Pioneer AVH W4500NEX Review

Entertainment systems are becoming increasingly more popular when it comes to modern vehicles, and when all of your peers have one and you don’t, it can be rather disappointing.

Let’s face it - CDs and cassette players are a thing of the past. In their place is a state of the art entertainment system like the Pioneer AVH W4500NEX. 

Once you’ve finished mourning the loss of your CD player, it’s time to move onto bigger and better things. Entertainment systems allow all of your applications to be in one easy to access place.

Maps, music, and podcasts are among some of the applications that you can use with the tap of the finger, and this is much safer than using your phone for such things. 

Below we’ll be looking into the Pioneer AVH W4500NEX entertainment system and whether it’s worth your money. 



  • 6.94-inch Clear Resistive Touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 11 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 6.3 pounds
  • CD/ DVD Playback
  • Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
  • USB Connectivity
  • 12-month Warranty

What Does it Do?

The Pioneer AVH W4500NEX is the ideal solution for people who enjoy being entertained while driving. We’re not talking about dangerous television screens or video games, but there are many other entertainment options for you to benefit from.

Connect your podcasts, audiobooks, and playlists to this model and enjoy hassle-free entertainment during every drive. 

There are also two video outputs for you to benefit from, so you can hook up two different pieces of equipment to the system and use them alongside one another.

A dashcam is the ideal example of this if you want an added layer of security should you ever be involved in an accident. 

The built-in Bluetooth is a feature that almost every car entertainment system includes, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less impressive and handy.

There is also the opportunity to use hands-free calling to avoid you having to pick up your phone while driving. This is great for busy people who need every second of their time to be productive. 

The quality is incredibly high and the sound that fills your car is incredible. There is also a radio function if you prefer the simplicity of radio shows. Whatever you’re planning on using your Pioneer AVH W4500NEX model for, we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed. 

Safety Features

Whenever looking into things to enhance your driving experience, the safety features should never be overlooked. Pioneer ensures that their radio is safe to use as well as enjoyable, so you can trust the radio you’re installing. 

We’ve already mentioned the dashcam opportunity, and this is a great opportunity for a safety feature that protects you from wrongful liability of a car crash or accident. The dashcam can be plugged into the radio and used simultaneously. 

The Pioneer AVH W4500NEX also includes hands-free controls, with Apple Carplay and Android Auto capabilities. This means that you can ask your car to do things on your phone that would otherwise be illegal without the handsfree benefits. 

The controls are very easy to use and minimize the amount of concentration you need to put on the entertainment system. This ensures that you don’t spend too much time looking away from the road and prevents incidents from occurring. 

What We Loved

The first thing we love about the Pioneer AVH W4500NEX is the safety features that it comes with. The ease of use allows more focus to be on the road constantly, keeping you and your passengers safe.

There are too many distractions on the road as it is, and removing your phone from the equation is a win in our eyes.

The second aspect we enjoyed is the fact that you can use Car Play and Android Auto to instruct your phone to do things for you. This allows you to still use your phone for the necessities without having to actually pick it up. A great feature for busy professionals that always have work on their minds! 

Finally, we also really liked the ease of use and how you could link multiple different accounts to your Pioneer AVH W4500NEX. Podcasts, Audiobooks, Music, and Messages are among the apps that you can use with a push of the button. 

Moreover, you can choose to use the radio wired or wireless, ensuring great customizability for your personal preferences. 

What We Didn’t Like

The Pioneer AVH W4500NEX car stereo receiver is a great purchase for many people who want easy access to their songs and audiobooks during their car rides, but nothing is without its shortcomings. While there aren’t many, the Pioneer AVH W4500NEX is no exception to this rule. 

Below we’ve included some not so great aspects of this entertainment system to give you a complete well-rounded review of the Pioneer AVH W4500NEX. 


First and foremost, the buttons on the entertainment system are rather small and fiddly. The volume, microphone, and eject buttons are all mere thin strips of metal, and the three main buttons aren’t much better. 

If you find it difficult to use smaller buttons, you might find it tricky to use the Pioneer AVH W4500NEX. Moreover, trying to use these small buttons is not as safe as if they were larger and therefore easier to use. 


You need a wireless connection to use the navigation aspect. This doesn’t seem like too much of a big deal, but if you’re out in the wilderness and desperately need a GPS connection to get home, you might struggle if you’re without a wireless connection.

We consider this a big downfall of the Pioneer AVH W4500NEX as there are plenty of other alternatives that come with built-in GPS.

Back-up Camera

We mentioned earlier that there is the option to use a dashcam and a back-up camera alongside this radio, but we failed to mention that they don’t come with the initial purchase.

This means that you’ll need to spend an additional sum of money if you want to benefit from this feature, which is a little disappointing considering the price. 

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