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Whether you are a mechanic or someone that likes to fix cars in your spare time, you have likely been hindered by nuts and bolts that are difficult to remove.

Thankfully, with the help of penetrating oil, you can loosen these difficult to move parts and carry on with your project easily.If you are a new auto-enthusiast, you may be struggling to decide on which penetrating oil would be the best for you and your car.

With many to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on the best choice. To make the search easier for you, we have extensively researched five brands of penetrating oil so you do not have to.

We have reviewed the best five penetrating oils on the market and have provided you with a handy list of pros and cons for each. At the end of the article, we have included a useful buyer’s guide to make you aware of everything you should consider before deciding on which penetrating oil to purchase.

There is also a list of frequently asked questions to help with any queries you have.

Are you in a hurry? If you are, do not worry. 

Here is the best penetrating oil - WD-40 300004.

We chose this penetrating oil because it provides great results. Its Blu Torch technology ensures that all of the rust and grime are dissolved and it breaks it down twice as fast as regular penetrating oil.

It helps to dislodge even the most difficult of metals and its specialist properties mean that it is more powerful than your average penetrating oil! 

It is reasonably priced and is also made from environmentally friendly ingredients. It is fast-acting and safe to use near plastics and rubber. It has a two-way nozzle to help you reach difficult areas and also has a low odor. We cannot recommend this oil enough.


WD-40 300004 is made out of environmentally friendly ingredients and works well on nuts, bolts, and locks. It is fast-acting and safe to use on plastic and rubber. 

It has Blu Torch technology, which will dissolve and breakthrough rust twice as fast as regular penetrating oil. It also leaves a protective layer on the metal to help prevent further corrosion. 

This is a specialist product that is industrial strength and is stronger than your average penetrating oil. You may need to use more of the product for particularly difficult metals but it is great at dislodging them. 

This oil has a low odor and a two-way spray nozzle. You can spray it as you would with a typical spray bottle to cover a large area, or you can use the thin nozzle for hard to reach spaces. The nozzle may take a few uses to get accustomed to.


  • Industrial Strength.
  • Blu Torch Technology.
  • Environmentally Friendly.


  • The spray nozzle takes a little while to become accustomed to.


The Kano AeroKroil Penetrating Oil helps to loosen difficult metal parts and can be used on the majority of car parts, such as nuts, shafts, and frozen engines. It will reach the difficult to clean areas with the spray nozzle and will help to dissolve any gum or tough grease. 

The spray nozzle and aerosol can is powerful and helps to dislodge any trapped water. It also provides a waterproof seal that will help to prevent any further rusting.

Some users have noted potential problems with the spray nozzle breaking and blocking after a few uses. 

However, the vast majority of users praise this product on its ability to loosen particularly difficult metal, stop squeaking, and its dissolving abilities.


  • Can be used on most parts of the car.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Waterproof seal.


  • The spray nozzle could potentially block or break.


Liquid Wrench is a strong penetrating oil that breaks down grease and grime. It can be used on pipe fittings, nuts, and many other metals. Although this oil is advertised as a low odor, many users have found it quite pungent. It is safe to use on metal, paint, plastics, and rubber.

Liquid Wrench has anti-seize properties that will help to loosen difficult to move metals. It contains cerflon which helps with lubrication.

The aerosol comes with a precision spray to help you reach difficult areas. Liquid Wrench is great at penetrating through tough rust and grease. 

Some users have stated that it is a messier product to use compared to its competitors. Liquid Wrench is fast-acting and will save you time.


  • Contains cerflon to help with lubrication.
  • Anti-seize properties.
  • Fast-acting.
  • Bluetooth.


  • Messier to use compared to its competitors.


The 3-In-One is the only multipurpose oil we have included. Although it is multipurpose, it is a great penetrating oil. This oil can be used on cars, wheels, and many household objects. 

The oil comes in a plastic bottle instead of an aerosol can, which can be squeezed easily for application. 3-In-One also comes with a fill level indicator strip. This will inform you when you are coming to the end of the product.

This oil will clean, dislodge, and protect the metal from any further corrosion. The only downside is that it does not come with a spray nozzle. If you need to use the oil in difficult to reach areas, this may not the best option for you.


  • Multipurpose.
  • Squeeze bottle.
  • Fill level indicator strip.


  • Does not contain a spray nozzle.


The Gasoila Penetrating Oil helps to break through dirt, rust, and corrosion. It can be used for many car parts, such as tailpipes and bolts. You may need to use this product multiple times in difficult areas for it to have the maximum effect.

