What are The Best Radar Detectors: Be Police Free In 2019


In this article we highlight the best Radar Detectors so you never get another speeding ticket again. To answer the question: what are the best radar detectors? We should break a few things down 1st.

Speeding is the most common reason why cops pull people over, and a radar detector can prevent seeing red and blue flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. However, it’s important to remember that speeding is the number one cause as car accidents as well.


having a radar detector shouldn’t be used as a free pass to go as fast as you want, but rather as a tool to become more aware of your surroundings while also avoiding petty traffic tickets.

The best radar detectors on the market provide the user with other useful features other than just radar detection, such as a GPS function which gives you feedback on your driving habits and also alerts you in the presence of red light and speed cameras.

These radar detectors can often be programmed to alert you when you have reached an assigned speed.

All these additional features can make all the difference with trying to keep up with the changing technology that is making it much easier to catch people speeding.

What makes a good speed radar detector?

There are specific things you should look for when buying a radar detector because law enforcement are able to use a variety of different settings designed to throw off lesser models.

You want to look at the range capability, the types of radio-bands it can detect, accuracy, and also the additional features each model offers.


The best radar detectors are able to detect several different types of radar used by police officers.

For instance, cops will use several kinds of radio bands in their radar technology such as X-band, K-band, and Ka-band.

They can also use a combination of radio bands to increase effectiveness. Also, Instant-on and POP modes can be used by law enforcement to defend against radar detectors.

Therefore, finding a radar detector that is able to pick up on all of the different signals, including Instant-on and POP mode, is essential.

Laser Radar Technology

One of the most effective tools used by law enforcement are laser radar detection and unfortunately even the best radar detectors do not prevent from being tagged by one of these units.


The best radar detectors will at alert you to let you know that you have been caught so you can quickly reduce your speed.

Luckily, most radar guns currently in use do not use laser technology.


It’s important to consider the range on a radar detector, but even the best detectors can only give the driver so much warning.

Most detectors give a moderate warning of a few thousand feet or so, depending on the radio-band it is detecting. That’s why it’s important to inspect the quality of a radar detector that will give you as much warning as possible.

The best detectors on the market are able to give you warning up to 5 or 6 miles in advance, depending on where you are driving.

Best Position for a Radar Detector

Where you place your radar detector can make a big difference in how effective it is.

Even though many manuals will suggest you mount your radar detector high or on the middle of your windshield… its not.

Its ineffective because cops generally aim at your bumper or a slightly higher and your detector will not pick up on the signals, resulting in a speeding ticket.

The best place to mount your radar detector is either on your dashboard or very low on your windshield.

Also, some states have made it illegal to mount anything on your windshield, like Minnesota and California, in which case you would have to mount it on the dash.

Best Radar Detector Reviews

The Escort Max 2 is hands down the best radar detector on the market right now because it is much more than just a radar detector, coming with a wide range of features that are designed to protect drivers from many dangers on the road. The second edition of Escort Max gives the user access to a database filled with speed trap locations, along with a neighborhood watch app and a built-in GPS monitor.

This radar detector has one of the longest ranges and is also widely regarded as the most accurate radar detection technology available. Many radar detectors are famous for fake alerts which are set off by garage door openers and motion detectors which also use radar technology. The Max 2 model however can tell the difference between these fake alerts and real radar guns being used by real law enforcement by using a digital signal process and intelligent GPS. The unit will learn which items are responsible for the false alarms and will quickly filter the fake alerts from real threats.

Escort Max 2 also offers three sensitivity settings, with the most sensitive setting being able to pick up signals from up to 6 miles away. You can also set a predetermined speed which the Max 2 will promptly alert you about if you exceed it. Many speeding tickets are the result of mindless driving, the Max 2 helps you to constantly stay alert and proactive.

The Max 2 is Bluetooth enabled as well, allowing you to send and receive important alerts right to your smartphone. With the Bluetooth technology you can document speed traps in your area and upload them to the Max 2 database in order to anonymously share the information with other users.

The Escort 2 Max is priced at $549.99, along with a monthly subscription fee users must pay after the first year. So, while the subscription fee may be looked at as a disadvantage, you receive access to speed trap databases and real-time updates via Bluetooth.

To Conclude…

Many people think that radar detectors are only used by those who are looking to break the law by excessively speeding, but that is simply not the case. Most traffic tickets are issued for minimal infractions that can be easily avoided with a quality radar detector.

The best radar detectors will provide the driver protection from speed traps while also giving them real time feedback of their driving habits.

Also, the frequent alerts keep you aware and defensive when you’re behind the wheel.

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