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The worst thing is getting stuck on a dark foggy road, especially if you are in an unfamiliar area. I tell you what made me begin my search for the best headlight bulbs: Around 2006, a friends and I were driving from New Jersey in the middle of the night. We were coming back from visiting a friend at college- why didn’t we wait till morning to get back on the road? No idea. We found ourselves in the middle of nowhere looking for gas. It was dark, foggy and we only could see inches in front of us. Now I face this issue when working late but I know better now.

Foggy Nights

Other than considering the best headlight restoration, getting new headlights, or more effective headlights was never a case for me until this little situation. You may have in a similar situation, you may just want to be safer on the road coming back from work or a night out. Either way, we are going to walk through the best headlight bulbs for your ride so you can keep your eyes on the road while bumping your favorite tunes. Ok, lets get it started.

What are the Best Headlight Bulbs?

Types of Lights

To get the best of this information, its good for you to know what type of light you prefer so you can choose what’s right for your vehicle.

Bulb TypesProsCons
LED+ Require a very low amount of power+ Small- They take up less space+ No Filaments- Virtually Shock Free+ Longer Life Span+ “They allow more creativity in creating shapes and where lamps are placed."- AutoGuide.com- Costly
Halogen+ Long Lasting abilities+ Inexpensive replacement cost+ Durable- Burn hotter/ can be harmful- Manual replacement to be a bit risky
Xenon+ Closer to natural daylight+ Better nighttime visibility+ Brighter than Halogen lights+ Uses less power- Costly to Replace- Not the best with Fog- Glare complaints

*AutoGuide.com Quote Link
LED Headlights

The baby of the crew (the newcomer) has slowly but surely creeped up with most people leaning towards LED then either HID or Halogen headlight bulbs. LED lights require a very low amount of power, an automotive plus. Us car owners have to consider various points when finding the best of anything we may need for our cars, including the best headlight bulbs.

The world is way more power/ gas conscious so it only make sense that LED headlights are beating out other headlights. We also have to consider and remember that this bulbs popularity has grown along with the growth with the Prius, which has had more product placement spots than purses in a “Sex in the City” movie. LED lights use diodes to create the brightening so many love. Read more about the definition of LED lights and Benefits

Halogen Headlights

The most popular headlights in the automotive game are Halogen headlights they have been the main choice for years. Halogen headlights dominate/dominated the market because of their long lasting abilities and easy replacement cost. These bulbs are bright and are able to fit with most cars.

Made of glass envelope and gas called tungsten filament, these headlights can withstand a great amount of heat which is what adds to their longevity and strong rays. On the downside, this causes the manual replacement to be a bit risky because the moisture and salt from your skin could cause the bulb to be damaged easily.

They may be just be considered the most common since LED lights are coming in close. Heck, they may have won the race. Still, Halogen headlights are still at the forefront of the car lighting sector. They are found in most cars (because the bulbs come is various sizes) and are mentioned in the majority of automotive forums.


Xenon headlights (HID)

Xenon, aka High-Intensity Discharge (HID), headlight are also amongst the popular crew and are of the premium variety. They are bright and strong but produce significantly less heat than the Halogen lights. After initial installation it will take a lot of power but will settle soon after.

A xenon bulb produces 3000 lumens and 90 mcd/m2, while a halogen light generates 1400 lumens and 30 mcd/m2. In the past few years they have become more accessible by being manufactured in multiple shapes and sizes. The HID bulb is attractive to consumers because of its high quality illumination, but also its low energy consumption and longevity. If you can have the luxury of a strong/bright light and save your cars energy, why wouldn’t you consider this to be one of the best headlight bulbs?

They are a tad more expensive than most, it all depends on your definition of what expensive is when searching for quality. Also, is there such a thing as a bulb being too bright? Some people have complained about their lights being too bright in consideration for other driver on the road. Im not sure if that should be a determining factor in choose the best but It is something to consider when thinking about avoiding accidents.

BUYING TIP: When Shopping Online for The Best Headlight Bulbs make sure to check of that bulb fits the making of your car. Sites like Amazon.com and AutoAnything.com help you along the way with many car parts, here we are using them as a headlight bulb finder. Below are some screen shots of their model entry. 

This is an example how it looks when using a headlight bulb finder on Autoanything.com. As you can see we are currently looking at options for the 2012 Audi A3. Not your car? no problem. Check the next image.

On the top right corner you can opt to change the vehicle you can find the best headlight bulbs for your specific brand and model. Its really simple. They will also highlight exact fits along with the options that can fit multiple cars. Next we look at how amazon does it.

They have a very similar system over at Amazon.com, the difference is that Amazon has less products but lower prices (sometimes). What makes it really cool is that you can have a virtual garage. If you own or are working on multiple cars consistently you can save the make and model in your Amazon account or type in a new one (as shown below). They are another reliable headlight bulb finder. Plus, if the headlights you are looking for aren’t the best headlight bulbs for your car then amazon will direct you to the headlights that do fit your ride!

Amazon| Wrong Headlight Fitting Example

Search not showing your ride? You can then look at the top of the page, just under the search area and choose the year, make and model of the car your are trying to upgrade.

Amazon Garage Example

In conclusion, the LED headlight is in the lead. Still the conversation will go on like whats the best wax? car wash soap or tire cleaner, but I predict that the market will make the decision for all of us. The more manufactures that use LED lights the more they will be seen as the best headlights for cars for years to come. Although car owners have their person favorite, the facts don’t lie and complaints don’t make the light bulb. For now, choose the headlight bulb that best fits your car and needs which is easier with headlight bulb finder like the ones showcased above and the amount of information gathered from experts and forum contributors.

So tell us the deets in the comments below, What is your top choice for headlight bulbs? What best fits your car style and needs?

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