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Anyone who owns their own truck knows that using a tonneau cover can be extremely beneficial to easily storing gear in your truck bed. Doing so will create a space where you can safely & securely store your items. Additionally, as a cover made specifically for truck, the tonneau cover will help protect your stored valuables from hazardous weather conditions. Having a truck shouldn’t predispose you to be left in the dark when the weather gets bad. If there is a snowstorm, thunderstorm, or even just intense sunlight hitting your truck bed, having the best tonneau cover will protect your items and provide a safe storage facility within your truck for them.

What Is A Tonneau Cover?

If you’re wondering what a tonneau cover actually is, it’s essentially a cover that protects the open part of your truck bed where you store your things. Since truck beds are completely exposed and quite open for a storage space, rain, moisture, dirt, and dust can easily access your gear, damaging anything you may be carrying. This puts your hard-earned gear at risk of being damaged, making it tough to hit the road on long trips. The best tonneau cover will keep your gear dry & safe. They cover your truck bed without needing a full cap for your truck.

The Best Tonneau Cover (Full Tonneau Cover Reviews Below)

1.Truxedo Pro X15 Truck Bed CoverCheck Price
2.BakFlip G2 Best Tonneau CoverCheck Price
3.Truxedo TruXport Tonneau CoverCheck Price
4.WeatherTech Hard Tri-Fold AlloyCover Tonneau CoverCheck Price
5.Tyger Auto Best Tonneau CoverCheck Price
6.Extang Tuff TonneauCheck Price
7.Extang ExpressCheck Price

Below we’ve listed a compiled list of 7 different best tonneau cover options for your consideration. Some are far more advanced than others and the price points also vary significantly. You may find it a bit confusing how some of these truck bed covers can have a difference of hundreds of dollars. While you may think that picking a tonneau cover that is $300 versus a tonneau cover that is $1,000, the choice may seem obvious; why pay an exorbitant amount of money to achieve the same purpose, right?

After reading the following tonneau cover options, you will see that there are truck bed covers that provide an increased, almost luxury level of accessibility than their simpler tonneau cover counterparts. What do we mean by an increased level of accessibility? As you’ll notice below, one of the following truck bed covers differs from the rest in that it reduces road noise that results from using a truck and driving at highway speeds. Brands are constantly evolving and getting smarter at designing the best tonneau covers, offering extra features like sound reduction. Browse our list of the best tonneau covers listed below and decide which truck bed cover best suits you.

1. Truxedo Pro X15 Truck Bed Cover – The Best Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Featuring one of the lowest profiles on the market today, the Truxedo Pro X15 Truck Bed Cover is considered the best roll up tonneau cover for the money. Its durability is one of the best that money can buy, with the thick vinyl material being resistant to any tearing. With vinyl offering the majority of the protection along with a strong aluminum powder-coated frame, this tonneau cover will certainly stand the test of time. Consider it an investment in the wellbeing of your vehicle. The Truxedo Pro X15 offers the protection normally reserved for a hard tonneau cover in a quite affordable roll up tonneau cover.

With Truxedo’s attention to detail and meticulous construction, the cover will sit smoothly along the top of the bed, avoiding any gaps or awkward alignments. Using a simple trigger latch that is featured on the driver’s side, the cover is kept nice and secure thanks to the automatic tension control feature. Many would argue that this is the best roll up tonneau cover on the market, with its scratch resistant, impeccably engineered low profile design. Providing both style and functionality, the Truxedo Pro X15 is our top rated tonneau cover on the market today. With a classic matte-black finish, your truck bed can don this tonneau cover with pride.

Truxedo Pro X15 Reviews – Ease of Installation

The Truxedo Pro X15 tonneau covers can be installed with ease; the same goes for its removal. In just 20-30 minutes, the driver will be able to install this top rated tonneau cover. The best part? There’s no extra tools or even drilling required for the tonneau cover’s removal! This product was built to be simple to level without requiring any outside assistance. As mentioned before, its automatic tension control is what really makes this tonneau cover stand out amongst its competitors. The patented method is sure to regulate the grip of the cover on your truck bed, regardless of unstable weather conditions.

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This tonneau cover really is extensively covered with the highest quality vinyl on both its interior and exterior. With such meticulous detail, the arguably best roll up tonneau cover is sure to stay tightly secured onto the truck bed. The high quality of this tonneau cover comes as no surprise, as its made in America, and even comes with a lifetime warranty. That is great for customers who may want to make the investment but aren’t entirely confident in their decision. A lifetime guarantee isn’t something that most products offer so to have a truck bed cover offer a lifetime warranty to the customer is incredibly impressive.

