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The Problem with Black Paint Swirls

So you’ve realized that your car is showing its age, and you decided to clean it up with a fresh new coat of black paint. You’ve worked hard to make the car look its best, and you are proud of your efforts. When you’re standing back to admire your work, you notice that there are several very noticeable swirl marks left in the dried paint. This exact situation has happened to me, which is why I decided to write this post. I managed to find information on the top 10 best swirl removers for black paint, and I wanted to share this knowledge with others.

1. TriNova Scratch & Swirl Remover – Ultimate Solution For Clear Coat Care

TriNova is sold by, Gold Eagle, one of the premier automotive chemical companies in the industry. They began by creating products focused on preventing and curing engine problems. However, it didn’t take long for them to begin offering protection products for boats, ATV’s. UTV’s, even patio furniture. As the years and products have evolved one thing has stayed the same. Gold Eagle’s unconditional money-back guarantee.

TriNova has become one of Gold Eagles premium products designed for car cleaning and car care. From leather cleaners, clay bar kits, car wash soaps, and glass cleaner, TriNova has numerous products designed for car enthusiasts that have a keen sense of details and are looking for the ultimate finish. The best swirl remover for black paint has to be the TriNova Scratch & Swirl Remover. It’s one of the simplest solutions we’ve been able to find on the market today.

Mechanics –

When applying the Scratch & Swirl remover, it can either be buffed on by hand or by using a dual action orbital polisher. As a result, this gives you the ability to polish out small swirls by hand instead of always using a mechanical orbiter. The polish will eventually oxidize after cleaning and your car’s shine will be restored after correcting the blemish.

The polish uses only the best high-end chemicals to properly remove swirls and scratches. Therefore providing your car with a superior finish. The polish will restore a glaze to an ultra high gloss finish.

Contents –

Included with your purchase from TriNova you’ll find a small polishing pad and a 12oz bottle of the special formula. Therefore, giving you everything you’ll need to buff out small swirls and scratches.

How To Use –

The product is designed to remove swirls and scratches with the help of powerful chemicals and the buffing pad. First, shake the contents before use. Next, you’ll need to wash and dry your vehicle to ensure that all debris and dirt are removed. Following this step, use three dime-sized drops on the included buffing pad or orbital polisher. Apply to the surface in an overlapping circular pattern. Finally, work the product into the surface of the paint until the TriNova compound is almost completely gone. Next, wipe with a clean microfiber towel to finish the polish.

Conclusion –

TriNova is the best swirl remover for black paint. You will be sure to remove those tough surface scratches with this compound. Plus, thanks to Gold Eagle all their products have a money back guarantee.

2. Formula 1 Scratch – Swirl Remover 

Formula 1 Auto originally started out as a car wax kit company back in the late 1950’s. The car wax kit quickly became the #1 selling product, with the help of their unique Carnauba Wax design. Allowing wax to easily be applied and wiped off with any type of auto paint finish. As of today, the Formula 1 brand is made by Northern Labs in the USA. Where it’s developed, tested, and manufactured to their critical standards. Over the last 50 years, the brand has been able to manufacture numerous car care product. However, most of the success is due to the fantastic waxes, and swirl removers.

Formula 1 is one of the best swirl removers for black paint, its unique micro-polishers remove fine scratches, any type of swirls, and hazing on any auto paint finish. Formula 1 even has the ability to remove minor paint marks and water spots with a simple wipe. It’s been known to restore paint colors, making your old auto finish look brand new. The unique non-abrasive compound won’t scratch your clear coat, making it extremely easy to use and non-invasive.

Easy To Use –

It’s one of the easiest swirl and scratch removers. Making this one of the best formulas for first-time car detailers. Simply pour a small dime size on a clean dry cloth, once your car is washed and cleaned. Using a circular motion, spread the Swirl Remover evenly over the scratched areas and allow it to dry similar to wax. Then finally, wipe it off with a microfiber towel. This will give your auto paint finish a high gloss swirl free look you desired.

Desired Removal –

With the special Formula 1 compound, you’ll be able to remove fine scratches and swirl marks that are left in the auto paint finish. It even has the ability to remove clear haze on your car’s coat finish. Every pass you make the formula will remove small scratches and swirls. Easily making it the best swirl remover for black paint. As a result, it gives you the ability to restore and renew your hood, trunk, or doors. Formula 1 can make your old paint as though it has a brand new finish. 

