Honda Odyssey Cross Bars | The Best Roof Rack Crossbars for Odyssey Owners


Not sure which Honda Odyssey cross bars to purchase?  Here’s a quick look at our top picks:

1.BRIGHTLINES 2005-2010 Honda Odyssey Cross Bars Roof Rack OE StyleCheck Price
2.Genuine Honda 08L04-TK8-102 CrossbarCheck Price
3.AUXMART Roof Rack Cross Bars Fit for Honda OdysseyCheck Price
4.ICBEAMER 50 inch Long Aluminum Roof Rack Top Railing Cross BarsCheck Price
5.Fedar Roof Rack Cross Bar Cargo CarrierCheck Price

If you are going on a trip or just have a large family and need the extra space, cross bars are a must have for carrying your extra cargo. From bikes to kayaks, to camping gear and travel luggage, Honda Odyssey roof rack cross bars allow you the freedom to travel without sacrificing space inside your vehicle.

Cross bars are usually two bars that mount to the vehicle roof that go width wise. They attach to the towers or feet. Cross bars aid in supporting the weight of whatever cargo you are carrying: bike racks, kayaks, cargo boxes and more. There are four crossbar styles: round, square, aerodynamic and factory.

There are several factors to choosing the right cross bars for you. It is important to ask yourself what you would like to haul that you do not have space for inside the vehicle. If what you want to carry is fairly lightweight, any universal cross bars will work. However, if you will be carrying heavy tools or equipment you might want to look into a more durable set of cross bars.

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Installing cross bars gives you the flexibility to have rooftop cargo boxes. Supporting rooftop cargo boxes gives you flexibility in what you can haul, and cross bars are the perfect option to keep your gear safe and secure during your drive.

There are even universal cross bars that fit a variety of cars and uses. This is a great option if you will be installing the cross bars yourself or will be using the cross bars for more than one activity.

You will also want to consider size, material, carrying capacity, wind noise, installation and style when choosing your Honda Odyssey cross bars.


Cross bars come in different sizes. According to, there are four sizes of cross bars: small, medium, large and extra large. Small cross bars are 48″-50″, medium 58″-60″, large 66″-70″ and extra large 78″-80″.

Each size can carry a certain number of bikes, kayaks and cargo box(es). Although your car may be able to accommodate the extra large cross bar, it might not be able to carry the weight capacity of the extra large size.

Always refer to your car manual before purchasing your cross bars. If after matching the length of cross bar to your vehicle you still feel you need more room, consider sizing up one size. This will give you the space you need without causing unnecessary damage to your vehicle. It is not recommended to size up more than one size.

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If your car can only handle the holding weight of a small size set of cross bars, you will need to purchase that size and not exceed the recommended weight load. Exceeding the weight limit could cause damage to your car and create a hazard when driving on the road.

It is important to verify with the manufacturer if the cross bars you would like to purchase will fit the specific make, model and year of your vehicle. Having the right cross bars for your car can cut down installation time and allow for maximum safety for your automobile and load contents while traveling.

Along with purchasing the right size, you will want to research the best cross bar material. The material can vary in quality and strength. Choose the level of durability based on the weight of your carry load and the distance of travel.


Most cross bars are made out of aluminum, steel or ABS plastic. Aluminum is recommended over the plastic. The higher your budget, the more high quality materials you will be able to afford. Higher priced models include light-weight aluminum cross bars, while budget cross bars are generally made with plastic. If you can afford the extra cost, aluminum will last much longer than the plastic and usually has a higher load capacity as well.

Premium brands use long-lasting materials, and therefore will fetch a higher price. If the cross bars are aerodynamic in design this will also drive up the price.

If you prefer a higher grade material but it is not in your budget, consider searching your local area classifieds or online for used cross bars. This can be a huge cost savings and you will be helping the environment too.

Once you have chosen your preferred material, you will want to make sure your cross bars can handle what you would like to carry.

Carrying Capacity

The carrying capacity is measured by the lowest weight each piece can handle. The majority of the time, your car will be able to handle the least amount of weight compared to your roof rack and cross bars. Check your owner’s manual for the maximum roof load. If your maximum load is only 100 pounds, you should look for cross bars that have that same load capacity.

