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If you have a car, then you know as much as I do that fuel efficiency is key. What you may not know is that the amount of fuel a car uses is regulated by a fuel injector.

True to its name, a fuel injector releases fuel into your car motor. When your car is changing speeds, it is the fuel injector that is regulating the amount of gas reaching your motor.

Being keen on my car’s fuel consumption has enabled me to come up with ways of enhancing fuel efficiency; a good injector cleaner is key.

This best fuel injector cleaner review aims at helping you choose an injector cleaner for fuel efficiency.

What Does Fuel Injector Cleaner Do?

Compared to a few years ago, fuel is less stable as a chemical today. Reason being, ethanol is being used as an octane-boosting substance; this alcohol emulsifies and oxidizes to create non-combustible byproducts such as carbon.

The build-up of these products can block your car’s fuel injector making it not to open or not to close or can cause a leak in the nozzles of your fuel injector.

If you use the best fuel injector cleaner, these non-combustible substances – carbon, varnish, gunk, and rust – are broken down and minimize their buildup in your car’s system.

It is advisable that every driver uses a bottle of fuel injector cleaner every three thousand miles, especially those that use gasoline that has ethanol.

Fuel injector cleaners are judged based on their cost efficiency/relative price and their cleaning potency (which will be determined by its ingredients). However, factors such as ease of use and length of productive life also come into play.

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Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Reviews

1. Redline 60103 SI-1

Redline SI-1 is better than most fuel system cleaners in that it not only cleans the system but also prevents the build-up of moisture and other substances. Most fuel system cleaners use synthetic oil or PEA purity, but it is hard to tell the exact ingredients you are getting.

Redline uses up to 50 percent verified PEA (Polyether Amines) making sure that you have a high-quality cleaning agent. The PEA content in Redline SI-1 is confirmed using Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

The synthetic blend of substances reduces the chances of any abrasive harming your engine and fuel injectors among other parts of your car’s fuel system. It is formulated to handle extreme engine temperatures giving it application flexibility.

On the manufacturer’s website, the Redline is referred to as a product that improves vehicle’s performance.

The Redline SI-1 is ideal for gasoline powered vehicles. It is a good choice for vehicles that have been neglected for a while thanks to its capacity to eliminate unwanted gunk, moisture, rust, carbon build-up, and varnish. Its advantages over other cleaners include; It is powerful but still non-abrasive, and it reduces the need for octane with between 1 and 2 points. However, this product is not designed for diesel engines.

2. Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus

The Techron was formulated to clean the complete fuel system and works in a tankful. It is ideal for gasoline powered light trucks and passenger cars and two-stroke, carbureted and port fuel injected car engines. Due to its unsurpassed ability to clean an entire fuel system, it is recommended by automakers.The cleaner maximizes fuel efficiency, restores performance and lost power, minimize emissions, shuns cold start problems, brings back lost acceleration and reduce deposit-linked ping and knock.

Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus features a proprietary deposit breakdown additive which is especially effective in breaking down sulfur related substances. According to the manufacturer, this is the ideal cleaner for sensitive electronic fuel release units such as fuel injectors. This fuel system cleaner should be used every three thousand miles and not more than twice for every oil change. It will not harm oxygen sensors nor will it affect catalytic converters.

Please note that this product is not recommended for use in diesel engines.

3. BG 44K

The BG 44K is a popular fuel injector cleaner that has been on the market for more than four decades. It was created specifically for gasoline engines and features a quick action formula to get your car’s injector, combustion chambers and valves clean within a short period.

It is a solution to rust and other residues that may clog your fuel injector. With the use of a BG 44K, your car will get back to shape immediately. Being a non-alcoholic product, this cleaner works well with all types of fuels and fuel additives.

You can trust this cleaner to get rid of problems such as stalling, engine surge, power loss and hesitation and improve drivability as well as increase a car’s mileage. It is safe to use with an oxygen sensor and a catalytic converter seeing that it is a combination of high rate quality detergents and fuel additives.

A small can of 11oz can clean up to 20 gallons of gasoline. This product will offer you value for money and help you reduce exhaust emissions. The BG 44K leverages the power of High Flush Naphtha which combines and slowly deteriorates chemicals that build up in your engine.

Naphtha also works great as a retardant enhancing the flow of other chemicals – fuel, moisture, and oil. Though this product does not work in diesel engines, you can consider its alternative (from the same manufacturer), BG 244 Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner.

4. Royal Purple Max-Clean

If you are looking for a fuel system cleaner for a new car or for a vehicle which has not been used for some time, this is your best choice. Royal Purple is a synthetic fuel system cleaner that maximizes the performance of your car, improves fuel economy by up to 3.2 percent, increases a car’s horsepower by an average 2.6 percent, reduces emissions of hydrocarbon by 12 percent, emissions of NOx by 13 percent and CO by 18 percent. Better still, it prevents stalling, rough idle and hesitation, prevents premature fouling of the spark plug, eliminate deposit linked engine pinging and knocking, stabilizes fuel during storage and off-season and inhibits corrosion and oxidation. It is known for its deep penetration into the fuel injector. The cleaner complies with EPA/CARB, and unlike other fuel system cleaners discussed above, it can be used on gasoline and diesel engines. Royal Purple Max-Clean is a multi-application cleaner compatible with all blends of ethanol and biofuels. It can be used in 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines without harming the emissions system of the vehicle. Even better, before release, the product was tested on different makes and models of vehicles to ascertain its functionality. Related: How Often Do You Need To Change Your Air Filter?

