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Different cars require different roof rack systems, and Nissan Rogue roof rack cross bars are no exception. If you want to head up to the mountains for a weekend of biking, hiking, or skiing, or you’re planning on taking a trip to the beach for some canoeing or kayaking, you should look into the best Nissan Rogue roof rack cross bars available.

Note that all roof rack systems come with built-in locking capability. You can simply add a lock cylinder to the foot of your cross bars to get complete security. Aerodynamics are also an important aspect to cross bar systems, so that wind noise from the items you add will be reduced and your ride will be more comfortable.

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There are many different ways you can utilize your roof rack cross bars, no matter your lifestyle. Cross bars are an essential aspect to loading and transporting cargo, which many people tend to overlook. Before deciding on your cross bars, you should also consider which roof rack system is best for your lifestyle and your vehicle; the first step is to assess which roof rack options are available for your car, and then select the type that’s best suited for your plans. Once you figure out which type you need and like, assembling the rack can be straightforward and you’ll be headed toward the mountains or to the beach in no time. 

Options for Roof Rack Systems

1.Roof Rack Universal Locking Crossbars by VaultCheck Price
2.ROLA Removable Mount REX Series Roof Rack Check Price
3.Brightlines 2014-2018 Nissan Rogue Roof Rack Cross BarCheck Price
4.Alavente Roof Rack Cross Bars Set for Nissan Rogue 2014-2017Check Price
5.Auxmart 2014-2018 Nissan Rogue Roof Rack Cross BarsCheck Price

Your roof rack system will most likely be factory or professionally installed. When you buy roof rack cross bars, take note in the description of the products as to whether professional installment is recommended. Any system will come with basic components, such as towers, or feet, which sit on the four corners of your roof and attach to either your bare roof, or to your existing factory roof rails/factory mount fixed points.

The load bars, or cross bars, themselves attach to the towers or feet and run from the driver’s side window to the passenger’s side window. Thus, creating a mounting point for your accessories. These accessories include cargo boxes, cargo baskets, and items such as kayaks, bikes, and skis. Fit kits, or landing pads, are vehicle-specific parts that mount the tower to your vehicle. Some vehicles do not require these, such as vehicles that have factory-installed raised rails.

Different cars require different towers/feet, and deciding which ones work for you can be complex. These are various options that depend on the current state of your car’s roof—whether it’s bare or already has a roof rack installed by the manufacturer.

  • Racks for Bare Roof Vehicles. If your vehicle doesn’t have a factory roof rack installed, this is the option for you. Most bare roof vehicles will mount inside the vehicle’s door-jams, and some vehicles have fixed mounting points on the roof. These points are usually hidden by a strip of plastic. Using these towers will require the use of a vehicle-specific kit, and clips will be sold separately.
  • Racks for Factory Installed Flush or Raised Rail Roofs. This is your best option if your vehicle has rails running from the front to the back. Sometimes, even though your car will come with a roof rack installed by the vehicle manufacturer, it will fall short on functionality, or will lack cross bars all together. Factory installed roof racks come with a raised side rail or continuous rails. If you can fit your finger underneath it, it is a raised rail. If you have raised rails, your towers will mount without any other parts. Flush, or continuous rails, will require a clip or a kit.
  • Racks for Factory Installed Tracks. If your vehicle has either factory or aftermarket tracks running from front to back, you’ll want this type of rack. You can adjust the bar-spread on a track mounted system. Since roof racks will vary in width and depth, a vehicle-specific fitting kit will be required to secure the tower to your roof.
  • Custom Permanently Installed Roof Racks. If your vehicle has no available roof rack option, or you want something that looks factory-made, this is the best option you can go with. There are two ways to do a permanent custom installation on your vehicle roof: a track install, which is the most common way and involves mounting a track to the roof using a track mounted rack system; and a landing pad, which is slightly cheaper and easier to do and involves installing four landing pads to your roof. These landing pads work as permanent, fixed points for a roof rack installation.

Whether your Nissan Rogue roof rack cross bars are factory-installed, or they’re insufficient for your needs, or you’re looking into creating a custom system of your own, there are many options out there for you to consider. In the end, your vehicle can meet all of your needs and expectations. 

