customer Reviews –

The SlimFit has amazing reviews making it great for your child as they transition out of an infant car seat or if you’re in need of a second car seat.

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7. Graco Milestone All-In-1 – Best Convertible Car Seat

Price: Average |    Our Rating: 8.9

The Graco Milestone is one of the newer models when it comes to finding the best convertible car seat. With overwhelming comfort, safety, and, versatility the car seat has become a favorite for parents. Starting out your infant can use this car seat when they are 5 – 40 pounds as a rear-facing car seat. When they are ready for a forward facing car seat it can be used for children 20 – 65 pounds. However, where most car seats stop the Milestone can even be used as a belt-positioning booster from 30 – 100 pounds. As a result, the Graco Milestone has become quite desirable with the years of extended use as your child begins to grow.

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The advantage to the Graco Milestone is the exclusive InRight LATCH system which similar in my mind to the Britax version is a fast installation system. Therefore, as a parent, this car seat is a breeze to install or remove. The easy one-second system even has an audio click that gives you a piece of mind knowing that the car seat is installed correctly and tight. Graco has a large focus on safety throughout their products and this installation system helps to explain the great design and safety feature.

The second feature that the Milestone has that helps it stick out amongst the rest. Is that the car seat has an extended 5-point harness that allows for your children to utilize it up to 65 pounds. Therefore, being able to keep your children in a 5 point harness longer gives you as a parent, a sense of security. The car seat also has four different recline positions allowing your child to ride comfortably in any position. The last feature is the removable cup holder. Some other models with cup holders tend to extend the width of the seat. Whereas, the Milestone has one that is removable if not needed, which provides you with more rear seat space if needed.


The largest disadvantage to the Graco Milestone is that the LATCH system cannot be tightened on both sides. It can be secured on both sides, however, it’s quite difficult to get the car seat tight with the strap. Instead, you have to tighten the strap and then click it into place. The seat harness as well is a bit hard compared to other models to tighten. However, as we continued to use the strap became easier, but does require two hands to do so. We also found that the fabric is a little cheaper as it seemed to stain a little easier compared to other manufacture brands. However, the good thing was that it was machine washable. Therefore, we could at least clean it by removing the cover.

Overall Customer Reviews –

The majority of customers view this as a great purchase, less expensive than the top of the line models while still offering safety and comfort. Overall this model is quite affordable for the years of use that your child will be able to use it.

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8. Evenflo Symphony Elite All-In-One – Best Convertible Car Seat

Price: Average |    Our Rating: 8.8

Evenflo creates a few different models of convertible car seats. However, the Symphony Elite is one of their more sleek and luxury style car seats. Designed for your infant when they are between the weights of 5-40 pounds and 19-40 inches as a rear-facing car seat. As your child grows this one can be used as a forward-facing car seat from 22- 65 pounds and 28-50 inches. The car seat can even be used as a harnessed booster for children between 40 110 pounds and 44-57 inches. As a result, we found this car seat to be the best convertible car seat model from Evenflo if you want an all in one design.

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The advantage to owning the Evenflo Symphony is the SureLATCH system the technology is for a fast 60-second installation. Simply location your rear vehicle’s LATCH seat system, and click the buckles down. Then push your car seat tight and snug and you are ready to secure your baby into the seat. We found the system to be very easy to use and perfect if you are moving from one vehicle to another quite often. The car seat even has a sip and snack expandable cup holder. Therefore, and a sippy cup or toddler cup can fit. Which is really nice since we found a lot of times cups are made a different size than the cup holder.

The Evenflo Symphony also has an infinite slide harness that allows for an accurate and secure fit every time. Along with the harness, security is the foam liner that enhances the absorption of any energy that would be generated from a car crash. Lastly, the car seat is tested to meet or exceed all US safety standards, providing your child with a safe and secure place to ride when traveling in a vehicle. The final thing we appreciated as a parent was that the car seat was 100% machine washable. The fabric and pads could be removed to toss in the washer. Whereas the car seat base and frame was easy to wash down by hand with a wet cloth and soap.