Buying cross bars that have a rating of more than 100 pounds is overkill. You will not be able to use the extra weight that the cross bars are rated for. Save your money and only purchase what you need.

Determine what you want to carry. Do you need extra room for luggage? Do you love the outdoors and need room to transport your kayaks or bikes? The reason for purchasing cross bars might be different for everyone, but there is a cross bar solution for everyone’s needs.

Take the time to plan what you will use the cross bars for. This will help you understand your carrying capacity needs. If your car roof, roof rack or cross bars are unable to support your needs, you may need to upgrade one or more pieces.

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You should always make sure whatever you place on the roof of your car is weighted evenly so it will ride without shifting. Placing even weight on the top of your car can prevent damage to one area of your car roof. A large, shifting load can contribute to excess wind noise.

Wind Noise

Wind noise can be determined by the style of the cross bars, but that is not the only factor. If you place the crossbars near the front of your car hood, you will hear more wind noise since they are located near the driver’s seat. If you purchase cross bars with open ends, you will also be able to hear the wind that moves through these openings. Using end caps to close the gap will cut down on wind noise, and you will have a more pleasant ride.

Especially if you will be traveling long distances, wind noise can be an annoying interference while driving. If cutting down on the wind noise is important to you, make sure to choose a cross bar that has the option of end caps or another form of wind dampening. Not all cross bars have this option.

Once you have chosen cross bars based on your vehicle and personal preferences, it is time to install them.


Installation can vary based on manufacturer and cross bar style. Most people choose to install cross bars when a roof rack is already present.

There are four main types of roof racks. Knowing which style you have can help you choose the correct cross bars and simplify your installation.

Raised Roof Rails

Cars with raised roof rails are normally seen on estate cars and SUVs. They run from front to back on the roof of the car and can come standard or be a factory add on. You can easily spot these raised roof rails by observing a gap between the roof of the car and the rail.

Solid Roof Rails

Solid roof rails are more modern in style and can usually be found on estate cars. They flow flush with the roof of the car and are generally seen on vehicle models that are 2006 and newer. Solid roof rails do not have a gap between roof and rail.

Fix Point Roof Bars

Fix point roof bars are found on several car body styles. The fix point is found on the car roof or inside a door jamb and its only purpose is a roof rack mount. Look for plastic caps on the roof or inside the vehicle. Sometimes these fix points can be hard to find, but there are always four fix points.

Cars that lack rails or fix points use the doorjamb to mount a roof rack. Use the top doorjamb (connected to roof) to clamp the roof bar to the car.

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You can either install the cross bars yourself or hire a professional to install them for you. Keep in mind that installation by a professional can cost as much as aftermarket cross bars. Consider searching YouTube for installation help or enlisting a friend that you can help you navigate the project. Installing the cross bars should take less than a couple of hours and does not require many special tools.

Many people choose to install the cross bars themselves. It is a DIY job that only takes a couple hours of your time (less if you are experienced). It is crucial that you read the instructions before installing the cross bars. Reading the instructions can help you cut down the time it takes to install them yourself. If possible, get a second pair of hands to help you. It will be easier to maneuver the cross bars on the roof of your vehicle and faster to install.

Make sure the roof of your car is free of dirt. This will help you install the cross bars correctly and prevent the mounts from sliding on the debris. Grease bolts so that you can easily remove the cross bars when needed. Do not over tighten any screws when installing the cross bars. Over tightening the screws can cause them to strip out and may damage the rack or even worse, your car.

If you want your cross bars to install as easily as possible, it is recommended that you check to see if the cross bars will fit your specific car model. You should also buy both your racks and your cross bars from the same manufacturer. This will ensure that both pieces are compatible.

If you do not want the excess frame on your car roof, your only option is to use bars that hook to your window frame.  The style of your cross bars will affect the overall look of your vehicle so do not forget to take that into account.