Multipurpose –

Most swirl and scratch removers are designed for just paint. However, with the compound and micro-polishers, Formula 1 is safe to use on head lights. It works to remove the yellowing and haze that builds up on tail lights and headlights. Making this scratch and swirl remover one of the most universal.

3. Chemical Guys Scratch & Swirl Remover  –

If you’re in need of a scratch and swirl remover that can work not only on black paints but any color. The Chemical Guys scratch remover is going to give you the most economical solution. This simple to use one step high gloss polish is perfect for removing that shopping chart scratch or swirl in your black paint finish. It’s even safe to use on any color, which is perfect if you own a few different vehicles.

How It Works –

The Chemical Guys one step formula is super easy to apply creating a mirror finish in one simple application. The strong compound is designed to remove swirls, flaws, and scratches. It simply applies with a high gloss polish restoring your vehicle’s paint and color. Its safe to use on single stage finishes or even ceramic finishes on any truck, motorcycle, car, or RV. It can be applied with dual-action or rotary polishing machines.

Formula –

Chemical Guys have created the scratch and swirl remover to be a water-based product. Clearing it to be safe with any body shop, or OEM finish. As a result, the product can be applied in fewer steps than the standard 2 or 3 step polishes. It’s the best swirl remover for black paint because of its simple one-step application process.

4. Northern Labs Formula 1 Black Color Wax

The best swirl remover for black paint is Formula 1’s Black color wax. Its specifically formulated for black paint finished. Helping to restore color and fill in small scratches, while removing any swirls. This premium product has advanced crosslinked polymers that link to the car’s finish. As a result, they form a clear durable coating with the existing top coat. Making this formula last two times longer than leading competitors and any synthetic waxes.

Formulation –

Included in the formula is wax to help bring out the black finish in your vehicle’s paint. Giving your vehicle an almost wet finish. You’ll also find that the compound is made with UV-stable pigments, that help to restore the shine and color of your vehicle’s paint. As a result, this hides any scratches or swirls while helping prevent any further UV damage.

The formula will also leave no powder residue or streaks. It’s specifically made of the crosslinked polymers, unlike any cheap car waxes. Therefore, providing you with a finish that has no powdery residue left over.

Custom Colors –

The main reason this is the best swirl remover for black paint is that Formula 1 has been able to specifically make this product for black paints. However, not only they’ve been able to make them for white, red, and silver as well. Check them out.

5. Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Swirl Remover –

Meguiar’s has to be one of the most recognizable brands in the industry when it comes to keeping your car finish looking better than when it left the dealer lot. Barry Meguiar current runs the company that was founded by his grandfather in 1901. Barry was involved at a young age but dived head first when he was approved for taking products to the consumer markets in 1969. As a result, the brand grew into one of the best liquid cleaner waxes on the market.

Thanks to Meguiar’s rich history they have been able to create a multitude of products for cars, boats, trucks consisting of waxes, cleaners, and even air fresheners. One of the products that works best for swirls is the Mirror Glaze swirl remover. Its specific formula is designed to fine scratches and swirl marks left on your vehicles finish. It provides your paint with a brilliant dark and glossy shine.

Its also safe to use on any finish of paint including clear coats. It also offers versatility for application, as you can apply by hand, dual-action polisher, or a rotary buffer. This is one of our favorite products as it directly works to remove any swirls from your paint finish.

6. Pinnacle Natural Brilliance Liquid Souveran Car Wax

Pinnacle is one of leading legacy brands in the Carnauba Wax industry. They create some of the finest waxes available for consumers. Of course, car wax has multiple uses; buffing, shining, and removing small blemishes like swirls. Thanks to Pinnacles leading benchmark wax, they’ve been able to put the maximum amount of carnauba available in a liquefied wax. In addition to that, they use Souvernan Carnauba Wax, which is ideal for black and red painted cars. Making this one the best swirl remover for black paint.

After using just a dab of this brilliant wax you’ll find an almost 3-D, wet-looking finish. The advanced crystalline polymers are created to defend and protect your vehicle’s paint even through the harsh winter conditions. As a result, it provides a fantastic shine that lasts for an extended time frame, that was once exclusive to synthetic paint sealants.

