Best Touchscreen Car Stereo

We’ve come a long way since the days of just standard AM/FM radios in our vehicles.

With technology advancing faster than ever, cassette players and chunky stereos have been replaced with impressive modern alternatives. Gone are the days of furiously turning knobs to tune into your favorite station and having the sound clarity destroyed by static interference.

Modern options give the driver the freedom of all music at the tap of a button, or even by using just their voice. Many modern touchscreen stereos also come with nifty features such as GPS navigation and cell phone connectivity, making your driving experience more relaxed and enjoyable for everyone in the vehicle. 

Buying a new car stereo is a big investment, so the decision should not be taken lightly. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best touchscreen car stereos on the market right now to make your decision even easier.

We will highlight the key features of each stereo and we have even included a handy Buyers’ Guide and FAQ section at the bottom of the article for your peace of mind.

In a hurry?

We understand that shopping around for the perfect car stereo can be time-consuming and a little stressful. If you’re eager to get on the road, below is a quick overview and link to our favorite pick from this list and a few reasons why we think you’ll love it.

Our top pick is the Pioneer AVH-210EX, here are a few of its key features condensed:

  • Built-in Bluetooth and hands-free calling
  • Wireless audio streaming (A2DP)
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • 6.2inch LED touchscreen display
  • Dimensions: 10 x 6.5 x 11 inches


Our favorite touchscreen car stereo is the impressive Pioneer-AVH-210EX.

It’s a great way to take full advantage of a variety of multimedia features without breaking the bank. The responsive and attractive 6.2inch LED screen offers a surprisingly crisp display for such a budget-friendly stereo.

Amazon reviewers seem to love the Media Transfer Protocol feature which allows Android cellphone users to use their device as a music source without needing to stress over downloading any apps.

Simply plug in your android device to the built-in standard USB port and the stereo intelligently recognizes your phone as a media player. The USB port charges your device too, so you’ll never run out of juice on the go.

The track name, artist, and album cover will even be displayed on the screen and you have complete freedom to pause, rewind, and skip your media without even touching your phone. You can even change the music by using your voice thanks to the clever audio-control feature. 

As well as being a practical and attractive option, the Pioneer AVH-210EX is also a super safe alternative to older models. The handsfree Bluetooth feature ensures that you’re always abiding by local hands-free laws.

As soon as you enter your car, the stereo will recognize that your device is near the receiver and automatically pair the two units.

This handsfree feature uses a 1.6 profile which includes Wideband Speed capacity, which drastically improves the sound quality of phone calls as it offers double the frequency bandwidth.


  • Easy installation.
  • Built-in Bluetooth.
  • USB connector and charging port.
  • Great sound quality.
  • User-friendly menu layout.


  • Some reviewers have had issues with touchscreen sensitivity.
  • The display can be difficult to see in direct sunlight.


Our second find deserves a spot on this list as it is a great budget-friendly option that does not compromise on lots of cool features.

The BOSS Audio BV9358B Player comes complete with a stunning 6.2inch LED touchscreen with an innovative graphic interface display that allows you to swipe through the user-friendly menu to find your favorite AM/FM stations and search for stations based on genre.

Customers who bought the stereo found the wireless remote control really helpful as it makes it simple to access key functions from the palm of your hand, whether you’re the driver or a back seat passenger. 

The built-in Bluetooth technology that comes with this stereo allows you to wirelessly stream audio through music subscription services such as Spotify or Apple Music which can then be controlled through the touchscreen display.

You can also control the volume of the audio and functions such as pause and play through your built-in steering wheel controls if you have them. However, you may need an additional interface to do this, which is not included with the stereo.

We also love the pre-amp outputs this unit has which allows you to expand your system by adding up to two amps or signal processors.


  • Great sound quality.
  • Built-in preset equalizer.
  • Bluetooth and handsfree connectivity.
  • Built-in USB and AUX ports.
  • SD memory card port.
  • Very affordable.


  • Should only be installed by a professional.
  • Speakers can be fuzzy at high volume levels.


Yet again, another Pioneer model has made it onto the list. The Pioneer AVH-2300NEX car stereo is perfect for those who like to be glued to their smartphones.

This stereo allows you to benefit from many smartphone features in a road-safe way while you drive. It allows you to connect to Apple Carplay and Android Auto, giving you unfettered access to the apps that you love on the go while still abiding by road safety laws. 

With a Pioneer NEX in-dash receiver, sound quality features like built-in Auto EQ and Time Alignment, 13-Band Graphic Equalizer with touch panel swipe settings, and built-in high/low pass crossover with adjustable points provide you with the controls to tailor your own listening experience.


  • Compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay.
  • Reverse Camera .
  • Numerous customizable features for a bespoke audio experience.


  • Some Amazon reviewers find the interface operates quite slowly.
  • The USB port doesn’t support quick charge.


