Top 18: Where Is The Best Place To Buy Used Cars Online?


Used cars are, sometimes, a good alternative when you need a car but you are on a budget. Whether you are looking for your dream machine or a cheap run-around, the choices in the second-hand market are unlimited.

The venture can be risky, but benefits also abound. In most cases, you will only have to not listen to the saccharine language of salespeople and choose a site based on quality of cars and prices.

This list of the best websites for used cars in USA will help you walk this minefield safely. Learn how to buy used cars online and reduce chances of any surprises.

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Most people know Costco as a favorite shopping club where you buy groceries in bulk. has become a source of used cars online from corporate as well as the individual vendor.

This online shopping giant has partnered with well over 3000 car dealerships all over the United States and has brought the Costco experience into the used car online sales experience.

You can choose a high-end new car or a pre-owned one through The leading portal of this online used car website is the listing of cars available below $10,000.

Participating used car dealer’s offer guaranteed prices found on the company’s website for the real car that you can find.

If you choose to search for additional cars once you reach a dealership, they will honor their ‘Costco Price’ on any available used cars on sale online.

17. ranks atop the list of the best place to buy used cars that were formerly used as rental cars. Just like Hertz, you are allowed to rent the vehicle you are interested in for up to three days after taking a two-hour test drive.

The company allows you to rummage their enormous inventory of cars located all over the United States. You can schedule your test drive online.

Every car sold through the used car service is accompanied with a standard 6000 mile or six months warranty.

You are allowed to buy an additional warranty protection for your auto. The budget has partnered with at least 20 different lending institutions that provide flexible financing options to buyers that are looking for financing options through an application that is available on their website.

16. has established itself as the leading dealer countrywide for used car sales online. Founded in 1977, the Hertz Car Sales Company has grown to become the leading vendor, selling its former fleet assets to online buyers.

Hertz offers potential buyers a three-day exclusive test rental for the potential car buyer, so you can make up your mind while properly informed.

If you test drive a car and you don’t like it, Hertz takes it back to the car rental fleet.

Consumers love the company because of the Zero-Pressure car buying policy. Every car you buy through their online car sales system comes with a standard 12,000 miles or 12-month plan.

When you choose to buy your car as a trade-in, Hertz will accept the deal at any one of their retail locations when it comes combined with a car purchase.


Don’t forget when looking for a great place to buy cheap used cars online. Avis is a renowned car rental company in the United States, and it continually has an inventory turnover.

Depending on your location, you can get access to hundreds of vehicles that can be inspected by potential buyers. To entice potential buyers, Avis lets you test drive the desired car for up to three days without obligation.

Most importantly, the used cars covered by are covered by 6000 miles or six months warranty, whichever comes first. That feature helps to keep consumer confidence alive, and explains the reason for the huge number of vehicles sold annually from this site.

Avis offers an extra warranty package for any customer that wants extra confidence before you drive off with your new car.

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14. is the perfect site for the class of buyers who love cheap used cars online. Most people relate Enterprise with an excellent rental car location, but the company has under its wings a fleet of used cars for sale.

They don’t hold on to their rental cars indefinitely. When they decide to create a fresh inventory, they put the old fleet into a rigorous test regime before they bring them to the market for their consumers.

The most popular feature on the portal is the ‘vehicles under $15k’ window that lets you select your preferred location to interrogate the makes and models of cars available for sale from the company.

The website also offers regularly used car specials in addition to ‘Just In’ section where you can peruse when searching for your next car.

13. is the best place to buy used cars when you want a good deal. The site is different from other similar big car sales websites. You are allowed to purchase from third parties offering you a good number of affordable choices when you want to get good value for your money.

At, you can be on the lookout for great deals and promotions every day, if you are shopping on a budget.

Potential buyers who want to purchase from the point of information benefit from great tips, advice, reviews, and expert guides.

The site has a vast library, offering shoppers information to aid in the buying decision. If you prefer to use online sources to locate a local dealer, you have the option of finding an ideal one based on your individual needs and your desired geographical area.

12. is a unique member registry website that allows members to access a network of close to 14,000 certified used car dealers who deliver high-quality, and affordable cars to shoppers. Once you register for free on the website, you get exclusive access to their mobile price check facility.