Quick Steps for Installation:

  1. Mount the rails to bed using the bolt on clamps.
  2. Simply snap the cover assembly into place.
  3. Roll the cover all the way back to the tailgate and slam it shut to latch it.

With straightforward steps above you can see just how easy it will be to install your Truxedo Pro X15 tonneau cover. This is such an easy precaution to take in order to protect your vehicle and prevent any damage to your cargo. Often times, when it comes to mechanical vehicles and other complicated devices, people assume that assembling the device itself is really challenging. The task appears daunting, but with this top rated truck bed cover, the setup is a breeze.

2. BakFlip G2 Best Tonneau Cover – The Best Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

For those looking for a higher level of security that a roll up tonneau cover can’t offer, they should highly consider the best tri fold tonneau cover on the market today. That’s exactly what BAK excels in: producing a quality hard folding tonneau cover with strong, high-grade material. Even with the thicker and more durable material, the BAK line of covers still functions similar to that of their softer, more flexible counterparts.

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What kind of materials are used? Anything from fiberglass reinforced polymers to aluminum, which provide the highest level of security to the customer. This is a specialty of the BAK brand, offering a top rated hard folding tonneau cover. The products that are at the top of the BAK leaderboard are of course the BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover and the BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover. The powerful tonneau cover has revolutionized the market by providing customers with access to a wider range of higher quality materials.

BAKFlip G2 Reviews – Setting The Standard As Our Best Tri Fold Tonneau Cover

The BAKFlip G2 is our best tri fold tonneau cover. Taking the number one spot in the hard folding tonneau cover category is warranted given just how much security and functionality it provides to the customer. The modern truck driver wants as much versatility and use out of their truck as possible, and adding a hard folding tonneau cover is an excellent addition to create peace of mind and secure any cargo. Finding both versatility and security in a single product is a dream come true for truck drivers, especially those who are willing to splurge a bit.

With a simple flip, they will be able to access their truck bed. While the Bakflip G2 Aluminum Hard Folding Tonneau Cover is very impressive and functional, it does come with a price. Not all customers would be able to afford something like this, but that being said, over time you’re going to feel like you got your money’s worth out of a quality product. Depending on your personal opinion, it may be better to just purchase one really sturdy truck bed cover than to have to keep replacing a worn-out, deteriorated and flimsy truck bed cover.

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The price point is always an interesting thing to consider when making large purchases especially when the prices for the same type of product and vary from over $200 to well over $2,000. As a consumer, it can to be incredibly confusing because you don’t know which qualities are the most important and which ones are more just luxuries. While some people find it really important to have certain luxuries, others prefer products that just get the job done. Both perspectives are equally as valid, so it comes down to the user’s preferences and needs depending on where they live and what they’re trying to do.

3. Truxedo TruXport Tonneau Cover – The Quality Yet Affordable Truck Bed Cover

Expanding upon their already successful line of products, Truxedo knocks it out of the ballpark yet again with an affordable, durable cover that’ll provide you with that #1 quality, literally. Truxedo is known to be the best tonneau cover brand in the world. The industrial strength fabrics and patented auto-tension control systems, the Truxedo TruXport Tonneau Cover is a trustworthy option for any driver, especially with its dual latch system.

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Whether it’s for work or a family road trip, there is an entire range of roll up tonneau covers available to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Given the significant price difference between a Truxedo TruXport Tonneau Cover and other contenders for the best tonneau cover, it’s a good choice for anyone not looking to splurge just to be able to use a tonneau cover to protect their truck from weather damage.

The average person may not be able to handle unfolding and refolding a very heavy material used to make the tonneau cover, so the TruXedo TruXport is the best tonneau cover option for the modern day consumer who may not want to be strained as they store their roll up tonneau cover. Everyone should be able to enjoy access to a sleekly designed, functional and versatile truck bed cover. The TruXport wins our “Affordable” award in our best truck bed cover competition, as it doesn’t compromise on protection, either. With very secure and reliable options to fasten the Tonneau Cover to the truck bed, you can feel prepared for any kind of weather. Everyone wants to have a neat-looking truck cover that manages to effectively cover any chaos of cargo.

