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Jeep Cherokee cross bars allow you to pack more stuff and live a more active style, getting the most out of your bad ass Jeep! Ever wanted to go to picnics, camp, or other outings that requires packing loads and bags and had to hire another car just because your fancy SUV couldn’t pack the load? Let’s just say a little investment could have saved you from that hassle. We all have those moments, and that’s probably why you’re reading this. Buying gadgets or equipment that solve problems is always a good idea. Jeep Cherokee Cross Bars offer just that!

Maybe your family suddenly decides to embark on a holiday camping trip for an entire month. If you have a family of six, and each person packs two medium-sized bags, you are looking at twelve bags. Part of the fun of camping or vacationing is the interaction, unity, and pleasure experienced while traveling together. Therefore, you would want to travel in one car. If you have an SUV, you will probably soon realize the trunk only has enough space for your family’s luggage only. There won’t be any more room for boards for games, camping gears, relaxation, and sports equipment – which are essential for the trip.

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This is why we recommend getting a roof rack for your Jeep SUV. This will allow you to carry extra loads or other items that can’t fit into your car. The main issue is getting the best roof rack crossbars that are solid, durable, and fit your car. Here’s a quick list of our top 5

1.Roof Rack Crossbars 54” Universal Locking Crossbars by VaultCheck Price
2.ROLA 59682 Removable Mount REX Series Roof Rack for Jeep CherokeeCheck Price
3.BRIGHTLINES 2014-2019 Jeep Cherokee Aero Crossbars Roof RacksCheck Price
4.Fit for JEEP Cherokee 2014-2018 Roof Racks Crossbars Baggage Roof Rack Rail Cross BarCheck Price
5.CargoLoc 2-Piece 52" Aluminum Roof Top Cross Bar SetCheck Price

Choosing the best Jeep Cherokee cross bars is not always a piece of cake, which is why we have reviewed five of the best options for Jeep Cherokee roof rack cross bars out there to aid your decision.

Jeep Cherokee Roof Rack Cross Bars: What is a Rack System?

A typical rack system comprises of crossbars and supports, attached firmly to the roof of a car. For a rack system to work, you will require two crossbars and a method of fixing the bars to your car. Most of the components that make up the rack system are:

  • Load Bars – the two crossbars. Load bars are manufactured in different lengths depending on the size of the vehicle and the amount of load you want to carry. Bars are usually round or square, but you can buy the wider, flatter, quieter bars with aerodynamic airplane-wing-shaped design at an additional price.
  • Foot packs (or towers) to support the crossbars
  • Fit Clips – these are foot pads and/or brackets specific to a car that aids fixing the foot pack to the vehicle.

Why Buy Jeep Cherokee Roof Rack Cross Bars?

Jeep Cherokee cross bars can be used for almost anything. Having a rack system on your car makes it incredibly more practical and versatile. Roof Racks is the perfect solutions for many people, including outdoor adventurists, DIY-ers, vacationing families, cyclists. The bottom line is your roof rack gives your car the ability to carry more stuff than it normally would, and probably provide more room or space in the cabin for your family. It could be bikes, surfboards, ladders, extra luggage, baby equipment in a roof box – the options are limitless. Big drawers, old mattresses, and every other day’s scenario when you would have had to hire a van or get a bigger estate car – all solved by a roof rack attached to your car.

What you should know about Jeep Cherokee Cross Bars

Installing a roof rack is beneficial, but it increases air resistance, especially on the highway. In the US, reports showed that roof racks caused about 1% increase in total fuel consumption. Additionally, more wind resistance may cause the roof racks to make noise on the highway. During the roof rack installation, ensure you load the bars correctly, following the accompanying user manual. For road driving, you have to put only the recommended weight, minus the weight of the roof rack system. If you will be using the roof rack for an off-road drive, divide the recommended weight by 2 to determine the weight of the load you can put on the roof rack in that particular driving condition.

What Type of Roof Rack Cross Bars Do I Need?

There are four major types of Jeep Cherokee roof rack cross bar systems, and the major difference between them is how they are attached to the car ,or the kind of roof your car has. Different cars use different modes of attachment. Read below to know the roof rack that will be the most appropriate for your car.