Thankfully there wasn’t a large number of disadvantages to the Evenflo Symphony car seat other than some wear and tear that occurred on the harness straps after extended use. However, we found that the harness pads sold separately were a great addition to preserve the chance of the harness wearing too fast. Additionally, the car seat was a bit bulky compared to other models. Therefore, with two of these in a sOveralmall back seat will be just about all you can fit in it. Therefore, plan accordingly if you have two children that need a convertible car seat. Overall the car seat didn’t have numerous issues or disadvantages.

Overall Customer Reviews –

The majority of customers saw the Symphony as a reliable and safe car seat. The installation and SureLATCH system made this car seat one of the best convertible car seats for parents.

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9. Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Special Edition – Best Convertible Car Seat

Price: High |    Our Rating: 8.7

Maxi-Cosi was one of the first to introduce the infant car seat to Europe in 1984. With over 50 million babies carried home from the Hospital Maxi-Cosi knowns quite a lot about creating the best infant car seat. Currently, they sell all over the globe. However, they remain Europes number one choice for infant car seats. As a result, they have started to create quite a demand in the US as well.

The Special Edition Pria Maxi-Cosi 85 is a 2-in-1 convertible car seat that provides your child with rear-facing seating from 14-40 pounds. However, as they grow the car seat can be used as a forward-facing car seat for 22-85 pound children. With patented Air Protection the cushion system provides your child with superior protection around their head in the event of any side impact.

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The Pria is a first-class premium car seat that is one of the only convertible car seats that has a safety-fit harness that can harness a child up to 85 pounds. Therefore, your child can ride with the security of a safety harness for much longer than other models. You’ll also notice that the car seat as integrated harness holders that hold the straps outward so you can simply get your child in and out of their seat easily. If you’ve ever tried to grab a strap from underneath your child it can be really hard. So having this feature can make putting your child in their seat more enjoyable.

Even though the car seat is a jet black fabric, that doesn’t stain easily or show dirt. The entire fabric pad can be removed and washed in your house washing machine. The best part is the car seat doesn’t even have to be uninstalled or you don’t have to rethread the harness either to remove the car seat pad. Making the feature on this model a lifesaver when you need to clean up after an accident of mess.


The biggest disadvantage to this car seat is the price. If you are looking for a premium car seat that will be durable and have an attractive look in your car this is the seat. However, for some this car seat is quite expensive when it comes to a convertible car seat compared to other models. The other largest issue we saw was that the straps can be a little difficult to tighten, instead, you have to use two hands to make sure you have a secure and snug fit for your child.

Overall Customer Reviews –

Most customers enjoyed the car seat for its numerous color options and the limited space that it takes up in your vehicle. Many say that the money is worth it for this convertible car seat.

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10. Chicco NextFit IX – Best Convertible Car Seat

Price: High |    Our Rating: 8.6

Chicco has been around for over 50 years now created toys, baby bottles, and numerous other children’s products. They are a global company operating in over 120 different countries. No matter what children’s products you’re looking for you’ll be sure to come across the name of Chicco. However, one of the leading product lines is Chicco’s car seats and strollers. Specifically the Chicco NextFit Car seat. Which is one of the easiest to install properly.

If you’re looking for a convertible car seat that has endless adjustments and customization like no other car seat. Then the NextFit is going to be one that you’ll need to consider. Designed to accommodate children between the weights of 5-65 pounds in a rear and forward facing position. However, the real adjustments are what makes this car seat such an advantage over other models.

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As your infant begins to grow into a toddler this car seat will be able to adjust with them for every growth spurt possible. The NextFit has nine recline positions and nine headrest adjustments making sure that your child is fitted for every size along the way. As an example, most convertible car seats only have 3-4 recline positions. So with nine you’ll be able to tailor it to your child’s exact size. Additionally, both the headrest and the recliner can be adjusted with a simple one hand button making it super easy to get the exact position desired for safety and comfort.