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With a simple snap and clamp, you can easily set up your TruXedo Tonneau Cover. How easily? In a few minutes! The adjustable tension control will also allow you to be in charge of how securely and tightly the best tonneau cover grasps onto the truck bed itself. As for warranty, the best truck bed cover comes with a five year warranty and this does include the vinyl of the cover. While a different option for the best tonneau cover offered a much more extensive warranty, five years is still a good amount of time to test out and replace the best tonneau cover in the affordability category.

To get into the details of the Truxedo best tonneau cover, the fastening process of the best tonneau cover involves using industrial grade velcro. This is used in combination with the roll up style design of the truck bed cover. There are so many different options for attaching the truck bed cover on to the side railings of the truck itself. In this list alone we’ve seen snaps, hooks, and Velcro as mechanisms to accomplish this task and serve as the best tonneau cover. Nevertheless, what you consider the best tonneau cover comes down to personal preference.

4. WeatherTech Hard Tri-Fold AlloyCover Tonneau Cover – The Best Hard Tonneau Cover

The WeatherTech AlloyCover is an all-around high-grade impressive product, with its durability, foldable functionality, and sleek style. The very modern style of The WeatherTech AlloyCover sits at barely half of an inch on top of your truck bed. We consider this the best hard tonneau cover, and features a stunning black finish to accommodate the look of any modern day vehicle. Its textured quality will blend in seamlessly with your OEM bed liner, providing a very clean look to your vehicle.

Unsurprisingly, a pleasing aesthetic isn’t all that the best tonneau cover has to offer. The WeatherTech AlloyCover is strong enough to endure difficult weather conditions, so you won’t have to worry about a drop of water entering your truck bed. This cover has an impenetrable design, which is ideal for any severe weather conditions or even a large amount of dust. The tri-fold feature also makes it incredibly simple to adjust.

Even with all the incredible functionality this top rated tonneau cover offers, it still manages to be a foldable compact, lightweight in its build. This cover is incredibly durable and attractive but also excels in its aerodynamic qualities. Easy to install and remove and efficient for your tonneau truck’s gas mileage, the WeatherTech AlloyCover is an excellent investment that provides lots of value to truck drivers across the nation.

WeatherTech Alloy Cover Reviews – Road Noise Reduction

One unique aspect of this tonneau cover is its AutoLatch II latching system, which creates an added level of protected when used in combination with a locked tailgate. If you are carrying valuables in your tonneau truck bed, you also can rely on the incredibly sturdy aluminum panels, which are attached to the strong hinges mentioned earlier. When your truck is in motion, there are a lot of loud sounds that are produced by the engine, etc. The unique design of the WeatherTech AlloyCover reduces those sound vibrations that usually come with using any hard tonneau cover. Additionally, you can find rubber seals along with those vinyl mechanisms. The ability to minimize the unwanted road noisewhile using a tonneau cover is certainly one of the main criteria on our list.

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Given that the majority of truck owners live in areas with very contrasting weather conditions, it’s excellent to know that a company offers something for everyone. Whether you live in a very thunderstorm-prone area or a place that experiences a ton of snow, You won’t have to second-guess the quality of your purchase. It can be challenging to produce a product that is great for so many different scenarios, especially when it comes to truck bed covers. WeatherTech did a great job investing in the quality of this truck bed cover by making it very durable, so everyone wins.

If you look closely, this is the only truck bed cover option on this entire list that is created with the specific intention of reducing sound. Since most truck bed covers are focused primarily on using durable materials, and creating simple access for installation and removal, this particular truck bed cover goes one step further by making the reduction of road noise a top priority. The engineering required to understand the way that sound works and how that relates to their product the way that WeatherTech does is quite impressive.

Most companies will not make an effort to research sound frequencies and waves just for the purpose of reducing vibrations in a truck bed cover at highway speeds. We all know what it’s like to open your truck window and here rumbling sounds from the flapping of the vinyl between your truck bed cover and the side rails on the truck itself. It’s a very unpleasant sound, which is highly undesired during long road trips. Lucky for us, we don’t have to worry about it with the best hard truck bed cover on this list.

5. Tyger Auto Best Tonneau Cover – The Most Stylish Truck Bed Cover

For style enthusiasts, the Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover’s various options are music to your ears. With full functionality including the ability to fold and retract the tonneau cover with ease, this is a great way to infuse both aesthetics and quality. If we’re solely considering the exterior of the Tyger Auto truck bed cover, which happens to be coated on both sides with a marine-grade vinyl finish, has a far more aesthetically pleasing and enticing look than the average soft truck bed cover.

