How To Dispose of Old Gasoline

Gasoline – one of the most widely used substances in the world – makes the world go ‘round (I mean, not literally but you catch our drift, right?). It powers our vehicles, our tools, our generators, our snowblowers, and even our lawnmowers.

However, it seems even the most powerful things have an end date. Gasoline doesn’t last forever, or rather, after a while it stops doing its job, becoming a useless liquid that is more a hindrance than a helper.

It is when it becomes useless that we begin to wonder “well now what do I do with it?”. This is an important question because regardless of how useful it is, gasoline also happens to be pretty harmful to the environment as well as being highly flammable.

These factors make it quite a conundrum to dispose of. You can’t just throw it down the drain or into the trash…. And don’t even think of dumping it anywhere outside. These methods are all extremely dangerous.

Worry not, though, because there are some safe ways to do this that will ensure that you are responsible in your chosen method of gasoline disposal, as well as ensuring minimum risks for you and those around you.

The good news is that these methods are super easy to do and readily available wherever you are in the country.

So keep on reading to learn all about how to dispose of old gasoline.

Decanting the Gasoline Safely

Before we go into any details about where you can dispose of your old gasoline, we need to discuss how you should transfer and transport your old gasoline.

The Government has specific containers that have been approved by them for transporting and disposal of old gasoline. These containers are made out of a red plastic that has been tested to ensure that it does not react with the gasoline that is placed in them.

This is the safest form of transportation for old gasoline, and all disposal centers and auto repair shops should refuse to take your gasoline if it is not in one of these. This container ensures that you are all kept safe and that nothing will corrode or become a hazard.

This is especially important considering how flammable gasoline is, and how harmful it can be for your skin. Even the fumes can be extremely harmful to a person.

For these reasons, as well as being contained in a safe container, you should be dressed in protective clothing when decanting old gasoline into the container and transporting it. A face mask should also be worn.

Now you know how to transport it safely we can explore the options you have at your disposal.


Where You Can Take The Gasoline

Recycling or Waste Disposal Center

The first step we recommend taking is doing some research concerning your local waste and recycling centers. Wherever you are in the country, there is very likely to be at least one venue near you that is either completely dedicated to hazardous waste disposal or at least has a department for it within their waste disposal center.

Simply to an internet search, check your yellow pages, or ask around to see if there is some such location in your local area.

When you have found a recycling center or waste disposal facility, we highly recommend that you call them ahead of time to ensure that they do indeed accept old gasoline and the procedure for doing so. For example, some centers may only accept it in containers.

In fact, there are containers that are preapproved by the Government that should be used for the transportation of hazardous substances like old gasoline. Any gas should be decanted into the container using a funnel and ensuring that you are wearing protective gloves and clothing whilst doing so.

Auto Repair Shop

Another location that could possibly serve as the ideal place to dispose of your old gasoline is your local auto repair shop. Of course, an auto repair shop would be your typical port of call for all things vehicle related. Gasoline is one of these things, regardless of whether it comes from your vehicle or your tools.

In a similar vein to the recycling center disposal method, due care should be taken before dropping your old gasoline off. You should not just turn up to any old auto repair shop and expect them to deal with your old gasoline.

Again, research is your best friend here! We highly recommend that you do some asking around or a quick internet search to locate your local auto repair shop. When you have managed to locate a suitable shop, you should call them before you even think of jumping in your car, gasoline in hand! You should ensure they are prepared to take it, and that doing so will be safe for both you and them.

They should then advise you on the best way to bring in the old gasoline, which should, in theory, be the same as the recycling center method in the sense that you will need to decant it into a safe, suitable Government approved canister.

Fire Department

Another option when disposing of old gasoline is to contact your local fire department.

The fire department will be trained to give the best advice in regards to disposing of your old gasoline. They will be able to explain to you in further detail the dangers of just dumping your old gasoline somewhere and explain what responsible disposal means for you and the environment.

They are likely to be able to recommend the best course of action, referring you to hazardous waste disposal, recycling center, or auto repair shop. They will also be able to give you more information on Government approved containers for old gasoline.

Final Word

As you can see, the disposal of old gasoline is easier than people think. As we have discussed, it must be disposed of safely and responsibly, using safety precautions such as Government approved containers and protective clothing.

If you are ever unsure, contact your local Fire Department who can advise you on how to safely dispose of the substance.

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