This tool offers you upfront pricing to every new car that comes in through certified dealer lots all over the United States. 

You also enjoy access to the True Car data base, showing how much people are paying for their cars.

That enables you to know what price range to expect when you go shopping. avails thousands of used cars through certified dealerships that are accessible through your online portal.

The company guarantees members a saving of an average $3000 in comparison to MSRP for new vehicle purchases.


The most notable difference between other big sites selling affordable cars online and, is that Car Max has Brick and Mortar visibility thanks to affiliates found in most parts of the United States. still goes ahead of all other websites by working like any nationwide car dealer.

You can collaborate with the vendor directly through to buy your choice rides. is popularly known for its no haggle price policy; you are guaranteed to purchase a car cheaply, up front.

Every car that you buy through this site, or directly from the vendor will have undergone through a thorough 125 point inspection. There are several lending options available for customers considering financing their online or in-person purchase.

10. is a top-rated website with people looking for cheap cars online. This site operates the way does with regards to the travel industry. combines results from the best places to buy used cars including,, and eBay Motors.

The site offers a vast repertoire of buying guides, checklists, and tons of tricks and tips to consumers who want to make sure they got the best deal possible when shopping for a used car online.

You save all your site searches to make it convenient when you choose to go back to review the results after browsing for a while.

Once you locate the best deal, the website offers you advice on the best shopping practices you can employ for cars bought out of the site.

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If you are the kind of consumer who doesn’t have the time to hassle with negotiating the price of a new or used car with the dealer, is the site for you. The search options available allow you to choose from listings that are posted by consumers and dealers.

The site has direct links to the websites of vendors that have placed their vehicles on their sites. offers a bundled option for shoppers to view the CarFex report of the targeted vehicle.

You can save your favorite cars and search history so that you can go back and check at a later time whether the car is still available.

To help you avoid visiting the website multiple times in search of a new vehicle, make use of the available links to help you consider financing as well as potential trade-ins.

8. has been around since most of us can remember; the website is now becoming popular with potential online used cheap car buyers. The unique thing about Caravana that you won’t find anywhere else is the ability to connect consumers with the ideal car online.

The website offers one of the most trusted digital-to-driveway accesses to the marketplace. Every used car you buy through this website will have undergone the most thorough 150 point inspection procedure before it can get listed for sale.

You enjoy greater confidence levels with regards to the quality of the used car for sale by owner you purchase from this website.

The search menu on allows you to configure your ideal price range, make, model, and all options unique to your search while you are still shopping.

Once you clinch a deal, the auto can be delivered to you or picked up. You get a seven day test period for making a purchase, which is exclusive to

You can also avail a quick quote on how much different cars are worth via trade when you enter the VIN into the site.


There are three main reasons why is a favorite among car shoppers of used cars online. First, it gives you access to all major car dealers online. Second, Autolist enlightens you on the car you are interested in buying.

Here, you get to see how long a car has been on the market, its price history and the vehicle history through Carfax report. These are vital pieces of information to better you decision. Thirdly, you can check for cars on the go thanks to iOS and Android apps.

Besides the great features, comes with a simple web-based and app interface, allowing you to search fast and with ease. Even better, car buyers and sellers trust the site.


Established in 1998, is your one stop shop for the best-used cars on sale online. Today, is the best place to buy used vehicles, and the number of visitors frequenting the site is the testimony to this fact.

The website boasts one of the largest databases of consumer reviews on car sales made online. offers for sale a large number of used and new car listings. Visitors can search the site based on their desired local area with the option to message the vehicle owner or the dealer directly.

If online, you can email questions you may have regarding the entire deal. There is an enormous volume of information available to prospective buyers about every model of car featured on the site. That makes it the best place to visit when looking for a quality used car online.


Otherwise known as Kelly Blue Book, holds a premiere place when it comes to buying cheap cars on the internet. Just like, KBB works just like an old hand in this business and has existed even before people started buying used cars online.

On KBB, you can browse through the company’s top buys for autos, and you can set a maximum price point as part of your criteria for searching a used car.

