How long does it take to charge a Tesla?

The Tesla car is the latest in cutting-edge technology that has swept over the world. Electric cars have long been seen as slow, hard to maintain and not as long-lasting as normal cars.

The company, Tesla have modified the game for electric cars and produced a competitive product that is sustainable and energy efficient. Tesla have changed the way that we see electric cars with their sleek, eco-friendly and technologically advanced automobiles.

Tesla’s company mission is to ‘accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy’, and have come leaps and bounds from their inception, to become one of the biggest household names in the world.

Tesla pioneered the first ever all-electric sedan- the Model S, combining safety, efficiency and performance in a world-class car that excels in all categories. The Model S has reshaped how we think about electric vehicles, with the longest range for any electric vehicle and an impressive 0-60mph acceleration in just 2.2 seconds.

This undermined all of the issues that consumers had previously with electric vehicles and made them a strong competitor in the car industry. A Tesla can drive fast and far, with a quick and reliable charge.

Tesla has a significant advantage over its competitors when it comes to charging time, vehicle range and efficiency. However, like any electrical product, the speed of its charge relies upon a number of different factors.

Many people wonder how electric cars charge, but it really is simple. You charge your electric car overnight just as you would your phone. How long it takes to charge a Tesla really depends on your usage, lifestyle and driving style.

The speed of charge relies heavily upon the voltage and power of the outlet you are using, and the model of vehicle you own, just like a phone. Different Tesla models charge at varying rates, with different home chargers, and can charge up quickest with the help of Tesla’s Supercharger Network.


If you’re worried about a road trip, and whether your Tesla will last, then the Supercharger Network has you covered. Every Tesla car has an inbuilt navigation system that will redirect you towards a supercharger in the instance of your vehicle reaching low battery levels.

The Tesla Supercharger Network can provide you with an 80% charge within 30-40 minutes, for emergencies or road-side assistance. These chargers are part of an extensive network built by Tesla in over 1,600 locations across the US alone.

For in-city recharging, Tesla provides Urban Superchargers that are slightly less powerful and provide a full charge after 45 minutes.

Superchargers can give a quick and easy charge for your Tesla in a matter of minutes, but it all comes down to what vehicle you have.

A Tesla Model 3 can perform 172 miles per 15 minutes of supercharging. A Tesla Model S can roughly gain 136 miles per 15 minutes of supercharge and a Model X could travel 123 miles per 15 minutes of supercharge.

Although superchargers are powerful and fast, it is not recommended to use them extensively and frequently as it may damage your battery life after a while. Tesla recommends you home-charge your vehicle at night. Most Tesla models can fully recharge throughout the night.

Tesla Wall Connector

The fastest way to recharge a Tesla is to install a Tesla Wall Connector. These chargers provide the most power, but can be expensive to purchase and require a qualified Tesla technician to install.

The Tesla Wall Connector can charge a Model 3 Performance, Standard and Long Range vehicle in just 7.3 hours! Model S Teslas take a little longer but still fully recharge in an impressive 10.2 hours. Tesla’s SUV Model X Performance takes 10.16 hours, and the Long Range Model X takes just 11.7 hours.

NEMA 14-50 Chargers

The most popular and Tesla-approved method to recharge is with a NEMA 14-50 in a 240V outlet, using a 50 AMP circuit breaker. This will in most cases charge a Model 3 Tesla up to 30 miles for every hour it charges. The Model S will get 23 miles per hour of charge, and a Model X will gain 20 miles per hour of charge.

However, every Tesla comes equipped with a NEMA 5-15 charger that works in your standard 120 volt outlet. These are regular outlets you use in your home for your phone or TV. Although they are compatible with the Telsa vehicles, they are not powerful enough to charge it quickly, and should only be used in emergencies. These chargers tend to provide 3 miles of range per hour of charge, so it is advisable to use the NEMA 14-50; which can take anywhere between 8-17 hours to fully charge an empty Tesla battery.

With a NEMA 14-50, a Long Range and Performance Model 3 Tesla can take 10.7 hours to fully charge, whereas a Standard Range Model 3 can take 8.3 hours.

A Model S Performance can fully charge within 15 hours, whereas a Model S Long Range takes 16.9 hours to fully recharge with a NEMA 14-50.

Model X Performance Teslas charge fully for up to 15.25 hours for a 305 mile range, whereas the Model X Long Range can take a little longer at 17.53 hours, but have an impressive 351 mile range.

It is notable to know that you can now track your Tesla’s charge within the Tesla app. Here you can receive notifications and updates on your vehicle. You can also keep track of when your battery is running low, or is fully charged, to make sure that you always stay on top of your Tesla’s range.

So, while your Tesla charges, you can rest assured that all of your range anxiety and charge concerns have been driven away.

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