What to Put on Your Nissan Rogue Roof Rack Cross Bars

The best thing about cross bars, and what makes them a necessity for your Nissan Rogue, is the added space you’ll have to put gear up on your roof. Plus, you’ll free up space inside your vehicle so road trips are more comfortable for everyone. Nissan Rogue roof rack cross bars can be used to carry a multitude of items, including:

  • Snowboards
  • Skis
  • Luggage
  • Cargo
  • Camping gear
  • Kayaks
  • Boats
  • Ski poles
  • Tents
  • Bike racks/bikes
  • Roof boxes
  • Roof bags
  • Cargo box
  • Canoes
  • Fishing poles

All in all, cross bars make it easy to take anything, anywhere. 

What to Use Your Cross Bars For

Since cross bars can carry a wide variety of items, there are a wide variety of activities that you can utilize your cross bars for. Your roof rack will be excellent for:

  • Moving for college—or for any reason
  • Traveling
  • Carrying luggage
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Kayaking or canoeing
  • Exploring the outdoors
  • Camping
  • Skiing
  • Weekends at the beach or in the mountains
  • Biking, either urban biking or mountain biking

With Nissan Rogue roof rack cross bars, you can explore the outdoors and focus more on enjoying the adventure. There will be fewer restrictions to your activities or what you can bring along. Plus, cross bars give any vehicle the capability to haul gear. Whether it’s traveling across the country or heading into the mountains for the weekend, cross bars essentially give you more freedom.

Using a Cargo Box with Cross Bars

One of the most popular cargo containers that people choose to attach to their cross bars is a cargo box. These weather-proof boxes fit right on top of your car, can hold up to 150 pounds, and will help save space inside of your vehicle while ensuring you get everything to your destination. For most people, a cargo box is the best choice to add car storage space.

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Cargo boxes are great for road trips, camping, ski trips, and moving. However, they’re not cheap; they typically fall in the $400-$800 range. Given this, it’s important to know what to look for so you can ensure you’re getting the best box for your money. Generally speaking, the bigger the box is, the more expensive it will be. It can be difficult to find the best cargo box for your vehicle and your lifestyle, but there are tips on how to choose a roof cargo box, especially to fit with your cross bars.

Important notes include:

  • All cargo boxes require a roof rack with cross bars is pre-installed on your vehicle
  • Cargo boxes come with universal mounting hardware—which means they’ll attach to any type of crossbar, whether round, square, factory, or aerodynamic.
  • Make sure your rear hatch can still open all the way, without the cargo box blocking it.

Dimensions of Cargo Boxes for Nissan Rogue Roof Rack Cross Bars

There are two basic variations in cargo box shape: short and long. Longer boxes will hold snowboards and some skis. Shorter boxes are best used for general camping, traveling, and road-tripping. Before buying your cargo box, take note of the activities you intend on doing. After all, there’s no point on intending to have clear room in your car, if things won’t fit in the cargo box anyways. There are some cargo boxes that are specifically made to fit snowboards and skis so this doesn’t happen. 

Features of Cargo Boxes

One of the most unique, and helpful, features of cargo boxes is that they’re able to open from both sides through dual hinges and a dual-sided opening. Therefore, it’s easy and efficient to load and unload from either side of your vehicle. Many cargo boxes are also developed with an aerodynamic shape and have streamlined profiles, so it won’t weigh down your car traveling at high speeds, and will also keep the wind noise down.  

Common Issues with Cargo Boxes

Cargo boxes are great and work well for many people. However, there are some general problems that tend to occur. These frequent issues include:

  • Broken keys. It’s very easy to break the key if you use too much force. Many auto shops see cars come in that have cargo boxes with snapped-off keys in the handle. Look into brands such as Thule and Yakima, which tend to make sturdy lock systems. Keep in mind, however, that cheaper boxes tend to come with simple locks. Therefore, if you want security features, you will have to pay more.
  • Broken hinges. Typically, broken hinges are just part of the normal wear and tear as a cargo box is in use. However, some replacement hinges are stocked at auto shops or retail stores, but not all. Be aware that if your hinge breaks, there is a chance you may have to buy a completely new box.
  • Running into things. If you run into something or scrape your cargo box along the ceiling of a garage, this can cause a lot of damage. Be on the lookout for low parking structures, garage doors, and other hazards—especially fast food drive-throughs. Always remember that a cargo box can add up to two feet of height on your car.
  • Many people try to force items past the open sides of the cargo box, which can damage the hinges. Forcing in too much can also prevent the lid from being properly locked. You don’t want to break your cargo box in the middle of a trip, or overload it to find you can’t lock it securely. Keep in mind that cargo boxes can only hold smaller items, and that there is a limit to the weight of the load. 