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Having your cargo out in the open is not only a safety risk, as your items could easily fall out and block the roadway for the driver behind you, but it’s also quite disorganized and chaotic-looking. With the Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover, you get a truck bed cover that’s super clean in appearance. This means you can travel in style and not worry about your truck being thought of as one of those run down, dirty trucks. With truck bed covers made out of softer materials, it’s not as likely that you receive a product that’s really clean in its appearance, so the Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover does an impressive job of infusing style and functionality.

The best part of owning one of these super sleek truck bed covers is the inexpensive price of these truck bed covers! Now, drivers of all socioeconomic backgrounds can have access to truck bed covers that help them sport a fashionable vehicle and feel empowered and modern when on the road. There’s no need to sacrifice utility and appearances with your tonneau cover.

6. Extang Tuff Tonneau – Runner Up For Best Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Another affordable option that doesn’t compromise on style, the Extang Tuff Tonneau provides customers with all the standard conveniences of a high-quality roll up truck bed cover. Made with vinyl that easily rolls up, the driver can easily undo the bed cover in a clean-looking, classy way. This truck bed cover comes with an integrated strap for storing the rolled up cover when the driver needs access to the truck. The perks of using the Extang Tuff Tonneau is that you won’t be left fumbling with any snaps, unlike some of the other truck bed cover options. Thank the heavens for this snapless J-strip.

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Any user who finds themselves frequently in a rush can rely on the Extang Tuff Tonneau to make their lives easier by eliminating the tedious process of snapping things and unsnapping them just to use the truck bed cover. Now let’s talk about the structure and actual frame of the truck bed cover. The entire frame of the Extang Tuff Tonneau is made of anodized aluminum. What does anodized aluminum even do? It prevents your truck bed cover from rusting and deteriorating. For a truck bed cover that’s quite inexpensive, the Extang Tuff Tonneau is pretty useful and made of great quality.

This cover has racked up outstanding reviews among buyers and can be relied on for a great textured cover to your truck. There is also no restriction to your tailgate. The vinyl truck bed cover rolls onto spring-loaded bows, which you can, of course, remove if you’re loading bigger cargo. Out of all the options for the best tonneau cover, the Extang is the most convenient and also said to be the simplest to use.

7. Extang Express 

The Extang Express is a great roll up tonneau cover that is easy to set up and installs within a few minutes without any drilling required. It has a triple-stitched commercial grade tarp with a tapered design. The aerodynamic design helps lower wind drag, which consequently increases gas mileage – a must for any product considered for our best tonneau cover award. Unlike some sleeker table covers listed above, the Extang Express offers a more voluminous look by sitting about one and a half to two inches above the rails of your truck bed.

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You should be aware, though, that this particular tonneau cover will not work very well with any stake pocket mount accessories. If this isn’t a need for you, then the Extang could be the best tonneau cover. Nonetheless, the weather tough seals provide the ultimate truck bed protection and the PVC seals in this top rated tonneau cover protect your truck bed from high temperatures and UV rays.

Extang Express Reviews – Installation

There are springs incorporated at the rear of the tonneau cover for this auto-tensioning truck bed cover, which is adjustable in any weather condition. For the installation, you want to place your side rail in its appropriate place and identify the three pre-drilled holes. It’s time to install the side rails and clamps with the open side facing up, and once inside, use a wrench to tighten the bowl down. You would do the same with the middle and end clamp as you did with the front clamp. Now that you have your driver’s side rail installed, you should do the same with the passenger side rail. You will notice that they hide under the tonneau cover and aren’t too visible or distracting. There is a wedge on the fabric’s end that is meant to be placed on the side rails. Slide the wedge into both side rails, and use the slide clamp, which can be secured with a hand knob.


There’s a wide set of options for the best tonneau cover available on the market, each providing a different functionality. Since there are so many different kinds of tonneau covers used for distinct purposes, the invention of the tonneau cover cannot be credited to any one individual. The durability and flexibility of the tonneau cover can range from a very soft, pliable roll up truck bed cover, to a sturdy and rigid hard folding tonneau cover. Since the tonneau cover creates a storage compartment in the back of a tonneau truck, the tonneau cover is seen as an alternative option to using the common camper shells.