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Roof Rack for cars with solid roof rails: If the roof of your car is directly attached or flushed with the rails along each side i.e. there is no space between the roof and the rail, the rails are called continuous, flush, or solid rails. They are common with cars released from 2006 onwards and estate cars. Foot packs and fit kits are designed specifically for this.

Raised Roof Racks: This is for cars with raised roof rails and is usually found on SUVs and estate cars. If the rails that run along the side of your car run from the front to the back of the roof, and is raised, a foot pack that clips on to the rack would be necessary. Raised rails are usually installed by the vehicle manufacturer and are often optional or given as a basic equipment on certain models. They are called raised roof because there is a visible space between the rail and the roof, unlike those seen in solid roof rails. This type saves you from having to buy kits designed specifically for the car, which could significantly lessen installation costs by up to $100.

Roof Rack for cars with fixpoints: Most cars, regardless of its body style, be it saloon, hatchback, MPV, usually have fixpoints. Fix points are marked spots on the roof of the car or inside the doorjamb specially meant for installing the roof bars. You should typically have four of them on the roof and are usually covered or hidden away with small plastic tabs or caps. Fix points have quite a number of designs on different cars and in some cases, the specific mounting point can be very difficult to find.

Roof Racks for cars without rails or fixpoints: Cars without any of the features described above have a ‘naked roof’ and will require ‘Door Jamb’ to install a roof rack. This kind of roof rack is clipped to the door jamb using a foot pack or fit kit designed for that purpose. The doorjamb is visible when you open the door and is a component of the roof.

Factory Bars: Some cars have a roof rack installed permanently from the factory. If your car has this, you don’t need to buy another roof rack.

Truck Bed Rack: These racks are usually designed to be installed on the bed of a pickup truck. The build of the bed rack is comparable to the roof rack but packs tall poles or legs that allows the rack to be elevated above the bed surface to give space for loads inside the bed. Truck bed racks are used along with roof racks to create an extended cargo platform for moving oversized loads. They are typically used in recreation for carrying gears and tents, or in construction. One interesting example of this is the specialized truck rack system that can be removed when it is not in use. You can install or remove these types of racks in less than a minute. A good example is the one found on the Toyota Tundra truck bed.

If you own a truck, there are a number of ways you can customize or set up your rack system. You can place a crossbar over the cab and fix a rear hitch mount or you can get the components in half packs. You can also fit tracks on your truck cap and install the rack system like that. Premium truck bed rack systems are available too. With this, you can lower or raise your rack according to preference.

What is the average cost of Jeep Cherokee Cross Bars?

Roof Bar systems start around $200 and can go as high as $500. The price is usually determined by the kind of material used in its construction, the type of roof rack, and the brand. Steel roof racks are typically cheaper than aluminum roof racks. Roof bars with an aerodynamic system are more expensive than normal bars. Roof bars from Thule or Whispbar cost more because they are regarded as premium brands in the market.

With about $200, you should be able to get a complete rack system with suction cups. This is a good option if you won’t use the rack frequently. For a more sturdy and secure rack system, you will likely spend around $360 – $500 for a square bar rack. A wind-shaped crossbar system will cost you around $600, depending on the model of your vehicle.

Accessories to Consider

After buying your Jeep Cherokee roof rack cross bars, there are different kinds of accessories you can buy, depending on what you would be carrying with the rack. This could be kayaks, bikes, skis, gear, canoes, SUPs, etc.

The first important accessory you should consider buying is locks to keep your rack firmly attached to the vehicle. A typical lock core of four packs is sold for around $75 and fit perfectly into the foot packs. Preferably, you can purchase a 2, 4, 6, and 8 pack locks to that you can use one key to lock your rack and your accessories.

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Some cars have roofs that are designed in a way that airflow or wind across them causes undesirably loud whistling sound in the crossbar. This usually occurs when you are going on the highway. To prevent this, we suggest you buy wing-shaped bars, or bars with aerodynamic design. If you are already facing this situation, you can buy a fairing that fits the front bar and helps to bounce oncoming wind upwards to reduce the noise.

