We put this list of car forums together to:

  1. Weave out car forums that aren’t active
  2. Provide a list that will help reader find a car forum that hit their specific needs
  3. To also provide our readers  with a small directory of car forums on one page where they can pick and choose which auto forum speak to them

We decided to not the title this list “the best car forums” or “the top car forums”


Well, because, when it comes to auto forums, after weaving out outdated content, the way to know if its the best car blog is up to your style.

To Each His Own

There are a few cool forum in each category we list here. Obviously we didn’t choose every forum online. If we used or looked through an auto detailing forum, it was based on the the questions asked, responses and language.

Many times, people look at forum to ask a question and leave. But people also, look for a forum and stay- they join a community. If that community doesn’t “speak your language” you may leave ASAP.

Basically, we picked a few quality of forums to choose from and pick where you want to be as a community member.

Car Forums

Auto Guide

Auto Guide is a huge site with a forum network that consists of 400 forums that cater to specific car brands. The list is massive. You will get information on almost every make and model. Along with the car forums, you can breakdown your search by comparing cars, checking out car shows and car reviews. Once you join the community, you can begin getting information from fellow car owners and providing your own value.

Nissan Club

Here we decided to feature one of the 400 car forums listed on Auto Guide. This is the Nissan Club forum. Within the form you can choose which model you want information on and share you insight. If you are a visual person (especially those who are looking for which car to buy), there are images along with the car model title section- allowing you to search with ease.

Smart Car of America

Another pick from the Auto Guide forum list, the Smart Car of America forum. Nicely put together, this forum focuses on the smart car industry. You can see smart car industry events, insurance information, and find smart car clubs based on your region (west coast, southern, etc.) Plus, you can take time to enjoy some smart car videos and flicks.

VW Vortex

For the Volkswagen enthusiasts. The VW Vortex focuses on Volkswagens but its not ALL about the brand. Instead, it covers a lot of the needs, wants, issues and thoughts that car owners will have. The vortex simply is a community of people who own volkswagens (or want one). So you can go here, without feeling pressured to go out and get a VW, but you will definitely be able to make a decision.

Automotive Forums

This site has a classic forum feel and over 700,000 members to date. Unlike the forums above, Automotive Forums doesn’t have one particular topic (except cars of course). You will find information on smart, hybrid, classic, used, future and present cars. You can even share some care humor in by sharing car memes.

Car Forums

Cat forums is all about cars- all types of cars from different regions, models and shapes. Once on the site, you can navigate to all the main topics like car racing, chinese manufactures and after market parts & electronics. If you just have general questions about auto care – you will find what you need here.

Motor Trend

Motor Trend is a very popular auto site/blog. So there is no surprise that is has one of the coolest and active car forums on the net. The forum give more in-depth information on the topics that have been touch on the blog. You can find/ask for advice on tire cleaning, replacements and repair; buyer guides & comparisons by peers and professionals. And so much more… Check it out.

Hybrid Cars Forums

Hybrid Cars Forum

This is actually called HybridCar.com and has a cool forum attached to the main site. You can read new post about the Hybrid Car world, get a car and then make sure you are updated and well adjusted when reading through the Hybrid Cars Forum.

Green Hybrid Forum

Looking for an array of topics in the hybrid car world, you can check it all out here on GreenHybrid.com. Simply check the menu as you see below. You can check topics from Taxes to Fuel Economy. You can also check out some fuel alternatives to increase your involvement in the Go Green movement.


Hybrid-forums.org has a multitude of topics discussed throughout the forum. It has a classic feel and the discussions and articles shared have images to help you through the process. You can also see a bunch of anticipated cars being discussed from people who have their finger on the pulse.

Clean MPG

You can learn a lot while skimming through this hybrid car forum. The subtitle says it all “Learn to raise fuel economy and lower emissions in whatever you drive”. When you 1st join the community, make sure to read through the “start you journey here” discussion to begin learning techniques on how to get to and from the clean way.

Car Detailing Forums

Detailing Bliss

Detailing Bliss is one of the most up-to-date detailing forums on the list; from the design of the forum to the content they create and the discussions started. Its definitely a strong and growing detailing community. The forum is 100% easy to navigate throw; its divided in clear sections which makes it really easy to find what you need in a car forum. The coolest section is the “The Show Room” discussion- take a look yourself.

Autopia Forums

To kick off the section of car detailing forums, we highlight AutopiaForums.org. It has all you need in a car detailing forum, auto detailing brand discussion, contests and giveaways. You can also look through their detailer directory for shops in your area.

