Griot Garage Random Orbital 6 inch Polisher with10 Cord Review

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    Power - 8/10
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What to consider when purchasing a tool like this?

Cost: Moderate

Weight: 7ibs (9lbs shipping)

Power: 7.0 amp (What is amp?)

Watts: 850 

Speed: 2500- 6800 opm (What is omp?)

Length: 10 ft power cord

Power Source: Electrical Power Cord

Includes: 6 Inch Backing plate

Warranty: 1 Year

+ Backed by a lifetime guarantee against defects


PROS & CONS: Griot Garage Random Orbital 6 inch Polisher with10 cord Review


Griot Garage added a few new things to this model of their car buffer- the goal was to make buffing easier for beginners. The most obvious of changes are in the measurements in the cord extension. They also turned it up another notch by adding a rubber grip for comfort along with redesigning the exterior of the buffer. They kept the adjustable handle of course, so the exterior changes just enhanced the ease of the Random Orbital polisher.

The power strip and other knobs and switches were moved to more convenient places on the buffing machine. Along with the ease of using the Random Orbit polisher comes with the joy of actually polishing the paint of your car efficiently. The Griot Garage Random Orbital removes oxidation (a car owners worst enemy), swirl marks and water spots without a problem.


  • Ergonomic design is comfortable for anyone to use
  • Easy for beginners
  • New Rubber Grip and adjustable loop handle
  • Great Torque
  • Removes Oxidation


Although the Griot Garage Random Orbit is good powerful enough for professionals, its not #1 for processionals. Definitely for the car lover who want to shine their car once a month or someone new to the detailing business. The new comer would have something powerful to practice with and get great reviews from their customers. Also, if you plan on running around the garage a lot you may have to opt into buying a longer extension.


  • May have to purchase extension (pending on work location)
  • Not #1 for professionals
  • Pricey

Overall, since Griot Garage made the necessary changes it an awesome tool for beginners to remove scratches, swirl marks and oxidation.

It is perfect for the serious novice or a car lover moving in the detailing business market. Tell us what you think about the Griot Garage Random Orbital 6 inch Polisher with10 cord Review.

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