Top 10: The Best Jumper Cables Review


When you own a car, you need to have a good, reliable set of jumper cables. A simple set of alligator clips on the end of a set of two thick wires isn’t necessarily good enough.

As a piece of safety equipment, you need to make sure your jumper cables are working properly and have enough power to start a dead battery so that either you or a member of your family isn’t left stranded somewhere that isn’t safe.

Not only does your set of jumper cables need to be reliable, they also need to be easy to use. Here are a few things to look for when you are looking for the best jumper cables and a few reviews to help you get started shopping.

Cable Length

The average length of jumper cable that will fulfil your basic needs is twelve feet. This will give you enough cable to reach the battery in both vehicles and help prevent you from having to get towed.

Wire Gauge

The wire gauge is its thickness, and the rule of thumb is that a lower gauge wire will give you more power and charge your battery faster. An 8-gauge cable should be sufficient although a 6-gauge is considered better while a 4-gauge is the preferred sized for most users. Make sure your cable comes with big alligator clips, so they will provide a solid grip.


A sturdy clamp is a must on the best jumper cables. Look for clamps with teeth to ensure that the clamp won’t slip off while you are charging your battery. Cables that come with clamps that have a rubber-coated surface will provide less opportunity of giving you a shock during use.

Clip Material

Clamps made with solid copper will transmit electricity better than clamps made with simple copper plate. Basically, the copper plate will wear off after a lot of wear and tear and then not transmit electricity properly making your jumper cables useless.

Avoid cheap clamps that will give you less transmission of electricity and make sure to change your clamps when they get old.

Insulation Type

Better insulation comes from thicker wires. They are simply better known for providing insulation which always retains its pliability even with a lot of coiling and recoiling when you are using it. Watch out for extreme temperatures that can make cheap insulation crack, plus cheap insulation never quite straightens out making the cable difficult to use.

Volt Meter

A voltmeter can always be a useful addition to a set of jumper cables. This can give you the guarantee that both batteries are connected correctly to the jumper cables.

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10 Best Jumper Reviews

1.Cartman 4 Gauge Booster CableCheck Price
2.Iron forge Tools Cable KitCheck Price
3.AAA Heavy Duty Booster CableCheck Price
4.Energizer Jumper CablesCheck Price
5.Cal-Hawk Jumper CableCheck Price
6.Performance Tool CablesCheck Price
7.Coleman Cable Booster CablesCheck Price
8.XINCOL CablesCheck Price
9.FJC Commercial Duty CablesCheck Price
10.Red Hound Jumper CablesCheck Price

10. Red Hound Heavy Duty Jumper Booster Cables

For those that just want a cheap pair of jumper cables that are also reliable, the Red Hound Booster Cables are a perfect choice.

With 1 Gauge cable, they provide you with great features with a high-quality copper clad aluminum main cable and a handle and portable case for storage. With fast boosting and high conductivity, this set of booster cables is a handy way to jump your battery when you need it.


  • Industrial materials make up the 1 Gauge cable cover giving you high-quality thickness
  • High-quality copper clad aluminum is used for the main cable
  • It comes with a handy and portable storage case
  • It is known for high conductivity and fast boosting


  • This set of jumper cable cannot be used for commercial use
  • Several users found the storage case wasn’t that useful

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9. FJC Commercial Duty Booster Cable

With many features and a lot of benefits, the FJC Commercial Duty Booster Cables can be used for both commercial as well as personal use and is able to hold up to 800 amps of energy. These are tangle-free cables that are available at an affordable price.

Available in 1 Gauge size, the FJC Booster Cables are a good choice to get a car battery started during an emergency. Because of their heavy-duty use, these are one of the best jumper cables for diesel truck.


  • Can be used for both commercial and personal use
  • Is able to hold up to 800 AMPs of energy capacity
  • These tangle free cables are heavy duty and safe to use
  • Affordable in comparison to cables on the market


  • Not very resistant to either very high or very low temperatures

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8. XINCOL Jumper Cable

Available in as long as twenty feet or four gauge, the XINCOL jumper cables are made of extra durable materials that create a product well-known to last a long time.

With copper jaw clamps, the XINCOL jumper cables have a better grip for high performance and reliability. These tangle free cables also have a strong coat of paint to help with better identification at long distances.


  • Known to last a long time, these cables are made of extra durable materials and copper jaw clamps for better performance
  • These are tangle free cables, even when they are folded
  • Strong coating of paint for easy identification from a distance


  • Cable clamped to handle end and not to the tip

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7. Coleman Cable Booster Cables

Known for efficiency, the 4-gauge, heavy-duty Coleman cables are available in four different sizes including twelve, sixteen, twenty, and twenty-five feet.

These tangle free cables are insulated with a T-Prene coating giving them more flexibility and providing easy storage. Triple-polarity clamps are color-coded and feature glow in the dark labels.

Versatile and easy to use, the clamp surface is conductive and recessed to stop accidental contact. These are easy to use cables with an ergonomic design that is also easy to handle. Suitable for either warm or cold climate, the Coleman Booster Cables are affordably priced for such a high-quality product.


