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Even though they are designed to be rechargeable, car batteries will start to lose both their power and performance over time. As time passes, car batteries are less able to hold their charge for long durations until they eventually die. Even though we understand that this can happen, it is still usually a surprise to us when a car battery dies.

One way to help prevent being caught off guard is to get a car battery tester that can tell you the current state of your battery and tell you how long you have before it dies.

This can help you be prepared for the inevitable so you aren’t caught out in the middle of no where when it happens. Here are a few reviews to help you start shopping for the best car battery tester.

Best Car Battery Tester Reviews

1.Amprobe Battery TesterCheck Price
2.Solar BA9 Battery TesterCheck Price
3.Ancel Battery TesterCheck Price
4.Soal Battery TesterCheck Price
5.Schumacher Battery TesterCheck Price
6.Cartman Battery & Alternator TesterCheck Price
7.OTC Battery Load TesterCheck Price
8.Amprobe Battery TesterCheck Price
9.Foxwell Battery TesterCheck Price
10.Motopower Battery TesterCheck Price

10. Motopower MP0514A Battery Tester

One of the best ways to ensure you are getting a high-quality car battery load tester is to buy one of the reputable brands on the market but, sometimes, you also want to check out the names that you are hearing a lot about.

One of the top grossing units from a name that is becoming more well-known is the Motopower MP0514A. This is a name that has been creating quite a stir with its many features and high-quality.

This is a digital battery tester that also includes both analog color-coded scales and LED indicators. This unit gives you a test range of 4 volts and 20 volts. Voltages that are higher or lower will not provide an actual reading but give you either a Lo or Hi display.

The digital display ensures that you get an accurate reading that is easy to read and increases the precision of the tester. The MP0514A also includes several safety features including reverse polarity, short circuit, and general overload protection.

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9. Foxwell BT100 Battery Tester

If you are looking for a well-designed battery tester, the Foxwell BT100 is one of the best analyzing tools in the industry. This well-constructed unit will meet all your car battery testing needs. The Foxwell is also a very convenient unit that does not require you also never have to remove your car battery to test it.

Testing ranges from between 100 and 100 CCA and also includes an automatic heat compensation feature. This allows you to use the unit on several vehicle types that include both passenger cars and light-duty trucks. It is also a quick and precise battery tester that can give you your result in under three seconds.

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8. Amprobe BAT-250 Battery Tester

From a company that has been around a while, the Amprobe BAT-250 Battery Tester was created to be a high functioning but easy to use unit.

Designed to be a hand operated tester, the Amprobe BAT-250 has a display that has undergone a few adjustments so that readings are a lot easier. This is a great battery tester for 1.5-volt button type batteries and AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt batteries.

Featuring a side cradle, the unit can hold batteries in one place while testing. You will never get reading errors when you have a secure placement as you won’t have to worry about movements throwing your results off its contact point.

There is also a color-coded scale indicating the battery is good in the green zone, low in the yellow zone, and needs to be recharged in the red zone.

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7. OTC 3181 Battery Load Tester

Heavy duty battery testers are not common in the battery testing industry and those that you do see do not come with great features. The OTC 3181 is one of those high-quality batteries that was designed for heavy-duty jobs. It includes an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold the unit for long enough to get accurate results.

The OTC 3181 provides results in under 10 seconds and comes with clamps that give you a great grip on the top side of the battery. These rubberized clamp cables increase the durability of the battery tester. It also comes with a display that is extra-large making it very easy to see and includes the added functionality of zero adjustments.

You can use the OTC 3181 on both 6 volt and 12-volt batteries. And, as a heavy-duty unit, it can also give you up to 130 amps which are usually more than the average person would need.

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6. Cartman 12V Car Battery & Alternator Tester

Another good unit on the market is the Cartman Car Battery & Alternator Tester that is ideal for testing 12-volt batteries.

It is not only constructed to be used as a battery tester but can also to test an alternator which is not seen often on battery testers. The alternator check feature is also convenient and doesn’t require you to strain yourself trying to reach it.

The Cartman has a sturdy design that is durable and easy to use. This unit also does not require you to be proficient with difficult algorithms or understand the technical aspects of your battery. With this unit, all you need to be able to do it understand how the different light indicates the various conditions and states of the battery.

