How To Remove Tar From A Car


Anybody who has owned a car before is well aware how annoying tar spots on your car can be. Although it is mostly seen along wheel wells and side doors, tar can also appear on the windows, hood, and roof of your car.

You may be asking yourself where all this tar comes from. The reason tar appears is from driving on asphalt-based roads or potholes with tar covering them. You can also notice tar on your car if you pass by roadwork or construction equipment.

Unfortunately, treating your car for tar can be a difficult ordeal due to the fact it is an oil-based substance. Although it doesn’t harden or cause permanent damage for years, it can be removed with all-natural cleaners.

Once cleaned off, you should also treat your car to a wax and wash to help to fully clean away any residue the tar may have left behind.

In this article, we will provide a step by step guide on how to remove tar from car and the two different methods you can use to do it.

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Tar Removal: Method One

The first method how to remove tar from car paint involves removing any spots with a specialized tar remover. A professional level tar remover can easily, thoroughly, and quickly remove any spots.

What You Will Need


Step 1: Soak the cloth in the tar remover.

The cloth should not be dripping, but covered. If there is a large spot of tar on your car, you can apply the tar remover right on the spot.

Step 2: Wipe the cloth over the tar spots.

With the cloth in hand, make a circular motion over the spot. With a little bit of effort, the spots of tar will soften and come off completely. When your cloth gets dirty, flip it over to use a clean section. This will help prevent the tar from streaking. If there are streaks, you can wipe those off, too.

Step 3: Repeat.

Repeat steps one and two for any other tar spots on your car. Be sure to use the same small, circular motion when you are cleaning the other spots, too.

Step 4: Give your car a full wash.

Use the warm water and mild soap to clean your car’s exterior. When washing, make sure you start at the top and work your way down to the bottom. Then, rinse your car with warm, clean water.

Step 5: Double check for any tar spots you may have missed.

If you find any spots that you missed, repeat the first two steps again to do any necessary touch-ups.

Step 6: Apply car wax.

Now that you have washed your car and double checked for tar spots, you should then wax it. This will help to protect and seal the paint and keep your car looking new.

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Tar Removal: Method Two

Professional cleaning products aren’t the only products you can use to remove tar from your car. You can also use an array of household items such as WD-40 or peanut butter. This is a great, low-cost way to remove tar spots. Plus, it is also better for emergency clean-ups when you may not have any professional cleaner on hand.

What You Will Need

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Step 1: Apply a household product to your car.

It depends on what type of product you plan to use, but you can either apply it directly to the tar spot or spray it on your towel. However, if you plan on using WD-40, spray it only on the tar itself. Let the WD-40 sit on the tar for a full minute before wiping it off along with the tar.

Using a common household product, like peanut butter can also work. Just apply it to your towel and use it to wipe the tar off your car. Be sure to only use creamy peanut butter. Let it sit on the tar for at least 30 seconds first.

Step 2: Wipe the tar off with a microfiber cloth.

After applying the household item to a microfiber cloth, wipe the area of your car covered in tar. Feel free to continue repeating this process until you notice the tar is completely gone.

Step 3: Wash the car.

Mix water and a detergent and wash off the exterior of your car. Once washed, rinse off your car with water. Feel free to wax your car afterward.

Removing tar from a car can be a hard process to complete, but a little hard work can go a long way. Hopefully, this article could inform you on the necessary tools and steps to take to fully clean tar off your car and hopefully prevent extreme tar buildup in the future.

Feel free to comment below if you have any further questions about how to remove tar from car or have any ideas of your own on removing tar. Also, feel free to share this article as well, to help others clean tar off their car.

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