The second benefit to the Chicco NextFit design is the LATCH system that uses a force-multiplier making it easier to snug the car seat into your vehicle. So many convertible car seats on the market tend to difficult as you begin to install them. However, with the NextFit you can pull the SuperClich system giving you a tighter installation with less force needed.


The first of two disadvantages to the Chicco NextFit is first, that the car seat is quite expensive for a convertible car seat. Other models in this class are almost half the price. However, after you notice the quality and features that are designed into the car seat you begin to see that the benefits and value outweigh the cost.

The second disadvantage to a premium car seat like this one is that the frame is made of steel construction. Causing it to be heavier than other models. Therefore, if you intend to use this while on a vacation or even have to move it between cars this could be difficult to carry or travel with. Plus if you have grandparents who utilize your car seats this may be too heavy for them to utilize if they needed to remove it.

Overall Customer Reviews –

The majority of owners enjoyed that this car seat is what you pay for. The premium price does come with a premium feel and benefit.

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11. Britax Essentials Allegiance – Best Convertible Car Seat

Price: Average  |    Our Rating: 8.5

Britax is a global manufacturer of childcare products that include strollers, high chairs, and car seats. For almost 100 years Britax has been in business, started in the automotive safety industry and wasn’t until the 1970’s that they took their superior safety to the childcare market. Britax has over 180 US patents one of their most recognizable is the LATCH system, and Britax actually forwent the rights of the patent so that it could dedicate the patent to the public good. Britax is one of the leading innovators in childcare safety.

The Britax Allegiance is one of the newest convertible car seats available. Designed to be the seat for your growing child as they grow from an infant to a toddler. The Allegiance can be used as rear-facing car seat from weights between 5 – 40 pounds. It also can be converted into a forward facing car seat for children 20-65 pounds. The car seat is ultimately designed from Britax to be a superior car seat with safety as the focus.

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With a Britax car seat, safety is always the main advantage. Of course, all car seats are designed to meet or exceed Federal safety standards. However, when it comes to safety Britax is the name that stands out the most. The SafeCell technology embedded in the design of the Allegiance is a patented technology that works to direct the forces of a car crash away from your child. The convertible car seat even has a steel stabilization frame that helps to absorb the impact of an unforeseen car crash. The other safety feature that Britax installed on this car seat is the impact absorbing base that compresses to help reduce any force that would occur in an accident.

Aside from the numerous safety features Britax’s Allegiance car seat has a 10 position harness adjuster and headrest that allows for easy adjustments. Making this car seat easy to ensure that your child’s head is properly secured. Which is very important and often overlooked as parents tend to forget that their car seats need routine adjusting as your child grows.


The first disadvantage to this car seat is when you begin to use this car seat as your child grows and can hold their own snacks or bottles there are no cup holders. However, being that this is the essential model and safety is the focus the price is more economical without the added conveniences. Plus at least without a cup holder, the car seat is quite slim in the back seat making it possible to position two next to each other. As far as other things go this car seat is a very safe convertible car seat and there aren’t many issues we had with this model.

Overall Customer Reviews –

Owners seem to really appreciate the comfort and sturdy design that Britax has used on this model. Plus even with added safety benefits, it doesn’t add to the weight or size of the car seats, unlike other brands and models.

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12. Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat


The Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat has been designed to safely carry children between 5 and 65 lbs.

This lovely car seat comes with a Simply Safe Adjustable Harness System which can be easily adjusted with one hand, as well as a no re-thread harness which is automatically adjustable.

Your child will also benefit from the 8-position headrest which can be adjusted with one hand, as it provides comfortable and secure head positioning as they grow.

