How To Dispose of Car Batteries

We all know that household batteries need to be safely recycled due to the harmful effects they can have on the environment. However, have you ever thought about the process of disposing of your car battery?

It’s not something that we think of often. In fact, if you are like us, you sometimes forget you even have a car battery. This could be because unlike a household device like a remote control, the batteries don’t need to be recharged or replaced often.

That being said, there are timers in your car’s life where the battery needs to be removed and replaced. It is in these times that you may wonder… what on earth do I do with this thing?

It’s not as simple as just throwing it in the trash, that’s for sure.

However, the process isn’t difficult.

In fact, there are actually a number of ways you can dispose of your car battery – and good news, all of them are environmentally friendly, meaning you can sleep easy at night knowing your battery disposal method is super responsible! Keep on reading to hear all about them.

The first thing to consider when needing a new battery is if you are going to change it yourself, or take it to a professional to change it for you. Depending on what you choose, the method for disposing of your car battery may change.

First, let’s deal with those mechanically-minded maestros who are changing their battery themselves….

What are the options?


Recycling Centers

One option that would be ideal, particularly if you are happy to change and replace it yourself, is to take your used battery to a recycling center. Lots of recycling centers now have the facilities to recycle household batteries and car batteries alike.

For this option, we would highly recommend you check with all of your local recycling centers first rather than just turning up there with your old battery in tow. Some recycling centers may incur a small charge for the disposal of this, however, so do bear this in mind.

Do ensure that if you are transporting it yourself in this way that you do so safely, using protective gloves.

An Auto Shop or Parts Store

Another perfectly reasonable option would be to return the old battery to the place you buy your new battery. Of course, this would require you to either walk or get other transportation to the store.

However, if that poses no issue to you then this could actually be really helpful, as it means you only have to make one trip, rather than one trip to the store and another trip elsewhere to dispose of the old battery.

Of course, not all auto shops and parts stores will offer this service, so ensure you check ahead of time. As always, we definitely recommend wearing gloves when handling the battery for your own safety.

Take It Back to the Retailer

An option that could also be considered is taking the used car battery back to the retailer you bought it from. When you buy a car battery from a retailer, it often comes with a core charge on the receipt.

This basically entitles you to a sum of money if you return the battery back to the store when it has been used. This is to encourage responsible disposal of the battery in question, and it also means you can just buy your new one straight from them afterward.

A Scrap Metal Trader

Scrap metal traders may happily take in your old car battery. In fact, they may even buy this from you. We recommend checking out your local scrap metal depots online to check if they do accept them, and what rate they pay for them.

This will ensure you do not make a pointless journey, especially given the extra care that must be taken when handling an old car battery. As with the recycling center method, please ensure you wear protective gloves when handling the battery.

Maybe you prefer to get your laptop changed by a professional, rather than doing it yourself. In this case, the disposal methods for your old battery may differ. Keep reading to find out how….

Get a Professional on the Case

Some people may actually prefer to get their batteries changed by someone else. Maybe you don’t feel confident in your battery changing abilities. Maybe you simply don’t have the time to do it. Whatever the reason, you can certainly pay a professional to do it all for you.

To use this method, all you need to do is call a mechanic, be it a mobile mechanic or a garage, and ask if they offer this service. Most mechanics will indeed offer this and will either come out to you or ask you to bring your car into them.

Make sure that the mechanic in question is certified, and it also may be worth questioning them on how they actually dispose of the old batteries, just so you get the peace of mind that it is being handled responsibly.

Not only will they remove your old battery, but they will also fit you with a new one. Please bear in mind that this will almost certainly incur a charge (unless you happen to have a mechanic buddy, in which case, mates rates may occur – you lucky thing!).
This option is ideal because the disposal of the battery is out of your hands and you can sleep easy knowing it is all sorted already.

There you have it! I bet you never thought recycling an old car battery would be this easy, are we right? Whatever method of car battery disposal you choose from our list above, you can have the peace of mind that you are making an environmentally friendly decision.

As we have stated numerous times, handling a car battery does need to be done with extreme care. We recommend wearing protective clothing, gloves and anything else you may feel will protect your skin.

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