If you’re on the hunt for a car stereo with a large widescreen display with a modern aesthetic design, the Sony XAV-AX100 may just be the perfect model for you.

This stereo boasts a 6.4inch touchscreen, the perfect size to take advantage of its rear camera compatibility.

This stereo also works great with Apple Carplay and Android Auto allowing you to bring up maps on the widescreen ensuring you’ll never get lost again. 

Those who purchased this stereo were impressed with the powerful 4 x 55W amplification which makes music sound clear and dynamic, even at higher volumes. 

It’s pretty evident that this stereo is far from bass-ic, as it also boasts a 10-band graphic equalizer that lets you create your own bespoke listening experience.


  • Physical volume knobs and buttons so you don’t have to rely just on the touchscreen.
  • Brightness can be dimmed for safer driving in the dark.
  • Compatible with rear cameras.
  • 10 band graphic equalizer.


  • The display is difficult to read in direct sunlight.
  • A warning pops up on-screen every time you turn on your vehicle.


Our last but certainly not least addition to this list comes from another reputable manufacturer, Kenwood. Although it’s not the most affordable option on the market, you do get a lot of quality for your cash.

This model comes equipped with an HD radio receiver as well as your standard AM/FM. If you’re particularly into listening to the radio rather than streaming from a media device, we recommend looking into this model as HD radio really is a whole lot better than standard bands in terms of audio quality. 

The Kenwood DDX4019DAB is also compatible with smartphones so listening to your favorite music or podcasts on the go will never be a problem. Simply sync your devices and control them through the stereo itself or connect them manually with the through the USB port.

Some users have mentioned a slight issue with delayed sensitivity on the touchscreen, but future software updates should fix this.


  • HD radio.
  • Built-in smartphone connectivity features.
  • 6.95-inch screen.


  • Slow interface.

Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Buying Guide

If investing in a new car stereo is something you’re ready to do, it’s important that you make the right choice and consider what you want from it before purchasing.

To help you make the right decision, we’ve compiled a handy breakdown of what you should consider when buying a car stereo and what some key features to think about before making your purchase.

Smartphone compatibility 

If you’re the kind of person that is never seen without their smartphone, it’s probably a good idea to choose a stereo that lets you take advantage of smartphone technology on the move.

If you rely heavily on music streaming apps such as Spotify or Apple Music, we recommend choosing a receiver that allows you to control these apps through your steering wheel controls. Choosing a receiver with integrated Bluetooth is great for safely making phone calls and playing music without the hassle of cables and wires.

GPS Navigation

If you dislike using your smartphone maps feature when driving, you may find buying a stereo with a built-in Sat-Nav will work best for you. Touchscreen stereos are ideal for this as you can zoom in and out of maps and edit journeys with just a few taps.

We recommend investing in a stereo with a large screen if you’re eager to use it for navigation purposes and one that is still visible in direct sunlight.

Looking for a radio with a backlight on its touchscreen is a great idea for GPS users, however, this can be a little blinding and distracting when driving at night, so we recommend looking for a stereo that allows you to adjust the screen brightness to dim the display when necessary. 


It’s important to check if your stereo can be installed easily by yourself or if it is going to require a professional to do it for you. Some Amazon reviewers have successfully managed to install their stereos themselves by watching in-depth YouTube tutorials, however, we recommend always checking with the manufacturer first as this can be a tricky job for someone who isn’t trained.

If your stereo does need to be installed by a professional, this is going to cost you. So if you are on a budget, it’s important to note that you may need to consider keeping a little of your cash aside for installation.

Voice Commands 

Choosing a stereo that can operate using voice commands is a safe and sensible decision. Simply use your voice to choose a song and skip a track or even to call a loved one.

If you’re using your voice instead of tapping on the touchscreen, your eyes never have to leave the road making it a great choice for keeping you and others safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a touchscreen stereo in any car?

Most modern cars will allow you to remove the standard stereo and have enough room for a touchscreen model.

However, older cars may only have enough space for single DIN radios smaller than seven inches. It’s a good idea to check the exact dimensions of the radio and the space in your car before making a purchase. 

What’s the difference between double DIN and single DIN?

DIN stands for Duetch Industri Normen because it was originally used to standardize car radio sizes in Germany. Although it sounds complex, it just relates to the height of the front panel.

Single DIN is the traditional, older style usually seen in older vehicles and double DIN is the modern size usually seen in newer vehicles. Double DIN systems typically have enough room for a nice big touchscreen display, making them the most popular choice. 

Do touchscreen car radios come with GPS as standard?

Many touch screen car stereos require you to connect your phone to the system and download an app in order to use GPS navigation on the display.

Not all systems come with GPS though and if this is important to you, we recommend checking with the manufacturer before making a purchase.

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