There is an LED display for each condition of the battery, plus the alternator state, plus, it shows you what percentage of the battery is left and whether or not the battery is totally charged or not. The LED display is also a lot easier to read than an analog scale.

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5. Schumacher BT-100 Battery Load Tester

One of the more affordable testing tools in the industry, the Schumacher BT-100 has been around a long time. Schumacher has worked hard to earn a place on the market with products that yield results. So, it goes without saying that the Schumacher BT-100 is would be a great addition to your set of car tools.

With a 100 amp battery load tester, the Schumacher BT-100 works well with both 6 and 12-volt batteries. It has an easy to read display that uses an analog scale that shifts to the appropriate color indicating the batteries rating. Green indicates a good battery, yellow a low battery, and red indicates a battery that needs to be recharged or replaced.

The Schumacher BT-100 lets you test your battery’s condition, perform a test load, a test the condition of your starter motor draw which is all the average home mechanic will need. There is also an upgraded version of the BT-100 called the Schumacher PST 200 that includes an LED readout that is available for a little higher price.

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4. Solar BA7 100-1200 Battery and System Tester

Another battery tester from Clore Technologies, the Solar BA7 gives you a fast assessment of the starting and charging systems of several types of batteries like gel cell, acid car, and AGM batteries.

With the Solar BA7, you have a design that is compact but works on a wide voltage range between 7 Volts – 15 Volts. Plus, you can test batteries that are rated between 100 CCA and 1200 CCA.

This pocket-sized unit only weighs 0.6 pounds and will is easy to take with you out to the field at any time. It also comes equipped with a guide that helps you through the steps of testing a battery. It also includes safety features including reverse polarity and over-voltage protection that is built into the unit.

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3. Ancel BA101 Battery Tester

For efficiency, power, and a compact fit, the Ancel BA101 Battery Tester is a great professional device that won’t let you down. With a slim and attractive compact design, the Ancel BA101 is able to quickly run a scan to give you faster results in seconds.

This easy to use unit is great for beginners and was created to work with 12-volt batteries indicating cranking power, battery level, and its charge and voltage.

With a wide range of testing, the Ancel BA101 can indicate between 100 and 2000 CCA and is one of the most accurate units in the industry.

You can also use this unit to check your alternator and cranking conditions viewing your results on an LCD display that includes an adjustable contrast and a white backlight. It also includes a three-foot cable with thick insulation and four buttons that allow you to scroll through the provided menu.

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2. Solar BA9 Digital Battery and System Tester

Developed by Clore technologies, the Solar BA9 is a great product for DIYer’s. With this tester, you are guided through the entire testing process as it makes a reading. It is easy to use, precise, works well with 12-volt batteries as well as starting systems and charging systems.

This compatible unit works with a ton of other types of batteries including spiral wound, gel cell, and AGM batteries. This is a great feature for those that own several different cars or for a mechanic.

The Solar BA9 also features a wide voltage range between 7 volts and 15 volts and testing range between and 40 CCA to 1200 CCA. It comes equipped with an easy to read LCD screen that you see even if you are in the sun or in the dark. The Solar BA9 also includes safety features that include over-voltage protection and reverse polarity.

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1. Amprobe BAT-200 Battery Tester

The leading cause of sensor and equipment failure is problems with your car battery. This can be really frustrating, especially when you know that you can catch the problem before the battery fails.

With the Amprobe BAT-200, you’ll have one of the best battery testers in the industry that includes an indicator that tells you how much of charge is left on either a standard or rechargeable battery.

Featuring an analog scale for readings, the Amprobe BAT-200 can be used on any battery including a 1.5-volt button type battery and standard AA, AAA, C, D, and 9 volts.

This is an easy to read scale that has a needle that moves over a color-coded scale on with red meaning recharge or replace the battery, yellow indicating the battery is low, and green telling you the battery is fine.

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This is an easy to use unit that was constructed to be compact and easy to take with you. The Amprobe BAT-200 features a straightforward and easy method to read and interpret the color codes and does not require any technical knowledge to tell you what the status of your car battery is.

Most car battery testers are considered to be accurate, but some offer more features than others. Some manufacturers not only provide the most precise readings but also offer additional features that often come in very handy.

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Once you have considered your requirements and how you will be using your battery tester, it should be easy to find the best car battery tester for you and your needs.

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