10 Best Synthetic Oil For Your Motor Health


Nowadays, cars are doing up to fourteen thousand miles a year. Regular oils will last about three thousand miles and then it will be time to change. However, with synthetic oil , you may only have to change twice a year as they can last up to 7000 miles.

This is what makes this topic interesting for me. Not only do you save money but you also reduce the number of times you change engine oil. Read on for the best synthetic motor oil comparison.

True to its name, synthetic oil is man-made. It is a lubricant that has been created by artificially mixing chemical compounds. Some of the synthetic oils in the market are created conventional oil as a base; the conventional oil is chemically altered to create this long lasting oil.

Some, however, are created from other raw materials. Besides being refined, synthetic oil is also distilled and purified, and then broken down to basic molecules making them more pure. Unlike conventional oils, synthetic oils can be created to match the needs of modern vehicles.

Given their molecular customization, synthetic oils are able to offer more protection to your engine and even deliver better performance.

On the other hand, conventional oil, also referred to as standard oil, is natural and is extracted from natural crude oil. It is also referred to as mineral-based oil. According to experts, synthetic oil has a horde of advantages over mineral based oil. Compared to mineral based oils, synthetic oil is relatively thinner.

This gives it the ability to resist extreme temperatures and last relatively longer. There is a chance you will not notice any difference in the way your car performs.

The basic difference between conventional and synthetic oil is that the latter takes more time before it starts breaking. This means less oil changes.

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How Long Does Synthetic Oil Change Last?

The best synthetic motor oil will last between 7500 miles and 10000 miles. This is compared to the 3000 miles that conventional oils last. There are some synthetic oils that last up to 25000 miles before they require a change. However, it is advisable that you do not wait that long to change the oil.

Benefits Of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is considered a good alternative to conventional oil because it flows easily in cold weather and as such, there is no loss of prime in cold weather. The oil is not affected by heat, chemical contaminants and friction. Ergo, it maintains its viscosity at all times.

Best Synthetic Oil Reviews

1. Castrol 03057 GTX MAGNATEC Full Synthetic Motor Oil – Best Synthetic Oil For The Money

If you’re looking for the best synthetic oil for the money, you’ve certainly arrived at the right place! The Castrol 03057 GTX Magnatec Full Synthetic Oil will dramatically reduce the wear on your vehicle’s engine over time. This will ultimately save you a significant amount of money in the long-run when you factor in things like repairs & minor (or potentially major) fixes.

Another nice feature that makes the Castrol GTX Magnatec Full Synthetic Oil the best synthetic oil is that it actually provides a protective layer while your vehicle is warming up. This is one of the most critical stages for reducing engine wear, and this synthetic motor oil makes sure to provide you with a great solution for keeping your engine running smooth.

2. Mobil 1 120769 High Mileage Synthetic Motor Oil: Best High Mileage Oil

Mobil makes it on the list again, this time for its great performance in enhancing engine performance and protecting the engines of vehicles with more than 75000 miles. This full-synthetic oil is created to offer excellent lubrication to all vehicles and in protecting critical parts of engines for vehicles with a high mileage.

It is highly effective in cleaning out sludge that conventional oils cannot. This way, it is able to prevent leaks in engines and enhance fuel economy.

The full synthetic oil is designed to shun friction completely for wear protection and prevent oxidation. It is offered in a variety of sizes & viscosities and unlike other Mobil oils, the 120769 is relatively cheaper.

3. Mobil 1 120766 Extended Performance Synthetic Motor Oil 

This synthetic oil is designed to offer extended service. The oil lasts up to 15000 miles meaning you may not have to change your car oil for more than a year.

It is designed to perform better than most other brands in the market by cleaning out sludge and ensuring that the engine performs optimally. It is dexos1 licensed, a factor that makes it a trustworthy product.

The Mobil 1 120766 is full synthetic created with a precise balance of additives. The additives included in the oil offer stellar oil breakdown for better engine protection. This oil is compatible with engine seals and acts pretty well in low temperatures as well as high temperatures.

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4. Valvoline SynPower Full Synthetic Oil: Maintains Fuel Efficiency

The SynPower makes it to the list thanks to its excellent engine cleaning abilities. It offers faster oil flow at startup and is an ideal choice for very cold temperatures. Even better, it has been used to lubricate vehicles in high temperatures and in severe driving styles and conditions such as racing cars.

Given its cleaning ability, it is able to offer great fuel efficiency. It is created to meet all the requirements of turbocharged and supercharged cars and many other types of cars especially those operating in North America.

It is full synthetic and as such lasts longer than a conventional blend of synthetic oils. According to the manufacturer, the oil can last up to 10000 miles.

5. Castrol 03084 EDGE Synthetic Motor Oil: Protects Engine Against Oxidation

You will love the Castrol 03084 for its cleaning power; it is able to remove deposits from your engine and improve its performance while minimizing fuel consumption. According to the manufacturer, this full synthetic oil is able to offer up to 42 percent better cleaning.

It protects the engine against wear by reducing friction and against oxidation. It meets the engine cleaning and protection standards set by dexos1.

It has been highly used on premium cars.

Like other oils in its category, it is able to operate on extreme temperatures; it is rated 5W-30. The 5-quart oil is offered at a relatively affordable price.

