Top 5: Best Replacement Headlight Bulbs


Headlights are an important safety feature for your vehicle. It’s important to make sure they are working properly and that they are performing at a level you need to drive safely. I personally hate driving with dim headlights that can’t help me see well when I am driving down a dark road.

I always look for headlights that can help me see far down the road without additional glare. Here are the Top 5 best replacement headlight bulbs on the market.


Whats The Best Replacement Headlight Bulbs

1.Sylvania H7 XtraVision Halogen Headlight BulbCheck Price
2.Sylvania H11 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight BulbCheck Price
3.Sylvania H11 SilverStar zXe High Performance Halogen Headlight BulbCheck Price
4.Philips D2R Standard Xenon HID Headlight BulbCheck Price
5.HID Xenon Low Beam Headlight Replacement Bulbs by KensunCheck Price

1. Sylvania H7 XtraVision Halogen Headlight Bulb

The Sylvania XtraVision Halogen Headlight provides excellent down road visibility by using a sharper light bulb with no additional glare. Superior performance is achieved through a hardy filament design and propriety gas mixture. The Sylvania headlight is created for the greatest degree of durability.

The Sylvania H7 XtraVision Headlight is a fabulous choice for increased visibility while you are driving, especially down dark roads, that are brighter than normal headlights and they do not increase glare.

The headlights provide a crisp and clear view of the road ahead and all of your surroundings.

By providing a better lit road, you can enjoy a safer and more enjoyable ride. The Sylvania H7 XtraVision is also dependable in any type of weather condition.

Product Features Include:

  • Sylvania H7 XtraVision Headlight comes with 2 headlight bulbs
  • Better view for down-road performance than regular bulbs
  • Improved down-road visibility with no additional glare
  • The proprietary filament design helps to enhance your headlights performance and guarantee durability
  • Completely legal for on-road use

2. Sylvania H11 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb

The Sylvania SilverStar Ultra High Performance Headlight is our sharpest down road light.

Our brighter white light helps you see more clearly which can create a less stressful driving experience. The Sylvania SilverStar combines farther down road and more side road visibility make driving at night more comfortable.

The design behind the Sylvania SilverStar is a combination of propriety gas, a specifically designed filament and a lamp coating the creates the brighter down road light and is capable of shifting color temperatures towards a whiter light.

Product Features Include:

  • Creating a brighter down road light provides more down road visibility
  • A white headlight allows for more clarity while driving
  • Completely legal for use on the road
  • Lightbulbs dim after time, for optimal performance, replace in pairs

3. Sylvania H11 SilverStar zXe High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb

The Sylvania SilverStar zXe headlights are one of the newest headlights to hit the market. These halogen bulbs are the whitest in the SilverStar high performance series and are a stylized option for your car.

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Product Features Included:

  • All the crisp, white light of the SilverStar High Performance series plus the attitude, look and feel of HID
  • Proprietary Xenon halogen gas technology
  • Great value and alternative to other HID upgrades
  • Optimal light transmission and color is provided by a cobalt blue coating
  • Jewel-like appearance created by mirror top alloy coating of the headlights

#4 Philips D2R Standard Xenon HID Headlight Bulb

The Philips D2R Standard Xenon HID Headlight Bulb is part of the authentic Xenon lighting solutions. Phillips Xenon HID headlights offer the same quality as Original Equipment as well as the lights that they make for automakers all over the world.

Philips D2R HID headlight bulbs are high quality replacement bulbs at a fraction of what the dealer would charge.

Bulbs are sold singly but it is recommended that both bulbs are changed at the same time so that the colors match.

Philips D2R HID headlight bulbs have the highest light output with precise light distribution and provide a brilliant “daylight” white light for better driving visibility and a more comfortable drive.

Philips D2R HID headlight bulbs are for replacement on vehicles that use the D2R type which is usually found on non-projector headlights. Philips D2R HID headlight bulbs come with a one year limited warranty and fits on vehicles with factor HID – not for vehicles with halogen bulbs.

Product Features Include:

  • Comes with an original equipment quality seal for the most reliable performance
  • Is DOT compliant
  • Philips promises to protect customer from weak quality products that can either damage your vehicle or involve personal injuries
  • Every authentic Philips Xenon HID headlight bulb includes a Certificate of Authentication (CoA) on the package that can be verified through their website
  • Remember to replace headlights in pairs, as they do dim over time, to ensure a consistent quality light

5. HID Xenon Low Beam Headlight Replacement Bulbs by Kensun

HID Xenon Low Beam Headlights are made of a glass chamber of gas replacing the traditional filament of halogen bulbs. A 23,000v charge ignites the gas and the bulb stays illuminated by a constant 12v source ballast that connects directly to your battery.

HID lights are remarkable in providing a superior light output and using a lot less power consumption. HID lamps products 3x as much light compared to a 55w halogen bulb.

Halogen bulbs also draw 10-15 amps of continuous power while the HID bulbs only use 20 amps for ignition and then drop down to use 3 amps during the car’s operation which is 80% less power than a halogen bulb.

HID bulbs also last approximately 10 times longer than halogen bulbs.

Kensun specializes in accessories that can be used on any car.

Their HID Xenon headlight can be easily installed with a conversion kit and their replacement bulbs are available in all sizes and come in several different colors including neon colors including purple, pink, blue and bright yellow.

The color temperature, which is sometimes confused for brightness, actually is more similar to the cool and warm tones of light.

The Degrees Kelvin measures color temperature which refers to the amount of heat that is needed to produce the color from an ideal black body. The HID color are hard to describe accurately as many things can alter the color such as the type of ballast, voltage and the environment.

Product Features Include:

  • Kensun HID bulbs are simple and easy to install with most installations taking around 20 minutes with a “Plug-and-Play” feature while other vehicles may require professional installation
  • Kensun provides free full technical support that is available to help you with an issues or question you may have with installation or the product
  • Kensun HID bulbs are available in in all sizes and awesome neon colors including white, bright yellow, purple, and pink
  • Ultra-Bright Fused-Quartz Xenon Bulb will provide a 3X brighter light than halogen while using up to 80% less power which increases visibility


What are your thoughts? If you’re like me, you want high performing headlights that will make sure I get my family home safely, especially on those dark roads. Let me know what you think of the headlight choices in the comment section and remember to share the article with others looking for safe vehicle features.

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