5 Of The Best Jeep Cherokee Cross Bars

To help you choose a good crossbar, we have reviewed five of the best roof rack crossbars for Jeep Cherokee.

1. Roof Rack Crossbars 54” Universal Locking Crossbars by Vault

The universal locking crossbar from Vault is a premium adventure kit that will help you get your gear from a location to another with ease. This product features a customizable Aluminum Roof Top Crossbar setup with the capacity to carry kayaks, canoes, snowboards, roof basket, and luggage without unnecessary hassle. It is a perfect choice for people looking for a versatile product that can serve all their carriage needs.


Product Weight: 9.85 Pounds

Load Capacity: 150 Pounds

Aerodynamic low-profile design

Design and Features

When you buy the product, it comes with an adjustable clamp width accompanies the set of bars. Single crossbars are 53 inches long (end to end), 2 inches wide and 1 inch tall. The pair of crossbars is packed with two sets of keys to make your crossbars system more secure.

Designed for Outdoor Adventure

To make the product suitable for outdoor adventure, the crossbars have rubber strips that run across their entire length to provide adequate protection for your cargo.

The package comes with a simple tool to detach the crossbars from the rails.

The two ends of each crossbar are covered with caps to protect the sharp edges.

Determining the Perfect Fit

It’s important that the cross rails are installed parallel to the vehicle.

The present cross rail system on your vehicle must have a width of about 34.5 to 49.5 inches for a proper fitting.

Ensure your car has a raised roof rail with a space of at least ½ inches beneath the cross rails.

Make sure the load, luggage, or cargo you will be carrying weighs below 150 pounds.

Compatible Products: Roof Boxes, Roof Basket, Roof Bags, Kayak Racks, Canoes, Skis.

Additional Features

The product comes with padded clamps to eliminate worries about defacing or scratching the rails on your car. After installation, you will have about 47 inches of space, which should be wide enough to carry your gear. The universal locking crossbars can be used with Wind Fairings to lessen wind noise while driving.

Note: If carrying a kayak, make sure you strap the bow and stern to the car to keep it secure.


  • Large weight capacity – you can practically carry anything with the crossbars, including bike mounts.
  • Highly secure – No need to buy additional locks.


  • Could include better installation instructions


The product is excellent for those who like high capacity items. It is easy to install, although the instruction manual isn’t comprehensive. The cross bars are sturdy and should last through years of use.

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2. ROLA 59682 Removable Mount REX Series Roof Rack for Jeep Cherokee

With cars increasingly getting smaller, sometimes it is impossible to fit all the stuff you want for your journey inside your car. This roof rack gives you the chance to free up your cabin space and keep your cargo organized. It has a higher weight capacity, making it the perfect choice for carrying large items instead of renting a pickup truck.


  • Product Weight: 10.5 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 165 pounds
  • Anodized Aluminum Crossbars
  • Fits 2014 to 2016 jeep Cherokee with factory installed roof rails.
  • Fast and seamless installation and removal
  • Crossbar dimensions: 3-1/8″ wide x 1″ tall
  • No drill needed to install

Design and Features

For practicality and durability, one major feature to look for in crossbars is its build. A good crossbar must be rugged, and the ROLA 59682 Removable Mount REX Series fits that description. The crossbars are made of anodized aluminum with strong molded nylon and stainless steel for maximum durability. It is designed for vehicles with raised or flush roof rails.

The crossbars are rugged, yet fashionable enough to help you transport cargo in style. It is installed with anti-theft features (lockable crossbar end caps) so you won’t have to worry about the security of your items out there. If you need to use the product with T-bolts, the package comes with a lockable accessory channel.

Another interesting fact about this product is that it is incredibly easy to install and remove when you don’t need it. All you have to do is follow the installation manual and you should have it up in no time.

The crossbars are good for carrying items you’d rather not put inside your car, especially stuffs like a freshly killed game, muddy dirt bike, gas cans, etc.

The crossbars have an aerodynamic design to make your trip on the highway as quiet as possible.

The product is covered by a 5-year limited warranty.


