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They say that clothes make the man, and wheels make the car. If this is true, then you need to use the best rim cleaner you can find. There is no denying that the wheels have a very significant effect on the looks of a car; it’s almost magical. You notice it especially when a bone-stock vehicle is running on aftermarket rollers. Put that beside the same car with factory wheels and the difference is like night and day. Now this is not to say that you have to replace whatever wheel your car came out of the showroom with. Even stock alloy wheels look good when they are clean and shiny.

On a car, there is nothing bad about a glossy and neat set of rollers. Everybody likes that. Even you would prefer putting on a clean and shiny pair of shoes than dirty, worn-out ones. So whether you have the bright silver factory mags or your car is standing on the latest, ultra-light wheels with an exotic name that were made from carbon, chrome, kevlar and what-have-you, the bottom line is that they are squeaky clean and glossy. You don’t want to see brake dust, dirt, mud, and even tar on your wheels.

Worry no more because there are plenty of wheel cleaning products available from your auto parts and accessories store. Obviously a good wash will keep the dirt and dust at bay but you will be needing the best rim cleaner to remove the tough brake dust as well as the road grime and road salt, all of which can cause pitting, corrosion and permanent damage. Here are the most popular wheel cleaning products based on customer feedback.

Which is the Best Rim Cleaner for You?

Sonax (230200-755) Wheel Cleaner Full Effect – 16.9 fl. oz.

This cleaner is effective on most types of wheels be it alloy or aluminum, painted, clear-coated, or anodized. The formula is neutral which means it is not acidic or alkaline. A nice touch is the color changing effect it makes while it is reacting with the grime and dirt. It turns red while it is doing this. Just remember to let the wheels cool off a little before applying Sonax Full Effect. Leave the product on the wheels for about three to five minutes and then rinse. Wash it the way you would and observe how easily the dirt is removed. No need for a hard scrub down.

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P21S High Performance Wheel Cleaner Kit 500ML
This kit from P21S has always been a top choice and it is still true until now. The High Performance Wheel Cleaner kit has been proven again and again to be safe and effective on all types of wheels and all wheel coatings so you can be sure of optimum results whatever wheel your car is rolling on. There is no fear of ruining your prized possessions. And because it is a kit, you get a spray bottle and a sponge which is all you will be needing to do the job. Some say that it is more expensive than its competitors but with the results that seem to have been done by professionals, it is worth every cent.

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Armor All 78011 Extreme Wheel and Tire Cleaner – 32 oz.

According to Armor All, the Extreme wheel and tire cleaner works three ways, what it calls Triple Action Formula that targets the three main causes of wheel damage: brake dust, road grime and grease. It has a strong foaming action that spreads and sticks to the surfaces of the wheels, lifting the dirt away. It is recommended to work on the wheels one by one. Since the product is made of chemicals, you need to wear gloves and eye protection. Make sure the wheel is cool to touch then hose it down. Apply Extreme Wheel and Tire Cleaner generously all over the wheel tire. Give it just half a minute to penetrate. Use a sponge or soft cloth to wipe the wheel and tire and then rinse well with clear water. Finally, dry the surfaces with a clean, soft towel.

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Keeping a car and its wheels clean can be quite demanding at times but in the end it is always rewarding. It is a great way to give your pride and joy the tender loving care it deserves, and there is a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment to having a detailed car. After using the best rim cleaner, the approving looks and second glances you get down the road or in the parking lot makes you smile every time.

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