DIY: How To Get Rain-X Off Windshield


Have you just used the Rain-X on your windshield but the product leaves an unsightly film on your windshield?

Well, if this is your problem here is a guide to help you get Rain-X off the windscreen.

Rain-X is commonly used to enhance your windscreen’s visibility during a rainy or snowy day. The product functions by repelling the inclement weather elements, forcing them to roll off your car windshield quickly.

Despite the extraordinary role played by this product, most users face a challenge when the product wears off, leaving an unsightly film on your car’s windshield.

The film on your windscreen surface is usually a stubborn haze that needs a unique and correct cleaning procedure to eliminate it.

Below is a detailed and accurate tutorial that you can use to remove Rain-X in your windshield in the shortest time without the need of an expert. This tutorial is helpful to all people using Rain- X since it wears off with time.

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How Long Does Rain X Last?

Rain X longevity depends on the weather. However, the product should be able to serve you for at least three months. After the period, you need to scrub the worn out residue in preparation of replacing it.

What You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial

You need to have the following items which will be used during the entire cleaning process.

• A dry rag used to clean and dry your windshield.

• You will also need a scrubber that is abrasive in nature that you will use to clean your windshield.

• You need a mild detergent, like soap or any other detergent that you use to wash your dishes.

• You need white vinegar since it has excellent cleaning properties.

• You also need a soft sponge used to apply your commercial cleaning product.

• You need a powerful commercial cleaning product. Some of our recommendations are No Touch GS8 Auto Glass Stripper and Rain-X Glass Polish.

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Step by Step Instructions on How to Get Rain-X off Windshield

1. Wipe the Windshield Using the Dry Rag

The initial step when working to eliminate the unsightly film is to clean the windshield using a dry cloth. This process reduces dust and other foreign materials that are loosely attached to your car’s windscreen. This step paves the way for easy cleaning alongside reducing the chances of scratching your windshield when using water and detergent.

2. Prepare your Cleaning Solution

Make your cleaning solution by mixing the mild detergent with water. We recommend that you use a generous amount that will give you the desired outcome.

You can also use Vinegar instead of soap. Vinegar has excellent cleaning properties that can help to eliminate most stains resulting from commercial products.

3. Clean the Windshield Using a Scrubber, Detergent and Soap to Clean the Windshield

After wiping the windshield, use a windscreen friendly scrubber to wash the affected surface. Since some scrubbers can scratch your windshield, you might want to test a small area first before you proceed with cleaning the full windshield.

Good scrubbers are coarse enough to scrub the haze but gentle on your vehicle’s windshield. After ascertaining that your scrubber is right for the job, continue scrubbing in gentle circular motion till some residue begins to fall out. Always keep your scrubber wet and soapy to prevent scratching your screen.

4. Rinse the Windscreen with Clean Water

After you complete scrubbing, clean your car’s windshield with adequate water. In this step, you should be able to see promising results whereby most of the Rain-X haze has disappeared. If your windshield is not still clean, read on the next steps to help you eliminate the remaining stubborn haze.

5. Apply the Commercial Cleaner

Before you employ the commercial cleaner, you need to wipe the windshield using a dry rag till it dries up. Wiping the windshield removes soap and excess water that can compromise the functionality of the commercial car windshield and window cleaner.

Dampen a soft sponge using water.

Afterward, pour a generous amount of the commercial cleaner onto the sponge. You need to read the label or instructions for use that comes along with your cleaning solution to ensure that you use the right amount in the correct way.

Use the dampened sponge with the commercial cleaning solution to clean the stained surface of the entire windshield.

However, we recommend that you mainly focus on the areas with the haze rather than the whole glass surface.

Continue cleaning the area in a circular motion for at least two minutes or until the residue is eliminated. Rinse the cleaning solution off your screen with adequate water or a wet cloth. After cleaning the surface, dry the windshield with a dry rag. The result will be a clean looking windshield free of the Rain-X residue.

Some Rain-X films are stubborn to eliminate hence will require you to repeat our guide for more than once. If your problem is classified as stubborn, don’t give up. Repeat the steps till you achieve your desired results. We suggest that you take precaution to prevent your windshield from scratches while cleaning the haze.

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Did you enjoy our “how to get Rainx off Windshield” tutorial?

We hope you did. Our step by step guide above is intended to help you clear stubborn residues left behind after using the Rain-X. If you follow our tutorial keenly, you will get your windshield cleaned in the shortest time without the help of a professional.

We encourage you to share opinions that can help improve our article. If you find it helpful, please feel free to share it with a friend who needs the skills.

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