Top 7: The Best Dog Car Seat Covers


Do you travel a lot with your dog? The best dog car seat covers are a great idea if you take Fido with you in the car on trips or just running around town doing errands. The car seat cover for dogs will give your pet a comfortable ride while protecting your vehicle from tears and dirt. There are several things to look for in a car seat cover for dogs.

Best Dog Car Seat Covers
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1.URPOWER Bench Seat CoverCheck Price
2.Winner Outfitters Bench Seat CoverCheck Price
3.BarksBar Hammock Seat CoverCheck Price
4.The Original Gorilla GripCheck Price
5.URPower Hammock Seat CoverCheck Price
6.4Knines Bench Seat CoverCheck Price
7.Kurgo Bench Seat CoverCheck Price

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What To Consider Before Grabbing One


Look for a material that is durable and will withstand scratches and tears from your pet. If you can find one with rubber backing, it helps to keep the seat cover and your pet from moving around.

Easy to clean

Look for covers that are waterproof and stain resistant. A machine washable car seat is a necessity when it comes to ours pets. Look for piped edges that will keep dirt and water from falling off the cover onto the carpeting of the vehicle.

Size & Fit

You want to make sure the cover doesn’t slip and slide. Attachments at the front and rear help make it fit securely in your car. You also want to look for something that is easy to install and remove when you aren’t traveling with your dog and maybe need to the storage space in your vehicle.

Look for a car seat that uses hook and loop openings so that you can use seat belts or pet restraints. Make sure the size you choose fits your vehicle, they should come in regular (55” wide) and extra-wide (60” wide) sizes and make sure the fit doesn’t interfere with any side air bags.

Best Dog Car Seat Covers Reviews

1. URPOWER Bench Seat Cover – Best Dog Car Seat Covers

If you’re looking for the best dog car seat covers, this bench seat cover from URPOWER is the one you’re looking for. Not only is it made from high quality material that will last for a long time, but it’s incredibly well thought through & designed. As you’d expect, this dog car seat cover is waterproof & wearproof, but to stop running through the benefits there would do the best dog car seat cover on our list a major disservice.

The reason URPOWER wins the best dog car seat covers award is because of the integrated side flaps that keep dog hair from getting on your car’s doors as well. Most typical dog car seat covers only cover the actual bench seat, leaving your doors entirely exposed to dog hair. If you don’t want to use the side flaps, they conveniently zip down & fit nicely down between your seat & your car door.

This is a great example of not knowing you needed something until the moment you see it. After cleaning dog hair off our doors a hundred times & ending up with scratches everywhere, we finally found this URPOWER dog car seat cover. This basically eliminated having to clean dog hair off our car doors as well as scratches. Obviously you aren’t going to completely eliminate dog hair in your car unless you shave your dog bald (a bit drastic, if we may say so ourselves), but the best dog car seat covers on our list gets you about as close to that as possible.

Winning our Editor’s Choice Award for the Best Dog Car Seat Cover, we highly recommend that you purchase this product!

2. Winner Outfitters Bench Seat Cover – Car Seat Covers For Dogs

Next in our competition for the best dog car seat cover is the Winner Outfitters car seat covers for dogs. These car seat covers for dogs are quite nice, relatively thick, and very well made. Going with the style of hammock car seat covers for dogs, Winner Outfitters made a few minor improvements to help contain the dog hair within your back seat.

The first thing that is immediately noticeable is that it includes a car seat leash for your dog. Not only does this help keep your dog’s hair confined to the back seat, it also keeps you & your dog safe. You won’t have to worry about your dog jumping around & distracting you while driving, meaning your eyes are on the road. This was definitely a much appreciated addition to these car seat covers for dogs.

Aside from the car seat leash, these hammock car seat covers for dogs include a full panel to keep your dog from jumping into the back seat. This once again makes the vehicle safer (if you decide not to use the leash), plus helps keep your dog’s hair confined to within the dog car seat cover.

All things considered, these are great car seat covers for dogs from Winner Outfitters. There really isn’t much of anything that isn’t to like, but it doesn’t win the award for the best dog car seat cover simply because we really liked the side flaps in other models.