Visit for a plethora of consumer and expert reviews on different kinds of models that are covered by the site. The site offers sellers and buyers an idea of the value of the cars featured on their site for third party sales or trade-ins in case you are buying a new vehicle.

You have the exclusive option to locate dealers in your targeted location within the United States, in addition to the facility to calculate your monthly car repayment on your used car loan.

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Craigslist is among the leading websites in the United States where people buy and sell affordable used cars online. The functionality and design of the site may look a little stable or tasteless when compared to other used car sales websites.

However, Craigslist will make up for this weakness with the lowest prices since there are no commissions remitted to the site by the seller.Do your due diligence as a prospective buyer if you choose to buy a vehicle from this website to avoid getting scammed.

To deal with this major challenge, the site regularly removes the bad actors. Craigslist consistently offers the most versatile selection of used cars for sale by owner throughout the year in different local areas.


As the official site of the National Automotive Dealers Association, features a list of private and dealership listings for used cars. You can take advantage of the multiple listings on the site to locate the most affordable cars online. lists more than just cars to include boats, classic vehicles, and RVs using their shopping tool.Nada’s search engine allows guests to search used cars for sale by owner, by make or model, fuel efficiency rating, and body style.

 You can compare up to four cars against each other using the same search query. If you are internet savvy, and want to explore all purchase tools at the same location, you can use Nada Guide’s vehicle record search, car loan approval, and monthly payment calculator portals.

The NADA price guide is the greatest selling point showing the correct market value when compared to other online used car vendors. NADA uses unique set points that other vendors are not able to access.

They include sales made by car dealers exclusively affiliated to the National Automobile Dealers Association. The NADA price guard is the result of thousands of individual transactions to create the average price listings of their vehicles.


eBay has always been the place of choice for people seeking cheap used cars online. Most of you are used to eBay as a source of all kinds of auctionable consumer goods and may be surprised to read about eBay Motors.

The motor section functions just like the other parts of the site. Private individuals and companies list all kinds of used cars including trucks, cars and SUVs for sale. Take careful note of sellers rating and feedback before you make a purchase. includes a zip code as an optional feature when you search for a used car. However, most vendors offer numerous shipping options for prospective buyers who find a deal far from the place they call home.

The eBay website is chock full of filters to help you further refine your search. That allows you to find the most affordable car in addition to offering a highly refined automotive parts section.

Verify the seller is a legitimate eBay vendor. eBay shows buyer ratings based on feedback from satisfied customers. The best customers are those with 100 percent satisfaction from people who have made previous purchases.

The seller also sees your eBay rating, which is comprised of feedback from vendors you have bought from before. The primary metric for these ratings is promptness. That is the basic information you need before you venture into the purchase of a used car from eBay.

1. is among the industry leaders and for a good reason. Cars here are considered premium thanks to their quality and relatively high price. A simple search opens a floodgate of manual transmission, or two-wheel drive vehicles you won’t easily find on the market. had ruled the online cheap used car market from the days when smartphones were unheard of. The website boasts advanced search tools that allow you search by model and price range.

There are extra search filters for selecting the right specifications you want regarding fuel economy, and all other important features including keyless entry and number of doors among others.

You will love the trade-in feature that allows you to receive a quote on trading in your ride at the local dealership in case you don’t choose a third-party sale as your desired model to buy a vehicle.

There are extra search filters included that allow you to select your ideal vehicle specifications, fuel economy, and any other major features offered for the search. The range you can enter includes the keyless entry, or the number of doors.

You can choose the trade-in quote feature that the company avails to consumers, to get a quote on trading their ride, in a local dealership in the event that a third-party sale is not the desired means to purchase a vehicle.

If you want a classic car and just any regular used car, is the place to look. You will find everything, from what someone found rusting in their barn, or maybe someone’s grandfathers restored Midget Racer. Get a super clean Mustang and everything you can get in a used car.

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Buying used cars for sale online can take a lot of time, money, and stress. You may need to face this task several times in your life. I believe the list shared in this article has given you a head start on where to begin your search.

Whether you are buying a used car online for the first time or you are an old hand, this list takes the pain out of the experience by allowing you to shop from the leading sources of high-quality pre-owned cars. Feel free to tell us what you think about our list and whether you found it helpful.

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