Apart from the convenient one-hand adjustments provided by the Contender 65, this Graco creation also meets and exceeds safety standards. The convertible seat has been side impact-tested to ensure that your child is protected in the event of a crash or collision.

Regrettably, this car seat is large and bulky, and you might struggle to put it in a smaller sized vehicle.

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13. Chicco Nextfit Zip


The Chicco Nextfit Zip has been designed with impressive safety and convenience features that aim to carefully carry your baby from point A to point B.

Firstly, this convertible car seat comes with a Recline Sure 9-position levelling system that provides multiple recline options so that you can easily fit the car seat into your vehicle.

When you combine this with the Super Cinch LATCH Tightener, you have a convertible seat that will securely fit into your vehicle of choice.

To make this process easier on you, Chicco has also integrated RideRight bubble levels that will show you the correct seat angle for your car seat.

Additionally, the Chicco Nextfit Zip comes with a 5-point harness system, front recline adjusters, a cup holder, a 6-position headrest, and an infant insert.

The ComfortFlex Harness Management also has padding and flex-out technology for intuitive loading and unloading. You don’t have to worry about your harness getting snagged or tangled as you try and buckle in your child!

On the other hand, the Chicco car seat comes with deep sides and this makes it harder for you to buckle in your child in the rear-facing position.

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14. Clek Fllo 2016 Convertible Car Seat


The Clek Fllo 2016 Convertible Car Seat can hold your child in the rear-facing position up to 50 lbs, which is higher than all the car seats in this Top 18 list.

Apart from the extended rear-facing use, this car seat also guarantees the safety of your child through superior side impact protection, energy absorbing foam, deep side wings, and strong substructure reinforced with metal.

The Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology found in the car seat minimizes the force experienced by your child during a collision, which increases the chances that they will walk away from a crash unhurt.

This compact and easy to install car seat also uses top notch fabric, which permanently protects the seat from moisture, stains, and bacteria that emit odors.

Sadly, the Clek Fllo 2016 convertible seat does not have a removable cover, and its shoulder straps are a bit on the bulky side.

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15. Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat Jet Set


The most notable feature of the Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat is its Safe Cell Impact Protection.

This is simply a system of integrated safety components, which includes Complete Side Impact Protection, an Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame, and an Impact Absorbing Base and Tether.

So what does this mean for your child?

Well, these safety components work together to form a protective shell around your child so that they can be kept safe. The protective shell will not only absorb force caused by the collision, it will protect your child from flying debris.

The Marathon G4.1 convertible car seat also comes with a 10-position harness and a 2-position buckle that can be quickly adjusted. The harness and buckle allow for a comfortable and safe fit for you growing child, while the 5-point harness will stop the straps from twisting.

If you are wary of installing this car seat, I am happy to tell you that the LATCH Connectors make your job very easy.

One area that the car seat could improve in is recline, as their is not enough recline in the rear-facing mode.

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16. Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Car Seat


The Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Car Seat has been created for toddlers between 14 and 85 lbs. This impressive car seat comes with a modern air cushion system, which works to protect your toddler’s head in the event of a side impact crash.

What’s more, the convertible seat comes with harness holders that conveniently keep the harness straps out of your way when you are buckling in your child.

As a parent, you know that your little one will make their fair share of messes. Thankfully, the Pria 85 has a removable seat pad which easily snaps open when you want to take it off. This way you can remove the seat pad without hassle, and then throw it into your washing machine.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the harness on this car seat is not easy to tighten and you will need to put in extra effort to ensure that it is taut.

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17. Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat


The Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat from Graco is extremely pleasant to use, thanks to its quick and convenient features that make your life easier.

Firstly, this car seat comes with a Rapid Remove Cover, which allows you to unsnap the machine-washable cover without uninstalling the entire seat. This means that you can go about your cleanup with no headache or hiccups.

Next, this convertible car seat comes with an InRight LATCH system, which gives you the ability to fit your seat to your car in just one second. How amazing is that?