Cross bars come in many different styles. There are round ones and square ones. Some have a silver or metallic finish while others make a statement in black. If you need extra height for all the gear you will be carrying, consider opting for low-profile cross bars. It is important to look at a few different styles to see which one appeals most to you or which one would look the best on your vehicle model.

There are two main styles to consider when choosing cross bars. Will you need heavy duty cross bars to carry large loads? Or do you need aerodynamic cross bars that will work on your car for everyday use?

Heavy duty cross bars are used for large loads that require strength to get the job done. This style of cross bars also offers security and provides safety for long treks. If you are looking to haul heavy items and do not mind removing the cross bars after use, heavy duty cross bars might be your best option.

If you use cross bars for largely recreational use, consider purchasing an aerodynamic style. Some aerodynamic bars are coated with a textured surface to reduce wind noise and are generally quicker to install. Since aerodynamic bars are made with light-weight aluminum, you can leave the cross bars on your car even for your everyday commute. And with aerodynamic comes first class style. If you are looking for cross bars that blend in with the sleek style of your vehicle, aerodynamic cross bars are the best choice.

Now that you have reviewed the key points about cross bars, it is time to choose one. We have chosen five of our top picks that work for Honda Odyssey roof rack cross bars. Each of these options below will work for your Honda Odyssey. Check each one out for its unique features and style.

Honda Odyssey Cross Bars

1. BRIGHTLINES 2005-2010 Honda Odyssey Cross Bars Roof Rack OE Style

The Brightlines 2005-2010 Honda Odyssey Cross Bars are made with high grade aluminum and expert construction. The high-grade aluminum creates a durable and light-weight set of cross bars that is sure to last you through many adventures. Adjust the cross bars for a custom fit. Drive comfortably without excess wind noise thanks to the aero-dynamic design. Load all of your favorite gear with a max load capacity of 150 pounds. The Brightlines cross bars also include complete instructions and four mounting towers. Professional installation available direct through Amazon.

Honda owners who have purchased the Brightlines cross bars noted that installation can be a little tricky due to lack of detailed instructions. However, most purchased the cross bars to carry kayaks and cargo boxes and most would buy these cross bars over more expensive ones. The style was appreciated, as was the lack of excessive wind noise.


Load Capacity: 150 pounds

Item Weight: 11 pounds

Package Dimensions: 46.2 x 5.6 x 3.8 inches

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2. Genuine Honda 08L04-TK8-102 Crossbar

The Genuine Honda Crossbar will fit Odysseys manufactured from 2011-2014. The cross bars are made to accommodate the existing roof rails on Odyssey vans. The cross bars are made of a mix of extruded aluminum and die-cast aluminum for longevity. The cross bars hold an impressive 165 pounds. Professional installation available direct through Amazon.

Odyssey owners who purchased the Genuine Honda Crossbar commented that the installation took under two hours and was easily accomplished by even a novice. Installing the cross bars yourself can save as much as a few hundred dollars. Since the cross bars are a genuine Honda part, the style goes seamless with the vehicle. A saw is needed to customize the length of the cross bars and a Torx bit will keep the screws from stripping out.

The price of the genuine Honda cross bars is nearly double that of the Brightlines crossbars, so you might want to take that into consideration if budget is a factor.

Brand: Honda

Load Capacity: 165 pounds

Item Weight: 5.5 pounds

Product Dimensions: 51 x 9 x 7 inches

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3. AUXMART Roof Rack Cross Bars Fit for Honda Odyssey 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 – 132LBS / 60KG Capacity

The Auxmart Honda Odyssey Roof Rack Cross Bars are sized for the 2011-2018 models. It is important to double check the size of your van roof before you purchase these cross bars to make sure they will be compatible. The Auxmart cross bars have a load capacity of 132 pounds and are made out of a combination of aluminum and ABS plastic. They’re perfect for hauling extra luggage, kayaks, bikes, etc. You will receive cross bars and hardware for installation. Professional installation available direct through Amazon.

Auxmart customers noted that the cross bars work for their intended purpose. They also noted that they prefer using manual tools versus automatic tools for installation to avoid stripping out the screws and having to replace.


