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Top 3: Best Clay Bar For Cars

You’ve probably felt the surface of your car with the palm of your hand, and instead of feeling a smooth, glass-like surface; you felt rough little bumps. Sounds familiar? The truth is, if you feel little bumps on the finish, it probably means your car needs to be detailed and clayed. So, being as busy […]

How To Clean Headlights Properly

Do you recall the day you acquired the automobile you enjoy driving around? Everything in the car, including its headlights, was super clean. After years of use, however, you may have noticed that the car’s headlights appear foggy and cloudy. This occurs due to the materials used to make the headlights. Some headlights are made […]

10 Simple Ways: How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of Car

The Ultimate Guide To DIY Car Smoke Odor Removal Don’t you just hate it when the interior of your car starts smelling stale and funky? And when it comes to stale smells, cigarette smoke is one of the worst. It is so bad; even smokers don’t like it! But as you probably know, you don’t […]

Top Seven Best Solar Car Battery Charger

As car owners, we often find ourselves in situations where we need to maintain the charge in our car batteries. In some of them, we are often in areas with no access to AC power. During such situations, a solar powered charger would come in handy, to save you the frustration of a dead battery. […]

How To Charge A Car Battery and How Long Does It Take?

Do you know how to charge a car battery? If you’re like me, you’ve had to charge your battery at least once in the past. We’ve all had to jump start either our own vehicle or a friend/family members. Did you know that jump starting your vehicle repeatedly can reduce the lifespan of your battery? […]

Top 10: Best Car Battery Tester Review

Even though they are designed to be rechargeable, car batteries will start to lose both their power and performance over time. As time passes, car batteries are less able to hold their charge for long durations until they eventually die. Even though we understand that this can happen, it is still usually a surprise to […]

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