Michelin Stealth Wiper Blades Review


The Michelin stealth wiper blades are windshield blades that prioritize on satisfying the needs of a broad clientele. It is regarded as the best alternative to the expensive windshield wiper blades. Each pack of the Michelin Stealth Wiper Blades has one single blade that helps to replace a single broken blade.

While it is possible to mix and match Michelin stealth wiper with other types of blades, it would be a good idea to use the same model for the two.

I have used a majority of premium windshield wipers and I realized that most of them have been made to meet only a particular need for its users. The premium windshields could work very well for one season but fail miserably in another.

For instance, I could buy one focused on the hurricane season but during the fall, am forced to shop for another windshield wiper. After spending a substantial amount of money on the wipers, I came across a Michelin stealth wiper blades review and decided to try them out.

For the first one month, the wipers worked well in the light showers and morning dew since they cleared the windshield surface without leaving streaks.

I later encountered heavy rainstorms and these amazing blades cleared water thoroughly creating clear visibility. The blades are designed to a sleek appearance and are silent when moving across the windshield surface.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Windshield Wiper

After spending a lot of money on premium blades hoping that they would be effective, I was left disappointed as they left streaks and could not withstand some of the weather conditions.

However, after purchasing the Michelin stealth wiper blades, I now have a comfortable ride and for months, I do not worry about my windshield wipers anymore. With a large variety of windshield blades in the market, it is possible to spend too much on ineffective blades if you do not know what to look for in a windshield wiper.

Here are some of the things that you could look for when selecting a windshield wiper:

1. Effectiveness

If you are looking for an all season windshield wipers, the Michelin stealth wiper blades are the best options. These shields are capable of removing even the debris that may fall on your windshield giving you a clear view. The efficiency of the wipers is proven in colder conditions when there is ice and snow.

The wipers are highly resistant to jamming even in weather conditions that result in a quick buildup of ice or snow. Its effectiveness and efficiency makes it a top rated product in the market.

2. Quietness

While a majority of premium windshield wipers creates noise within a few weeks, the Michelin stealth wiper blades are not noisy as they move across the surface. Noise can be annoying and may affect your concentration as you drive.

3. Durability

A majority of premium windshield wipers do not last long especially after experiencing conditions that they are not build to handle. However, Michelin stealth wiper blades stand out from these products because of their strength.

4.  Installation

The Michelin stealth wiper blades are easy to install and confirm their performance on your windshield. Human errors will not even have significant effects on its performance. Is it not amazing to have one thing that you can fix on your own in a car!

5. Warranty

Although it is important to get a product that has some months of assured performance, the Michelin stealth wiper blades exhibit rare confidence that they will work as advertised. As a result, the products do not have the backing of a warranty.

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Michelin Wiper Blades Review

Michelin 8524 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade

The Michelin wiper blades are designed to meet the consumer OE replacement needs and give a great performance in all weather conditions. This product is made in an exclusive smart hinge design with a hard cover that helps in the protection of the blade from ice, debris, and heavy rain drops.

It also allows the entire blade to grip effectively on the surface of the windshield. Hardly can the Michelin wiper blades clog because of ice, leaves, or snow.

The Michelin wiper blades beam style allows the application of little pressure both to the center of the windshield and the outside. A smart hinge system enables the blade to grip firmly on the windshield preventing it from jamming in case of ice and debris.


• The Michelin wiper blades cannot be clogged by ice or debris hence suitable for all weather

• The blades are durable as they are made from strong material

• They are easy to install and use on your own

• Their use leaves no streaks


• You do not get warranty after buying

• Comes as one single blade in a pack, which means for two you need to get two packs

• You have to select the right fit for your vehicle

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The Michelin wiper blades are high performance all-round blades that assure you are covered in all weather conditions that you may face. Where a majority of the premium wiper blades seems to have major problems, the Michelin wiper blades are always above average in their performance.

As such, the wipers remain to be the safest and most cost effective purchase that will not disappoint you in any circumstance. With the above Michelin wiper blades review, you will be able to make an advised decision on whether the wipers are a good buy.

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