Gasoila does not contain silicone compared to many of its competitors. This means that you can use this spray in enclosed spaces without any issues. It is also safe to use on plastics and paint. 

The aerosol spray provides three times the amount of lubricant compared to a standard penetrating oil. This means that the area will be covered quickly and effectively. The Gasoila works straight away and contains less solvent than your average penetrating oil so will not evaporate as quickly.


  • Does not contain silicone.
  • Straws to reach difficult areas.
  • Three times the amount of lubricant.


  • May need a few uses on difficult areas.

Best Penetrating Oil Buying Guide

In this buyer’s guide, we have included a handy list of things you may want to consider before deciding on a brand of penetrating oil.

Ease Of Use 

Ease of use is important when buying a penetrating oil. You will want to use an oil that is best suited to the part of the car you need to loosen. If this area is difficult to reach, it is best to use one of the four oils we have included that contains a spray nozzle.

A spray nozzle will help you to get into all of the nooks and crannies. It will also help to ensure that the nuts and bolts you are lubricating are completely covered. For the oil to have the desired effect, you do not want to leave any part of the metal you want to loosen uncovered.

If the part you need to loosen is easily accessible, the 3-In-One oil is a fantastic option. Being a squeezable bottle you can easily control how much of the product you are using and you can pour it straight on to the metal. 

The WD-40 penetrating oil has a two-way spray which is particularly useful. This means you can use the straw for hard to reach areas and the spray nozzle to cover larger areas. 

However, it is worth noting that it can take a few uses to get used to this particular type of spray can.With the aerosol bottles, sometimes the straw included can become damaged or blocked. Before each use, we advise checking these to ensure that they can be used easily.

Size and Price Of Spray Can

As with any product, it is worth noting the size and price of the spray can before purchasing. If you know you need to use the spray multiple times, a bigger bottle or multiples bottles such as the Liquid Wrench, Kano, or Gasoila would be suitable. 

If you are looking for a particularly cheap option, then perhaps the WD-40 would be a great option for you. Although all of the penetrating oils we have chosen are reasonably priced, some are more expensive than others so it is always worth double-checking your price budget before purchasing.


The effectiveness of the penetrating oil is particularly important. All of the oils we have included are particularly good and are effective in helping to loosen nuts and bolts. 

Some of the products mentioned are stronger than others, such as the Kano, Liquid Wrench, and WD-40. Liquid Wrench contains anti-seize properties which are particularly useful when trying to remove difficult nuts and bolts. 

The Blu Torch technology of the WD-40 is more effective than its competitors and cuts through the rust and grease at a quicker pace. However, even though you may need to use a few coats of the Gasoila and therefore it takes longer to use, it is still an effective product.


If you want to protect the metal from receiving further rust or damage then it would be useful to choose one of the penetrating oils that contains a waterproof seal after use such as the Kano.

Although all of the oils will help to break through rust, by choosing one with waterproofs properties, you are helping to prolong its use.


When purchasing a penetrating oil, it is always worth noting what purpose you need it for. If it is simply to loosen difficult to remove parts in your car, then all of the oils mentioned above would be suitable for you.

However, if you need to purchase a penetrating oil that can be used for your car but can also be used safely for many other DIY jobs, we would highly recommend the 3-In-One oil.

Although its main purpose is as a penetrating oil, this lubricant can be used on a variety of different household appliances. You can use this oil to help loosen hinges and help sliding doors stop squeaking and sticking. As it is so versatile, it is certainly worth purchasing.

With the majority of penetrating oils, as a safety precaution, they need to be used outside. As Gasoila does not contain any harmful silicones, if you cannot fix your car parts outside, it can be safely sprayed in a garage or indoors, which is particularly useful.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I need To Purchase Penetrating Oil?

Penetrating oil is a form of oil with low-viscosity, it can sometimes be called penetrating fluid. It is a lubricant used to help loosen difficult metals such as knuts and bolts. It will also help to break through rust, corrosion, and grease and clean the metal. Is Penetrating Oil Flammable?

Yes, caution is needed when using penetrating oil as it has a low flash point which makes it quite flammable. It is always best to check the label and instructions before use and ensure that you are using the oil away from any heat sources.

Will Penetrating Oil Remove Rust?

The majority of penetrating oils will help to remove rust and corrosion as well as helping to loosen metals. While some are more effective than others, they should help to prevent it from returning.

It is always recommended to use a rust remover as the main purpose of penetrating oil is to help remove metals.

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