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If you’re worried about spending a lot of money on cargo boxes, you should also keep in mind that there are certain times of the year that are better to purchase them, and you may be able to find used ones for sale. Everyone needs cargo boxes in the summer and winter as they head up to the mountains to camp or ski, or as they move for the season. For a good deals on a cargo box, shop in the fall and spring. Additionally, check with local retail stores and auto shops to see if anyone sells used cargo boxes. 

Using a Roof Basket with Cross Bars

Cargo baskets are more moderately priced than cargo boxes, and they are exactly as they sound: baskets that go on the roof of your car. These are better for larger and bulkier gear, and have a lower profile than cargo boxes. They are designed to carry all of your gear and luggage in complete safety and style. As an open cargo basket, you can easily and quickly load cargo onto the rooftop of your car.

There are many benefits to fitting a roof basket your Nissan Rogue roof rack cross bars. These benefits include:

  • Fitting long/oddly shaped items
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Moderate price
  • Safe and secure transportation for your gear
  • Heavy duty
  • Adjustable tie-down loops
  • Wind fairings that help air flow
  • Rubber-coated load surfaces for extra grip

However, there are some downsides to using a basket. Keep in mind that these will not be as secure as cargo boxes, and there is no weather protection, so your items will be exposed to rain and snow. Cargo baskets may be better for local trips or when traveling to locations with mild weather.

How Do I Know If Cross Bars Will Fit My Nissan Rogue?

Before you purchase roof rack cross bars for your Nissan Rogue, you should ensure that they will fit your vehicle. There’s no point in buying cross bars, then finding out you can’t actually get them on your car. Take note in the product description whether there are any specific models that the cross bars do not fit, and conduct research to make sure.

Along with research, there are some things you can do to make sure your cross bars will fit your vehicle. These include:

  • Make sure that your vehicle has cross rails that run parallel with the vehicle
  • Check to make sure there is a gap greater than or equal to ½” underneath the cross rails
  • Making sure that your vehicle’s existing cross rail system has a width between 34.5” to 49.5”, allowing it to fit properly
  • Measuring your cross-rail bar to ensure it has a width between 1.5” to 2.5”
  • Ensuring that your cargo weight totals no more than 150 pounds

Overall, there are three main factors you should consider when choosing Nissan Rogue roof rack cross bars. These are:

  • Take note before purchasing that some cross bars are not compatible with certain Nissan models. For example, Alavente’s roof rack cross bar system is not fit for Rogue Selects or the 2017 Rogue sport. Any cross bars you look into may have limitations to their fitment, so pay attention to these.
  • Make sure your car has side rales that are parallel to each other on the roof of your vehicle. Also, make sure that the inner distance of the side rails will match the capability of the cross bars you are looking into.
  • Load Capacity. Take careful note of the load capacity available for the cross bars you are considering purchasing. The load capacity often varies from 100lbs to 150lbs, so if you will have a larger load, you’ll need to ensure you find cross bars that are able to bear that weight.

5 of Our Favorite Nissan Rogue Roof Rack Cross Bars

While there are various things you should consider, purchasing the right roof rack cross bars for your Nissan Rogue can be a relatively easy and efficient decision. The following are five of the top cross bars on the market that are compatible with Nissan Rogues, and can help you with your decision, whether you need cross bars to go camping, biking, kayaking, or skiing.

Product #1: Roof Rack Universal Locking Crossbars by Vault


  • Kayak mount
  • 54” outside dimensions
  • Padded clamps to protect your car
  • Reduced wind noise
  • 150 lbs. load capacity
  • Vault cargo management with adjustable aluminum rooftop cross bar systems
  • Aerodynamic low-profile design 

With Vault Cargo Management’s 54” universal locking crossbars, you can carry your kayak, canoe, and cargo all safely with an aerodynamic design. It mounts easily to the rooftop of your car or SUV, and all you need is a raised side rail gap and you can mount your kayak, canoe, cargo, or skis. Winding fairings reduce wind noise. With padded and adjustable clamps, you can easily protect your ride. Plus, the fitting rails can stretch up to 47” apart, giving you plenty of space for all of your needs.

The set of two cross bars comes with two sets of keys. This way, you can lock the cross bars for your own security, and two sets of keys ensures that you won’t be locked out if you lose some keys. The cross bars can be removed with a single, simple tool that is included. Plus, end caps protect the ends of the cross bars from any sharp edges or from damaging your vehicle. Vault Cargo is just as passionate about the outdoors as their customers, and their goal is to provide quality products that make it easy to get both your crew and your gear safely to your next adventure.

