Detail Boss of Scottsdale, Arizona: Interview and Tips

While surfing the net looking for interesting, informative, car detailing blogs for some friends I came across the Detail Boss. Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, the detail boss site is a great stop for any enthusiasts who appreciate great content from people who care about car care.

Not only can you get great information but they showcase their experience and expertise in the car care realm (they are obviously more than a site). Detail Boss is a family owned business that specializes in paint correction, interior deep cleaning and more (just check their packages).

With all the information, images and insight share on the site, I thought it would only be right to contact the team, pick their brain and share their story.

Without further ado, here is our interview…


1. When did you guys start building your community and why was is  created?

We started building our community when we started Detail Boss in 2011. We created it not only for web presence, but to develop a fan base and a following comprised of our clients, potential clients, other detailers, as well as any other true car enthusiast.

2. What do you feel makes your community special? (Instagram, FB, site, etc.)

I think because we work on the high-end cars and the custom classics that we do; this sets us aside from a lot of the other guys. It tells people, “hey, these guys must be trustworthy if they can detail a $200,000-400,000 car, or be a part of a detail team who works on a priceless piece of aviation history such as the original Air Force One.”


3. If you could magically give all of your Facebook members one thing in  this world, what would it be, and why?

I’d give them eyes like my own; to see every detail, every flaw and imperfection so that they understand why it is that we do what we do.

4. What detailing questions do you find keep popping up from your customers or people asking DIY advice?

How do I maintain what you just did?
What do I do to keep this finish?
How long does this last?

5. What are your top 5 tips for DIY auto detailing tips for beginners?

1. Always wash top to bottom
2. Never wash or wipe in swirls
3. Use different towels for different parts of the car (i.e. paint towels, window towels, wheel towels, jamb towels)
4. Never use a california duster
5. Never wipe a car down after its been driven; if you don’t want scratches, leave it dirty until you wash it!

6. When you started taking detailing in your own hands, what was a big mistake you made that you would warn noobs about? Were you able to fix the issue?

(TIP!) Be careful when detailing wheels, certain chemicals and burn or etch them depending on their finish.

2012 Lamborghini Aventador (48).png


7. Here on we put together a list of the best products (buffers, multimeters, etc). From your experience, what are your favorite tools? and why?

We use a variety of different products and tools to deliver world-class results. One popular brand we use in our arsenal is Meguair’s

8. What are your favorite cars to detail?

Black cars, exotics, luxury, and mostly clean interiors! Now and then we enjoy the challenge of a demolished interior.

Check the Lambo…


9. When it comes to waxing, what are you favorite products/brand to use? why?

We don’t use waxes. Synthetic sealants and ceramic coatings are the ultimate forms of protection. We use Ceramic Pro, one of the leading coatings on the market. Depending on the package our clients choose, they won’t have to wax their cars anywhere from 1-10 years. There are various coating companies on the market; we choose Ceramic Pro.

Before: Major scratches/swirl marksAfter: Stage II 80% correction

10. What was the coolest classic you detailed? How bad was its condition?

1968 GT500 Fastback, Twin Supercharged. We detailed it as it was being built for the world-famous Barrett Jackson Car Collector Auction. It had severe orange peel that we multi-stage sanded to remove, followed by numerous compounding and polishing steps to jewel out to a black mirror-like piano finish.

11. What was the most challenging job you’ve done? and how did it turnout?

1956 Custom Cadillac Hearse. It had sit out in the sun for a year after being painted. There were runs, extreme orange peel as well as shrinkage in the paint. It was also covered partially by plastic that melted into the clear coat, leaving a crinkled impression.

image (1)


This by-far was the biggest and most challenging job we’ve encountered. It looked like it had been repainted with a $30,000 paint job when we were finished. No texture, just a black mirror!

12. How is the rest of 2015 looking for Detail Boss? Looking forward to anything in regards to industry news, show or your business development?

It’s looking bright! We are attending the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada this fall to see the latest and greatest products that are coming out, as well as attending seminars to continue our education.

Detailing is an ever-changing industry, and its our priority to ensure we stay on top. We also plan to add window tinting and Paint Protection Film to our list of services.

13. You can only own or drive one car for the next 5 years, which would it be?

Koenigsegg Agera R, hands down.

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