Protection –

It’s no secret that most people and are car enthusiasts like taking their vehicles out when the sun is hot and weather conditions are fair. However, the Sun’s UV damage can cause some serious harm to your vehicle’s paint if it’s not protected. Which is why the Pinnacle Liquid wax does such a great job at defending the harmful UV-rays.

Application Process –

Pinnacle has formulated their wax as an easy to apply and remove compound. It can be applied by hand or machine. It also won’t stain plastics, and its made with no cleaners or abrasives that would harm your vehicle’s paint.

If you live in a hot and humid place, this Pinnacle wax will still work well for you. This is proven by the fact that the wax was both developed and tested in southern Florida. The wax was applied in a cool area but maintained its consistency after it was dried and exposed to the sun.

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7. Meguiar’s SwirlX Swirl Remover 

One of the finest easy to use products designed as the best swirl remover for black paints from Meguiars is the SwirlX formula. Being that its designed for the occasional scratch or swirl, Meguiars has made the formula with a long shelf life of three years. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about this product going bad if you don’t use it every year.

When you go to use this for the first time it almost seems like magic as it wipes away swirls while bringing out the bright colors in your paint. It’s one of the easier compounds to apply. Which can be done by hand or with a dual-action polisher.

Removal –

If you find spider webs, swirl marks, and holograms while cleaning your vehicle. This is the perfect product to help remove all of those blemishes while at the same time it’s restoring the crystal clear reflections of your car’s paint. SwirlX is one of the safest products to use on your clear coat or single stage paints as it’s formulated with no abrasive compounds.

If you are looking for a compound that can take out those small swirls. Look no further than the SwirlX formula, its one of the best on the market.

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8. Barrett-Jackson Car Scratch and Swirl Remover –

Barrett-Jackson is one of the most famous brands among car enthusiasts worldwide. As one of the leading car auction houses in the country its no surprise they know a few things about cars and detailing.

The Barrett-Jackson formula is comprised of ultra-fine polishing agents that help remove fine scratches, swirl marks, and scuff marks. It’s one of the finer and simpler scratch and swirl removers which is why its made our list. Just buff the product on to the surface of the swirl or scratch and wipe it off for an easy clean finish. The great thing about the Barrett-Jackson swirl remover is that it’s safe to use on any surface or finish. As a result, this makes it a universal product to keep in your garage for those occasional scratch or swirl.

Lastly, this product will easily get the job done, and it doesn’t take a long list of instructions on how to apply. Therefore this is one of the best swirl remover for black paint for anyone looking for a quick and fast solution.

9. Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax –

Leave it to the legacy of Meguiar’s to create a liquid wax that has the protection and power to remove swirls and scratches. Meguiar’s maximum synthetic protection is embedded in this product allowing for superior protection and durability.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax is useful if you need more protection for your car against scratches, as well as smoothing out those paint swirls. It is made with Meguiar’s most advanced synthetic wax – hydrophobic wax.

Hydrophobic wax is useful because it provides a glossy look with long-lasting protection. It also reduces damage from the elements, as water tends to slide right off the surface that it is applied to.

10. Meguiars Ultimate Compound  –

If you think of combining some of the top products from Meguiar’s you’ll come up with Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound. Designed primarily as a one-stop shop, to help remove oxidation, scratches, water spots, and swirls.

The benefit of this product is that it provides multiples services to your car. As well as reducing swirl marks and scratches, it is also able to remove oxidation from your vehicle.The compound is not made with a large number of abrasive materials, but it works with the same amount of strength.

Meguiar works with micro-abrasive technology that makes it possible to take marks out of hard paint. All that is known about this technology is that it is made of a compilation of abrasives, and is unique to Meguiar. As a result, your going to find a high gloss almost wet finish after you use this product. However, it will give you the peace of mind knowing that the formula doesn’t have any harsh or abrasive additives. The Ultimate Compound is one of the best swirl remover for black paint. 

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Closing Shop

Do you now feel a bit more confident about getting rid of the swirl marks on your car? Perhaps one of the options listed above will be the one that does the trick for you in your situation. Whichever one you choose, it means that you care about your car looking its best – which will definitely pay off in the end.

I personally am proud of my car, and I enjoy seeing it look good. What do you think about keeping your car looking its best? Share this article with your friends and let us know which product you decide to use, and what the results were afterward!

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