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Product #2: ROLA Removable Mount REX Series Roof Rack 


  • Custom fit vehicle applications
  • Quick and easy installation and removal
  • Lockable end caps
  • Lockable accessory channel for T-bolt applications
  • Options for raised or flushed mount side rails 

Rola Sports Series’ roof rack vehicle mounting system provides custom application to fit your unique style. Its removable design with extended bar length allows you to adjust the cross bar to the lifestyle you choose. Factory fitted raised or flushed mount side rails also allow you to decide how you want the cross-bar system to look.

The cross-bar end caps are fully lockable, so you can ensure your security and safety. These anti-theft features give you peace of mind. These are anodized aluminum cross bars that are composed of high strength molded nylon and stainless steel hardware created for a long life. As long as you have your car, you should have these cross bars in working condition.

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Product #3: Brightlines 2014-2018 Nissan Rogue Roof Rack Cross Bar


  • 100 lbs. load capacity
  • Aero-dynamic in shape to minimize wind noise
  • Constructed with high grade aluminum; extremely light weight and durable

Brightlines’ cross bars are designed to specifically fit 2014-2018 Nissan Rogues. These high-grade aluminum cross bars will provide you with the ability to carry your cargo bags, snowboards, skis, kayaks, canoes, and luggage safely and securely. Their load capacity is one hundred pounds if the load is evenly distributed. Plus, you won’t get a lot of noise from its aerodynamic shape. The front cross bar is longer than the rear one, to accommodate vehicle size. Note that these are designed specifically for the Nissan Rogue, and are not compatible with the Rogue Select or Rogue Sport models.

You can get these cross bars bolted directly to your roof pre-set. They are installed in minutes, and the package comes with the two cross bars as well as four mounting towers and instructions. No drilling is required to install. Brightlines aims to provide products that will allow their customers to enjoy the great outdoors as best they can. Their mission is to help you carry your load by giving you a cross bar that make it easy to get what you need, when you need it, no matter your destination.

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Product #4: Alavente Roof Rack Cross Bars Set for Nissan Rogue 2014-2017


  • Streamline water-drop design
  • High quality materials
  • Aluminum cross bars
  • Glossy silver color
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Compatible with cargo box and roof basket
  • Easy to install and disassemble

Alavente’s Roof Rack Cross Bars work with all roof accessories such as snowboard/ski attachments, bike racks, and cargo baskets. The package includes the cross bars and all necessary mounting hardware such as bolts and washers. Lightweight aluminum alloy has an anti-corrosion powder coat, which adds style to the look of your vehicle.

The streamline design reduces wind noise and resistance, and the curved upward design will fit the arc of the roof of your car and will not impede the opening of the sunroof. Note that these are not fit for the Nissan Rogue Select 2014-2015, or the Rogue Select model. If you travel with Alavnente, you’ll have a more enjoyable and freer experience.

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Product #5: Auxmart 2014-2018 Nissan Rogue Roof Rack Cross Bars


  • High strength
  • Light weight and durable premium aluminum
  • 150 lbs. load capacity
  • Allen key included
  • Mounting bolts included
  • Anti-corrosion power coated

Auxmart’s new version of its roof rack cross bars for the 2014-2018 Nissan Rogue are compatible with any roof accessories and can hold 150 lbs. when the load is evenly distributed. These cross bars are easy to assemble and remove in minutes, no drilling or cutting required. Plus, an Allen key is included so you can lock your cargo and keep your possessions safe and secure.

The powder coat on the cross bars adds a sporty style to your vehicle. Furthermore, the design reduces wind noise and resistance. While professional installation is recommended, necessary mounting hardware, such as washers and bolts, are included. Please note that these cross bars are not fit for the 2017 Rogue Sport, Rogue Select model, or Rogue Select 2014-2015.

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Ready to Buy the Best Roof Rack Cross Bars for Your Nissan Rogue?

You can use your Nissan Rogue roof rack cross bars for a multitude of things. Whether you’re helping your kids move to college, are heading up to the mountains to bike and camp for the weekend. No matter what you plan to use them for, cross bars are an essential part of your car’s ability to load and transport cargo. You can also use Nissan Rogue roof rack cross bars with cargo baskets or cargo boxes to ensure your possessions are safe, secure and protected against the elements.

Cross bars are often overlooked but shouldn’t be. By ensuring you are getting the best cross bars for your Nissan Rogue, and that they are properly installed, you can embark on your next adventure efficiently and easily. Therefore, you can take on all the activities you desire.

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