5. Lucas Fuel Treatment

Lucas Treatment is a combination of oils and additives to create a fuel system cleaner that aims at increasing an engine’s power and boost fuel mileage. It is formulated to work well on both diesel and gasoline engines as well as fully injected and carbureted engines. The high-quality detergents that form the ingredients of the Lucas Fuel treatment enhance complete combustion and thereby maximum engine efficiency. Its double action formula cleans and afterward lubricates your car’s injector or carburetor, ensuring that the fuel burns more thoroughly. Even better, this fuel system cleaner can be used with leaded gasoline; the cleaner simply takes the functions of lead without causing any harm to the engine system. It works great in muzzling the effects of low-sulfur diesel and can be used to pass smog tests. Besides complying with the federal low-sulfur content stipulations, this fuel cleanser is also used in other applications such as on non-road locomotive and marine equipment engines. To use, pour the treatment directly into the fuel tank; that simple. You need to use between 2 and three ounces of Lucas fuel treatment in every 10 gallons of diesel of gasoline. Using the treatment in excess will not harm your car but why waste. Its different packaging coupled with its power makes this the best fuel injector cleaner.

6. Liqui Moly Jectron Fuel Injector Cleaner

Liqui Moly is a German product, and as we all know, German products are pricier than other products. Initially, this injector cleaner was created for German high-end vehicles, but it is ideal for all vehicles. If your car has been under heavy use, the build-up of non-combustible substances will be high. To this end, you need a cleaner that will work on a heavy deposit build-up. The Jectron in Liqui Moly makes it ideal for engines that have been idle for a while. The Jectron has the power to clean fuel injectors without removal, clean the intake valves, improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, restore your engine’s drivability, performance and durability and enhances correct injector dosing and fuel atomization. It is ideal for smoother idling and promotion of a perfect throttle response. With a few days of use, the cleaner will clear starting and lean surging problems. It only works with gasoline engines. To use, just pour the recommended amount directly into your car’s engine and repeat this after every 1200 miles. It should be added when the fuel tank is 1/8 full. Before the fuel is refilled, changes such as a rise in mileage and fuel efficiency (mpg). This is the best fuel injector cleaner given its action speed. Even better, it is formulated with safe ingredients making it safe to use and safe on oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. The manufacturer recommends use after 3000 miles.

7. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Fuel Treatment

The Sea Foam SF-16 is among the best fuel injector cleaners in the market thanks to its versatility and its cleaning potency. It is designed for use on cars powered by gasoline or diesel and on either 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines. It is unique in the fact that it uses an oil based solvent (which is 100 percent natural) which acts not only as a cleaner but also as a lubricant for your car’s engine, pistons, cylinders, and carburetors. There are a host of Sea Foam products; some of them aimed specifically at improving power, enhancing starting and acceleration and lengthening the life of your engine. Others perform specific tasks such as dealing with pings and flat spots in your engine. While some of these products are more effective in cleaning an engine than others, the SF-16’s oil and naphtha ingredients make it the best in cleaning and lubrication. When you use the right amount, you do not have to worry of under or over lubrication. Plus, it is ideal for removing heavy build-ups. Given the non-abrasive characteristic of the ingredients that make this fuel injector cleaner, the cleaner is effective on old and high mileage engines. It is offered with a great design that enhances removal of carbon deposits throughout the entire engine. Besides cars, this fuel injector cleaner is also effective on home improvement vehicles such as lawnmowers, snow blowers, and tractors (as long as these vehicles use diesel or regular gasoline. Related: When To Get An Oil Change? Does Your Car Need An Oil Change?

When Should You Use Fuel Injector Cleaner

We all like to look after our cars; to ensure everything is working in order, the car is clean and presentable, and it gives a smooth drive. However, sometimes it is the stuff we think less about that end up damaging essential parts of our cars. Fuel, for instance, acts as the source of energy that powers your car. Before it is burned to power the car, it passes through a couple of components. Today, fuel comes with more contaminants than before. These contaminants coupled with byproducts of combustion result to harmful deposits that can clog the engine reducing its performance. The effects of contaminants are gradual and may go unnoticed especially if the engine is strong. Nevertheless, when left for long, they may cause huge damage to the engine system. The performance of your car’s engine can be compromised in 2500 kilometers or less. To this end, the use of a fuel injector cleaner comes handy. Use a fuel injector cleaner when your car develops a starting or hesitation problem, experiences rough riding, does not accelerate smoothly or produces more than normal amount of emissions. If you are an experienced driver and you know your car, you will feel the decrease in performance. You can remedy all these issues before they occur by following fuel system cleaners’ recommendations; most advise that an injector cleaner is used every 3000 miles. Vehicles that have been idle for a few months or a few years will need the best fuel injector cleaner before getting back on the road.

3 Benefits: Does Fuel Injector Cleaner Work?


I hope this list helps you choose a fuel injector cleaner for your vehicle; it is important that you choose one before you spend so much on fuel and on replacing parts. Before I knew what was ailing my car, I spent a lot of money on fuel and the purchase of new parts. Today, I save a lot of money on fuel. I hope besides learning a few things on cleaners, you enjoyed the article. Feel free to share your thoughts on the topic in the comment section and help a driver minimize fuel usage. Also, share with a driver you know.

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