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Lockable crossbar end caps for more security
  • Built from quality materials
  • Easy to install


The quality and durability of this product is its strongest point. These are cross bars that should last you a long time and reassuringly too. The product can be installed using the existing holes in your vehicle to remove the need for drilling. We think this is a perfect choice for those who like durable materials with a touch of style.

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3. BRIGHTLINES 2014-2019 Jeep Cherokee Aero Crossbars Roof Racks

BrightLines is a manufacturer known for great outdoor equipment. The aero Crossbar roof rack is a quality crossbar designed to fit Jeep Cherokee. Whether you are going cross-country or for an outdoor adventure, you won’t have to worry about leaving anything behind.


  • Product Weight: 8.6 Pounds
  • Load Capacity: 150 Pounds
  • Aero Wing Shaped
  • Packed with locks and Allen key
  • Product Dimension: Front: 43 ½ in L x 3 ¼ in W x 2/3 in H
  • Rear: 41 in L x 3 ¼ in W x 2/3 in H
  • Custom Designed for Jeep Cherokee

Design and Features

The product is custom designed for the roof side rails on Jeep Cherokee, although it is compatible with a number of other cars. The crossbars mounts are covered with durable caps made of ABS strong plastic. The length of the front crossbar is higher than the rear to fit the vehicle size properly.

The product is aero wing shaped to eliminate potential noise while driving to zero, and lesson air drag significantly. The crossbars can take loads of up to 150 pounds if evenly distributed on them. The space between the roof and the crossbars allows you to attach other accessories like roof bags, ski racks, boxes, etc.

Installing the crossbar is simple and requires no additional drilling. All the tools and hardware you need for the process is included in the package.

The Jeep Cherokee Aero crossbars are suitable for transporting luggage, fishing poles, kayaks and canoes, camping, gear, snowboards, and skis.


  • High Weight Capacity
  • Considerably Less expensive
  • Aerodynamic design


  • The absence of locking mechanisms


If you are looking for high value for money, then you should consider buying these crossbars. They are good and comparable with options that are more expensive.

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4. Fit for JEEP Cherokee 2014-2018 Roof Racks Crossbars Baggage Roof Rack Rail Cross Bar


  • Product Weight: 5.5 Pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Product Material: Aluminum

Design and Features

One noticeable feature of these crossbars is their weight. At 5.5 pounds, they are the lightest crossbars in the bunch, and therefore adds little weight to your car. If you want to increase the amount of load your vehicle can transport, you should consider getting these particular crossbars. They are made from high-quality aluminum that can hold up weights of about 220 pounds, up from the 150 pounds we’re familiar with. The cross bars have antitheft features, allowing you to lock the bars from each end. This will keep your items secure from thieves and keep them safe when the wind gets really harsh.

The cross bars have been designed for Jeep Cherokee, and more than just a cargo material, they help add to the beauty of your vehicle. They have OEM design and therefore fit perfectly with minimal difficulty.


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • High Load Capacity
  • Premium Aluminum Material
  • Comes with locks and keys


  • Poor Installation Instructions
  • Mild Wind Noise on the Highway


If you want to carry heavyweight cargo, we definitely recommend you get these crossbars. They are highly efficient and secure.

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5. CargoLoc 2-Piece 52″ Aluminum Roof Top Cross Bar Set


  • Product Weight: 8.6 Pounds
  • Load Capacity: 150 Pounds
  • High-Quality Aluminum
  • Product Width: 52 inches (end to end)

Design and Features

The CargoLoc Crossbar set is made of a sturdy aluminum body that makes the product lightweight and strong enough to transport cargo. It has a 150-pound load capacity, which means you can transport your favorite gear, mountain bikes, kayaks, or skis with ease. The bars are 52 inches long and fit around 46 inches between the side rails to ensure you have sufficient space for your cargo.

It has a strong clamping system that keeps the crossbars firmly attached to your vehicle’s side rails. The key locking mechanism will keep your cargo safe and securely in place.

The package comes with an installation manual and it should take you few minutes to set up the crossbars. The product is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Easy Installation
  • High-quality build
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • No aerodynamic design
  • Doesn’t work on all rails type


This product can only be installed on any car with factory-installed raised side rails with space. These cross bars will not work on flush side rails.

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What Can You Carry Using Jeep Cherokee Cross Bars?