Load Capacity: 132 pounds

Item Weight: 4.41 pounds

Product Dimensions: 46.5 x 3.9 x 5.5 inches

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4. ICBEAMER 50 inch Long Aluminum Roof Rack Top Railing Cross Bars Cargo Carrier Luggage w/key locks

The ICBEAMER cross bars work for several models of cars and vans. ICBEAMER notes that you must measure your roof rail before purchasing. The roof rail may not exceed 43”. If your roof rail exceeds this measurement, the cross bars will not fit. Purchase at your own discretion. Professional installation available direct through Amazon.

The cross bars are adjustable from 36″ (shortest) to 43″ (longest). Made to last, each cross bar is C.N.C. machined using durable, light-weight polished silver aircraft aluminum. A great feature of these cross bars is the built-in locks and key design. These locks are perfect anti-theft protection. The anti-theft feature will keep your mind at ease on your next vacation.


Load Capacity:  pounds

Item Weight: 13 pounds

Product Dimensions : 6 x 51 x 4 inches

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5. Fedar Roof Rack Cross Bar Cargo Carrier for 2011-2015 Honda Odyssey

The Fedar Roof Rack Cross Bar is perfect for the 2011-2015 Honda Odyssey models. If your model is different than those listed, you will want to measure and ask the seller before purchasing this cross bar set. The cross bars are made with super durable 3mm thick molded aluminum alloy. The carry capacity is 150 pounds. They’re easy to install, come with necessary hardware and are backed by a one-year limited warranty. Professional installation available direct through Amazon.

Purchasers of the Fedar Roof Rack rave that the installation took less than 20 minutes to complete. It is also noted that the product performs well for the price. However, some customers had issues with fit, so make sure to check to see if it will fit your model before purchasing.Brand: Fedar

Load Capacity: 150 pounds

Item Weight: 11 pounds

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Purchasing a set of Honda Odyssey roof rack cross bars can help you haul anything from adventure gear to extra luggage, giving you much needed room in the cabin for additional guests. Adding cross bars to your existing van can increase the value of your vehicle. Save money on vacations by bringing all of the necessary gear with you instead of having to rent it every time you want to travel.

There are many sizes of cross bars to consider. Following the suggested size that will fit your make, model and year of vehicle is a good start. It is a good idea to double check with the manufacturer before ordering your cross bars. Installing the wrong size can cause damage to the cross bars or your vehicle.

Will you be hauling heavy items a few times a year or prefer to keep your Honda Odyssey cross bars on year-round?

Choosing a heavy-duty material can help you haul large items. However, durable cross bars are bulky and can generate significant wind noise. Choosing a light-weight aluminum for everyday use will not add a lot of bulk or noise to your daily commute. These cross bars are aerodynamic and will add style to your van.

Make sure you consult your car’s user manual to find the maximum roof load. More than likely, your maximum roof load will be less than the weight that roof racks and cross bars can bear. Only purchase cross bars that match the closest to the maximum roof load. Purchasing large weight load cross bars for a smaller car can cause damage to the car’s roof. You will save money by choosing the correct carrying capacity for your vehicle.

Wind noise is unfortunately an issue when adding a roof rack and cross bars to your vehicle. Especially with a heavy or tall cargo load, you are bound to experience some wind noise. You can cut down on the noise by using end caps or choosing cross bars that are more aerodynamic.

When installing your cross bars, it is recommended to have an extra set of hands to cut down on installation time. If you are comfortable working on your vehicle’s roof, it is worth your while to install the cross bars yourself. Professional installation is available but can be as costly as the crossbars themselves.

Do not be afraid of placing the roof rack and cross bars. If you are in the process of purchasing a new Honda Odyssey, consider buying one with a roof rack and cross bars already installed. This will save you the hassle of researching cross bars and ensure that the kit is factory certified.

Choose a design that matches your own personal style. Although Honda Odyssey cross bars are a practical accessory, they can be stylish too. Whether you choose genuine Honda parts or an aftermarket set of cross bars, the family will enjoy relishing in the extra space on your next adventure.

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