Meguiars Online

Focused around one of the most celebrated auto detailing brands around; Meguiars. Meguiars products are some of the best (to some THE best) car detailing product; car soap, interior care, wax, etc. You can keep connected with a community of people who are well versed in using Meguiar’s products, especially if you are just getting into using their products.

Chemical Guys Forum

Another fan favorite it Chemical Guys. They seem to always be up-to-date and progressive. They make their own products; car soap, paint sealant, shampoo, etc. Still, its not all about their products. There are sections for all topics you would expect on an auto detailing forum. You can also ask them for advice/create a discussion with the team.

Detailing Nation

Detailing Nation is a cool forum (with a classic feel) that definitely meets all the “requirements” for a auto detailing forum. They are based in the UK. If your looking through these car forums seeking information on how to best detail your car, it doesn’t hurt to hear car enthusiasts are doing it around the world. You also look forwards to updated blog posts. Check out their Facebook page here

Wax Forum

Wax! Wax and more wax. Theres no way you can speak about auto detailing without mentioning wax of some sort. The waxforum.com is powered by Mothers (a car polish, wax and cleaners company). This forum is best for its “how to” video section.

Auto Geek Online

If you’ve been on the net and have been a car enthusiast for years, you are definitely aware of the Auto Geek brand. There is so much to offer on this site, there is no question that you will find value in reading through or joining the community. The forums overs topics from car care brands, wax, tools (like buffers) and how to techniques.

Electric Car Forums

Tesla Motors Club

This electric car forum is based around one of primer electric cars around; Tesla. But don’t be fooled by the name. They definitely have discussions about other EV on the market (and some that are coming soon). Some of the latest topics: “Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive”, “BMW i3”, “Chevy Bolt – 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)”. Check out the blog too.

Electric Forum

The Electric Forum is a hub for a bunch more electric car forums from BMW EVs to Toyota. Simple click the “electric car forum” tab (as seen blow) and there much to choose from. Along with the forums you can check on electric car vendors, see different communities, images and more. ElectricForum.com

DIY Electric Car

This electric car forum has a bunch of discussion geared to the Do-it-Yourselfers in the EV community. Look through the forum to find info on parts vendors, dealers, clubs and more. It has a very classic forum feel so you will easily find the information you need.

Speak EV

Speak EV has a nice format, not to fancy but not too plain. You can join various topics from Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles to general EV discussions. There are also sections for specific auto brands like BMW, Kia, Mercedes, Mitsubishi and Nissan. Plus, you can got to their events tab and check out the current months calendar and add to the thread.

Auto Wash Forum

Talk Car Wash

Here is a car wash forum that is just a little different than you may be used to seeing. Why? simply because of the layout/format of the actual site. Other than that, its exactly what you would expect. The discussions are well organized and hits all the topics a car care enthusiast would want to talk about. The discussion range from self serve car wash to oil & lube talk.

Car Repair Forums

2 Car Pros

To start of the car repair forums list, we have 2 car pros. 2 Car Pros is your traditional forum, its simply doesn’t have the classic layout or have sections that are all text. It has a bunch of “how-to” that display step by step actions to accomplish your goal like this article on reading automotive diagnostic trouble codes. You can also search by topic (as seen below) to find info and get help or ask the question yourself.

Eric The Car Guy

Here is a car repair forum/site where you can get some really in depth information and advice about your ride. Eric’s forum covers all you need to know about car repair; you will find what tools you need, troubleshooting FAQ’s, car audio info, etc., etc. He also has an active blog and newsletter you can check out too.


Automotive.com is a BIG site with all types of information and post forms. The forum it self also have many sections, but we are locking-in on the repair section. The discussions rang from overheating prevention to assisting in calculating repair costs (for those who are DIY’ers). As you can see below you can also do a car search, see reviews and get some tips.

Car Talk

Perfect name of a car forum, no? anyway. This repair forum will have you will versed in your issue after reading through and getting responses. The community has covered: starting issues, brakes, axel and engine problems. If you want to search by car brand you can simple go to the right of the page to the “popluar tags”- its all there (well, most of it)

Do It Yourself

doityourself.com is not a car site- lets make that clear. But, it does share great information on, well, doing things yourself. The site has a nice automotive forum that covers topic for most forms of transportation: cars, SUV’s, boats, etc. You will definitely find value in searching through this site, especially if you like doing most things for yourself (homes, cooking, etc).

Coming Soon:

Muscle Car Forums

Tuner Car forums