Best Radar Detector Under 100 Reviews


Here we continue our radar series with the best radar detector under 100 bucks.

These electronic devices help detect if the car speed is being monitored by law enforcement agencies through radar guns.

In the aftermath of receiving speeding tickets, motorists often consider buying a radar detector.

1.Cobra XRS9370Check Price
2.Whistler XTR-140Check Price
3.The Cobra ESD7570 Radar DetectorCheck Price
4.Uniden LRD750 With Voice AlertCheck Price
5.Whistler Pro-78SE HP Radar DetectorCheck Price
6.Uniden LRD450Check Price
7.Cobra SSR 50 Performance RadarCheck Price

Your radar can be mounted on the dash board of the car to help people detect whether their speed is being observed by police, simple right?

Drivers can then slow down or check their vehicle speed, to reduce chances of incurring a speeding ticket.

Other than driving the exact speed or just a little above the speed limit, have buying one of these speed detectors reduces your chances of being pulled over

The Basics: How Do They Work? Radar detectors function just like a radio, with microwave frequencies across different bands of wavelength.

These devices are thought of as a costly investment. It is assumed that cheaper models lack the features or resources to be truly effective.

That is simply not the case, thats why this article is intended to help find the best radar detector under $100. Be clear that if you choose to purchase a detector at these price points, you will be missing of features that some of the more expensive detector posses (which is why we put together these series).

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The Best Radar Detector Under 100 Reviews

1. Cobra XRS9370

This device, priced around $75, is a nice piece of technology. It boasts “super fast sweep circuitry” to provide an extended detection range.

This way, drivers can be warned about even the fastest radar guns. It is a compact unit with different operating modes (city, highway, etc.) and comes with supreme data display. The “specter alert” mode automatically notifies the driver of surveillance.

This equipment also comes with a built in memory function. A safety alert function notifies motorists of road hazards and emergency vehicles. An advanced radar detector, Cobra XRS9370 is also adept at strongly reducing false alerts, among numerous other notable features.

Past users have rated this device highly. Specific praise is reserved for its programming and extensive features. Given its reviews, performance and cost, Cobra XRS9370 tops our list for best radar detectors under 100.

2. Whistler XTR-140

Whistler XTR-140 weighs a mere 5.4 ounces. However, its compactness is not the same as its efficiency. This is a reliable basic detector. It has comprehensive band coverage for all VG-2, Safety Radar and Laser bands.

It comes with a “Twin Alert Periscope”, providing drivers with visible visual alerts using LED flash lights. The icon display is simple and efficient, with legible icons for strength, city mode and band identification.

The device has three city modes and a highway mode. The highway mode provides audio and visual warning of radar systems with high response rates. A most useful feature is its alert priority.

When different signals are picked by the device at the same time, it prioritizes between different bands. However, what makes the XTR140 truly magnificent is its VG-2 cloaking technology. It renders your car radar undetectable from other law enforcement detectors.

Reviews are largely positive. Users have complimented the device’s value for money. While it does not have the additional features of more expensive models, it is well functioning basic radar detector. And for that reason, XTR-140 features on our list for best radar detector under 100.

3. The Cobra ESD7570 Radar Detector 

This product promises “no frills” radar detection. It is a stylish product with a compact size and high range performance. It is priced at $37.00, for which it includes numerous features. It has a digital signal strength meter to alert the motorists of the distance of target signal. It comes with a LaserEye 360 degree detection.

Additional technology also renders this device undetectable for VG-2 and Spectre I detectors, much like the Whisper XTR-140 model.

The Cobra ESD7570 weighs 4.3 ounces and comes with Ultra Bright display. Positively reviewed, users compliment the value for money for this product. This model is however known to encounter a fairly high number of false hits. Its display is also impacted under direct sunlight. However, for its price, it is a useful radar detector.

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4. Uniden LRD750 With Voice Alert

A sturdy piece of equipment, the Uniden LRD750 is very cool.

For that, the drivers get a well functioning standard radar detector, with coverage over 4 bands (including laser guns). With its voice announce feature, users are kept alert to impending radar signals.

Less reviewed than some of the other models, users have still expressed satisfaction with Uniden’s product. It is praised for its functionality and long range detection.

5. Whistler Pro-78SE HP Radar Detector

The Whistler Pro series are high performance devices. The Pro-78SE currently sets back the user $89.00, but makes for a solid investment.

It features extended band sensitivity and displays known radar gun frequencies. A filter mode verifies the authenticity of police radar signals to reduce false alerts. If partnered with the Whistler INTELLICORD, this device can be used remotely to control settings.

The device comes with a stylish blue text display. It also has an auto-dim feature, making text easy to read under different light conditions. An audio mode features real voice alerts, so drivers do not miss out on radar signals and safety warnings. Users are generally very happy with this product, not just with its performance but also its display.

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6. Uniden LRD450

This Uniden model is called the LRD 450 Laser Radar Detector. Users benefit from long range radar and laser detection.

An icon display is partnered with audio alert to indicate drivers of radar gun signals. Frequency strength bar is also available on the display. This product has two modes, city and highway.

As with the other Uniden model, this is less popular and less reviewed. However, its functionality is at par with other similarly priced detectors. Users claim this is a high quality product, especially given its price.

7. Cobra SSR 50 Performance Radar

Rounding the list of best radar detector under 100 is Cobra SSR 50.

This radar and laser detector comes with front and rear detection for protection against laser signals. It also comes with the city and highway modes, and covers four ranges as well.

Users have termed this a useful model given its price. However this model lacks display features, and may require user familiarity. Its detection is praised as stable, and it is generally quite well reviewed.

Putting It In Park

Good radar detectors often come very expensive. This list summarizes the top products available in the market within a budget. These nifty detectors can prove to be a wise investment, as users have claimed thousands in saved speeding tickets.

Hopefully, this list of the best radar detectors under 100 will save you some as well.

Let us know if this information was helpful. Have you used one of these? do you think there are better radar detectors for less than $100? Please share in the comments.

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