Top 7: Best Toolbox For Mechanics Reviews 2017


Best Toolbox For Mechanics

Whether you are an amateur or experienced mechanic, you need a toolbox. If you have work tools and items lying all over your workplace, it is easy to trip as you move around. For maximum satisfaction, you shouldn’t settle for a substandard product.

You need to go for the best toolbox for mechanics, and these reviews should help you in making the right decision. Here are our 7 best products.

1. Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox to help you Stay Perfectly Organized

This toolbox is 12 in. wide and 20 in. tall. That size is just right for a functional and portable toolbox. To help you stay organized in the workplace, it has three drawers.

This simply means you don’t have to keep fumbling around for your tools- just sort them into different drawers and pull out the exact one when you need a specific tool. The product is designed with a top handle for ease of portability.

The hasp and staple for padlocks are conveniently included to ensure the security of your tools. Heavy duty latches are included to keep the toolbox closed.

Drawers get automatically locked when you shut the top lid, and this helps to ensure even greater security. The product is made of hard, high-quality material, and this means it is very heavy.

The weight of the toolbox might be a problem for those intending to travel with it.


• Has three drawers to improve organization

• Has sufficient room for the storage of tools

• Is made of high-quality material

• Has a heavy-duty latch to keep your tools secure


• Very heavy

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2. Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Storage Cabinet with Wheels

This is a much larger toolbox, measuring about 2 feet in height. The design features wheels to make it easier to drag around. It has a heavy-duty steel door that is lockable for greater security. Its top surface doubles as a work area, and is made of thick hardwood. The surface of the cabinet is well polished to make it visually appealing.

One big problem with this storage cabinet is the fact that you have to spend a lot of time in its assembly. The instructions are very clearly stated, but the steps are just too many. You will probably need help with the assembling of the cabinet.

It is very heavy, weighing a little over 100 pounds, which is because of the high-quality of materials used in its construction. The manufacturer included a set of wheels to make it easier to move around. The wheels have a large diameter, which helps to reduce the stress involved in dragging it around.


• Easier to move around

• Has a heavy duty steel door for enhanced security

• Is made of high-quality material to make it durable

• Has a hardwood top surface to provide extra working room


• Assembling it is bound to take very long

• Is very heavy

3. Excel TB2105X-Blue 26-Inch Steel Top Chest for the Best Price

This toolbox is highly popular among mechanics, particularly because of its affordability. In fact, this is the best budget toolbox for mechanics. The manufacturer did not sacrifice quality or functionality for the lower price.

In terms of functionality, the toolbox has five ball bearing sliding drawers, and each of them is able to carry a maximum weight of 50 pounds. It is, therefore, a suitable toolbox for mechanics.

Moving the toolbox around is not a hard job since its design features two handles on the side, although they are recessed. Regardless of this, the handles work perfectly when you want to move the toolbox around.

The product is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, which means it is durable. This material is scratch resistant also, and for security, you can lock the compartments with two keys.

To open the drawers, you need to first unlock the top. This might cause some inconvenience for users, although it helps to ensure security. The feature is, especially important for people who intend to travel around with the toolbox. Without it, your tools can fall out because of the frequent turning.


• High quality

• Has drawers for better organization

• Is cheap

• Has handles for easier movement

• Will hold your tools securely


• Pulling out the drawers requires some effort

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4. Seville Classics UltraHDHeavy Duty Stainless Steel Tool Box for Mechanics with Few Tools

The body of this toolbox is made of stainless steel, while the manufacturer has used hardwood for its top. Its surface is shiny and silvery, and the steel frame is powder-coated to help it stay free of scratches for long.

These features could actually complement the nice appearance of your workplace. It has five sliding drawers to provide sufficient room for the storage of your tools.

Since most of it is made of stainless steel, it is very light in comparison to many other similar toolboxes. The design features two handles on the sides to help you carry it around. Its size is just right for a mechanic with few tools to store. The top of the toolbox can be opened and held in position with a pair of folding arms.

Assembling is not a problem with this toolbox. It comes almost fully put together.


• Is made of high-quality stainless steel

• The surface is powder-coated to prevent damage

• Has an attractive appearance

• Is very light

• Has handles for movement

• Comes almost completely assembled


• Might be too small for some mechanics

5. DEWALT DWST08204 Tough System Case for Power Tools

If you are the type of mechanic who uses power tools, then this is the toolbox you need. It has a robust design with a lot of space for the storage of tools. In addition to power tools, this system case can accommodate smaller items.

The inside has a vertical storage for such tools. It is constructed with a removable tray that you can use for hand tools storage.

Side latches are included to allow the stacking of modules on top of each other. These are made of rust-resistant metal. The handles on the side of the case make it easier to carry it around.

Also, an IP65 integrated water seal will keep your toolbox free from the destructive elements in the environment, and this makes the whole product durable.


• Can be transported or moved around on a ToughSystem trolley

• Can be stacked with other ToughSystem modules

• Is rust-resistant

• Can accommodate power tools and hand tools

• It has handles for easier transportation


• Is more expensive than similar toolboxes

• Is very heavy

• Takes a lot of space in the workplace

6. Stack-On PB-16 16-Inch Multi-Purpose Tool Box for Professional Use

This toolbox is deep enough to fit tools such as hammers and screwdrivers. As a consequence, it has sufficient room for the storage of many items. It has large riveted steel draw bolts. The product itself is made of hard and thick plastic, which are designed to withstand professional use.

Galvanized steel pins are used to make the hinges of this toolbox. It has an attractive design and comes in black and gray colors. The manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty on this toolbox.

You can add a lock to secure your tools even better. Since it is made of plastic, this is among the lightest toolboxes on the market. In fact, the weight is almost entirely made up of the tools carried in it. For its price, it is very strong.


• Is affordable

• Is very light

• Has a small design, but is made to hold many tools

• Comes with a 5-year warranty

• Is visually attractive

• Is made of strong material


• Might not be large enough for your needs

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7. Stanley STST19410 One-Latch Toolbox for General Purposes

This toolbox measures 16 by 19 by 24 inches. Such a size makes it the best toolbox for mechanics who like to travel or move around with their work items. It even includes a handle on the top to make it easier to carry around.

This toolbox almost weighs nothing, and you will, as a result, have very little trouble moving it around. It is one of the best mechanics tool box for the money.

The storage space will suit medium sized tools. With the help of the one-hand latch, you will be able to open the toolbox easily when your other hand is busy. It also shuts automatically.


• Is small and can still fit medium sized tools

• Is affordable

• Is very light

• Can be operated with a single hand

• It closes automatically


• Will not work for people with larger tool loads


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