Tonneau covers that were more flexible or pliable became quite commonly used on prominent highways and speedways. In addition to being used in such a common space, the soft tonneau covers also served tonneau truck racers as a way to improve the movement of their trucks to be sturdier, lessening the effects of “drag” on the tonneau truck. Each tonneau truck bed allows the driver creative freedom to structure the truck beds as needed. There are so many different kinds of trucks & truck bed accessories, each with a different need and preference for a tonneau cover. You may also tonneau being spelled tonno, which is actually of French origin, but the most commonly used phrase is a tonneau cover.

Did you enjoy the list of covers we curated above? Let us know in the comments which cover you think you’d go with! Also, if you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends!

Finding The Best Truck Bed Cover | The Tonneau Cover Buyer’s Guide:

While ranking the best tonneau covers is certainly helpful, we wanted to put together some additional resources that can help you in your search for the best tonneau bed cover and teach you how to install your truck bed cover properly. Having a visual demonstration of how to install something can be a huge help to those who might find the task really daunting. Since trucks are obviously large vehicles, it’s easy to assume that they require a professional mechanic to accessorize or add simple parts to.However, this simply isn’t the case when it comes to installing the best tonneau cover.

Selecting the best tonneau cover for you is not an easy thing to choose, especially given all the different qualities that the you can take into consideration prior to purchasing one. Hopefully, our buyer’s guide for the best tonneau covers helps narrow down the plethora of options available online, making it easier for you to see which ones really stand out or fit your needs.

Truck Bed Cover Features, Options, & Terminology

Let’s review some of the main features that are included in the search for the best tonneau covers. While different brands have distinct reputations and experience levels, the majority of truck bed covers on the market are pretty similar in terms of the goal they achieve. Ultimately, some drivers are looking for security for their vehicles and potentially an increase in gas mileage, whereas other drivers are focused on the aesthetic and style of their tonneau cover.

Some important things to take into consideration when purchasing from these brands is the type of mechanism required to retract & engage the truck bed cover successfully; this can range from a roll up tonneau cover, to a hard folding truck bed cover, to even a remote powered retractable system. The method is entirely up to you and what you would find most convenient. Maybe you dislike hook and loop methods and prefer the snap-on method. It’s up to you, so don’t be afraid to get picky about something you will be using for years to come.

With the actual build of the best tonneau cover, more often than not our preferred option for a tonneau cover is a soft cover, but there are certainly some great hard covers as well. Soft truck bed covers are usually cheaper, but they are not nearly as durable as the stronger hard folding tonneau cover, which is far more secure. It’s even possible for some really strong and hard tonneau cover types to carry heavy objects like ATV’s on top of them; that’s some serious strength for a tonneau cover!

A common method of opening and closing the tonneau cover to your best tonneau truck is by using what’s called a tri-fold or folding truck bed cover. These break down the best truck cover into three panels, allowing you to flip one on top of the other. You can even remove these panels entirely if you need that extra space back, but that will obviously require more time and effort (and physical strength). Between a roll up and a foldable best tonneau cover, the foldable one is far more sturdy and can hold much more weight on top of it than a soft roll up truck bed cover.

The easiest tonneau cover to use, however, is definitely the retractable cover. They slide smoothly along the side rails of your truck’s rear, retracting into a storage container at the front of the truck bed. An exciting feature with retractable covers is that they can be locked in any position the driver wants throughout the truck bed. The option to retract your best tonneau cover certainly comes at an added price. As expected, they are way more expensive than a roll up truck bed cover or a tri fold truck bed cover. For some people, the ease may be worth the extra money spent.

Hinged hard covers, which are usually one piece hard covers, have the cleanest look because you as the driver have the option of color matching your hinges to the color of your truck. These are the ones that almost look like a camper shell, but not as tall. For hard hinged covers, typically color match is a big deal to some people, and the emphasis on security is very reassuring, but the only downside to owning a hinged best tonneau cover is that you can not drive the vehicle while the hinges are still open, as they can pose a safety threat. Last but not least, the heavy duty truck bed covers can be so durable that they can carry two ATVs on them.

We hope that this comprehensive explanation of truck bed accessories is informational and provides you with the knowledge necessary to make a smart consumer decision on the best tonneau cover for you and your ride. Your truck bed can pose different problems in your life depending on whether you struggle with storage and organization or you just don’t have the time and energy to install the best tonneau cover possible.