When it comes to the harness, Graco has integrated a Simply Safe Adjust Harness System which will easily adjust your harness and headrest height to 8 positions. In this way you can always be sure that your little one is safely secured at all times.

The front-adjustable 3-position recline also allows for proper fitting and comfortable seating, making it one of the most vital features of this car seat.

Unluckily, the straps of this car seat often twist, and there is no convenient holder to hold them back when you are buckling in your child.

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18. Britax USA Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat


Installing a car seat can be a huge headache, and that’s why Britax uses the ClickTight Installation System in its Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat. This simple and safe technology only requires you to open up the front of your car seat, buckle in the seat belt, and then click the car seat shut.

Once you have installed the car seat you can load in your baby, using the 14-position harness and 2-position buckle to secure them.

The easily adjustable harness and buckle are complemented by a Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator, which helps you find the ideal tightening for the harness.

When it comes to the safety of your child, you will be impressed by the SafeCell Impact Protection system which uses an energy absorbing base, steel frame, and tether to reduce the force of impact during a crash.

Additionally, your child is shielded by an adjustable head protection and a foam-lined shell which provides two layers of side impact protection.

Due to the steel frame of this car seat, you will find that the Britax Boulevard ClickTight is both huge and heavy.

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19. Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Protect Convertible Car Seat


The Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Protect Convertible Car Seat is equipped with a LATCH system that makes installation easy in a wide variety of cars.

This car seat will safely accommodate children between 5 and 40 lbs in the rear-facing position, and between 22 and 50 lbs in the forward-facing position.

The car seat also boasts of a 5-position headrest that will adjust according to the needs of your child, and its up-front harness makes harness height adjustments easy.

In the event of a collision, the Safety 1st convertible seat uses a side-impact protection system called Air Protect, which will protect your child’s head while minimizing the force of a side impact.

When it comes to cleaning, you will be dismayed to find that the cushioning is not removable. This means that you cannot machine wash the cushioning, and you will have to resort to spot cleaning when there is a mess.

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20. Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air+ Convertible Car Seat


Last but not least, we have the Safety 1st Advanced SE 65 Air+ Convertible Car Seat which is equipped with incredible safety features for your child’s security and your peace of mind.

This car seat is designed to carry toddlers in the rear-facing position between 5 and 40 lbs, and in the forward-facing position between 22 and 65 lbs.

When it comes to safety features, you will be impressed by the Air Protect cushioning system, GCell HX Full Body Side Impact Protection, and Steel Reinforced Frame.

Firstly, the Air Protect cushioning system shields your child’s head from trauma during a side impact crash. Secondly, the GCell HX uses hexagonal-shaped foam to reduce the impact of force on your child’s torso in event of a crash.

Thirdly, the steel reinforced metal frame gives the car seat added strength and durability, further protecting your child during a crash.

This convertible car seat also comes with comfortable cushioning, a 4-position recline, a 10-position headrest, and a front-adjustable 5-point harness.

The only notable downside is the fact that the seat is large, and will fit easier in vans than it will in cars.

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What Is The Safest Convertible Car Seat?

After careful consideration, the title of ‘Safest Convertible Car Seat’ goes to the Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat. This car seat guarantees the safety of your child through:

  • Rear-facing accommodations up to 45lbs
  • A full steel frame
  • Aluminum reinforced side walls
  • Headrest with energy absorbing EPS foam lining
  • SafeStop energy absorbing harness
  • Rear-facing tether capabilities

The runner up is the Safety 1st Advanced SE 65 Air+ Convertible Car Seat.


From the Top 18 best convertible car seat list given above, you can see that there are numerous options which fit your specific preference and budget allowances. Based on the detailed information given, you can now go ahead and make a purchase that will ensure that your child is comfortable and safe throughout their car ride.

Which car seat impressed you the most? Let us know in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this crucial list with your fellow parents- they will be eternally thankful!

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