The cargo that you can load on your car is determined by the distance between the crossbars, measured from similar points (rear-to-rear, front to front). The guide given below has a few exceptions; therefore, you should confirm the specific vehicle to confirm what it can carry.

Spacing below 24 inches: if the distance between the two cross bars is less than 24”, you won’t be able to carry cargo like SUPs, cargo boxes, boats, tandem bike, etc.

Spacing below 30 inches: You would require at least 30 inches carrying boats over 14”.

32 inches spacing: This is the ideal spacing for crossbars. You can practically carry almost any product on your rack.

Spacing over 42 inches: If the spacing between your crossbars is over 32 inches, it would be impossible to attach many products to your rack. No cargo boxes will fit at this length.

Note: if you plan to carry a boat, surfboard, or canoe with your roof rack, we suggest you use the bow and stern tie downs, regardless of the length of the boat. Without the front and rear straps, strong wind or airflow from driving or passing trucks may cause the boat to turn. Always use the straps when carrying SUPs, surfboard, and boats. It will save them from unnecessary damages.

Fitting Your Jeep Cherokee Roof Rack Cross Bars

You may ask yourself, is it possible to fix the roof rack myself? Yes. It is possible. If you are a DIY person, you shouldn’t have an issue fixing your roof bar. To make the process seamless, here are our suggestions:

  • Read the installation manual: Before you set out to install the rack, ensure you read the installation manual that came with the package. It usually contains important information about the fitting position and torque settings.
  • Get additional help. An additional pair of hands will make installing your roof bar much simpler and cleaner. It will also reduce the chance of scratching or breaking any item while fixing the bars.
  • Clean everywhere. Ensure the roof of your car is free from dirt, particularly if you are installing a doorjamb type roof rack. The presence of dirt or grits between the mounting points can cause abrasions to your paintwork. Clean the roof properly before installation.
  • Keep grease handy: before tightening the bolts, put a tiny amount of copper grease on the bolts to make the process of removing the roof rack in the future easy.
  • Torque settings: Be careful when tightening your roof rack so you don’t cause damage to the rack or your car. Closely observe the manual and follow the torque settings so you do not overtighten.

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Jeep Cherokee Roof Rack Cross Bars

1. Uninstall the roof rack when not in use

Although many crossbars have lightweight materials and sleek designs, roof racks contribute to the weight and cause aerodynamic drag, which could have negative effects on your fuel economy. You will also reduce wind noise when driving.

2. Get help when loading up

Getting bulky luggage, or heavy cargo onto your roof is not an easy task. You could scratch your paintwork or damage your car if something goes wrong. Preferably, get a second hand instead of struggling with the load.

3. Be careful of height

Be aware that the load on your car increases its height. When passing beneath a drive-through, or even entering your garage, pay attention to the extra weight you’re carrying, especially if you are driving an SUV. It is quite easy to forget and may take getting used to.

4. Always lock the crossbars and key the keys safe

If you load up expensive pieces of equipment on your car, we advise you lock the crossbars to keep them secure. Keep the key with your key ring for safety. Getting a replacement key is not always easy.

5. Pay attention to the weight limit of your car

Every car owner’s manual includes information on how much weight you can load on your vehicle. Roof bars also have their weight capacity. Ensure you read and follow the instruction.

6. Use straps

If you load surfboards, canoe or kayaks onto your car, ensure you tie them to the front and rear of the car as well. If you don’t tie it down, when moving at high speed, the force of the wind can rip the roof rack crossbars off your roof regardless of what brand it is. Strong winds have forces that are stronger than the strength of the roof rack and may likely cause damage or worse still, an accident.

7. Observe the speed limit

Many roof rack accessories have maximum speed ratings. Ensure you pay attention to the instructions. The speed rating is a result of the drag and lift effect of wind when in motion. Going beyond the recommended speed can cause damage to your roof rack and your vehicle.

Final Notes on Jeep Cherokee Cross Bars

While the products listed above are the best Jeep Cherokee roof rack crossbars, you have to pay attention to the year and model of your car to know which would be the perfect fit. Regardless of what car you drive, you will find the one that works.

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