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Top 9: Best Portable Air Compressor For Cars And Trucks

There are few events more frustrating than having trouble with your automotive tires. Whether the tire blows complete and has to be changed or simply goes flat and requires air, no one likes standing on the side of the road worrying about their tires. That is why the best portable air compressor is a must […]

Whats The Best Floor Jack For Trucks

Introduction When it comes to buying a floor jack for your truck, you want one that will meet all your truck's needs. You want one that is designed with specific features such as being a heavy duty and with a big lifting capacity. It is imperative you choose a jack best suited for your truck. [...]

How Often Should You Clay Bar Your Car?

Have you ever run your fingers over the paint of a freshly washed vehicle? If that’s a yes, you will agree with me that it feels smooth and glass-like. But if you run your fingers over the paint and find that you can feel small bumps and gritty bits, then you may want to consider […]

The Force 1800 Pressure Washer Review

Last year I had the exterior of my home repainted because the white siding was so dirty looking. Every day I would look at my home and be disgusted with the way it looked. I was ashamed of what my neighbors would think, so I decided to paint over the filthy siding to cover it […]

Briggs and Stratton Electric Pressure Washer Review

Update: There is been many issue with the most recent model. Here are a few alternatives here, here and here I finally gave in and admitted I needed a pressure washer – again. So, I picked up this new Briggs and Stratton Electric Pressure Washer, and I’m pretty impressed with it overall. When I moved […]

Top 10: Best Swirl Remover for Black Paint

The Problem with Black Paint Swirls So you’ve realized that your car is showing its age, and you decided to clean it up with a fresh new coat of black paint. You’ve worked hard to make the car look its best, and you are proud of your efforts. When you’re standing back to admire your [...]
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