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How To Get Rid Of Bird Poop Stains On Your Car

Although parking your car conveniently under a tree may help keep your vehicle cool, you also may end up with a few bird poops from above. If you find yourself with dried up bird poops on your car, it may seem like a challenging task to clean them off your vehicle, especially if you own […]

How To: Best Way To Dry A Car

  You may be thinking, “Isn’t the best way to dry a car to just leave it out in the sun?” Letting your car just sit there and dry after you’ve washed it leaves the paint and glass vulnerable to streaking and spotting and leaves the metal parts vulnerable to rust. Not only that, if […]

How To Make Rubber Car Mats Look Like New

Rubber floor mats are typically used to provide comfort and safety to drivers. The central purpose of the products is to protect the vehicle’s original flooring so that stains do not get to the carpet that came with the car. Many mats are removable so that you can clean or replace them. You can get […]

What’s The Best Winter Windshield Washer Fluid?

Winter is finally approaching, and it’s time we reminded ourselves of what to do to keep our cars in top working conditions. With temperatures dropping, snow will cover your cars, and the windshield wipers will freeze. However, this year make the cold weather bearable by using the best winter windshield washer fluid. This fluid can […]

Top 7: Best Windshield Washer Fluid

If you own a car, it is expected that you will want the best out of it. Actually, it is almost a universal belief that people tend to treat their cars as their companions. In order to get a clear view as you drive, you need to use the best windshield washer fluid. I prefer […]

What’s The Best Windshield Washer Fluid For Bugs

  Having routine car maintenance is important. Of the easiest and most neglected maintenance practice is the cleaning of the windshield. Despite the fact that it is relatively cheap maintenance practice, many car owners neglect the primary maintenance practice. The windshield washer fluids are of great importance in providing a clean, dust free environment free […]