3. BarksBar – Dog Car Seat Cover

One of the top rated dog car seat covers on the market today is the BarksBar Original Dog Car Seat Cover. These black hammock car seat covers for dogs have the most reviews across the multiple platforms we could find, which is quite impressive. Needless to say, the fact that they’ve been able to generate so many reviews goes to show that this dog car seat cover has been tested & approved by an incredible amount of customers.

BarksBar dog car seat cover has a bit different look than most of the other car seat covers for dogs on our list. Instead of the “patchy” look, this product uses one continuous garment. This is actually beneficial because it makes for less opportunities for the threading to get torn or damaged, giving you a longer lasting product.

The large sized version comes complete with pockets that are positioned on the backs of the front seats when the dog car seat cover is in the hammock configuration. This is great for storing all the items you normally take with you when you go on road trips with your dog. That way you have everything with you all in one convenient place.

4. The Original Gorilla Grip – Dog Seat Covers For Cars

At the very least, they have the coolest name on our list of the best dog car seat covers! The Original Gorilla Grip’s dog seat covers for cars has a product they should certainly be proud of. They may not have taken out editor’s choice award, but they’ve managed to come pretty darned close! If we’re being honest, there really isn’t much separating the best dog car seat covers on this list from this one. A lot of it comes down to personal preference.

A very nice feature in the Gorilla Grip is that it includes a non-slip backing to help keep the cover from sliding around in the back seat. Not only will this help protect your seats, but it also helps your dog stay safe. The added stability that comes from dog car seat covers not sliding around will help keep your dog from falling in awkward positions. All things considered, this Gorilla Grip product could very easily slide all the way up to #2 on our list.

5. URPower Hammock Seat Cover – Hammock Car Seat Covers For Dogs

They took the prize for the best dog car seat covers, and they’re showing up again on our list with their hammock car seat covers for dogs. URPower has some of the top rated hammock car seat covers for dogs, and their dog car seat cover reviews prove it. This particular model uses the fourfold reinforced design pattern, which is a great option for hammock car seat covers for dogs.

Obviously, since they’ve appeared twice on our list now URPower is a brand that is thought highly of. Their prices are very reasonable compared to other dog car seat covers, and the quality is right up there with the best dog car seat covers. This particular model is a hammock style, using your front seats to hang the front of the seat cover on & your back seat headrests to hang the back of it on.

All things considered, there isn’t anything overly special about this particular model, but that isn’t to say that URPower isn’t making top rated hammock car seat covers for dogs. The quality in this product is definitely there, and the customer service from URPower is pleasant to work with. They’ve done a great job so far, and just because these dog car seat covers don’t have lots of bells & whistles shouldn’t take away from it. That means there is less to go wrong, and in our eyes, that’s a very good thing!

6. 4Knines Bench Seat Cover – Back Seat Cover For Dogs (Multiple Colors)

The 4knine back seat cover for dogs is made of heavy-duty material that will keep your car from getting scratches as well as keep it clean. Its quilted and padded construction that provides extra protection and a comfortable ride for your pet.

It’s really simple to install and has quick release clips up on the headrest strap that make the setup process really fast.

It’s completely pet-safe with no harmful chemicals or dyes used in its production.

The back seat cover for dogs also has a nonslip backing that helps keep the cover from moving. Reviewers had commented on how easy it is to install and how durable it is. Most reviewers loved how it protected their car from getting dirty and how easy it is to move from seat to seat when necessary.

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7. Kurgo – Waterproof Car Bench Seat Cover for Dogs

The Kurgo Waterproof Car Seat Cover is great to protect your car from scratches and tears as well as pet hair. Its made of heavy-duty material that has side flaps that were created to protect the entire seat from damage and dirt.

It has three seat anchors that fit snugly between the seat back and the cushion plus two elastic straps that go under the seat cover.

It is also designed with a rubber nonslip backing which keeps it in place in the event of sudden stops.

The Kurgo Car Seat Cover also includes a waterproof middle layer for additional protection, is machine washable and is made of PVC free material. Seat belt slips that include a Velcro closure making installation easy while keep pet hair and dirt out of your seats.

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The winner of the Car Seat Cover for Dogs Roundup is the Waterproof Hammock. It’s made of durable material that is waterproof and includes an extra waterproof middle layer for extra protection.

It’s easy to install and protects your seat completely with Velcro closures that help keep dog hair and dirt away from your seats while protecting your car from scratches and tears.

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