Bosch ICON Wiper Blades Review


Recently, I was driving down the road when a thunderstorm erupted. I thought I was prepared for anything, but when I turned my windshield wipers on, they only made things worse!

My wiper blades didn’t hold up against the elements. So I’ve written this Bosch ICON Wiper Blades review to help. In order to find out if these are the right blades for you, sit back while I review these Bosch ICON beam wiper blades.

Having the right windshield wiper blades can make all the difference between safe and sorry on the road. Some blades are made from cheap materials or poor joints.

Over time, many wiper blades become dry and cracked, trapping dirt and debris which ends up spreading all over your windshield the next time you use them.

If you’ve ever been in the situation I was in, you know all too well the dangers of imperfect wiper blades. Driving in adverse conditions is already difficult and dangerous enough without the added risk of an obscured view. Being able to drive in almost any condition with confidence is something we all deserve.

Whether you’re a casual driver or your career or hobby keeps you on the road year-round, having the proper wiper blades is something you simply cannot overlook. Having a crisp, clear view of the road at all times, and especially during poor weather conditions, is far too important for your safety and the safety of your family.

Before purchasing wiper blades, it’s important to consider the make, model, and year of your car. Although most wiper blades are almost entirely universal, there are some variations. Things like size, function, and connection process are all important details to pay attention to.

Bosch ICON Beam Wiper Blades are designed with bad weather in mind. They claim 40% longer life than other premium blades, as well as the apparent ability to be unaffected by snow and ice buildup.

This Bosch ICON Wiper Blades review will show what all of this means, and whether these are the right blades for you.

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Before we get down to the details, let’s go over a few Pro’s and Con’s for the Bosch ICON blades.


  • Custom contour fit
  • Beam blades with inner tension spring, to protect wear from ice and snow build up
  • No adapters required
  • They have proven sustainable and reliable in my personal experience.


  • You must choose the exact type for your vehicle / not universal
  • Mixed reviews
  • Their “easy installation” setup proved a bit tough for me to figure out (but maybe it’s just me!)

Key Featured

Up to 40% Longer Life-

I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear a claim like this, I get suspicious. Manufacturers love to tell us how much better their product is than everyone else’s, but often times it turns out to be no more than a marketing ploy.

In this case, Bosch cites some testing and demonstrations on their website. According to Bosch, their ClearMax 365 rubber, when put to the test, proved to be stronger and more resistant to cracking from ozone exposure than any other major manufacturer or leading brand in its category.

Bosch also boasts that their rubber meets or exceeds all ozone exposure requirements. Unlike saying “our product will last longer,” these very specific claims are required to be provable, and backed up with hard evidence. For this reason, I believe Bosch’s claims of a longer product life hold weight.

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Beam Blades

When I first heard this term, I had no idea what it meant. What is a “beam” blade, and why is it so special? As it turns out, beam wiper blades are considered the better option. They have been around for some time now, and are becoming the most popular option for many manufacturers and consumers alike.

The curvature of a windshield can create space between a conventional wiper blade and the glass, creating vulnerability for wind, debris, dust, dirt, snow, rain, and moisture to get in between the two.

Over time, this can cause issues, both big and small. For instance, wind can cause a simple annoyance – if you’ve ever had this space between your wiper and your windshield, you know the constant whistling and whirring it creates can cause near-insanity on the road.

Here’s a short video from Auto-Zone, explaining the important distinctions between beam blades and conventional blades: Click here .

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As I mentioned earlier, the claim of “easy installation” didn’t quite match up to my first experience with the Bosch ICON Wiper Blades. In fairness, I must add here that I have now recommended these blades to a friend, and I watched him install them on his car. I learned quite a bit watching how easily he clipped them on!

Here’s a short video from the makers themselves. If I had watched this first, I would have had a much easier time!Click here.

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When it comes to driving, seeing what’s coming is too important to be taken lightly. When I was asked to review Bosch ICON Beam Wiper Blades, I honestly didn’t know I was missing out on anything. With beam technology, superior rubber, and custom fits for each vehicle, they’re the clear choice. Click here to check them out for yourself.

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