  • Quality product for an affordable price
  • Nice thick gauge booster cables with solid construction
  • Secure clamps that do not tangle


  • Product is not that sturdy
  • The clamp metal is pretty thin

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6. Performance Tool Jumper Cable

The Performance Tool Jumper Cables are 4-Gauge cables that run about twenty feet long with the ability to hold up to 500 AMPs. These tangle free cables are easy to fold and store making them a great choice to keep in the back of your vehicle.

With clean and sharp colors, the clamps are easy to identify and the heavy-duty jaw clamps are quick to transform energy. The Performance Tool Jumper Cables are ideal for heavy-duty vehicles like vans, trucks, and SUV’s making them the best jumper cables for diesel truck.


  • Features rubber coating that keeps the cables from tangling and make them easy to fold and store in your vehicle
  • Clean and sharp colored clamps make it easy to identify the clamps when in use
  • Heavy-duty copper jaw clamps are fast in transforming energy


  • Cables are on the heavy side in comparison to other cables
  • They take up more storage space than other cables

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5. Cal-Hawk Jumper Cable

With an extra-long cable, the Cal-Hawk Jumper Cable is convenient for jump starting car batteries and feature parrot jaw clamps that give you up to 600 AMPs of energy.

These are also tangle-free cables that are flexible when used at either very cold or very hot temperatures and are highly weather resistant. The Cal-Hawk Jumper Cables work with both 12 and 24 volt systems.


  • These heavy-duty cables have a really good cable length with 2 gauge cable
  • Includes parrot jaw clamps that offer up to 600 Amps of energy
  • Flexible in both very cold and very hot temperatures, plus it is highly weather resistant
  • Works with both 12 and 24 volt systems


  • Takes a while to work with larger batteries

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4. Energizer Jumper Cables

Energizer has made a very convenient jumper cable with a long 25’ cable that even allows you to connect the cable in the car from back to jump start the battery.

Made of industrial level aluminum and copper, the 1-gauge cable has an 800 AMP capacity and stays flexible down to 40 degrees. Plus, the PVC coated clamps will protect you from shocks.


  • Made of industrial level aluminum and copper and aluminum and has a capacity of 800 AMP’s
  • Stays flexible at the temperature of 40 degrees
  • PVC coated clamps keep you protected from shocks


  • Capacity of the current flow is a lot less than the pure copper cables
  • Clamps tend to get twisted

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3. AAA Heavy Duty Booster Cable

With sixteen foot long cables that are 13 inches wide, the AAA Booster Cables are heavy-duty charges dead batteries in just a few seconds. With efficient 6-gauge wire, you get 100 times more power than a light duty cable. These color-coded cables have tightly closed clamps for the most security, plus rubber type insulation.

The AAA Booster Cables are affordable for the high-performance that you get. They also include an odd prong at the tip making it a good option for small battery terminals, and they come with a storage pouch.


  • Include long cables that are heavy duty
  • Great for small battery terminals with a special prong on the tip
  • Include a convenient storage pouch


  • Can sometimes have a weak connection at the beginning which can turn into no connection

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2. Iron Forge Tools Booster Cable Kit

With tangle-free cables that are color coded, the Iron Forge Tools Booster Cable Kit will help you and your car get back on the road.

Featuring a twenty-foot long cable with a 4-gauge present, the Iron Forge Cables have a 12.1-inch width and are made of copper coated aluminum CCA, plus the strong and durable contact clamps are built to last. These cables come well packaged and include everything you need.


  • Solid, well-built product with heavy clamps that have a secure grip
  • Nice long 20-foot cable that is also heavy duty


  • Cable can be too short for some users

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1. Cartman 4 Gauge Booster Cable

These easy to use and tangle free cables are twenty feet long and can easily give your car or truck a much-needed boost. The 4-gauge wire Cartman Booster Cables are heavy duty with a width of almost 10.8 inches.

Made with Copper coated Aluminum that is UL listed and ROHS compliant, they are insulated with T-Prene coating for easy storing and flexibility.

Featuring triple polarity, the handles and gripping on the Cartman Booster Cables are very firm and last a long time. This high-quality product is also efficient and capable of starting a totally dead battery in just a few seconds.

With an ergonomic design that makes them easy to use on both top-post and side-batteries, the Cartman Booster Cables are affordable and have a great reputation.


  • Comes with great added features list a steel tool brush, gloves, and storage bag
  • Twenty-foot cable that is enough for most jumper applications
  • Rugged clamps grip have a powerful grip on the terminals


  • The bare wire can be exposed when the plastic and wire tears

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Jumper cables are by far one of the most important things you should store in your vehicle. It’s easy to leave a light on and your battery can drain faster than you think leaving you stranded.

When shopping for the best jumper cables, make sure to look for dependable and easy to use cables that won’t let you down. With a reliable set of jumper cables, you and your loved one can easily get back on the road and out of harm’s way.

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