More Than Just Fancy Features

It’s fascinating how many different, yet positive outcomes arise from the decision to change one thing about your truck. Who would’ve thought that installing truck bed covers could change the way your actual vehicle moves, by increasing its gas mileage? It’s as if there is a domino effect of benefits that accompany this one change and best of all, the customer won’t have to compromise on one quality (price) to reap the benefits of another (flexibility).

In browsing the research available online for truck bed covers, we haven’t found many negative things said about the truck bed covers themselves for us to draw the conclusion that the product does more harm than good, or is a misleading one. This appears to be a genuine improvement for truck owners across the nation who each have unique perspectives, purposes, and budgets. The good thing about the truck bed covers market is that nearly anyone can access it and regardless of whether or not they have money, can still find something worthwhile and usable.

For more well-versed customers who are wondering whether they can find truck bed covers that will be compatible with their pre-existing tool boxes, the answer is yes, they do in fact exist! The options for truck bed covers that can be used in combination with a tool box are also quite varied, as the customer can select from retractable truck bed covers, tilt-back truck bed covers, roll up truck bed covers, as well as folding truck bed covers. Quite an arrangement for such a specific need!

If you have a strong interest in purchasing a retractable truck bed covers, it’s possible that you may have to spend upwards of $900 or even $1,000. Is money worth better design and functionality to you? Even the cheapest options, which tend to hover around $300, are still great truck bed covers. Though inexpensive, these truck bed covers are built to last even in harsh weather conditions over the long run. Buyer reviews do not show any indication of commonly malfunctioning truck bed covers, so this may take the edge off selecting the best tonneau cover for you.

Aside from price, functionality, and style, another thing to take into consideration is whether anyone else uses your truck, and for what purpose. Some of these truck bed covers may require a set of extra hands, whereas something like the retractable truck bed covers don’t require the driver to learn all the steps to use the tonneau cover. For example, any individuals using the truck bed cover are not physically muscular, then the customer would want to avoid purchasing a truck bed cover that folds and has to be removed.

Though the majority of these systems are quite straightforward to implement, that doesn’t mean that putting them into practice will be a breeze for anyone and everyone. An individual who is more petite in their figure may struggle to properly close or lock a hinged truck bed cover. Some truck drivers enjoy putting in the elbow grease to unlock or even install their truck bed covers.

Your Truck Bed Cover & The Elements

Last but not least, you need to make sure your best truck bed cover is weather proof. The tonneau cover was designed to protect your gear from damage of any sort, and one of the most prominent forms of this tends to be a result of weather conditions as simple as a heavy thunderstorm. You want to make sure that your cover really withstands the varying weather conditions of the region you live in as well as many places you plan to travel to (or have to travel to for your job).

The process of selecting a tonneau cover doesn’t need to be as complicated as it may sound. The majority of truck bed covers can truly accomplish the same thing as another tonneau cover, which is to protect your belongings from being affected by harsh weather conditions. Your cargo is an important part of your drive, whether you are going away for the weekend or delivering heavy materials to a customer in another state. You only want the most reliable and sturdy tonneau cover available. The sturdier your tonneau cover, the more control you will have over the safety of your cargo.

We wish you the best of luck in your search for a tonneau cover! In case you feel overloaded by information about all these products, the simple breakdown is that there are retractable truck bed covers, roll up truck bed covers, tilt-back truck bed covers, as well as folding truck bed covers.

You may be thinking: that’s still a lot of truck bed covers! We can’t argue with you there, but we do know that really honing in on what you can afford and what you’re willing to pay and pairing that cost with the accessibility you’re looking for will help make this tonneau cover decision a hundred times easier! The search for tonneau truck bed covers will be well worth it in the end when you’re off to your next weekend getaway with your protective tonneau cover.

If you put in the effort of reading tonneau cover reviews now, you can save yourself a lot of time and potentially even money in damages in the long run. We’ve all heard the phrase “prevention is better than cure” and in the case of both your tonneau cover and your very expensive vehicle (not that the tonneau cover isn’t expensive), there’s a lot at risk without using a tonneau cover in such volatile weather conditions in different regions across the nation. Your tonneau cover is a clear solution to keeping your cargo safe.

Don’t forget to let us know which truck bed covers stand out to you, and of course which tonneau cover is your favorite! Be sure to share your truck bed covers selection with your friends on social media and send your favorite tonneau cover to your folks via email!

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