6. Royal Purple 01130 High Performance Synthetic Oil: Highly Compatible Synthetic Oil

Royal Purple is popular with many automakers and car owners thanks to its great performance, its wear protection abilities and its cleaning powers. It is a blend of premium base oils and additives.

Among the many additives is ethanol, which increased the oils compatibility with many vehicles. According to the manufacturer, the oil matches the needs of almost all vehicles. The SAE 5W-30 oil offers superior engine performance and fuel efficiency by cleaning out sludge fast.

Created in North America, it meets all the requirements set for cars and light trucks. It has also been used on heavy trucks and in high mileage cars. Used with other oils, conventional and conventional blend synthetic, it performs just fine.

7. Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage Synthetic Motor Oil: High Cleaning Power Oil

Valvoline is another popular brand. The Valvoline MaxLife is created to offer protection to high mileage cars and increase their engine life. To this end, it is created with synthetic materials blended with conventional base stocks.

Unlike other synthetic oils, this oil features additional seal conditioning agents to prevent leaks, extra cleaning agents for fast and effective sludge removal and extra anti-wear additives for better engine protection.

To protect your high mileage engine even better, the oil is created with friction modifiers. The oil simply enhances engine performance. Though created for vehicles a mileage of 75000 miles or more, it can also be used on new engines and re-built engines. It is a blend but it works well in extreme temperatures.

8. Pennzoil 550038221 5W-30 Full Synthetic Oil

Like its name suggests, Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic oil is created from 100 percent synthetic materials; this is why it makes it to the top of the list. Its one great quality is the ability to clean out engine sludge with a better intensity as compared to mineral based oils and synthetic oils that use conventional oils as bases.

Created from high quality cleaning agents, the oils is able to keep your engine forty percent cleaner. It is ideal in extreme temperature conditions; its viscosity is not affected by extreme heat or cold.

It is offered with better wear protection abilities to withstand severe driving and meet stringent automakers’ requirements for engine protection and cleanliness.

The oil is designed to protect the piston of your car protection its horsepower and ensuring you do not use more fuel than you should.

9. Shell Rotella 550019921 T6 Full Synthetic Oil: For Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

The Shell Rotella 550019921 T6 makes it to our list thanks to its advanced formula to offer protection to heavy duty diesel engines. Its multi-functional and low ash additives technology applied in a synthetic base oil makes it highly responsive and gives it the ability to continuously adapt to different driving conditions.

Seeing that it is created for diesel engines, the oil is ideal for use in heavy duty trucks and buses.

The oil is created with low levels of ash, sulfur and phosphorous to enhance the efficiency of heavy duty trucks with modern emissions systems. The 5W-40 rated oil is able to offer an excellent flow at temperatures up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit low. It protects your vehicle against shear stability degradation better than other oils in its category.

10. Briggs and Stratton 5W-30 Small Engine Synthetic Motor Oil: Best for Small 4-Cycle Engines 

The Briggs and Stratton 32 oz synthetic oil bottle is able to perform great on small engines such as 4-cycle engines. It is created to offer better wear control and enhance the performance of your engine. The oil is designed with better inherent strength compared to other oils in the market, as such, it remains active for longer.

The SAE 5W-30 rated engine oil offers better low-temperature fluidity, better viscosity response in extreme temperatures, better oxidation control, low volatility and increased ability to clean out engine deposits. With the use of this oil, your engine will perform better and reduce fuel consumption.

Like other full synthetic oils, the Briggs and Stratton Small engine oil is compatible with most conventional and conventional blend oils. It is recommended for use in Air-Cooled 4-Cycle engines. Even better, it is offered at an affordable price.

Best Oil Filter For Synthetic Oil

Mobil 1 (M1-110) Extended Performance Oil Filter

The Mobil 1 brand is popular thanks to its ability to filter out dirt. It sports a proprietary design that enables it to trap and to hold more dirt that most of the filters in the market. The new filter is offered with a cartridge and spin-on oil filters which provides over 97 percent VIO (Vehicles in Operation) coverage.

The filter is created with an advanced synthetic fiber media which can hold up to 28 grams of engine contaminants. The filter features an aluminum canister to withstand engine operating pressure.

It features an anti-drain back valve that gives the filter the ability to prevent dry stars.

Dry stars are prevented by minimizing internal leakages during a shutdown. You can use it with any synthetic oil without any effect on its performance. Besides being compatible with many oil brands, the filter was created to match the needs of different vehicles including heavy duty, light duty, cars and trucks.

Unlike other filters, this offers a longer functional life before a change is required. This makes Mobil 1 the best full synthetic oil filter.

Even better, its performance price ratio is great making it a good buy.

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Did you enjoy the list? It is my hope that you did. I fancy the best synthetic oil to conventional mineral based oils as they are able to lengthen the life of my engine and also ensure that I do not frequently have a change of engine oil.

This saves me time and money and in the long run, it improves the performance of my car’s engine and enhances fuel efficiency. If you have never tried synthetic oils, you can start now seeing that they are compatible with mineral based oils.

Have you used synthetic oils before? What do you think about them? Let us know in the comments section below. Who knows, you might be helping a fellow motorist save money.

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