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How To Wax A Car Properly (By Hand And With A Buffer)

Section 1: Introduction We all have busy lives and sometimes it seems that all we can manage is to visit a local drive-through car wash that offers a spray-on “wax” finish. Auto parts stores and large retailers sell quick spray-on wax products. Those and similar products can spruce up a shine for a short while, […]

How Often Should You Clay Bar Your Car?

Have you ever run your fingers over the paint of a freshly washed vehicle? If that’s a yes, you will agree with me that it feels smooth and glass-like. But if you run your fingers over the paint and find that you can feel small bumps and gritty bits, then you may want to consider […]

Top 13: What Are The Best Car Cleaning Products

Keeping your car sparkling can sometimes be a lot of work. Depending on your interest level, you may just take some soapy water and hose to it periodically. Others like to go the extra mile and make sure it’s clean top to bottom, inside and out. If you’re like me, having a clean and spotless [...]

Top 10: Best Swirl Remover for Black Paint

The Problem with Black Paint Swirls So you’ve realized that your car is showing its age, and you decided to clean it up with a fresh new coat of black paint. You’ve worked hard to make the car look its best, and you are proud of your efforts. When you’re standing back to admire your [...]

What is a Clay Bar? And How Do I Use It For Detailing?

As we saw in our last post, exposure to contaminants can wreak havoc on the body of your car. While washing your car will get rid of large particles of dirt, soap and water cannot fully eliminate contaminants. That’s where a clay bar comes in. What is a clay bar you ask? Well, I’ve outlined [...]

Top 11: Ultimate Guide To The Best Car Seat for Toddlers

Careful driving cannot fully guarantee the safety of your precious cargo. In order to effectively keep your children safe on the road, you need a quality car seat that shields and secures them throughout the ride. To save you the trouble of going through multiple sites that offer a wide array of car seats, we [...]
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